Meet the Youngs (Lilah’s Sim Stories)

Meet the Youngs is my main blog. All three of my stories get reblogged here and any small extra projects also are published here. Including all my picture specials which includes a couple about Lindsay that I am especially proud of. 🙂

The Young Legacy  started off as baby mania challenge with Marin one of Lindsays daughter’s and has since evolved into my Legacy. It is currently in the middle of Generation Two, with Toby Young as my Current Heir. Toby and Lucia are actually cousins because they share a grandmother (Lindsay)

Bode & Ellie: What they wished for….is a new wishacy challenge. It features two of Lucia’s daughters Eldrin and Bodewhin. Because I am writing this one up as I play it will be impossible for me to fall behind on this one. 😉  Anyway, it’s still early days what will the girls wish for? Will I ever get a generation two heir? *fingers crossed*

A Young ISBI:   I have been wanting to try a I’m Surrounded by Idiots challenge for quite some time now. Here it is! With The Young Babies ultimate middle child baby No. 50 Ravashi as founder.

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