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The boys had finally allowed me to go outside, after refusing to let me out the door for almost twenty minutes.

“Are you crazy?!” I yelled at Dale.

I was taken by surprise when he just smiled at me glaring at him and pulled me in for a kiss.

When I tried to hit him he just laughed at me, catching my wrists . “Luc, its okay. It’s over”‘

“‘I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!”‘ I glared at him, his smile just made me more annoyed. ”I don’t know why you’re smiling. What if you had killed him?”

If anything his smile grew wider.  “Not likely…” he told me, “he fainted”‘

Jheran and Bael had followed me outside and I could hear their reaction to that piece of news.

“He what?”‘

“I barely touched him…” Dale explained, ”he fainted”

“He fainted?”I queried, looking at Nicholas lying in the snow. I continued to ignore the laughter behind me.

Suddenly they were  all laughing including the three boys who had just come upon the scene.

“‘Aww, mum. don’t be angry”, Taric said.

“‘Just don’t” I said, rounding on them, ”I don’t want to hear another word about this.” With one final glare at the werewolf responsible the entire event, I turned and headed back towards the house.


It wasn’t long before the blanket of snow that had covered the landscape for most of the winter finally gave way to spring. With his love of the outdoors and his in-born affinity with plants it was appropriate that Jaem’s birthday was occurring in the spring.

Jaem aged up into a handsome teen receiving the Grumpy trait.

It was also time to say goodbye to Crux. I admit that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye but it was time.

He and Dale were in the middle of one of their very one-sided conversations. They seemed to have them all the time now.

I however still wasn’t completely comfortable with Crux knowing my every thought, and Crux knew it.

As a result he always allowed me to verbalise what I wanted to say, rather than answering my unasked questions before I asked them.

“I’m going to miss you” I told him, wrapping him into a tight hug.

“I’ll miss you too, Ma” he told me, “He loves you, you know. Are you ever going to let him off the hook?”

“Of course” I replied, I honestly wasn’t sure why I hadn’t already. I had forgiven him for our little drama, I just hadn’t found a way to tell him. I knew he loved me and I certainly loved him, it should have been easy, right?

“Soon?”, Crux interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes”, I said throwing Dale a guilty look.

As he walked out the door, he turned, and looked at me, “Ma, you have a visitor in the kitchen. Say hi for me.”


“You’ll see”

After Crux at left, I went to see who my surprise visitor was. I was shocked, usually she gave me some warning when she decided to pay me a visit. Still it was wonderful to see her again.


“Oh, hi honey. Miss me?”


A/N: So you may have noticed or may not have noticed that I jumped around a little in the last couple of chapters. In the process I managed to completely miss an important birthday (Sorry Jaem…. 😦 ), Dale & Lucia are taking longer to get back on track than anticipated (totally worth it, lol) and a couple of events happened in a slightly different order than what they did in game.   Anyway, this is why this chapter is a little all over the place as it needs to bring all the storylines together so that they match up again.

Bonus Pic: This interaction became available when I was trying to get the pics for this chapter. It isn’t going to fit anywhere, ever but I thought it was funny. Dale really didn’t like it when Lucia hit him with the newspaper. 😆

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Nothing but Trouble – Part 2

“Not that I’m not thrilled to see the two of you but why are you here?” I asked Jheran and Bael, who had unexpectedly paid me a visit and were now in my kitchen.

“No real reason” Jheran said, “we just wanted to see you”

“Not that that’s not a lovely thing for a mother to hear”, I said “but I doubt that’s the whole reason. Anything else you wish to share?” I asked, eyes locking onto Bael as he started to look uncomfortable.

“Boys? Come on, I’m not an idiot. Why now?” I pressed them.

“Grandpa asked them too” Crux answered for them from his seat at the other end of the table.

“How di…” Bael started to say before being interrupted.

