More Like a Curse?

“Hello Handsome” Lindsay said to Dale giving him a smile as she walked into the kitchen.

“Grandma!” I admonished, even as I fought to hold back a smile. Every time Dale got that uncomfortable look on his face only made it worse. Lindsay found it amusing when he squirmed.

“I have a present for you!” she told me handing me a small slip of paper, “you need to be at this address at ten, don’t be late!”

“What is it?” I asked dubiously, looking at an address that indicated I needed to go somewhere in the middle of town. I looked at Dale, at least the two of us were talking now. Although, everything was still a little strained. I glanced at the time and realised it was already nine. “Do I want this surprise?” I asked my grandmother.

“That depends”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I was now even more confused about what Lindsay was trying.

“Lucia….trust me…”

“I seem to remember that the last time you said that I ended up with the loser genie in my kitchen” I grumbled.

“Luc….”, Lindsay started.

“It’s fine, I’ll go!”

I went upstairs and got ready to take the half hour trip into town, who knew what my grandmother had planned for me. It wouldn’t have been the first time that she had completely taken me by surprise.

As I once again came downstairs I could overhear Dale and Lindsay talking in the kitchen. I shamelessly stood just out of sight eavesdropping curious about what they were discussing.

“She did warn you, you know, that your relationship was too early” Lindsay told Dale.

“I know, but I didn’t really think it would be this difficult, especially since it was all seeming to work okay. Then that thing with Nicholas happened and I just lost it and rather that taking it out on her I…”

“Bottled it in? Wouldn’t talk to her? Made plans without telling her about them?” Lindsay sighed, “I really not sure how that all helped”

“I know”, Dale said quietly. “I guess, even though I’m here, I don’t really get this whole destiny thing that you two seem so sure of”

“I have a question for you?”


“I’m not going to ask if you love my granddaughter, I can already see that you do. My question is how many children do you have?”

“That’s easy. Sixteen”

“So, you count any child that Lucia’s has had since you met as yours?”


I must have made some noise as I stumbled in the room as the pair of them turned and looked at me standing in the doorway

“Do you mean that?” I asked Dale.


“You never said…”

“You never asked”, Dale smiled at me, the lopsided grin that I loved so much.

I ran over and kissed him,  our first kiss since the one outside in the snow.

We were interrupted by Lindsay clearing her throat. “Lucia, if you don’t go now you’ll be late”. She pushed me towards the doorway.

“Fine”, I mumbled, annoyed with the interruption. It felt a lot like being sent to my room when I had been a child. I was always astounded that she could still do that to me without even trying.  I left the house and headed into town. I was in no doubt I was still the main topic of conversion back at the house. When I finally arrived in town I pulled up in front of a small building I had never noticed before.


Lindsay motioned to Dale to follow her into the sitting room. “We don’t age.” Lindsay stated, once the two of them were seated.


“Lucia and I, we don’t age.”

Dale looked at Lindsay in disbelief.

“Well, I do now…. but I didn’t before” Lindsay said, “trust me I look amazing considering my real age.”

“More importantly Lucia’s children don’t age either. I mean, their early development is accelerated as I sure you’ve already noticed but once they reach adulthood they stop just like mine did. When you first look at it, that sounds like something wonderful but you have to realise that it only lasts one generation. Everyone else around you ages like they normally would,  including your siblings and your grandchildren. They get older and eventually they’re gone while you and your children still look like they did at twenty.”

“Sounds more like a curse to me?”

“Maybe, but it’s origins have been long-lost and we know longer know how it even began. We only know one way to stop it.”

“Lucia knows this?”

“We haven’t really discussed it but it all comes to you like an old memory returning to the surface. So I’m sure she knows.”

“What about Crux?”

“Crux is aging like he normally would. He has an extended lifespan from the other side of his heritage, it is not something that anyone needs to worry about.”

“So when she reaches the 100th child Lucia will start aging like normal?”

“When that child reaches adulthood, Lucia will start to age and so will all of her other children” Lindsay looked at Dale, “It’s one of the reasons that your condition works in your favour, for both of you. I wasn’t that lucky, my Liam was wasn’t like you. Not that I would have changed him  for anything but..he’s gone now and I still miss him.”

“My condition?’

“You’re a werewolf, right?”

“Ah, yeah.” Dale looked confused, “I don’t understand how that helps?

“You also have an extended lifespan, Dale, you are already physically older than my granddaughter even if you are years younger. I have visions of the two of you being able to grow old together and they make me happy.”


