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3.15 Bot Costumes and Scrap Giraffes

After saving Novus from freezing to death I came back inside to find an argument already brewing between Ruby and her younger sister Bracken.

At the moment they just seemed to be tricking each other like I had once done with my sisters so I decided to let them work it out by themselves. 

Ruby wasn’t impressed with her sister’s trick.

As they were arguing I decided that I needed to age up the Ruby, Calla and Maple before it all got out of hand, Calla was the first of the triplets to reach the cake.

Calla aged up receiving the Night Owl trait,

Ruby received the Ambitious trait.

and Maple received the Neat trait.

With the birthdays finished everyone continued on with the day. Novus was in the middle of one of his feral moments when I discovered that I was pregnant and I realised I had one more birthday to celebrate today.

When he finally regained control and returned to his human form we all crowded into the kitchen to celebrate Novus’ birthday.

Novus became the first ever Young to receive the Bot Fan trait. He wants to become Leader of the Pack.

Novus immediately tried out his new trait.  It was interesting…

Six little sister’s had obviously become a little too much and Novus decided he was ready to move out. He is going to live with his father Leon.

Ruby became Over-Emotional when Novus announced he was leaving. I think she wanted to see more of him in his Bot costume.

Primrose requested a bedtime story and I was happy to read one to her.

Calla was happy to read to her little sister.

Bracken also wanted a bedtime story and I was soon reading Bracken her favourite story.

One story was not enough and she also requested story from her big sister Maple.

After two stories she was finally went to sleep.

Calla and Maple got started on their homework. They weren’t happy about it but at least it was getting done.

With her homework done my eccentric daughter Calla asked if she could use some of the scrap and try out some ideas on my work table.

I agreed and Calla spend the rest of the night working at the table.

Ever since she had been a baby she had been obsessed with making things and she was finally old enough that I could let her try her hand at the table.

After a couple of hours Calla had a giraffe statue to show for all her hard work.

Like me, I could see her creating for many years to come.


A/N: I realised halfway through this chapter that I kept mixing Primrose and Bracken up. Whoops. Hopefully I picked up all of the times I mixed them up. I don’t know if it will help anyone but Primrose has Pink eyes and Bracken has yellow. They look alike as children but thankfully are a lot easier to tell apart when they become teens – except suddenly it’s Primrose and Ruby that are difficult to tell apart (thankfully Prim and Ruby have different coloured wings). 


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3.14 Taking a Break

After I said goodbye to Tulip and Finch my mother pulled me aside.

“Jo, why don’t you go out somewhere and relax we can look after the kids tonight,” Eliya said.

“Really mum?” I glanced at my father. Did they know what usually happened whenever I managed a moment away from my kids? The idea made me a little uncomfortable.

“Of course, it will give us a chance to spend some more time with them” she insisted “we’ll be leaving in the morning, we need to make sure Emmett hasn’t burnt down the house yet”


When I finally reached it I was glad that I had remembered to bring along my swimming costume as one of the bars was in the pool. I looked around the area to see if anyone was about. Lets face it, Tulip and Finch had moved out and Novus would not be far behind them and in the morning Prim, Moon and Bracken would be celebrating their birthdays – I needed a man.

The most likely looking candidate was at the pool bar so I went over to introduce myself and order a drink. He introduced himself as Leo and when we had both finished our drinks he took my hand and led me over to the side of the pool.

“I thought the spa may be more fun.” he said, “care to join me?”

“Sure” I answered.

He leaned back and closed his eyes while he waited for me to get in. I glanced around, decided I was brave enough and after a brief struggle with my clothing joined Leo in the spa.

 Leo didn’t seem at all put off by my sudden nakedness and put his arm around my shoulders.

We stayed in the spa for a while getting to know each other.

After a while I got impatient with the delays dragged Leo out of the spa and kissed him, it was always dangerous getting to know my children’s potential fathers and this time I didn’t want to allow myself time to get attached.



