Lucia’s Home

Here is the tour of Lucia’s house. The original version can be found in the house bin , I have just redecorated and moved some things around to fit my purpose. 🙂

The main family area and the entryway has not been touched.

The kitchen and dining room have been opened up so it is now just one big space. Plenty of counter room for aging up etc. 🙂

At the top of the stairs you find the main bathroom and to the left both the boys and girls bedroom, with a staircase running up between to Lucia’s Retreat.

To the right you find the completely renovated nursery. The nursery was originally situated it what is now the girls room.  It  occupies what was once the master bedroom.  The two bathrooms have been moved to the other side of the space making them more accessible to the rest of the bedrooms. If they had been left where they were everyone would of had to trek through the nursery to reach them.

Lucia’s bedroom is now located at the top of a fairly narrow staircase. There should be no reason for the children to venture up there. 🙂  As the items that should interest them are better positioned in other areas of the house.  Lucia’s room is located in what was the games/workout area. Everything that was previously located here has been moved to the garage space.

What was formally a guest quarter’s over the garage has know been converted into a gym, and the garage space is being used for a TV, music room.

The back fence of the yard has been pushed back, it used to finish at the end of the pool. Behind that all the kids play equipment has been added.

 Second Floor of the Garage.

Second Floor Garage.

Ground Floor Garage.

Ground Floor, Main House

Second Floor, Main House (The Children’s Rooms)

Third Floor, Main House. (Lucia’s Bedroom)

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