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Brothers and Best Friends

Jaem and Malevin had become the best of friends. Although in some ways they were very different, they both got along well and it sometimes seemed like they were never apart.

Aisling: Seriously guys, this mutual admiration thing that the pair of you have going on is getting annoying.

Malevin: Did you hear something Jaem? My annoying twin by any chance…?”

Aisling: ………….

Jaem: Nope, can’t hear a thing..

Aisling: Ahhaha, you losers are too funny….

I knew it irked Aisling that the boys were spending so much time together, I hoped that she wasn’t feeling too left out.

Aisling took to spending a lot of time in the rec area. Taking out her anger on  the gaming system.

Sometimes that worked out well.

With Breyan and Iselle now aged up to children, Aisling no longer had the girls room to herself.

With the nursery now vacant it became a great place for Aisling to unwind and dance for as long as she wished.

If Malevin and Jaem were not involved in some type of solitary activity, they could usually be found together.

Jaem was proving to be the impatient member of the duo, he disliked having to wait his turn to use the wishing well.

It was almost guaranteed to make him grumpy.

My green boys are just too adorable. 🙂

Jaem was thrilled to finally have his chance to wish for happiness and even when you couldn’t see him Malevin was never far away….

I had delayed the twins birthday for a couple of days so that they could attend their prom along with their younger brother. Jaem ended up both the best and most under dressed student there when he refused to wear shoes with the new tux I had bought him.

After allowing the teens of the household attend their prom, it was time for Aisling and Malevin’s young adult birthdays.

Malevin followed in his nephew Crux’s footsteps when he rolled the Irresistable trait. He plans to max his influence with all three of the New Social Groups.

Aisling received the Angler trait and plans to create the Perfect Aquarium.

Afterward it was  time to say goodbye to my newly aged children.

I will miss them both but I know that will do well in whatever they decide to pursue.

The two of them organised a going away photo before they left just for me. They were keen to find their own place. I am sure that it will not take Jaem long to join them.

Breyan had been spending a lot of time at the home of Faith, one of her school friends. The two to of them spent a lot of time watching television, working on their homework or taking joy rides on the lounge.

Akir came home every night excited about being able to use the trampoline. He was often out there until it was time to go to bed.

Lindsay had been taking every opportunity to spend time with her great-grandchildren, especially at bedtime. The younger kids loved when she took the time to read to them.

Dale and I were now getting along better than we had in what felt like forever.

One thing though, the man never seems to tan?

While I was at least a couple of shades darker than usual due to spending so much time outside with the kids, Dale was still as pale as he had always been.

It didn’t take long for the results of the pollination to show themselves in the form of a tiny baby bump, it would not be long until I was once again waddling.

Throughout my pregnancy Dale and I made sure to spend plenty of time together.

Dale at least, seemed to be excited about the impending arrival and was showing a lot of interest in my newest bump. I think he was trying to feel as involved as possible, I certainly enjoyed the attention.

I been spending the day with my grandmother Lindsay when I finally went into labour,

I know she has been through labour plenty of times herself, so I’m not sure why she was freaking out.

I thought about asking Lindsay to drive me to the hospital, but it was one of those events that Dale always insisted on attending. I was always more relaxed  when he was there holding my hand.


A/N: I’m really not sure when the next update will be. For the first time…..EVER….I am out of screenshots for this save. In fact I need to replay Lucia’s entire pregnancy again because the game crashed on me. I’m hoping to get in-game tonight and just play, which will be nice for a change. Lucia now has only twelve children to go and I do have a couple of ideas for what will be happening next, I just need to time them all properly and also load up a new save so I can find Generation Three’s heir. Crux needs someone to torment (I have a tiny idea for that too). lol.

I also thought that you might all want to see what Malevin really looks like under all of that green.  Like Aisling he is mostly like his father feature wise, but he does have Lucia’s hair colour and the Young’s Grandparent Eye Colour. 😛

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Summer is Here

Shortly after becoming a teen Jaem discovered a new talent. We had both been working in the garden when he first showed it too me. Without warning.

The way he could replenish his energy was like nothing I had ever seen. Even Crux’s way of replenishing his brainpower had not prepared me for the moment when Jaem went underground and became a plant. He scared me when he had suddenly disappeared.

Thankfully, he didn’t disappear for long and I could finally relax.

He seemed far more energetic when he resurfaced.

For some reason the entire family suddenly wanted to be outdoors. Not that I could blame them, the weather was beautiful.

Jaem required constant rehydration, so he loved anything that involved water. Malevin also loved being in the pool, while I was busy working on my tan.

Malevin had been teaching himself how to dive. He had some very mixed results but it was all slowly starting to come together.

He also continued to disappear when he entered the water.

Dale had started to swimming laps in the pool daily as part of his new athletic routine.