It was time for the triplets birthday. My parents stayed and help me out with the birthdays.

My mother Eliya brought Primrose to her cake, while I took care of Bracken and Moonbeam.

      Bracken received the Proper trait.

Primrose received the Mooch trait.

Moonbeam received the Excitable trait.

After birthdays were complete I decided to get the kids out of the out of the house and go down near the water to eat lunch.

I made hotdogs for everyone and all of the kids seemed to enjoy them.


After a couple of hours we all headed home, mostly tired but happy. Moonbeam seems to have an almost boundless energy and spent the afternoon pretending to be our Queen.


Because everyone was exhausted and didn’t really feel like cooking something for elaborate for dinner I once again made hotdogs.

I accidentally dropped one, hopefully no-one noticed .

I served the hot dogs to the kids out by the pool. Moonbeam seemed to have been the only one who had noticed my little accident but she didn’t tell her siblings.

Novus decided to spend some time in the pool afterwards. He stayed in far longer than was wise. It was still spring and sometimes the evenings would get cold, far to cold for Novus to stay outside in the pool.

A little while later I realised that Novus had not come back inside and went out to find him. After a quick search I found him half-frozen just outside the pool and after locating my hairdryer tried to thaw him out.

Hopefully he has learnt his lesson and won’t stay out for quite so long again.


A/N: Please ignore the fact that Leo only has tattoos while he is in the spa. I didn’t notice the error until I was well past this part of the story. 😛


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3.13 The First to Go

I hadn’t seen my parents since I had moved into town to start my unusually large family and I think that they were just as excited as I was to be present for the children’s birthdays.


While I was busy getting everything ready for Novus’ and the twins birthdays, my parents were busy introducing themselves to their grandchildren. They had spoken to the older kids on the phone occasionally but this was the first time they had been able to visit. Ruby introduced herself in an unusual manner but my father rather enjoyed her method.

“We have the same colour hair!” Ruby said excitedly to her grandfather.

“I can see that” he told her, “you also have your grandmother’s eyes”

“Really?” Ruby asked, “I thought they were the same as mummy’s”

“They are. Where do you think you mother got them from?”

Mum had a special present for Tulip. Fairy Dust that she had collected herself and thought that Tulip might like.

Novus was the first to age up with his grandparents enthusiastically cheering him on.

He received the Coward trait. I was suddenly glad that other than Novus himself, I only one werewolf  in the household.

And then it was time for the birthdays I had been dreading. Since the moment they had been born.

Finch and Tulip’s…..


Tulip aged up into a beautiful young woman receiving the Party Animal trait as her final trait. When she graduates she plans on becoming a Cat Herder.

While Finch suddenly reminded me  a lot of his father. Finch aged up with a new appreciation of cold weather trait and a wish for winter to arrive soon. He wants to be a Scientific Specialist.

As we waited until it was time for Tulip and Finch to graduate, my parents soon found the toddler’s in the nursery. Marshall decided to terrify Moonbeam with his version of the claw.

The older children found other things for themselves do, although Maple didn’t appear to be happy finishing her homework.

After Eliya had finally managed to pry Moonbeam out of my father’s arms she decided to help out and started to teach her to talk, having trained both her own six children as well as several of her younger siblings she was  practised at teaching children the skills they would need.

I finally had a chance to spend time with Bracken and she was soon on his way to talking.

Last to finish all of her toddler training was Moonbeam which I completed just before both I and my daughter went to bed for the night.

The next morning following a rush on the bathrooms as everyone tried to get ready – we all attended Finch and Tulip’s graduation.

It was amazing, I couldn’t believe that the two of the them were all grown up and I was dreading what I knew came next.

When we made home the twins prepared to move out and when they were ready came to find me.

“I can’t believe your leaving. I’m not ready!” I told them.

“You’re not going to cry are you?” Finch asked.

“No, of course not!” I lied.

Tulip leaned over and hugged me, “Liar”, she said softly. “We’ll see you soon. Promise.”