“He asked father too, but he wouldn’t come” Crux continued, ‘because I’m here”

“Okay, so your dad asked the three of you to visit me, and only the two of you could make it?” I asked, glancing at Crux. I was once again angry with Rolan’s treatment of his son.

“Yes” Bael said shortly, looking sympathetically at Crux.

How had Crux known, it was obviously the truth. It was also obvious that my boys hadn’t planned to fill me in with that much information. Even with Crux helping out with the explanation I could tell that I wasn’t being told something.

“Anything else I need to know, why the three of you? Why not the other boys? Where’s Niella? This obviously isn’t a little family get together or all seven of you would have been invited….” I started to ask as the many unanswered questions occurred to me.”

They glanced uneasily at each other and remained silent.


“My other Uncles are out hunting with Grandpa.” Crux was the one to explain again.

“They’re hunting with your grandfather?” I asked Crux, he seemed to be the only one willing to fill me in.


“Did you not catch the part were Dad didn’t want her to know?” Jheran asked Crux, “You seem to be able to pick every other little thought out of our head, did you miss that one?”

“But she should know? Crux looked confused, “Grandpa should have told her what the problem was from the beginning”

“We had it under control”

“That man is dangerous and crazy, there is no controlling that.” Crux continued reasonably.

Oh, I suddenly realised what this was all about…Nick Crawford. The roundabout conversation was all suddenly starting to make sense.

“Crux, how long have you known about this?” I asked him, surely I should have noticed that my grandson could read minds if it had been happening for any length of time.

“I found out after my birthday” Crux answered “suddenly I just knew.”

“Does anyone else know?”

“Just Grandpa”, Crux replied.”He’s been ‘thinking’ at me all afternoon”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, Bael and Jheran had obviously been sent to ‘visit’ to protect me in some way.

“Uncle Jheran? It’s time to make that call” Crux informed us.

What on earth was Dale up too…


Turns out Dale was on the hunt, it seemed that Nick’s threat that he would see him soon was genuine. There were however a few things about Dale that had changed since the last time the two of them had met face to face and Dale planned on fully exploiting them.

Maeric, Sierin and Taric had been helping their father out by keeping a guard out around town. They knew that Nicholas was still in town and that the police had so far been unsuccessful in locating him. Nicholas Crawford been on the run for a number of years ever since Dale had discovered his secret and had informed the police of his former best friends criminal activities.

It had taken months and they still hadn’t found him. Until that morning when he had been spotted in town.

“It’s about time you showed up” Dale said, “I was starting to think you’d run again.”

“If I knew that you were waiting for me I would have arrived sooner” Nick said. “How’s our girl?”

“That’s really none of your business”

“After all that the two of us shared, I think it just might be”

“I know this isn’t about Lucia, what exactly is it that you’re after? Why would you even risk coming back here?”

“I wanted to get some revenge, Dale. I think I deserve it after what you did?

“What exactly did I do, Nick?”

“We were friends Dale, and you betrayed me.”

“It was wrong what you were doing, I did what I had to”

”My best friend conspiring to get me locked away”, Nick sneered.

“It was illegal and dangerous and it was only a matter of time before somebody got hurt. That girl was lucky to survive” Dale said. ”I don’t regret telling the police what you were doing. I would do it again if I had to”

“Nick, the police are already on the way.” Dale continued, ”You are finally going to pay for what you did all those years ago.”

“What! You actually think you can keep me here all by yourself?’ Nick replied “I was always stronger than you, I can leave anytime I want.”

“Things have changed” Dale said quietly

“What the hell are you!!” Nick yelled as Dale transformed.

“As I said, things have changed…”

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Just a Feeling

Early morning woohoo is a wonderful way to start the day. 

We did have other things we were supposed be doing.

The kids had asked to go to the winter festival and the older boys had their prom later that day. Seriously, who schedules these things? The school prom and the festival should not be on the same day!

Taric did not seem to notice that we were running late. He was too engrossed in the game he was playing.

