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I was back in Hidden Springs the town that I had lived in for longer than I really cared to remember. With Dale now working locally in Queenstown and my last disastrous outing there still a very fresh memory, going out-of-town to find the next dad had seemed like a good idea. It felt strange to be back. I could tell by the way some of the residents looked back when I walked past them that some of them at least still remembered me. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.  I eventually ended  up at the local pub. It was still very early in the day and there were only a few patrons inside but that didn’t mean that the trip was going to be a waste of time.

This establishment had never been the kind of place where I had spent a lot of time. Inside, after initially being a little unsure what to do I made my way towards the gaming table. It didn’t take me long to attract some company.

Over the years I had played enough of this type of game to at least make a decent attempt at winning.  After a while we finally decided to end our competition with the score fairly even, I may have even a couple of points ahead.

“Nice game, played before?”, he asked.

“A little”,  I admitted.

“I’m Marcus” he introduced himself, ” and you’re Lucia Young, right?”

“I am, how did you know that?”

“You’ve been gone a while, but not long enough for people to forget you”, he admitted.

“Right” I laughed, “I should have realised”.

There was an awkward silence and I wondered exactly when had I started to find this difficult? The answer to that little question was rather obvious but it didn’t change the reason behind the trip.  I glanced at Marcus finally finding the courage to ask, “So umm, since you know who I am does that mean you know what I am doing?”

“It does” he answered, looking a little embarrassed.

I realised that the only reason he had approached me was because he had recognised me. I was okay with that. At least he didn’t seem crazy like a certain other person had turned out to be. Not that I had been a good judge of that at the time.

“Willing to help me out with that?” I asked, finally deciding to just ask Marcus if he was willing to be the next father.

“Sure” he agreed.

Being recognised can sometimes make everything so much easier.

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