“I’ll miss you” I told them as they left.


Finch and Tulip’s Leaving Home Portrait.

A/N: Like the last generation, all of the children are available for download. Tulip and Finch have been uploaded and are available here.


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3.12 Surprising Wings

After the birthdays I sat down to watch some television with the Tulip and Calla. The children’s channel of course. Not because whenever I’m pregnant that I seem to be obsessed with the children’s channel but because Calla wanted to watch it….really!

Both girls were still busily consuming cake from the recent birthdays.

“Is that what Novus is?”, Calla asked glancing at the screen.

“Uh huh.” Tulip answered grinning, “he turns into a hairy monster all the time”

“Tulip!” I said glaring.

“Well, he does!”

“No, it’s not exactly the same” I said, looking at the screen. “besides isn’t that supposed to be bigfoot?”

“Same thing” Tulip answered.

“Is not!” Calla yelled.

“Is too” Tulip continued to tease her sister.

For the first time I suspected that the children, specifically Calla and Maple might have imaginary friend. They were suddenly talking to thin air with nobody else in sight. Calla’s was named Wiggles and Maple was called Cuddles.

Maple spent part of the afternoon talking about her Imaginary Friend Cuddles to her mostly uninterested big sister.

Later that night when everyone else besides my eldest son were asleep I finally went into labour. Rather than watch him freak out further I told him to keep an eye on the younger children and drove myself to the hospital.

I was amazed when I came home with three more beautiful baby girls. The boys were now seriously outnumbered with only two of them and seven girls.

First born was Bracken, born with the traits Brave and Easily Impressed.

Primrose was second born and received the Evil and Loves the Outdoor traits.

and finally Moonbeam who received the Brave and Loner traits.

While Moonbeam was obviously a werewolf like her father, Primrose and Bracken were Fairies and I didn’t really understand how? When Calla and Ruby had inherited their wings I had assumed that they had inherited their wings from their father, he had been a fairy after all but now I wondered….had they partly inherited their wings from me? I wasn’t a fairy any more and My grandmother had said that my Fairy abilities had been suppressed by my destiny. I wondered if it was possible that my children could still inherit what was now unavailable to me.  I went to bed that night still pondering the entire situation.

When I had slept in the following morning I had been surprised. Even more so that Finch and Tulip had been taking care of the younger children so I could get some sleep.

Tulip had even taught Primrose how to walk and had gotten a start on teaching her to talk.

Prim had become to tired to co-operate by the time Tulip moved her training to talking and Tulip soon had to put her to bed.

Calla, Maple and Ruby had been entertaining themselves with video games.

Out of the three Calla seemed to be having the most success. A lot of this was due to  Calla spending much more of her free time on video games compared to her sisters

With things calm in other areas of the house I started Moonbeam’s training. She was eager to learn, and tried to run before she could walk.

I had just finished teaching Moonbeam to walk when there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it.

“Mum! Dad!” I exclaimed, thrilled to see them. “Your just in-time for a birthday!”


A/N: I love that this time the imaginary friends seem to match their child especially Calla and her friend. 😀

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3.11 Thief in the Night

It was late when the thief entered our home and the house was unusually quiet. The triplets were all finally asleep after I had spent hours trying to calm them, Leon had decided to spend the night and had taken the couch in the living room and Novus was curled up beside me rather than in his own bed.

It took me by surprise when the house alarm that my grandmother had insisted installing had started to sound. I was awake instantly, exhausted and confused before running to investigate the sound.

On my way to the front of the house I quickly checked on the triplets and pulled their closed as I passed the nursery. I doubted that they would sleep through the alarm.When I reached the front of the house to I found Leon already taking care of our unwelcome visitor.

“Need any help?” I yelled to get his attention.

“Nah, I got it” Leon grinned.

As I watched I realised that he hadn’t even bothered to change forms and seemed to be enjoying the contest.