Breyan loved to spend her day in the sandpit.

In fact the sandpit was suddenly proving to be very popular.

The slippery dip was also receiving a lot of love from both Breyan and Iselle.

I ended up in a game of tag with Ryne.

It involved way too much running for my taste, but Ryne seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

In fact all of my kids seemed determined to keep me active. Jaem dragged me out to the half court to shoot some hoops.

Malevin also spent some time out there on occasion. I had started to notice that my two oldest boys now seemed to have a lot in common.

Because it was summer, the slip’n’slide saw a lot of use.



and Dale all enjoyed it.

Akir was the only one who seemed to be inside more than he was outside. Usually with a book in hand.

I wasn’t surprised that  Grandma spent a lot of her time learning how to use our new science station. It was just the type of thing she had always loved.

Lindsay was also spending a lot of time getting to know her great-great-grandchildren.

I was especially happy that my children had the opportunity to spend some time with her.

Aisling, Malevine and Jaem were all being extremely helpful.

Most nights they would read to the younger children to put them to sleep.

I managed to spend some time drawing. The drafting table was a good place to watch the backyard, I often came here when I knew Dale was outside just to see him.

Today I could see Dale and Malevin talking outside.  The situation was still tense, I wanted everything to go back to the way it was before but I just didn’t know how it could.

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Snowman Scaring

We had delayed Aisling and Malevin’s birthdays for far too long and with the quads due to start toddler training I decided to age the twins up first.

Malevin aged up with the Charismatic trait .

Aisling received the Rebellious Trait.

Almost immediately it became apparent that aging Aisling up to a teen had been a good idea, as she loved looking after the toddlers.

She even helped me out with the toilet training which I really appreciated.

Everyone seemed to spend at least some time in the nursery.

Even Dale helped with teaching a couple of the quads to talk. He wasn’t around as much as he had been previously, suddenly he seemed to be very concerned about his small werewolf pack.  They often went out on small hunts and while I was happy that he and our sons were spending time together…..I missed him.

Thankfully all of the babies seemed to be quick learners because teaching four children at once can be hectic. Breyan was often happy enough playing on the activities table.

With four babies it is sometimes hard to care for each child in a timely manner. Iselle does have the cutest pouty face and I did occasionally leave her in the cot just a little bit longer than necessary just to see it.

Dale also found Iselle’s sad face irresistible.

It was nice to sometimes get a small amount of one-on-one time with the children. Ryne has one of the sweetest laughs.

He was so determined to learn to walk that he had mastered the skill in no time at all.

Finally, we were done. Four toddlers ready to become children.

Dale came home to help out with the birthdays.

Little Ryne was the first to take the step into childhood, he received the Shy trait.

Akir followed rolling the Bookworm trait.

Breyan received the Computer Whiz trait.

Iselle aged up received the Perfectionist trait.

After the quads had all become children it was time for a very special birthday.

Crux was finally coming into his full powers as a young adult. He received the Irresistable trait. I wondered what he was truly capable of.

With winter still in full force, the children started to spend a lot of time on snow related activities. Making snowmen became extremely popular.

Malevin seemed to take great pleasure in scaring the life out of anyone who made one, though.

No one was safe. 

I even went out to help Aisling finish one of her masterpieces.

I?also took the opportunity to get a little painting done. No toddlers = having some time to paint. 🙂

Now that Malevin was a little older, he and Dale discovered a shared interest in sports and the pair could often be found discussing and participating in various athletic  activities.

Malevin also loves to read. Something that he gets from me.

To make full use of his many fine traits, Malevin was also spending  a great deal of time working on his chess skill.

The following day, Crux graduated. When he finally made it back home he was so drained that he needed to regain his brainpower.

He looks handsome in his tux.

AN:  A interesting note that I read somewhere today. If your alien tries to grow a plant sim there is a chance that they will grow an alien plant baby instead.  Something else for me to try at a later date. 😀

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Brain Power

It didn’t take long for Crux’s alien powers to manifest now he was a teen, it did take us a little by surprise. It seems that Crux no longer needs to sleep, all he needs to do rejuvenate his brain power (whatever that means?).

I may need to tell him not to rejuvenate at the kitchen table, Alene was a little annoyed with him interrupting her breakfast. Loise was unconcerned but Loise has abilities of her own.

Abilities that she does not hesitate to use. I sure am going to miss her and they way she can clean the entire house with just the wave of her hands. It saves me from having to clean everything myself. Our maid is useless. I wonder why I even continue to pay her….

We had all recently recieved new phones. Dale and I tried out one of the fancy new features.

