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3.17 Festivals and Family

I had been going to start the boys training but decided that I really needed to get the girls out of the house instead. Maybe they would fight less if they had something to entertain them. 

It was decided that we would all attend the local Evansdale County Festival which had recently arrived in town. When we arrived Bracken and Primrose disappeared almost immediately to play on the see-saw. I was happy to see that every one was keen to enjoy the festival and hoped that the girls would refrain from the bickering that had been plaguing my household.  

Ruby decided that she wanted spend the afternoon dancing and soon gained an appreciative audience.

Calla and Maple took part in the pie eating contest. Maple was victorious on the day just beating her sister. 

and I finally had the opportunity to try roller skating for the first time in my life. Roller Skating had always been one of the activities that I had been unable to participate in. When I was younger my father and younger sister Erin had skated regularly. In someway I think it had been his way of pointing out to her that there were some advantages to being human. 

Ruby was joined by Moonbeam, she didn’t dance but decided to just watch.

Calla wasn’t shy about dancing and she still showed the evidence of the recent pie eating competition.

Maple decided to look after her younger brothers. Like Calla she hadn’t bothered to clean her face either.

Eventually it was time to head home.

It had been a tiring day and the kids were happy to just relax and play the gaming systems or entertain themselves quietly.

I needed to get started on the twins toddler training and took advantage of the relatively quiet afternoon to get started.

First up was Tangle with his walking training. He learned quickly and I wondered if Maple had been trying to teach her younger brothers at the Festival.

When Tangle was too tired to continue I got started with Teasel and started teaching him to talk.

Training with Teasel did not go as smoothly as it had with his twin.

Even after giving Teasel a small break training was going slower that I was used to. Teasel was capable but uninterested in learning.


It had taken a while for me to complete the twins training but eventually they were ready to become children.

Leo came to visit again to see his sons and me and it was obvious that he thought that we had some kind of future together and I realised that he was going to force me to completely honest with me. I wasn’t ready for a permanent relationship, I wasn’t even ready to date if it didn’t involve my destiny. After putting Teasel to bed in his cot I went back out to the main room to break the news to his father.

He took the news better than I expected. He was disappointed but didn’t get angry like Tulip and Finch’s father had. I was relieved by how well he took the news.


A/N: Sorry it’s been awhile since the last update. Sims 4 has taken away most of my interest for sims at all at the moment I haven’t even loaded any sims game for at least a couple of weeks.

I’m not really 100% with this update, it was mostly done except for a couple of things and I only messed with it for about 10 mins before posting it. Hopefully it’s okay.

Bonus pics of the Joanne/Leo break-up…. I just loved  all the faces that they pulled. 😀 Lilil   

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3.16 Prom

Over the next couple of the days I made sure to spend as much time with my girls as I could. 

The newest babies wouldn’t be too far away and when they did my time with the older children would be diminished.

They were all a little excited to be getting some new brothers and sisters.

Primrose would randomly stop to give me a hug.

When she wasn’t inside she was outside trying to overcome her fear of the slide.

Later in the evening the older girls were off to their prom.

While the girls were at their prom I received a surprise visitor.

Leo had decided to pay me a visit to see how I was going. He was a little surprised at how big I had become.

I was surprised when he kissed me and without allowing me to respond said he would see me later. It looked like Leo had taken our moment together far more seriously than I had.

When the girls came home from their prom they were very excited. Calla had danced with a boy that she liked and had even received her first kiss. While Ruby had become Prom Queen.

Unfortunately Maple’s night out had not gone as well as her sisters and she had even managed to be dragged into a fight. When she had got home she sat down in the kitchen and wouldn’t talk to anyone.

Bracken had been waiting for the older girls to get home, refusing to go to bed until one of them had read her a bedtime story.

Ruby agreed and it wasn’t long until Bracken was finally asleep.

The next morning I found Calla busy reading in the family room.

Bracken was happy playing with her favourite doll in the kitchen.

Moonbeam and Primrose discussed their plans for the weekend. Which if it all went well would include a trip to the fair.

Ruby was busy doing what Fairies do best, dancing.

I joined Calla and Moonbeam on the lounge turning on television to watch my pregnancy addiction – cartoons.

I was still watching television with the children when I finally went into labour. They gathered round to help and Ruby was really upset. Out of all of my daughters Primrose was the least excited about becoming a big sister.

Soon I had two new baby boys. Teasel who was born with the traits Athletic and Loves the Outdoors.

and Tangle who has the Artistic and Good traits.      

With the twin settled I went outside to look after the other new additions to the family, the chickens. A couple of days ago I had purchased a Chicken Coop. I still have no idea why as it just gives me one jobs I have to do each day and I don’t have enough time in the day as it is. The girls had promised they would look after our new pets but this stopped on almost the first day.

Inside Moonbeam was once again pretending she ruled an entire kingdom.

Calla was busy practising her magic.

and Ruby was in a mood and was busily fairy trapping the house.

Maple was finally ready to talk about the events of the previous evening.

Even having set numerous fairy traps when I had been a teen – I still don’t seem to notice when I’m the one who’s about to be tricked. Ruby had been in my bathroom rigging the traps in my showers.

and the trap she had set caught me completely unawares.

I don’t think turquoise is my colour.

Much better!

Ruby had made herself scarce when I emerged from the bathroom and only reappeared when Teasel had claimed my attention.

“Ruby! Did you trap the shower in my bathroom?

“Maybe? Are you mad?”

“Do I look mad!”



A/N: You may have noticed that Bracken and Primrose in these chapters are dual-occults. This was fine early on but when they became teens they would transform into wolves and I was unable to switch them back to their human form because there Fairy half was the dominant occult and their menus didn’t give any of their werewolf options. Eventually I used Nraas to strip away their werewolf occult trait. This is why they have the glowing eyes in the earlier chapters but lose it in their last. 😀

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