“It’s been awhile since I had a chance to get into a fight,” he remarked when he finally had the intruder subdued. He smiled widely before placing the phone to his ear and calling the police. “Shouldn’t you be taking care of that?” he asked

“What?” I stared, frozen in place. I felt a little stupid when he pointed at the alarm and I realised it was still sounding and rushed to turn it off. The resulting quiet revealed that the triplet were once again screaming. I glanced at Leon, he nodded indicating that he had the situation under control and that I should make sure the children were all right. It took another hour before I had them all back in their respective beds and once again settled for the night.


“Thankyou for taking care of everything out here, you didn’t have to” I said, when I realised that Leon was still awake and waiting for me.

I walked over to stand in front of Leon using his jacket to draw him closer me so I could embrace him.

“Are the kids okay?” he asked.

“They’re fine a little scared and unsettled but they’re asleep, finally.”

Leon kissed me softly.

“I put Novus in with Tulip” I admitted, pulling away to look up at him.

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah, just tonight though, okay?


The following morning when the children woke up and Leon had said his goodbyes, promising to visit his son soon Novus happily helped me around the house including emptying the potties.

Tulip also helped out by cleaning the highchair which was once again filthy.

Being the weekend the children had plenty of opportunities for fun at home. Tulip and Finch enjoyed throwing the ball around in the backyard.

and Novus watched some television.

before stalking around the house in his werewolf form.

Tulip finished off her homework. Unlike Finch who’s finds all his school work a breeze Tulip has to work harder and today’s homework topic was giving her some trouble.

Finch spent the evening reading.

He also treated Novus to a ghost story. Novus seemed to become a little scared but so was I when I decided to join them.


In the morning I realised I was once again pregnant. The other night with Leon had been stupid and careless. One of the things my grandmother had told me was that it would be easier if it was only one pregnancy per father. Less chance for either party to become attached. I knew that there could be exceptions but this early could only lead to disaster. I consoled myself that I had already given birth to triplets and they had obviously all counted. Novus had been a single birth so at least I knew that a couple of the babies would count towards my total.

I knew I was going to have to call Leon and tell him the news and considering how he was with Novus I was going to be seeing him again. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that.

With new children on the way it was time for the triplets to celebrate their birthdays. Little Ruby who looked so much like my sisters was the first of triplets to be brought to the cake.

Ruby received the Over-Emotional trait and after her age-up her resemblance to my sister’s only grew stronger.

Next was Maple,

She received the Computer Whiz trait.

and finally Calla who received the Couch Potato trait.


A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve updated. You know it’s been awhile when you can’t remember which kids were in the last update – I’m a little bit ahead in game. Oops…. This update just needed a few sentences and it’s been sitting in my drafts for months so here it is. I’m not really sure about it but at this point I just wanted to get past it. 😀

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3.10 Explosions, Babies and a Old Flame

I seem to have spent my entire pregnancy tinkering – with varying results.

When I have haven’t been at my table trying to make some more items to sell. I’ve been in the vacant lot behind the house – blowing things up. 

I believe that I may have enjoyed that a little more than I should have.

I was out there with Novus and Tulip when I finally went into labour. Unfortunately the two of them panicked and rather than upset them further I called the babysitter and drove myself to the hospital.

I was at the hospital for longer than I expected. I am now the mother of triplets, all girls.

Ruby was first-born and has the Couch Potato and Good traits. I was pleased to see that she had inherited my father’s hair colour. I couldn’t wait to tell him. Surprisingly her wings were also the same colour mine had been.

Calla was next, she was born with the traits Eccentric and Friendly. Of the three girls Calla had inherited most of her colouring from her father, only her eye colour came from me. 

and finally Maple who was born with the traits Friendly and Good. I wasn’t certain but I thought that Maple might have inherited my father’s pink skin-tone.

With three new toddlers in the house I realised that the Tulip and Finch were overdue for their birthdays. I had been delaying the birthdays for far too long, not wanting my older children to grow up but it was time. Both of the twins stepped up to the cake to blow out their candles.