Dale claimed the photo for himself, I only saw it for a brief moment but all seemed to work fine. Lets all forget the Lucia becomes Dale Fiasco shall we?….it all went well, really it did!!! P

It was the weekend so everyone had a little bit of time on their hands. Aisling, my star student made sure that she got her homework done early on and then spent most of the weekend reading in her room. With Loise and Alene leaving in the morning she was already starting to lay claim to their entire bedroom.

Jaem became one of the only kids to ever use the playground in the backyard.

He loved being on the lookout for anyone and everyone who walked past, if he was outdoors he was happy.

Jaem also like spending time in the pool, he was getting really creative in his use of the diving board.

That evening after everyone was tired and ready for bed, Alene and Crux where asked for bedtime stories by Jaem and Malevin.

They both helped out by putting their siblings to bed for the night. Which I appreciated.

Afterwards Crux challenged Alene to some baskteball.

Even after Crux demonstrated what she needed to do, Alene seem very unsure. I didn’t blame her.

Alene: Crux? This isn’t really my thing, maybe I should go back inside? You know, where its warm and more importantly inside!

Crux: Alene it’s easy, I’ll show you again.

Alene: Umm, yeah, that really isn’t going to help me a whole lot…..I still don’t think this is a good idea!

Crux: Just try it!

Alene: Okay, just one try. I better not fall on my butt….

Alene: Owwww! Crux, I’m totally blaming you!!

After Crux had finished embarrasing Alene on the basketball court, Alene returned inside to an activity she did enjoy. I doubt it will be long before she owns a piano of her own.

Crux however was obsessed and early the next morning he was once again to be found on the court.

Crux also had another obsession. He seemed to contantly be talking to the old mirror in the garage, and I swear that once I even heard it talk back….

After basketball and his encounter with the mirror Crux needed to restore his brain power, Alene will be relieved that it wasn’t at the kitchen table this time.

Afterwards he was back outside to spend the rest of his evening in the spa.

In the morning it was time for Alene and Loise to leave home. I was going to miss them and not just for Loise’s cleaning ability.

I gave my girls the hugs that I desparately needed, I’ll admit that their shared evil trait had me worried.

When I went back into the kitchen after they had left, I found this photo sitting on the kitchen bench waiting for me. 🙂

AN: Just realised what the next chapter is supposed to be……why, oh why did I think that was a good idea? Oh yeah I remember….but that doesn’t mean I have to like it….. 😕

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Plantsim Training

Everyone immediately loved little Jaem,

and Dale, I’m sure, loved that  my newest child hadn’t required input from another guy that wasn’t him.

We were still doing well, and so far everything had been perfect but even I was aware that there had to be a limit to his understanding. It was something I really didn’t want to test.

I quickly started little Jaem’s training, Dale was due to leave for work again soon so it was something that I wanted to complete quickly. Trying to find time with both Dale and the other children was also a priority.

There was only one of him so training seemed to progress quickly.

I do think he would have been happier if I had trained him outside, he wasn’t a child that enjoyed being cooped up in the nursery all day.

Dale challenged me to a dunking contest, I still don’t know why I said yes. I am in no way naturally athletic like Dale is and over the years have only made a half-hearted attempt to try anything that has involved running around.

After Dale had finished trouncing me on the basketball court, It was time to teach Jaem how to walk. He was a natural and when he walked he left a trail of flowers behind him whin I  thought was adorable.

While I was busy with Jaem, the other kids were all busy outside. I don’t know how she did it, but once again Aisling had convinced Alene that running around outside  playing tag was a good idea.

Crux had challenged Loise to a water balloon fight.

It seemed to involve a lot of taunts and name calling, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

All to soon it was time for Jaem to become a child.

For his birthday Jaem received the unlucky trait.

Alene was still working hard on her bid to become a One Man  Woman Band, Loise was often there supporting her.

The older they became the closer seemed to be. I didn’t see that changing anytime soon.

Crux was busy in the kitchen once again pretending to be a king ruling his subjects.

After he finally became to tired to continue with his make-believe Crux interrupted the girls to ask Loise to read him a bedtime story.

The following morning Crux nearly missed the bus because he was too busy playing basketball. It was to be his last day as a child as he was due to become a teen in the afternoon, his aunts Loise and Alene were also ready to be come young adults.

In the afternoon, after the kids had all come home from school I finally got  around to organising another family portrait.

Then it was time for those very special birthday. First up was my Grandson Crux, he also became a snob. As a teenager Crux also began to be able to access his alien powers. It will be interesting to see how that all works.

He was followed by his Aunt Alene, who I think aged up beautifully. Alene received the Evil trait for her Young Adult birthday. That means that Alene and Loise now share two traits, Workaholic and Evil. These two will either be partners in crime and remain the best of friends or they will end up getting each others way. 😛 Alene’s Life Time wish has been locked in for quite a while. I’m sure it won’t be long until she achieves what she wants and she is already more than halfway to achieving her goal of being a One Man Band.

