Generation Two Baby Daddies

Welcome to the Downloads Page for the Baby Daddies of Generation Two.  I have provided links to the .sim files of all the Daddies that I made and have linked the three that I didn’t to to the story that they originally came from. All Townies can be found as I used them in Hidden Springs which is where most of Lucia’s Challenge took place.

Peanut Friend: Rhuarc Jnr; Seth Gibbard: Eben and Nicola; Martin Cavendish: Aemon, Amathera and Andric; 

Liam O’Dourke: Logain; Sebastian Vanderburg: Juilin and Kirstian; Nathan O’Neal: Kari and Jahar

Giovanni Warner: Rahvin and Be’lal; Eric Cire: Egwene and Rand; Nicholas Riverhawk: Meirin and Laila;

Steele Smith:  Adora and Paetram; Joss Westbrook: Bodewhin and Eldrin; Landon Schofield: Perrin and Faile

Julian Carter: Matrim and Olver; Angel Weiss: Elayne and Gawyn; Dennis Morgan: Siuan and Leane;

Tobias Sutton: Elaida and Tamra; Bobo Young: Tigraine, Luc and Galad; Ross Larkin: Careane and Danelle

Joseph Bradley: Elmindreda and Aviendha; Adrian Miller: Shaiel and Janduin; Caleb Logan: Bain, Chiad and Gaul;

Keith Underwood; Ihvon and Owein; Jellybean Friend: Aisha and Valera; Rudy Moffett: Tuon, Chimal and Ravashi.

Royal Violet: Artur and Luthair; Russ Fortier: Desora and Janali; Wesley Bright: Joal, Ishara, Alesinde and Souran;

Antony Prewitt: Marli, Kennar and Mikhel; Del Marine: Lamelle and Lidya; Orin Drift: Rosana and Arrela.

Avery Drake: Caraline and Darlin; Corey Queen: Tylin and Beslan; Ray Muller: Siedre and Adan;

Dale Manning:  Maeric. Jheran, Niella, Rolan, Taric, Sierin, Bael, Sefela, Esole and Belinde; Tate Hamm: Loise and Alene; Heath Silverman: Aisling and Malevin.

Nicholas Crawford: Iselle, Akir, Breyan and Ryne; Elias MackEliya and Mika; Marcus Wilcox: Josef and Jerid 

Christopher Wade: Sari, Hilde, Tuck and Joslyn; Martin Gamble: Kiruna, Paitar and Mahira.

A/N: I still have a few links to fix but its mostly all done. 🙂


Important Stuff (Maybe?)

* Eric Cire is not pictured with his original skin (I no longer have it in game), I’m also no longer sure what skin he has in his downloads so you may need to change his skin yourself. Sorry about that. 🙂

** The Daddies from Ray Muller onwards may use a lip slider, it can be found here. I know that Elias Mack and Tate Hamm definitely do use it. It is the only slider I have in my game and the affected sims should show up correctly unless you try to alter their features. What this slider does is not obvious on my male sims, but because I switch between Male and Female when I am making sims it IS obvious on any of their female offspring. 😀

*** Some of the Berry sims including Elias Mack have custom skins, Elia’s has a alien custom skin that can be downloaded here and the berry sim skins can be found here. The skins for the Berry Sims are no longer essential and can be switched to the EA provided skintones that we all recently received.

**** The Ghost Dads have been uploaded in their Ghost forms, they are just shown as human above so you see what they actually look like. 

***** You can do whatever you want with these downloads. Torture them all to your hearts content. Just note, that Lucia without Dale seems wrong to me so keep that in mind. 😛

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