AN: Any Questions? I didn’t think Dale needed to know everything, but he did need to know something. So if I wasn’t clear enough with some of the particulars just ask, I did leave some stuff out. 😀

Also, just to  clear some of the things mentioned in this chapter up.

1. The loser genie referred to in this chapter was way back in Chapter 85 the last time Lindsay payed a visit (Tuon, Ravashi and Chimal), not from the lamps Lindsay sent to Lucia in more recent chapters (Alene and Loise).

2. The Liam referred to by Lindsay is Liam O’Dourke, they got along famously due to their shared Genius Trait, he passed away in the Young Babies Timeline shortly before Lindsay’s last visit.  I also did an after Generation One Pic Special (Hopelessly Addicted) and an Alternate Universe Special (I Close My Eyes) with the two of them.

3. One of Lindsay and Liam’s daughters from Generation One, Marin, was the Founder of The Young Legacy and it is my only story that descends just from Lindsay and not from both Lucia and Lindsay. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “More Like a Curse?

  1. Wow! Tat is cool Dale you and Lucia will be together forever! 😀 Great chapter!

    • Thanks! I’m amazed how well the two of them get along. Though, it would help if Lucia’s grownup daughters didn’t flirt with him every time they see him. lol

  2. Awwwwwwwwww. :3. This is exactly how Cam and Elena used to be. Dammit, now I miss him. Lol

    No questions as far as I can think of…you certainly made it way less complicated than I did. Haha. I be curious about what Lucia’s got in store for her. I’m guessing there’s going to be a new baby daddy in that house. Or maybe Lucia’ll see her dad again. :D. Orrr…a new pet! One that doesn’t need much socializing.

    • Aww! I liked Cam. 😦 I suppose Dale figures the other Dads are not around, so hes their dad. Jaem hasn’t got a dad, anyway and Dale just helped put the quads dad in jail….. 😀

      I tried to make it as uncomplicated as possible. Theres a couple of little things that I am not sure if I want to keep yet, so I left them out. I’ll see how I feel about them later on, I only need them for the next heir.

      I’m sure there are places where I have contradicted myself in earlier chapters… 😀

      • I like Cam too. So much. :3 Mostly the reason I ditched him is because I missed having Elena doing her thang with the daddies. It’s not as much fun with MC’s Pollinate, and I couldn’t see Cam being willing to tolerate Elena doing It with other men for long. lol

        Yeah, exactly. The reason Dale reminded me so much of Cam was because of being the Dad of the kids of their respective gals, even when they’re not their bio kids. In some other ways Cam is much different from Dale, but being patient, kind, friendly, and tolerant are some of the things they share in common. 😀

        Cool, I’m curious but I bet it’s better I don’t know since my own story makes my head spin a bit. ahaha. The weird thing is that I have known for a looong time what I wanted to do with Elena in regards to the aging – I just figured I didn’t have to mention it, but then it turned out jb had made 18 years go by for the triplets Elena left with Liam, so then I just had to incorporate my take into my blogs so my readers now have a general idea of how things work. lol

        Anyways, yeah, you mentioned early in like one of the first chapters that Lucia was like 30 days old or something along those lines. But eh, it IS for fun. No need to stress about the little things in a game. 😉

      • loI, I can understand that. I’m not a huge fan of pollinate in BC’s, it always seems a bit impersonal somehow and you never see enough of the actual dad.

        Thankfully, Lucia only has 10 kids to go in game, it’s asking a lot of Dale to be that patient. Hopefully, Lindsays explanation helps a bit. Though I realise that I did fail to mention the kid limit for the dads. You do need a reason why the kids can’t all be from one father. lol. Dale is probably wondering about that. Hmm…

        Yeah, I knew it was wrong in some places lol. I didn’t decide on the Lucia doesn’t age thing until about halfway through and (after Lindsay) I couldn’t be bothered using potions anymore…(I hated having to redress them when I aged them down and I hadn’t discovered the epic lifespan then. 😳

        The kids not aging is recent/very recent. As in I moved them all to queenstown without their families and now it kinda fits. 😛 Also, it now means that Crux is now physically older than both Lucia and Rolan. 🙂

  3. Ehehehe, Elena’s reason is both because she enjoys it and ‘Because The Watcher Said So’ according to Yori Kader (in earlier chapters, anyways). x) Also, because since she’s moved to Moonlight Falls the men she’s been with have tended to leave her or she’s made them leave when she’s gotten what she wanted from them.

    Hmm, indeed. I haven’t read up enough to know whether you already implemented a reason why Lucia has to have different fathers besides the ‘it’s fate’ thing. Which actually works in this case.

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