Tulip received the Cat Person trait.

while her twin Finch received the Coward trait.

With Tulip and Finch now teenagers I decided to get started on Ruby’s toddler training. With her pink hair and yellow wings Ruby reminded me a lot of my younger sisters especially Nadine and Haley.

Ruby’s training went well and when it became clear that she had enough I switched to Maple and stared teaching her to walk.

and finally it was time for Calla to learn how to walk

and how to talk.

Both Finch and Tulip both helped out around the house it didn’t matter if cleaning up the dishes or helping with the triplets, I was grateful for the help.

Unfortunately for me, they had to attend school. I’m sure they enjoyed being out of the house and with their friends.

Novus kept himself busy. When I had the time I would stop what I was doing just to watch him pretend to drive his car.

Tulip read a bedtime story to her brother Novus, even though she now had the little sister’s that she had originally wished for.

The following morning Novus could not contain his excitement. I had received a phone call from Leon the night before and he was going to visit us to meet his son. I’m not sure if he realised how big Novus would be as I had failed to mention the children’s accelerated growth rate the last time we had seen each other.

Finch and Tulip were a little curious as to why Novus’s dad would be visiting when their’s hadn’t even attempted to keep in contact.

“Well, the last time I saw your dad it didn’t go well” I explained, not really wanting to talk about what had happened between Anthony and I. “I’m not exactly his favourite person in the world.”

“Why?” asked Tulip, curious.

“Yeah, why?” Finch asked, taking Calla out of her high chair and coming closer to hear what I had to say.

“Umm, it’s complicated”


“Okay! I told Novus father what I was doing when I met him, I didn’t with your father.” I explained. “When he found out he was really angry and stormed out. I haven’t seen him since but I do have his phone number and address so if you do want to meet him after your next birthday, you can. I just can’t guarantee what kind of welcome you will get but you could try. It’s me he upset with, not you.”

When Leon arrived a couple of hours later, I had answered most of Tulip and Finch’s questions and they had decided to help me out today by looking after the younger children while Leon was visiting.

They did a wonderful job keeping the triplets occupied and feed while I was busy.

“So your my dad?” Novus asked when I took Leon up to meet him.

“Yes, Novus I am. It great to finally meet you” Leon spoke to his son.

“Mum says your the reason I can do that pointy teeth thing and destroy furniture when I don’t really mean to” Novus told him.

Leon glanced back towards me, laughing.

“That’s not how I put it” I said, “he has his own way of expressing things.”

“Right” Leon said, turning back to his son. “Do you have any questions? Do you want me to explain it to you?” he asked Novus.

“You don’t need to explain.” Novus said, “Mum’s grandpa is a one too, he explained it to me.”

“He is?” Leon said, I didn’t know that”

“How did it happen to you? Novus asked curious, “were you born with it like me? Or did you get bitten like Grandpa Dale?”

I backed quietly away, they seemed to be getting along well and they deserved to have some time to themselves. When I finally went to find them later, they were both in wolf form and Leon was reading Novus a bedtime story.

After our son was finally asleep, Leon came to find me. “He’s great Joanne, you’ve done a great job”, he said, drawing me into an embrace,

“Thankyou” I said, the hug felt nice. It would have been so easy to stay there. I sighed as I pulled away.

“So there’s no chance that…”

“No” I said quietly, “there’s not besides you put Novus to sleep in my bed”

“We could always…”

“I can’t Leon, I’m sorry” I told him, “but stay the night. The couch is free and Novus would love it if you were here in the morning. You don’t go back to work until Monday, right?” I leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. “Goodnight”

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3.8 Novus

Novus’ condition took me surprise. I hadn’t realised that Leon had been a werewolf so in turn hadn’t suspected that our son might be as well. I felt a little stupid, all the signs had been there and my Grandpa was a werewolf so it wasn’t as if I hadn’t been exposed to one before.

