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Wedding Bonus Pics

Lucia’s children – Some were there and I didn’t get a good pic, the vampires are inside so they don’t burn and I missed a few.

Please ignore the occasional brown eyebrows when they should be purple. Everytime I tried to fix something my game would give me issues and finally I gave up with most of it fixed but not all. 🙂

Tuck, Sari, Hilde and Joslyn.

Egwene, Kirstian, Alesinde and Chiad.

Tylin and Beslan.

Galad and Bodewhin.

 Akir and Ravashi.

Elmindreda, Aviendha and Elayne.

 Danelle and Laila.

Amathera, Eldrin and Desora.

Leane and Tigraine.

Darlin and Faile.

Alesinde, Faile, Mierin and Leane.

Niella, and standing behind her Owein, Jaem, Jahar, Matrim and Gawyn.


Josef, Rosana and Caraline.

Aisha, Careane, Joal and Aisling.


Bonus Pics from the Wedding (I took too many photos…again)




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Wedding Day

The moment had finally come. I had delayed the wedding for so long simply because I had needed to be able to say my vows and mean them and now I could.

I was getting married to a man who had not only patiently waited for more years than anyone should be made to wait but had also helped me raise the thirty-one children as if they had all been his own. I knew I didn’t deserve Dale, but I was so relieved that he had stayed.

Most of my kids had shown up to help us celebrate. Seeing them all together was amazing and something that didn’t happen nearly enough. I hoped that now that my destiny was almost fulfilled that I would find some more time to spend with all of them.

As I made my way down the aisle I turned most of attention to where I was placing my feet. When you are as clumsy as I sometimes am it becomes a problem and today, falling flat on my face was the last thing I wanted to happen. Glancing at Dale made me realise that he knew exactly what I was doing.

I couldn’t help risking a couple of glances in either direction at my family. Jerid and Josef had taken seats on either side of Mika but as yet there seemed to have been no outbreak of the pranks and spells that had plagued my home when they had lived there.

I also noticed that Rolan was here and considering who had organised most of the wedding I hadn’t been sure if he would attend. I was pleased to see him, even if he didn’t seem too happy about it.

I also noticed that he was seated only two seats away from his son, with only Eliya and Taric seated between the two. As far as I was aware it was the first time the two of them had been in the same place since Crux was a baby. I doubted anyone had bothered to fill Rolan in on his son’s ability and Crux was sure to be getting to know his father better without Rolan even being aware that it was happening.

Bael and Sierin had been given the responsibility of looking after the youngest members of the family.

Although Bael did seem to be a more interested in the family drama unfolding at the end of his row.

Worrying about the kids was my way of trying to settle my nerves, it wasn’t working. In fact, the butterflies playing havoc with my stomach only stopped when I reached the end of the aisle and finally gave Dale my full attention.

There was really no need for nerves.

I was exactly where I wanted to be.


A/N: Just so you know, I did something with the pics that I don’t normally bother with. Just for this chapter some of the pics are labelled. Mainly because I don’t expect anyone to remember all of the kids, there’s a couple that I even have trouble with. 

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