Family Album, Children 51-75

BEWARE OF SPOILERS: I tend to update this as soon as I take the pics so its usually a couple of children ahead of the updates.

8/9/12: Okay Baby number 50 has left house and it is now the turn of the kids numbered 51-75. 😀

Back Row: Joal, LUCIA, Ishara, Desora and Alesinde. Front Row: Artur, Luthair, Souran, Janali and Stray Cat.

The Violet twins. Artur and Luthair Young.

Janali and Desora. The Fortier Twins.

Ishara, Souran, Joal, and Alesinde, The Bright quads. I ❤ these guys. I originally thought that Joal’s hair was a one of blend between his father’s and Lucia’s hair but a couple of babies further along will prove me wrong…I have the boys names mixed up in the above pic. 😳


12/10/12: Family as it in updates as of this date. At present 4/5 of Lucia’s kids are vampires. The only one missing out on the Vampire Gene being Lamelle which is the first time this has ever happened for me usually if a child has a Vampire parent the children have been Vampires. Lamelle and Lidya were the first offspring in this house after the Supernatural patch.

BR: Kennar, Marli, LUCIA, Mikhel; FR: Lidya and Lamelle

Babies No 59, 60 & 61: Kennar, Marli & Mikhel. These guys took more after Lucia than their father. Marli in particular is a total Lucia Clone. 😀

Babies No 62 & 63: The Marine Twins Lidya and Lamelle. Both as teens and young adults.

BR: Caraline, Lamelle, Darlin & LUCIA; FR: Lidya, Rosana,  Arrela.

Babies No 64 & 65: The Drift Twins, Rosana and Arrela.

Babies No 66 & 67: The Drake Twins, Caraline and Darlin

Current Family: 8 Feb 13 – BR : Siendre, Beslan, Jolene, LUCIA; FR: Adan, Tylin

Baby No 68: Evil Well Baby Jolene. 😀

Babies 67 & 70: The Queen Twins, Tylin and Beslan.

Babies No 71 & 72: The Muller Twins, Adan and Siedre.

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