Family Album, Children 26-50

This is where I am now going to be putting any new pics for the moment, until I reach 50 kids anyway… 😀

Gawyn & Elayne. The Weiss Twins

Siuan and Leane. The Morgan Twins.


7/5/12: Most current family pic. BR: Luc, Tigraine and Galad. MR: Danelle & Careane. FR: Elaida, Lucia and Tamra.The Sutton Twins, Tamra and Elaida all grown up.

Bonus Pic: Unfortunately some things just don’t happen when you lose some save progress. I’m not sure if this can be seen as a bad thing or not. I noticed that Elayne was looking a little odd on the family tree, so of course I had to investigate. We had our first vampire conversion in the family (all the others have been born not converted). I must have saved before this happened in-game so this event never happened…….

My second set of Triplets, these are the children of Imaginary Friend Bobo Young. I think he was Paetram’s IF? I’ll have to check to be 100% certain. 😀 Most annoying thing so far is that only 1 out of 4 of my IF Children have gotten the IF Gene. 😦


9/5/12: So last night we took the latest young family photo. A small one not a mega one lol. I can’t seem to get half the poses to work anymore so thats a bit annoying. Ive stuffed something up somewhere….BR:  Aviendha, Elmindreda, Careane & Danelle. FR: Shaiel, Lucia and finally Janduin.(poor outnumbered soul)

Danelle and Careane: The Larkin Twins. Not 100% sure about Care’s YA makeover, I think that she may have looked better as a teen. Danelle, wow. She reminds me of someone that I know in RL. 🙂Oh, and you may have also noticed that our baby mama has had a makeover….which I haven’t got a good pic yet. 😦 But heres a preggers shot that I caught. lol

Elmindreda & Aviendha – The Bradley Twins

Janduin & Shaiel – The Miller Twins

The Newest Family Pic 12/7/12BR: Gaul, Janduin, FR: Chaid, Bain, Ihvon, Lucia, Owein, Shaiel

I’m really proud of these guys though I wish that Bain didn’t have the Crappy EA Default Hair. Lucia’s would have been much nicer. I’m also getting a little sick of the Grandparent hair that Gaul recieved, but oh well. 🙂 Anyway here they are, Bain, Gaul and Chiad – The Logan Triplets. 😀

Okay, newest family pic as of 13/7/12. Lindsay was visiting from out-of-town so of course she goes in the picture. 😀 Lucia’s dads hair seems to be an epidemic at them moment.  Gaul has only recently left the house and there are still four kids in the house with Rhuarc’s hair. Not sure if that’s really a good thing or not it’s not exactly subtle….. 😕BR: Valera, Ravashi, Tuon, Chimal, Lucia, Lindsay. FR: Aisha, Owein and Ihvon.

Next surprise with this group of kids has been Tuon.The green eyes haven’t been seen in this line of the family since Lindsay herself. I automatically checked Tuon’s father but she definitely didn’t get them there her father’s a Genie besides her eyes are exactly the same shade as Lindsay’s.. Lindsay is Tuon’s Great-Grandmother so that’s four generations. Impressive!

And finally for this update….Ihvon and Owein. I really thought Ihvon was a little bit ordinary in his younger age stages, then I age him up and give him his YA makeover and I actually really, really like him now. And Owein…If he had blue skin and Grandpa Rhuarc’s eyes it would be like looking at a ghost. ❤

18/7/12 So this is my newest set of IF Twins, finally both of them got the IF gene.  I’m 0/7 for the children actually getting their father’s hair, which is really disappointing. The fact that they both got their grandfathers hair is argh, why not your dad’s lol. Aisha also got her grandfather’s eyes, I know it looks like an IF colour (it’s not in this case) her sister Valera however DID get her father’s eyes so I suppose that’s something.Aisha with her boyfriend Jasper, her former Imaginary Friend in both Sim and IF forms. 😉Aisha and Jasper with Valera added to the pic so you can see her colours. 🙂AND finally our yay I made it to 50 kids shot. It’s a little dissapointing that Matrim and Olver are not in the pic but they are now officially in the ghost graveyard, so there is only 50 kids here when there should be 52. 😦

4th Row: Logain, Luc, Gaul, Owein, Galad, Ihvon, Janduin, Juilin, Paetram, Andric, Rand and Jahar. 3rd Row: Tamra, Mierin, Siuan, Rahvin, Be’lal, Bain, Chiad, LUCIA, Careane, Leane, Aviendha, Faile, Bodewhin, Danelle, Eldrin. 2nd Row: Elayne, Kirstian, Aemon, Amathera, Elmindreda, Chimal, Ravashi , Elaida, Tigraine, Shaiel, Kari, Nicola. Front Row: Adora, Rhuarc, Laila, Valera, Aisha, Tuon, Eben, Gawyn, Perrin and Egwene. And then the toddlers Artur and Luthair.

So of course now that we are nearing the 50 (or have reached) mark I will be putting the final three kids here. The Genie Triplets and then we will of course be moving to the next page. 🙂


13/8/12 – The Moffet Triplets, Chimal, Tuon and Ravashi. Ravashi is the only one that received the Genie Gene, her name also gets censored on the Sims3 Forums for reason I have yet to discover. 😛 All three of these girls are adorable, my only complaint is that Chimal got the horrible default hair. *stamps foot* 😦

So that’s it Lucia has reached the halfway mark of her challenge. Yay! 😀

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