The Young’s Timeline

Includes The Young Babies, The Young Legacy, A Young ISBI and What they Wished For…

Trying to make sure that events that I mention about Lindsay in this story don’t completely contradict stuff mentioned in The Young Legacy. Here comes the headache….. The main problem is I can’t remember when I said Lindsay finished her turn as a BC Mum. All numbers are where the children appeared in their respective challenge.

YL 1.1 : Lindsay goes to Appaloosa Plains with Marin(37), Kari(38) and Eldrin(36) to help them get settled along with their father Liam O’Dourke. I’m pretty sure that Lindsay’s challenge is not finished here and Lucia is mentioned as still being a child living in Riverview with her parents, Rhuarc (21) and Sommer…

YB 1-3: Lucia moves to Hidden Springs with her younger sister Amelia after the death of her parents and three youngest siblings. 😦  Lindsay visits Lucia to tell her of her destiny, at this point it is stated that Lindsay’s challenge is complete (baby 100 still needs to become a YA before aging restarts). Lucia starts challenge.

YB 11: Lets ignore the implications that Lucia’s Logain (8) is the son of Liam O’Dourke.

YL 1.18: Marin finally gets married to Santiago when their children are teenagers. Lindsay and Liam are newly married and still living with the last of Lindsay’s challenge children.

YB 79: Lucia’s sister passes away from old age. At the time Lucia started the challenge Amelia was already physically older than her sister because Lucia’s non-aging had already set in even if she had not started the challenge. 🙂

YB 85: Lindsay visits Lucia and sets her up with the loser genie (Babies 48,49 & 50). Liam has just passed away and the  two of them have two teenage sons.

YL 2.12: Toby’s generation is drawing to a close (Young Legacy) and Lucia has reached baby no 50. Lucia is older than Toby. When Toby’s parents first met, Lucia was already a child. Because Toby is Lindsay’s grandson not her child he has aged normally and I pretty much count the end of his generation as being his marriage to Maggie not the conclusion chapter after.

YB 147-  : Lindsay visits Lucia for the third time and sets her up with another Baby Daddy (Elias).

YL 3.1-   : Generation 3 heir Jonah is struggling with raising his younger sister Eden by himself. I’m starting to feel mean for killing off my sims parents. Jonah is currently in his mid/late twenties. At this stage the relationship between the two challenges is largely irrelevant and this generation doesn’t really fit anywhere in particular with Lucia’s generation, mostly because they are on a normal lifespan. Marin (Lindsay’s daughter) was an elder at Jonah’s older brother’s wedding which would suggest that it is now slightly ahead of the YB timeline.

Up-to-date here (Apr 6, 2013)- there’s more Lindsay stuff to come so I don’t want to completely finish this just yet. Hope what I have so far makes sense, I will be adding this as a page in The Young Babies ‘Baby Challenge Details tab up top and will continue to add to it as events occur to me 😛

The ISBI and Wishacy have not been added to the timeline yet as I am not quite sure where they fit on Lucia’s timeline. They probably start closer towards the end of Lucia’s story but I’ll leave that until I am sure. 😀

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