Novus seemed to uncontrollable urge to shred things do distract Novus from destroying more of my furniture I got a start on his toddler training. Tulip kept me company in the nursery while she did her homework.

At least one of my kids was doing what they were supposed to. Novus was distracted and didn’t really want to sit and learn when he could be playing. I couldn’t blame him.

I knew that Novus wouldn’t be learning anything more that day so when Tulip asked to play with her new brother I couldn’t say no and the pair went into the main room to play.

Despite having wished for a little sister, Tulip adored Novus and the two were inseparable. Tulip would spend hours playing Peek-a-b00 without becoming the least bit bored. It was adorable.

When it was obvious that Novus had finally had enough Tulip was happy to leave him alone and find other activities to keep herself occupied.

Finch had been quiet the last couple of days and when I asked him why he told me he was fine that he was just enjoying his new book.

Tulip was the first to go to sleep that night and had requested a story when she was ready for bed.

Novus was rested after his afternoon nap and I decided to see if I could complete  more of his training while the older children were sleeping and the house was quiet.

When he had finally had enough and I had put him to bed for the night I finally had time to get some cleaning done. The Novus’ high-chair was a mess. How did one little boy make so much mess when he ate?

The following night when all of Novus’ training was complete I decided it was time for Novus to become a child. It seemed somehow appropriate that his birthday had fallen on the Full Moon considering how much it would affect his life from now on.

Novus received the Star Quality trait as he aged up. I also think he looks more like me than his father but that could always change as he grew.

Novus was now a child and soon Tulip and Finch would be teens. I wasn’t really prepared for how quickly they were all growing up.

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3.7 Little Sister

After my lunch with Leon I arrived home late to find Finch and Tulip already half-way through their homework.

I was so proud of them and I was happy to let them run outside to play when they had finished their homework even though it had started to rain. They stayed outside until night had fallen throwing the football to one another.

It was the following day with Tulip and Finch both happily playing in the backyard that I finally found time to tinker at my workstation. I was tired but I needed to get some work done.

Tulip and Finch were busy enjoying the pool. I checked on them occasionally and they came inside when they were hungry.

It was while I was working that I realised that I was going to have to call Leon and tell him I was pregnant.

I really needed to get some work done. Tomorrow was the last day of the weekend and I wanted to be able to take Tulip and Finch out of the house and to the park before the new baby arrived.

It was late when I finally satisfied with my work and the kids were more than ready for bed. They hadn’t paid much attention while they were playing but now that they were finished Tulip immediately noticed that my belly was getting bigger.

“Your going to be a big sister soon” I explained, giving her a hug.

“Really?”, she whispered. “Can it be a girl?”

“Sweetheart, you don’t get to choose” I said laughing.

The following day when we were at the park the twins had started arguing.

“The baby is going to be a boy” Finch told Tulip.

“Is not!” Tulip  said, glaring at her brother.

“Is too!” Finch yelled.

“Kids, there’s no way of knowing if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. It could be one of each like the two of you were.” I tried to explain, before attempting to distract them from their disagreement, “I thought you were both going to show me how you can skate?”

It worked and soon they were too busy trying to stay upright to argue. As I watched them I realised something, if I hadn’t been pregnant I could have joined them.  I could join them and for the first time really skate.

It was the one thing that I had been unable to do that my sister Erin could. One of those experiences that she had been able to have with our father that had been hers alone. I had envied that, even though I realised how unfair it had been for me to think that way.

After a big day and with rain starting to fall we made our way home. 

At least, the kids did. I had no sooner got home before I realised that the baby was on it’s way. After calling a sitter and waiting for her to arrive I made my way down-town to the hospital. 

Trying to ignore the labour pains until I made it there.

It was a baby boy who I named Novus. He was born with the traits Heavy Sleeper and Neurotic . I couldn’t really tell who he looked liked yet but he did have my pointy ears and his father’s hair. 

Finch was going to be a happy big brother and I am sure that Tulip will be happy too. 


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