Generation Two Baby Downloads

Lucia Young Version 1.0Version 2.0

Baby No 1 – Rhuarc: Neurotic, Natural Cook, Artistic, Inappropriate & Daredevil.

Baby No 2 & 3 –  Nicola: Artistic, Snob, Evil, Neurotic, Rebellious, Eben: Traits are artistic, Excitable, Light Sleeper, Mean-Spirited, Snob.

Baby No 4, 5 & 6 –Amathera: Athletic, Perfectionist, Shy, Can’t Stand Art, Brave. Aemon: Artistic, Loner, Snob, Lucky & Family Orientated. Andric: Snob, Genius, Clumsy, Good Sense of Humour, Workaholic.

Baby No 7 – Logain: Green Thumb, Excitable, Snob, Hates the Outdoors & Technophobe

Baby No 8 & 9 – Juilin: Neurotic, Loves the Outdoors, Slob, Clumsy & Genius,  Kirstian: Good, Clumsy, Never Nude, Loser & Vehicle Enthusiast.

Baby No 10 & 11 Kari: Clumsy, Angler, Vegetarian, Perfectionist & Good, Jahar: Hates the Outdoors , Excitable, Clumsy, Bookworm & Childish

Baby No 12 & 13 – Be’lal: Snob, Slob, Loves the Outdoors, Luck & Athletic, Rahvin: Friendly, Athletic, Grumpy, Good & Can’t Stand Art.  (Vampires)

Baby No 14 & 15 – Egwene: Good, Insane, Clumsy, Star Quality & Absent Minded, Rand: No Sense of Humour, Heavy Sleeper, Schmoozer, Brave and Loner.

Baby No 16 & 17 – Laila:  Genius, Easily Impressed, Neat, Friendly & Mierin: Clumsy, Grumpy, Hates the Outdoors, Unflirty & Evil.

Baby No 18 & 19 –Paetram: Neurotic, Technophobe, Shy, Loves the Outdoors & Easily Impressed, Adora: Shy, Clumsy, Slob, Family Orientated & Friendly

Baby No 20 & 21 – Bodewhin: Clumsy, Good, Easily Impressed, Athletic, Heavy Sleeper.  Eldrin: Easily Impressed, Hopeless Romantic, Bookworm, Good, Dog Person

Baby No 22 & 23 – Perrin: Clumsy, Neat, Good, Loves the Outdoors & Excitable. Faile: Genius, Good, Computer Whiz, Brave & Natural Cook.  

Baby no 24 & 25 – Matrim and Olver  (Starvation Ghosts)

Baby No 26 & 27 – Gawyn: Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Clumsy, Daredevil, Hopeless Romantic. Elayne: Athletic, Excitable, Loves the Outdoors, Good, Cat Person.

Baby No 28 & 29 – Leane: Animal Lover, Friendly, Excitable, Rebellious, Good. Siuan: Vehicle Enthusiast, Rebellious, Good, Couch Potato, Easily Impressed.

Baby No 30 & 31 – Tamra: Clumsy, Neurotic, Virtuoso,  Dog Person, Ambitious. Elaida: Insane, Hotheaded,  Hates the Outdoors, Kleptomaniac, Neurotic.

Baby No 32,33 & 34 – Galad (Imaginary Friend): Hates the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humour, Loner, Can’t Stand Art,  Easily Impressed, Tigraine:  Slob, Evil, Artistic, Friendly, Neurotic, Luc: Technophobe, Party Animal, Good, Easily Impressed, Light Sleeper.

Baby No 35 & 36 – Danelle: Neat, Athletic, Light Sleeper, Technophobe, Vegetarian. Careane: Evil, Nurturing, Inappropriate, Loner, No Sense of Humour.

Baby No 37 & 38 – Elmindreda:  No Sense of Humour, Excitable, Mooch,  Loves the Outdoors,  Animal Lover. Aviendha: Good, Charismatic, Snob, Artistic, Light Sleeper

Baby No 39 & 40 – Janduin: Athletic, Grumpy,  Over-Emotional, Star-Quality, Family Orientated,   Shaiel: No Sense of Humour, Loner, Handy, Athletic, Workaholic.

Baby No. 41, 42 & 43 – Bain: Heavy Sleeper, Coward, Loner, Excitable, Angler, Natural Born Performer, Gaul: Brave, Good, Virtuoso, Clumsy, Perfectionist, Chiad: Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Dog Person, Friendly.

Baby No 44 & 45: Ihvon: Good, Grumpy, Animal Lover, Frugal, Hopeless Romantic, Owein: Childish, Family Orientated, Clumsy, Virtuoso, Workaholic.

Baby No 46 & 47: Aisha:   Inapproriate, Savvy Sculpter, Loves the Outdoors, Insane & Lucky. Valera: Genius, Equestrian, Heavy Sleeper, Brave & Virtuoso (Both are Imaginary Friends)

Babies No 48, 49 & 50: Chimal:  Ambitious, Angler, Insane, Athletic.  Tuon:  Natural Cook, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic, Computer Whiz, Evil.   Ravashi (Genie)

Babies No 51 & 52: Artur: Evil, Vegetarian, Neat, Extcitable.   Luthair: Eccentric, Clumsy, Brave, Good, Handy.

