3.15 Bot Costumes and Scrap Giraffes

After saving Novus from freezing to death I came back inside to find an argument already brewing between Ruby and her younger sister Bracken.

At the moment they just seemed to be tricking each other like I had once done with my sisters so I decided to let them work it out by themselves. 

Ruby wasn’t impressed with her sister’s trick.

As they were arguing I decided that I needed to age up the Ruby, Calla and Maple before it all got out of hand, Calla was the first of the triplets to reach the cake.

Calla aged up receiving the Night Owl trait,

Ruby received the Ambitious trait.

and Maple received the Neat trait.

With the birthdays finished everyone continued on with the day. Novus was in the middle of one of his feral moments when I discovered that I was pregnant and I realised I had one more birthday to celebrate today.

When he finally regained control and returned to his human form we all crowded into the kitchen to celebrate Novus’ birthday.

Novus became the first ever Young to receive the Bot Fan trait. He wants to become Leader of the Pack.

Novus immediately tried out his new trait.  It was interesting…

Six little sister’s had obviously become a little too much and Novus decided he was ready to move out. He is going to live with his father Leon.

Ruby became Over-Emotional when Novus announced he was leaving. I think she wanted to see more of him in his Bot costume.

Primrose requested a bedtime story and I was happy to read one to her.

Calla was happy to read to her little sister.

Bracken also wanted a bedtime story and I was soon reading Bracken her favourite story.

One story was not enough and she also requested story from her big sister Maple.

After two stories she was finally went to sleep.

Calla and Maple got started on their homework. They weren’t happy about it but at least it was getting done.

With her homework done my eccentric daughter Calla asked if she could use some of the scrap and try out some ideas on my work table.

I agreed and Calla spend the rest of the night working at the table.

Ever since she had been a baby she had been obsessed with making things and she was finally old enough that I could let her try her hand at the table.

After a couple of hours Calla had a giraffe statue to show for all her hard work.

Like me, I could see her creating for many years to come.


A/N: I realised halfway through this chapter that I kept mixing Primrose and Bracken up. Whoops. Hopefully I picked up all of the times I mixed them up. I don’t know if it will help anyone but Primrose has Pink eyes and Bracken has yellow. They look alike as children but thankfully are a lot easier to tell apart when they become teens – except suddenly it’s Primrose and Ruby that are difficult to tell apart (thankfully Prim and Ruby have different coloured wings). 


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2 thoughts on “3.15 Bot Costumes and Scrap Giraffes

  1. It’s so cool that Maple, who was probably the least classically pretty out of the triplets when they were kids, has grown into a gorgeous teen. Her sisters are still pretty, but Maple has a soft beauty about her that’s different than a lot of your previous kids. Her hairstyle really suits her, too.

    My sweet Novus aged up as handsome as ever. 🙂

    • I really love Maple. Out of the three she’s the most like her father feature wise which is great because most of the kids have taken after Joanne in that area. I had so much trouble picking a hair for her because some of them just seemed to overwhelm her. 😀

      Ahh Novus. I miss him. 😦 I really wish he rolled the Bot trait earlier because I didn’t get a chance to really try it out. 😦

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