Recently as my Baby Challenge has evolved and towards the end of Lucia’s Generation actually discovered a lore, my rules have changed slightly. I am going to have to now try to follow the rules of the curse/destiny as much as possible. There will be places in earlier chapters where I will have contradicted myself  in this area, sorry about that. If I happen to see them I will attempt to fix them but I am not going to go looking for mistakes that only became mistakes with new discoveries. 😛 I was never about following the Baby Challenge Rule Book. As I have stated previously on the ‘Baby Mama Lucia” Page.’

RULES: We are not going to be specifically following any rules, because if I feel like breaking one I will probably do it. :) 

Lets just say that nothing in that area has changed. I really doubt that much is going to change as I head into Generation Three, except that now we know that there is a reason for the Baby Mama’s Destiny even if we don’t know the cause. I’ll be honest here I don’t know what happened at the very start. Who knows maybe one day I will and I might be able to share it with you all?

I have said previously said that there is really only one rule that I try to follow with the children and that is the one about the toddler training. For me it just gives me a guideline for when the toddlers can have their birthdays. I just age the children and teenagers when I feel they have at least had a bit of a go at that particular age group, I actually prefer the teens  so you might see me them at that age for a little while longer or at least until they get the opportunity to attend Prom, even if I don’t show them going.

The First Two Generations have had the same naming theme (the Wheel of Time Series) and they do have some crossover with the name used. While I am not really running out of names, I AM running out of names that I like. 😛 I will probably just pick another fantasy series for the next theme – they have the more interesting/different names. 😀

I think that is all I have to add-on this page at the moment.

Other ‘About’ Links

About Me

The Heirs (NEW) – My baby challenge Lore will be added here as I discover it. It also give you a brief description of all of the heirs and their families when they start the individual challenges.

Generation Two (Lucia)

Baby Mama Lucia and Lucia’s Home

Note: be aware that at this point, that some above posts were constructed near the beginning of Generation Two.  😛 Lucia’s page  will be receiving a revamp and I will also be making one for Lindsay.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I tend to ramble sometimes. 😛


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