3.18 Hooray for Birthdays!

Unfortunately even though I asked the twins father to stay to watch them blow out their candles he declined making an excuse that he was needed elsewhere and making a quick escape. I knew that it may take a while for Leo to be comfortable visiting for a while and I hoped that the two of us could become friends. I still had two boys who needed to celebrate their birthdays and I was determined that they would both have wonderful birthdays.

Ruby helped me by bringing Tangle out of the nursery and handing him to me so that he could blow out the candles on his cake.

All of the boy’s older sisters came out to cheer them on.

Tangle was the first to age up receiving the Light Sleeper trait for his birthday.

It was then time for Teasel to age up.

Teasel became an Animal Lover.

Teasel and Tangle were not the only two children in the house ready for their birthdays and I wondered why I had left it so long that my kids were all ageing up on the same day.

Moonbeam received the Perceptive trait.

Bracken became a Vehicle Enthusiast.

and Primrose received the Handy traits. Prim like Ruby before her looked like my sister Haley.

It was also time for Maple, Calla and Ruby to become Young Adults and just like it had with Finch and Tulip time had flown by.  

Calla aged into a beautiful young adult receiving the Bookworm trait. She hopes to become a Monster Maker. 

Ruby received the Shy trait. She has plans to give the community Magic Makeovers.

and finally Maple received the Eccentric trait. Maple’s Lifetime Wish is to become an International Super Spy.

It seemed sudden but the older girls where ready to move out almost as soon as their younger sisters had finished aging up. They did stay and eat some cake but their one slice each barely made a dent in the now mountain of leftover cake now located in our fridge.

One by One they came over to hug me and to say their goodbyes.


A/N: Yep, just an annoying birthday update but I loved how they all turned out.

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