When we finally did make it out of the house it was afternoon and the weather wasn’t the best for the festival.

The girls were still keen to try out ice-skating for the very first time.

Although it turns out that all Loise can do at present is run around the rink. Alene seemed to be picking up skating easily however.

We were not the only people to brave the elements and attend the festival. Maeric and Niella were also there,

as was Perrin, whom I hadn’t seen for a while. It was nice to catch up with him.

The boys had barely had the chance to do anything at the festival before it was time for them to attend their Prom.

They all took separate cabs to get there, it seems my boys are not always the best at sharing. 😕

At least they all made it in one piece.

Dale was due to leave for work in a couple of days and the two of us had been trying to spend as much time together as possible.

I’m not sure how we ended up at the wishing well, but it was certainly pretty out there and the two of us have always been fond of snow.

The following morning it was time for the Quads to have their birthday.

Loise was enthusiastic in her celebration, while Alene seemed a little sad that her brothers were soon going to be all grown up.

Taric became a workaholic, he wants to become Leader of the Pack.

Seirin received the Rebellious Trait. He wants to become The Cat Herder.

Rolan aged up receiving the Ambitious Trait. He hopes to become the CEO of a Mega-Corporation

And finally Bael aged up receiving the Hopeless Romantic Trait. He want to become an Illustrious Author

Bael decided to spend some of his remaining time in the house reading quietly with me.

He also found time to listen to his little sister, while she told him a very scary ghost story.

After the story telling, Bael made sure that he treated Alene to a bedtime story.

I was amazed that Taric and Rolan had chosen to spend some time together. Although Rolan had not been acting like himself since the abduction.

“I’m not moving in the morning” Rolan informed Taric.

“What, why?” Taric exclaimed, “Have you told Mum that? You know its time for us to go?”

“Yeah, I know. But I have this feeling that somethings not right.” Rolan said, “I just rather still be here when I work out what it is”

Rolan, true to his word didn’t move out the following morning. He had asked me if he could stay for another couple of days and I had agreed, part of me wondered if it was just so he wouldn’t have to stay with his brothers once he moved out.

It was sad to see them go, Dale in particular wasn’t keen on them leaving but he knew it was time.

I made sure that I gave the three of my sons who were leaving hugs to say goodbye and I was sure that Dale and I would see them again soon.

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Growing Pains

Weeks had passed since Snowflake Day and Dale had yet to take down the mistletoe and was shamelessly using it obtain kisses.

“You still haven’t taken that down” I asked.

“It comes in handy” Dale replied grinning at me.

I was quickly learning that having two fully grown and worse still, two adolescent werewolves in the house was chaotic. It was also not forgiving on my furniture.

Taric and Seirin at one time had decided to use the kitchen to practise their fighting skills.

The end result was two broken chairs, a triumphant Taric, a sore but not sorry Seirin (who instantly requested a rematch),

and an unconcerned Maeric who was still sporting his stylish pirate hat.

In the end I had banned them from fighting in the house and told them all to take their training outside away from my furniture.

Bael tried to talk to Rolan about how he had behaving recently. Rolan had alienated nearly everyone in the house and Bael had only been trying to make his brother understand that.

Unfortunately Rolan just didn’t care and after that most of his siblings gave up trying to be nice to him.

Dale tried to get his son to become more involved in family activities but Rolan’s participation was always fleeting and unenthusiastic.

Taric had also taken interest in the ant farm that we had in the garage. It had been there forever, I think that Taric is the first of my children to even notice it was there.

Alene took the opportunity to scare her older brothers with a ghost story. Being all grown up didn’t seem to help them all that much.

Loise spent time outside in the snow. she particularity enjoyed the spring rider,

When she was inside she enjoyed playing with her IF doll.

Niella, Jheran and Maeric were still living at home.  Dale had been putting off their departure for a couple of weeks now, not that I blamed him. They were his children, our children and he didn’t what them to leave.

