Winter’s End

The combination of snow days and weekends off had left the kids with entirely too much time on their hands and I was really starting to look forward to the coming spring.

Sari and Hilde had taken up residence in the hot tub.

While he had been update to go to school Tuck had started to experiment with cooking and prepared breakfast for the family a number of times.

In addition to the hot tub Sari decided to make use of the gym.  And Paitar had taken to brushing his teeth over and over and over again.

Of course it was still winter and that meant the kids had plenty of outdoor snow activities to engage them.

Hilde liked to make Snow Angels. 

And all of the kids convinced Dale to join them outdoors for a Snow Ball fight.  They all had a lot of fun.  

Although some of the kids had better luck with the snowballs than others.

Yet another Igloo was built and Mahira decided to try her hand at building Snowmen. Kiruna soon came outside to give her sister a hand.  After they finished they decided to continue to keep building snowmen. Kiruna was the first to discover the Grim Reaper Snowman. Mahira quickly copied her sister, Mahira and Kiruna also convinced Joslyn to helping them in the quest to build a snowman army, By the end of the day the snowman building team had been busy and we had plenty of snowmen guarding the front of the house.


As the first Day of Spring arrived I had still been unable to contact my grandson. One moment I was reassured that he had obviously been in contact with some of his aunts and uncles, at other times I was concerned that he still hadn’t taken the time to contact me even though I had started to leave messages on his phone almost daily. It didn’t help that I still hadn’t worked out the problem I had wanted to discuss with Crux in the first place. 

So I was still one short of my one hundred baby target with no idea what my next step should be.

Later in the week after I had spent the morning drawing and Dale had come downstairs after his workout, the two of us curled up together on the lounge to watch a movie that the children had left in the DVD player. I had fallen asleep against Dale’s shoulder twenty minutes in so I missed Crux entering the room.


“Crux? Where on earth have you been, your grandmother has been trying to contact you for weeks?”

“I’ve been busy”, Crux told Dale.

“Doing what?”

“Organising something,” Crux continued.

“Luc, wake-up” Dale shook me gently awake, “Crux is here”

“What? Crux!” I came awake with a start.

“Hey Ma!”

I started to ask where he had been, why he hadn’t called and a number of other questions that occurred to me suddenly but I was interrupted by my grandson before I had even opened my mouth to speak.

I think you’ll like what I have planned since I got most of it from you”

“Sorry?” I asked even more confused that I had been to start with.

He looked at me sadly, “You still haven’t worked it out have you? It’s all there in your head you just need to recall it.” Crux said, “I even gave Grandpa here the answer but he didn’t understand it so he didn’t mention it” He turned and looked at Dale “You weren’t meant to understand what I told you, but Ma would have – if you had told her”

“What did he tell you?” I asked Dale, the feeling that I had been missing something important had stayed with me for weeks. “Do you remember?”

“He just gave me a number, the number Eight” Dale said, ” Do you know what that means?”

I thought about it for a moment, and only one answer came to mind “It can’t be that easy. Please, tell me I haven’t been stressing over a number for the past 3 weeks? ” I asked Crux, “Is that right?”

“For you it’s an important number”, he shrugged.

“No, it’s too simple” I exclaimed,  pointing at Dale, I struggled to contain my excitement even as I questioned what I now knew to be true.”it’s way too simple…NO…that can’t be right?…really?”, I asked Crux to confirm my answer, barely waiting for his answer before turning to kiss Dale.

“Luc?” Dale asked concerned, after I finally let him go.

“It’s…” I started to explain before turning to accuse Crux, “You could have told me this weeks ago”

“I was going to but….” his voice trailed off.

“But what?”

“Uh, the two of you were kind of busy at the time so I didn’t interrupt” Crux replied, I hadn’t believed it was possible but Crux went slightly pink.

“Busy with what? I would of been okay being interrupted anytime to find out that bit of information”

“Uhh, Lucia” Dale interreupted, as Crux turned a brighter shade of pink, “Umm, he means..” 

“huh?” I said confused, before I realised what they both meant”


“Anyway, because you were both busy I organised it all by myself” Crux started to explain.

“You both need to meet us all here next friday”


“It’s a surprise!” Crux told us both, “I think you’ll both like it”

“I don’t like surprises” I told my grandson “Every time someone organises a surprise for me I usually end up pregnant” Crux just stared at me and suddenly I felt like an idiot as I worked out what Crux had planned. “Oh wow, Crux you didn’t need to do that, are you sure you don’t need me to…” I was suddenly teary.

“Ma, you’ve already given me everything I need.”, he said, kissing my forehead before he made his escape outside.

With Dale standing beside me obviously still confused I had only one thought running through my head. “Dale?”


“You haven’t changed your mind about wanting to marry me, have you?”, I asked, suddenly nervous that now the time had come that he would suddenly change his mind.

“Never, why?”

“How about next weekend? Would you be interested in maybe getting married then?”

“But you said you wouldn’t marry me until you had reached One hundred children? Dale asked.

“My number is eight, Dale”, I explained.

“You know, I still have no idea what that means?”

“It means the two of us together have only reached seven, we still have one more to count” I smiled at him, before continuing. ” and I’m only one short”

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4 thoughts on “Winter’s End

  1. Weeee their going to get married!! 🙂 Quite a few grim creeper snowmen! Great update I can’t wait for the next. 😀

    • Yay!

      Yeah, for some reason that was the first one they all learnt, so it was the only one they would make. 😛

      Thanks, I’ll try to not make the wait too long. I do have the next couple of chapters in various levels of completion.

  2. Lol! I love the grim reaper army. ❤

    OHOHOHOH! I geddit! I think! Lucia can have up to eight kids with any one dad? Eeeee, then it's perfect, of course Dale will be daddy again. 😀

    (Bwahaha, I know this is the exact opposite of what Dale would want, but while reading this I suddenly wanted to get back into the save with Venus and Lance which I abandoned again in favor of BC. Poor guy. ehehe)

    • It was the only one they would make. 3 sims obsessed with the Grim Snowmen. 😛

      Seven is such an uneven number. 😛 So yeah, she gets one more with Dale. The eight thing also applies to other areas, like the amount of children she can have of the various occult types. Which in this case didn’t become a problem because the closest she came was seven vampire offspring, if Lamelle had been a vamp she would have hit eight there as well. I’m not sure what Lindsay’s was but I know it was lower. 😀

      haha, there is probably nothing that can worry him at the moment. Besides, he;d get over it. 😛

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