Family Album, Children 0-25

I recently got Pose Player (totally awesome and fun). So these shots are fairly random just me playing around with it a little. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! 🙂 Lil

So obviously this is the original Young Family photo. Lucia with her 3 oldest kids. From Left: Eben, Lucia, Nicola and Rhuarc. This one is the last one taken before Rhuarc was aged up into a Young adult and moved out. F: Eben, Logain & Nicola. M: Andric, Amathera & Aemon. B: Rhuarc & Lucia.This one just has Rhuarc’s IF Giggles added to the photo.


Not long after Rhuarc was aged up I also decided to age up Eben and Nicola. They’d be teens for ages and I needed the room. Before they left I decided to try a few poses with the newly aged twins. This first one is obviously too “nice”, given what the pair of them rolled for their teen birthday, plus what Nicola rolled for her YA birthday. I think I like the third one the best but im still not sure. 🙂Yep, definitely this one. 🙂


Its the Cavendish Triplets all grown up!! Amathera, Aemon & Andric.I did have a second pic but I forgot to put the walls back up! FAIL….

2/4/12. This one was shortly after the triplets moved out. The pose used for Logain is a little too girly. oops. 🙂Seated: Twins Juilin and Kirstian, a very pregnant Lucia & Logain. On Floor Twins Jahar and Kari.

The Vanderburg Twins Juilin and Kirstian.


The O’Neal Twins. Kari and Jahar.


The Youngs most recent family picture.. Seated: Rahvin, Lucia, Egwene, Rand & Laila. On Floor: Be’lal, Mierin, Adora & Paetram

and finally Be’lal and Rahvin. The Warner Twins, my vampire boys all grown up…


10/4/12 The Cire Twins Rand and Egwene. I thought these two were very unusual variations of their parents.Egwene obviously got her father’s skin, and grandpa Rhuarc’s hair and eyes (these are turning up fair more often then I would have thought). Rand got his fathers hair, mother’s eyes and a combination of their skin tone and colour. 😀


11/4/12 After days of having to redo birthday’s and fathers because of random crashes and just basically failing to save. Note to self: DO NO LEAVE GAME WITHOUT SAVING…..duh! Hubby may come along and randomly exit the game….*sigh* I have finally caught up to where I was  2 or so days ago…yay!

So of course I have new pics to celebrate catching up. 😀

First up the Riverhawk Twins all grown up! They continue to prove that townie genetics should sometime be avoided……its ok girls I still love you. Promise!! Up next the latest family pic, last time one was taken Adora and Paetram were toddlers.B: Adora, Bodewhin, Perrin and Eldrin, F: Lucia, Faile and Paetram.

and finally Adora and Paetram all grown up and moved in across the road (The Vanderburg Mansion) The Smith Twins…. another good mix of genetics. 😀

Note: While I am extremely happy that Lucia’s kids are obviously getting a good dose of Grandpa Rhuarc’s genetics, afterall he is from my original attempt at a baby challenge. 😀 I am amazed that its only the hair and eyes that have been showing up, considering his other rather unique trait (his skin tone). Just waiting for that to show up 😀


12/4/12: Bodewhin & Eldrin – kinda bummed that I didn’t getting a purple haired baby + where did Ellie’s blonde hair come from?? Still nice looking girls. 🙂


15/4/12 – Last night while I was making up a current family picture, I decided to see if I could make one with ALL of the family. I left out the grandbabies etc (thought that might me going a little too far). lol. First up the current family pic. I had accidently aged up all 4 teens to YA when I should of only done 2 but…. ít will all work out. At least Im going to have a heap of room in the house. 😀
Front row: Olver, Gawyn & Matrim. Back Row: Suian, Faile, Perrin, Elayne. Lucia &   Leane.

Anyways I had to redo some of my YA makeovers on some of the kids and I think it became a bit of a race to see which would happen first. ie game crashing/freezing or a completed family pic. Here they are Lucia’s family, all 29 children present and accounted for. 😀 I had to do a quick rearrange when I originally counted them and discovered one was missing. (Logain was upstairs sleeping) lolFront Row: Rand, Paetram, Rahvin, Meirin, Perrin, Kari, Jahar, Kirstian, Juilin, Laila & Eben. Middle: Logaine, Bodewhin, Aemen, Amathera, Andric, LUCIA, Suian, Faile, Rhuarc, Elayne & Adora. Front: NIcola, Eldrin, Gawyn, Egwene, Be’lal, Olver, Leane & Matrim.

*Another milestone which I didn’t for ages was that’s 25 grown up kids. WOOO! 1/4 done…75 more kids to go. 😀 Time for a new page lol


15/4/12: Okay so im just going to add the final pics for the first 25 Young adults and then I’m going to start a new page. Otherwise this one is going to get HUGE.

Young Adults, Perrin and Faile. The Schofield Twins, with these two I am so glad that Perrin was the one to get his father’s face shape. I’m really not sure how it would have looked on a female. But as Landon has just married Egwene I’m sure im going to find out at some point…. And finally Young Babies 24 & 25 all grown up!!  The Carter Twins, Olver & Matrim. (my little pink ghosties).

*On a sad note went into my save and noticed that story progression (or whatever) have not been too kind to my ghosts. Hubby had been wanting to use the computer the last time I played so I after moving everyone out, I quickly saved the game and then exited….when I came back the first thing I noticed was that my ghosts had died from starvation.

This probably wouldn’t have worried me but as usual I had failed to save them to my bin or as a household and now their tombstones are GONE so I can’t recover them  D: ……ARGHHH!!


2 thoughts on “Family Album, Children 0-25

  1. thenay83

    Wow.. How did you manage to get all of the kids to pose for the photo? I like the pose player but sometimes it’s nerve racking.

  2. This is actually the first time I ever attempted it, I already had the pic thats above it all posed and on a whim decided to try and get everyone in it. I had to add everyone in the family to the household with master controller I think? then hope that it didn’t jam on me before i finished. It took a while and I had to redress half the kids because they all aged up to adults and had bad hair and clothes. I think my 50 kids one for lucia is much better, but I notice that I have managed to move that pic :/ Will fix that soon.

    Also needed to keep adjusting their motive levels so they were not all smelly etc.

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