I had ended up making Jheran a potion to turn his imaginary friend real. The two of them had been close the entire time they had been growing up. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to use it though, for the last couple of weeks the two of them had been experiencing some technical difficulties. (glitchy IF 😦 )

As much as Dale had been dreading it, we c ould no longer delay the triplets moving out.

All three of them had grand plans they where all keen to get a start on.

The alien abductions continued, and as no-one seemed to be adversely effected by it we soon stopped worrying about it.

When Rolan finally had his turn at abduction, I will admit we all thought it was a little funny.

Especially since he was far from the only person who had been outside that night.

After all of the problems that he had been causing, I could only smile when the abduction occurred.

Even if I had been able to stop him being taken, I’m not sure I would have and I now feel a little guilty about that.

It certainly hasn’t done anything to improve relationship with the rest of the family.

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Snowflake Day

It was time for the quads to become teens. They were all a little slow at making their way to their cakes, despite all being called at the same time.

Taric was first receiving the Unflirty trait.

He was followed by Seiren who became a Cat Person.

Rolan aged up receiving the Excitable trait.

Bael aged up last and received the Unlucky Trait. Despite inheriting his hair and eye colour from my side of the family, Bael appeared to have inherited the most from Dale.

Nearly immediately after the quads Rolan started to show evidence of the trait he had rolled as a child.  Unfortunately it was Niella he picked on first.

After all the care she had shown him while he was growing up, I was very disappointed with his behaviour.

I could also tell that Niella was extremely upset by his attack on her, I am not sure if this something their relationship will ever recover from.

Winter had also arrived and our werewolves were on the hunt. Although they were having little success.

Maeric often became discouraged and would start attacking the furniture.

Winter also announced that Snowflake Day was drawing near. I added a few decorations to the Living Room and I also invited several of my children that had moved out to celebrate the day with us. A few of the kids were unable to attend and sent their apologies. Most of them had decided to come.

We even had a couple of my children crash the party, which under the circumstances was more than welcome. Bodewhin even brought a plate of food along to share.

Even though she was now married Lamelle came by herself. I did wonder why she had left her husband Corey and son Agustin at home but I was still glad that she came.

Bodewhin seemed amused by Maeric’s fashion sense but was sensible enough not to let him know.

Others that came to celebrate included Siedre, Adan and Beslan. Beslan didn’t stay long due to work commitments but it was still nice to see him.

Rolan was continuing to alienate those around him. Most of his brother’s were upset about his treatment of Niella and were not afraid to express that.

Dale took the opportunity to ask for a kiss under the mistletoe.

Eventually we got everyone organised to begin opening the many presents we had stacked in the middle of the floor.

Everyone soon found a position in which to watch the gift giving.

I was glad that the living room was big enough to hold us all comfortably.

It took a while for everyone to recieve and open their gift but I think that most were pleased with the presents that they had received.

The following morning after eating way to much food and receiving many gifts it was time for the triplets to age up into Young Adults. Maeric aged up first rolling the Neurotic trait. Maeric wants to become a HeartBreaker.

Followed by his brother Jheran who became a workaholic and whats to become a Professional Author.

Niella was the last of the three to become a Young Adult. She rolled the Childish trait. Niella wishes to become a Master Musician.

They were quick about organising  a photo of the three of them for both me and their father.

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Sisterly Love

It was good to have Dale home. It also meant I could take the newest family picture.

While he had been gone I had taken the time to redecorate our bedroom. I hadn’t finished with it completely but it was something I would continue to work on. It now felt like it was our space not just mine.

The new babies didn’t take long to announce their impending arrival.

Meanwhile in other areas of the house Niella helped out by making the family breakfast.

Taric’s table manners were as appalling as his father’s sometimes were. 😉

Niella and Rolan had become very close.  The the two of them spent a lot of time together. They had even spent an entire afternoon pelting each other with water balloons,

Niella was always the one Rolan chose to ask when he required a bedtime story.

