The Heirs

General Information about the heirs and their destiny. 

Points may be added to as the current challenge progresses.

Cause: The heirs don’t know the reason for their challenge, only that it exists. The cycle has been going on for more generations than they would like to admit and the cause of the curse? was lost in history when one of the heirs died without the opportunity to pass on the information to the newest heir.

Lore: The heirs learn what they need to know gradually. Unless they need a piece of information they have no access to it but once access the lore they remember it forever. So Lindsay passed on what she knew and Lucia will pass on what both she and her grandmother learnt to Joanne.

The main chapters associated with lore so far in the three generations have been in Lucia’s generation.

  1. Lindsay explaining Lucia’s life to Dale in More Like a Curse
  2. Crux telling Lucia what she should have known anyway in Winter’s End

Lore so far:

  1. The Heir and their children do not grow any older than Young Adult until the heir has finished the challenge.
  2. The Curse skips a generation. The next heir in any generation will be one of the current heirs grandchildren – the heir will get some signs of to whom the next generation will be born to but they may not recognise the signs straight away.
  3. Children not raised in the house – do not count towards the final tally.
  4. Each heir has a unique number that dictates the number of children that they can have with one father and still have that child count towards the 100 baby tally. Lindsay never discovered hers as she never had more than three children with one father. Lucia discovered hers very late in her challenge with the help of her grandson Crux.
  5. If a pregnancy takes the baby count for a father over the individual counts allowed for the current heir, only the first child counts but both children will be effected by the ageing rules. eg. Lindsay was allowed three children per father but her newest pregnancy resulted in twins taking the number of children to four. Baby three counts towards the challenge, Baby four does not but both children will age at the same rate.
  6. If the final pregnancy of a generation takes the baby count over 100, all children of that pregnancy are effected by the ageing rules.

Generation One: Lindsay Daniels-Young

Parents: Jacob Young and Elise Daniels

Siblings: None.

Species: Human.

Birthplace: Sunset Valley

Challenge Locations: Sunset Valley and Hidden Springs

Traits: Family Orientated, Flirty, Nurturing, Genius, ??.

Naming Theme: The Wheel of Time Characters (Some other Fantasy names at the beginning of Generation)

About: When Lindsay began her challenge her parents disowned her believing she was crazy just like her grandmother. Lindsay doesn’t remember her grandmother, she died before Lindsay was even born taking all of her knowledge with her.  Everything Lindsay knows about the challenge she learnt from the screaming accusations of her father which didn’t tell her much but she was determined to learn more and not leave her future heirs uninformed like she was. Unfortunately, the details have proven to be elusive.

Lindsay’s Links: Generation One Children/Downloads.


Generation Two: Lucia McDermott-Young

Parents: Rhuarc Neila-Young and Sommer McDermott

Siblings: Amelia, Kyle, Grace and Emma Young.

Species: Human

Birthplace: Riverview

Challenge Locations: Hidden Springs and Queenstown  (Isla Paradiso, University Town and Riverview appeared briefly for one chapter each)

Traits: Family Orientated, Bookworm, Artistic, Clumsy and Charismatic.

Naming Theme: The Wheel of Time Characters

About: Lucia was the eldest child of Rhuarc and Sommer Young. Her father Rhuarc was the 20th child of generation one heir Lindsay Young and Alf Neila. She began her challenge after moving to Hidden Springs with her sister Amelia following the death of their parents and three younger siblings in their childhood home in Riverview.

Lucia’s Links: Generation Two Chapters; Generation Two Children (Downloads); Generation Two Daddies (Downloads); Family Albums: Extended Family, Children 0-25, Children 25-50, Children 51-75, Children 76-100; Lucia’s Home.


Generation Three: Joanne Gamble-Young

Parents: Eliya Mack-Young (Fairy) and Marshall Gamble (Human)

Siblings: Erin, Haley, Nadine, Sophie and Emmett Gamble. Half-Siblings: Mahira, Kiruna and Paitar Gamble-Young (Babies 97, 98, 99 of Generation Two)

Species: Fairy

Place of Birth: Queenstown

Challenge Location.: Evansdale County

Traits: Family Orientated, Eccentric, Irresistible, Excitable, ??.

Naming Theme: Fairy Names (in honour of Joanne’s lost wings)

About: Joanne is the eldest child of her mother Eliya Mack-Young and the fourth child of her father Marshall Gamble. Joanne’s mother Eliya was the 91st child of generation two heir Lucia Young and Elias Mack.  She begins her challenge after the loss of her wings due to the workings of the curse.

Joanne’s Links: Generation Three Chapters


2 thoughts on “The Heirs

  1. Thank you for having the lore available. It’s very interesting.

    • I glad you liked it. It was nice to finally find some history because I think I was a lot like Lindsay when I started this with no idea what was going on. ;P

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