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Just a Feeling

Early morning woohoo is a wonderful way to start the day. 

We did have other things we were supposed be doing.

The kids had asked to go to the winter festival and the older boys had their prom later that day. Seriously, who schedules these things? The school prom and the festival should not be on the same day!

Taric did not seem to notice that we were running late. He was too engrossed in the game he was playing.

When we finally did make it out of the house it was afternoon and the weather wasn’t the best for the festival.

The girls were still keen to try out ice-skating for the very first time.

Although it turns out that all Loise can do at present is run around the rink. Alene seemed to be picking up skating easily however.

We were not the only people to brave the elements and attend the festival. Maeric and Niella were also there,

as was Perrin, whom I hadn’t seen for a while. It was nice to catch up with him.

The boys had barely had the chance to do anything at the festival before it was time for them to attend their Prom.

They all took separate cabs to get there, it seems my boys are not always the best at sharing. 😕

At least they all made it in one piece.

Dale was due to leave for work in a couple of days and the two of us had been trying to spend as much time together as possible.

I’m not sure how we ended up at the wishing well, but it was certainly pretty out there and the two of us have always been fond of snow.

The following morning it was time for the Quads to have their birthday.

Loise was enthusiastic in her celebration, while Alene seemed a little sad that her brothers were soon going to be all grown up.

Taric became a workaholic, he wants to become Leader of the Pack.

Seirin received the Rebellious Trait. He wants to become The Cat Herder.

Rolan aged up receiving the Ambitious Trait. He hopes to become the CEO of a Mega-Corporation

And finally Bael aged up receiving the Hopeless Romantic Trait. He want to become an Illustrious Author

Bael decided to spend some of his remaining time in the house reading quietly with me.

He also found time to listen to his little sister, while she told him a very scary ghost story.

After the story telling, Bael made sure that he treated Alene to a bedtime story.

I was amazed that Taric and Rolan had chosen to spend some time together. Although Rolan had not been acting like himself since the abduction.

“I’m not moving in the morning” Rolan informed Taric.

“What, why?” Taric exclaimed, “Have you told Mum that? You know its time for us to go?”

“Yeah, I know. But I have this feeling that somethings not right.” Rolan said, “I just rather still be here when I work out what it is”

Rolan, true to his word didn’t move out the following morning. He had asked me if he could stay for another couple of days and I had agreed, part of me wondered if it was just so he wouldn’t have to stay with his brothers once he moved out.

It was sad to see them go, Dale in particular wasn’t keen on them leaving but he knew it was time.

I made sure that I gave the three of my sons who were leaving hugs to say goodbye and I was sure that Dale and I would see them again soon.

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