When Niella takes the time to work on her music, Rolan is never far away cheering her on.

She did spend some time without her little brother, Niella loved the slip’n’slide.

Sometimes it did not go to plan.

Jheran loved spending time with his imaginary friend Cuddles.

He also managed to be the first of the triplets to be abducted by aliens.

Maeric at least was keeping up with his homework.

Rolan had needed some help with his homework and I was happy to provide it.

Taric was very interested in the new babies and couldn’t wait for their arrival.

Taric, Bael and Jheran were all present when I finally went into labour.

Introducing my newest daughters, Loise who received the Evil and Slob traits at birth,

and her twin sister Alene receiving the traits virtuoso and Hates the Outdoors.

Soon it was time to start on toddler training for the twins. Alene had been asleep when I had gone into the nursery to start the training so Loise became the first to be trained to walk.

Dale came into the nursery to help with Alene when she had woken up before I had been finished with Loise.

The two of them seemed to have formed a bond, something that I was thrilled about.

Niella had taken a liking to both of the girls.

Having a couple of sister’s in the house after an abundance of brother’s was to her liking.

She even took the opportunity to teach Alene to walk.The Loise seemed to be a quick study when it came to talking.

Alene was almost as quick as her twin to pick it up.

Finally with the girls all trained up it was birthday time again.

Loise aged up first receiving the workaholic trait

she was followed by Alene who received the Easily Impressed Trait.

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Leader of the Pack

With new quadruplets in the house I decided it was time for the triplets to become teenagers.

Most of the family was on hand to celebrate this important milestone. You may also notice that slight glow which indicates a full moon. 😀

Maeric aged up and rolled the Flirty trait.

Jheran rolled the Vegetarian trait.

And Niella rolled the Proper trait.

The Full Moon brought out the wolf in Dale. As they all ate birthday cake,  Niella seemed surprised by her father’s transformation.

Maeric became more interested in tearing up the furniture. His father just watched. 😦

After sizing his son up, Dale had the urge to show his eldest son just who was the leader of the pack.

Let the ”My teeth are bigger than Yours” competition commence. 😕

With four babies to train, most of the teens gave training the toddlers a try; even if it was for a short time any amount of help was welcome.

Taric took a liking to the Xylophone.

Sierin could often be found playing peek-a-boo in the toy box.

Niella became drawn to music, just like I knew she would. At the moment she seems to have taken a liking to the Bass.

Siedre performed her first conversion spell. The result was an adorable little lady beetle.

Jheran tried wishing in the well.

While he was home Dale tried out the driving range.

With the trained, it was a relief to be able to celebrate their birthdays.

All of the older kids came to cheer them on.

Taric received the Neat trait.

Seirin became Unlucky

Rolan rolled the Mean-Spirited trait. 😦

and Bael received the rebellious trait.

There were however two more birthdays to be celebrated.

Siedre and Adan birthdays seemed to trigger a chain reaction of werewolf transformations. Dale and Maeric seemed to transform almost simultaneously.

This time her brother’s transformation terrified Niella.

Taric became the first of the Quads to succumb to his wolf form.

The Birthday continued despite the interruptions.

Adan rolled the charismatic Trait. He wants to become Super Popular.

Siedre rolled the Dislikes Children trait. I wondered if her interrupted birthday in anyway influenced her roll. 🙂 Siedre wishes to grow the perfect garden.

After all the birthdays were complete we all sat down to celebrate with cake.

With her sudden dislike of children it didn’t help when Maeric decided to scare Siedre right after her birthday.

After Maeric’s scare, Siedre couldn’t wait to leave home and both she and Adan organised to leave the very next morning.

They did take a short time to organise their going away portrait.

I was already upset about Siedre and Adan leaving home when, all too soon, it was time for Dale to leave for work again.

“I’ll be back before you have a chance to miss me”, he told me.

“No you won’t” I replied, ‘‘I miss you already”

After Dale had left it was time to complete my task.


