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Lidya and the Wishing Well

We have recently had a well appear out of nowhere in our side yard, it appears to be a wishing well. So far none of us has been game enough to go close; until today, when Lidya decided to investigate.

After much personal debate she decided to wish for something.

For some reason she chose not to wish for luck, happiness or even money. No, Lidya decided to wish for a boy. I can only imagine her surprise when she received a frog instead.

Lidya wondered what she was supposed to do with a frog? She did know her fairy tales, her mother had always read her bedtime stories when she had been smaller. Lidya now wondered if she was supposed to kiss the frog, that was what you were supposed to do, right?

Lidya didn’t really like the idea of kissing frogs. But if it did find her a prince she thought it might just be worth it.

It took Lidya a little while to get the courage to kiss her frog and when she did he escaped on her jumping away and into the wishing well.

She couldn’t believe that she had gone to all that effort and had actually kissed a frog to get…nothing.

Lidya resolved to try again.

Once again Lidya made her wish.

And once again she received her frog.

She again had to find the courage to kiss him.

When she did the frog began to sparkle and something strange happened.

When the sparkling stopped she was face to face with a teenage boy.

Lidya had received her wish.

Lidya wasted not time in flirting with the newcomer.

And it wasn’t long before Lidya and Zac became boyfriend and girlfriend.

AN: This is probably going to be the only BC update besides Grandbaby updates that doesn’t involve Lucia. Lucia was busy training toddlers and Lidya was just too adorable not to include all of the pics. I have to admit she has been one of my favorite kids so far. 😛

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