Babies No 53 & 54: Janali (Fire Ghost): Loner, Bookworm, Excitable, Clumsy, Computer Whiz. Desora: Easily Impressed, Dramatic, Flirty, Athletic.

Babies No 55,56,57,58: Ishara, Souran, Joal, Alesinde

Babies No 59,60,61: Kennar, Marli, Mikhel, All three are Vampires

Babies No 62,63: Lidya (Vampire), Lamelle,

Babies No 64,65: Rosana, Arrela (Fairy),

Babies No 66,67: Caraline (Fairy), Darlin

Baby No 68: Jolene

Babies No 69, 70: Tylin, Beslan

Babies No 71, 72:  Adan, Siedre (witch)

Babies No 73,74,75,: Jheran, Niella, Maeric (Werewolf), 

Babies no 76, 77, 78,79: Taric (Werewolf) , Seirin (Werewolf),Rolan & Bael.

Babies no 80, 81: Alene, Loise (Genie)

Grandbaby: Crux -son of Rolan (Alien)

Babies No 82,83: Malevin (Cursed Ghost), Aisling

Babie No 84: Jaem (Plantsim)

Babies No 85, 86, 87, 88: Breyan, Ryne (needs link), Iselle  & Akir

Babies 89, 90: Mika (Falien), Eliya (Fairy)

Babies 91, 92: Josef (Witch) , Jarid (Witch)

Babies 93,  94, 95, 96: Tuck, Hilde, Joslyn (BFT Ghost), Sari (BFT Ghost)

Babies 97,98,99: Kiruna, Paitar, Mahira

Babies 100, 101: Sefela (Werewolf), Esole (Werewolf)

Baby 102: Belinde

Things to Note:

*Egwene is not pictured with her original skin, it should be attached to her download on the exchange but you are welcome to change it to one of the new EA coloured skin tones.

**Lucia’s children from Adan & Siedre forward may use a lip slider, it can be found here.  It is the only slider I have in my game and the affected sims should show up correctly unless you try to alter their features. What this slider does is not obvious on my male sims, but because I switch between Male and Female when I am making sims it IS obvious on any of their female offspring. If you wish to know if the sim you wish to download does use the slider just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. 😀

*** Some of the Berry sims including Mika use custom skins, Mika has a alien custom skin that can be downloaded here and the Berry Sweet skins can be found here. The skins for the Berry Sims are no longer essential and can be switched to the EA provided skintones that we all recently received.

**** The Ghost children have been uploaded in their Ghost forms, they are just shown as human above so you see what they actually look like. This includes Matrim, Olver, Janali, Malevin and as soon as the become YA Sari and Joslyn.

***** You can do whatever you want with these downloads. Torture them all to your hearts content. If you plan to include them in one of your stories, please let me know so I can stalk them. I would love to see what they get up to outside the house. My Studio is here.

****** All children have been uploaded to the exchange but the links above are for  .sim packs,  just ask and I will provide you with their studio link if required.

******* Any children who recieved the EA Brown default hair colour (which I hate) have been uploaded with Lucia’s hair colour instead. 🙂



17 thoughts on “Generation Two Baby Downloads

  1. Sam

    Could I use Luthair as a baby daddy in my new baby challenge, Its at

  2. Beslan appears to have transformed to a girl named Arella Young.

    Translation: The download under his name is to the wrong kid. XD

  3. samanthaohalloran

    Hello, Could I use Artur, Luthair, Olver, Rahvin, Juilin, Logain and Eben for my 100 Bc Please

  4. samanthaohalloran

    I anm going to use Aemon, Rahvin, Seririn, Artur and Rand if that’s okay in the new 100 bc I started after losing intrest in my previous one, my current bc has more of a story to it
    It’s here (above link) if you want to check it out

  5. I love the children this challenged came out with.Specially the hair and eye colors

    • Thanks! The hair and eye colours that keep repeating are inherited from Lucia’s father. I have a little obsession with grandparent genetics. 😀

      • Arradya

        Awesome! I love the deep red ones. I want to try and see if I could get that put into the gentics of my family but so far only 1 out of the 6 babies I’ve had all have mommy’s hair

      • In Lucia’s generation, Lucia’s genetics were usually dominant. Which is a pain. If you count them and add Luc and Rhuarc’s genetics together most of them come from Lucia’s side of the family. :/

        And the default hair is horrible. If they inherited the brown I changed it to Lucia’s for the uploads and I’ll be switching it immediately with Gen 3 because I hate it. 😛

  6. samanthaohalloran

    Hi I recently started an 100 baby challenge with a male and would like to use the following sims
    Nicola, Eugwene, Janali, Adora, Faile and
    My Story is at

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