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All Yours

Dale had left the previous evening and unfortunately he wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks. The rest of the household just got on with the everyday activities we usually used to occupy ourselves. Of course I also had to find the next father. For this pregnancy I decided to find an easy target. Genies are notorious for being willing to do almost anything for their freedom. My grandmother had been sending me all the Genie Lamps she could find since my last Genie father. I figured it was time to actually use one.

Of course I had to make sure that all my kids were busy first. I didn’t like the idea of parading the next father in front of my kids, especially since I was now engaged to Dale. It made more sense for me to make contact during the day while everyone else was at school. Of course someone else had an opinion on that! I had been preparing to summon the Genie when it suddenly became apparent that I was already pregnant. When had that happened?

I decided to still summon the genie. At least this way I would know if the genie was at least male and I could also make a wish. 🙂

I explained my deal with him.  His freedom for a baby (when I wasn’t already pregnant of course).

When I wished for a large family he looked at me as if I was a little crazy.

He did agree to grant my wish for a large family and promised that he would think about the other proposal.

After putting the Genie back in his bottle, I went out into the backyard to relax with a little bit of painting. It had been quite a while since I had the time to indulge in one of my favourite past times.

It had taken me a while to realise that Adan had failed go to school today. I had to let him know that I was angry that he had skipped school and also with his current grades he would be very lucky if he even had the marks to graduate.

Over the next week Siedre worked on her Alchemy,

did a bit of reading,

some gaming,

and of course worked on her magic.

Jheran and Maeric continued to bond with their Imaginary Friends.

Niella continued to enjoy the rocking horse.

Adan became the first person to try out the new basketball hoop.

Soon enough it was time for Dale to arrive home.  Our reunion was briefly interrupted by somebody asking me for an autograph. Guess I’m now famous in Queenstown?

The first chance I got I was welcoming him home. “I missed you” I told him.

”I missed you too”, he responded.. His eyes dropped to my expanding waistline.

“So you’re pregnant?” he asked.

“Of course” I told him, “That was the plan” I watched him trying to gauge his reaction, I still didn’t quite believe that he would stay when I started having more babies with other men.

“That’s great” he said. He laughed at the look of shock that I couldn’t hide. “Lucia, that was our deal remember? If I didn’t think I could handle it I wouldn’t have agreed to it.”

Taking his hand I pulled him towards the backyard, “By the way this time our plan totally failed”, I laughed.


“These babies are all yours” I informed him, poking him the chest before starting to climb the ladder to the treehouse.. “I found out the day after you left”

I could tell that he was shocked, I was nearly to the top of the ladder when he finally responded. “Luc, do you really think you should be climbing up there?” he asked, “Your pregnant!”

“Are you joining me up here or not?” I laughed.

It wasn’t long before the new babies decided they were ready to be born. Conveniently I had been napping in the nursery when I gone into labour.  Unfortunately Dale freaked out about having the babies at home so we ended up at the hospital.

When we were at the front entrance I even had a cheer squad, although my daughter Jalani is better at jeering than she is at cheering.

Our trip to the hospital had a result that neither I nor Dale had anticipated.

We were blessed with four beautiful baby boys. Now that we knew what to look for, we also noticed that two of our new sons were werewolves like their father.

Taric was first-born, he arrived with the traits Absent-Minded and Loves the Outdoors.

Seirin was born with the traits Clumsy and Easily Impressed.

Rolan received the traits Hates the Outdoors and Absent-Minded.

and finally Bael was born with the traits Hates the Outdoors and Genius.


A/N: So… the Quads were NOT planned, I left Lucia and Dale in the middle of some romantic actions when I went to check on other members of the family. Next thing I knew there were baby chimes. I did deliberately make the genie wish for a large family but I wasn’t expecting quads… 😕 So my question is this: Should I include the quads in Lucia’s count or should they be extras? Let me know what you think. 😀

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