Because she aged up before her twin, Alene was enthusiastic in cheering Loise on.

The twins birthdays seemed to set of another werewolf transformation in Dale.

I’m not sure why  but birthdays always seem to set him off.

This time it was Crux that couldn’t handle all of the excitement.

Loise also became a beautiful Young Adult, she received the loner trait. Loise plans to become the CEO of a major corporation.

Afterwards we all settled in to enjoy our abundance of birthday cake as a family.

Alene seemed to be a little  woozy since she became a Young Adult, the shock of now agreeing with her sister on certain things must be a little confusing.

Loise seemed to be suddenly fascinated with Dale’s eating habits.

I would have thought that she would have been used to that by now.

I knew it was nearly time to say goodbye to my girls, they would be moving out soon.  I should be used to that it never gets any easier.

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A Racing Heart

I’m still working on my little project.

I am having some success, but success at what? I still wasn’t sure.

Dale was still helping out with the garden and we where planning to sell the crop at the earliest opportunity.

Alene is still crazy about her music.

She has even started bringing friends home to jam with he. This particular boy’s skills were a little questionable.

I had taken to  spending the evenings outside in the garden. It had become a daily ritual that even the rain could not deter me from continuing.

This particular evening was destined to change that.  I started to feel a little tingle all over.  It was a sensation that I had never felt before.

I can’t believe that I got hit by lightning!!!

I guess that will teach me for being outside in a thunderstorm. Owww!

Malevin, bless him, decided that I needed one more shock. Thanks kid, like my heart wasn’t already racing…. 😦

Loise was one of the kids sensible enough to stay inside out of the way of lightning. She was content to spend her evening watching television.

After I thought about it, though, I realised that she never seems to go out after dark anymore. Avoiding a second abduction perhaps?

Malevin was busy completing his homework. He already has big plans for his future and a good education is part of that. He is currently on the Honor Roll at school and has been there for some time.

Alene seemed to be the big sister of choice when it was time for the younger children to finally go to bed.

All three of them always asked her to read them their bedtime stories.

We could sometimes tell if she didn’t want to do it on a particular day and at those times either I or Dale would take over for her. That didn’t seem to happen often, though.

Dale has been busy working on his athletic skill he is determined to reach the top as soon as possible, and he’s getting pretty close. ❤

While Dale was busy with his daily workout, I had realised that my little experiment was now ready. If I had done everything right the only thing left to do was to harvest the plant.

It was what looked like a tiny green plant baby. I loved him instantly.

I could at last show Dale the results of out now mature garden.

I named my newest son Jaem, he was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Athletic 😀

A/N: There was originally two plantsims but the second one failed. 😦 I think it was because I already had eight sims in the house. I am going to have to check my mods because there have been a couple of things that have been a bit strange. I think I need to go back into MC and SP and check the settings since I replaced them all with the newest versions. 😛

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Family Time

Today we had a mascot visit the house from the university that has just opened nearby. The mascot left us with a pile of freebies and some aptitude tests to encourage us to apply. Both Dale and I were curious to see how we would go on the test, so we both tried it. Dale was offered a partial athletic scholarship.

I was offered a full scholarship, the only section I didn’t ace was Science and Medicine.  Neither of us had any plans to apply, at least not yet but it was nice to know that we both had that option.

My older girls always seemed to be together, I was pleased that they were close.

Unfortunately the pair always seemed to be in the middle of plotting something. I realised Loise was the main instigator, Alene just seemed to follow along with whatever her twin had planned.

Dale  and Loise’s rocky patch had made Dale the obvious target for their teenage pranks.

Thankfully Dale was good-natured about it all, and I had managed to disable most of the booby-traps before it all got out of hand.

Crux had been settling in nicely, he had asked a couple of questions about his parents but I had very little information to give him about one and with the other I wasn’t sure what to say. I told him what I could but realised my answers were far from satisfactory. Rolan had left him here with me, and as such I treated Crux as one of my own. It wasn’t long before questions about Rolan were no longer asked.

Dale had quickly gotten over the shock of an unexpected grandchild and the two of them were finally spending some time together, something that both of them were happy with.

In fact Dale was spending a lot of time reading to all of the children.

Crux had also shown an interest in baking. He was often found in the currently vacant nursery learning how to make muffins.

I was very proud of his efforts.

Malevin often joined him in the nursery so they could work on their homework together.

Loise had been busy learning the mixology skill.

I did think that she may be a little young to be learning to mix drinks, but if it is something that she wants to do when she finally leaves school it won’t hurt if she has a head start. It’s not like I leave the ‘juice’ in the garage anyway, with as many teens as I sometimes have in the house that would be asking for trouble.

Anyone who spent any time with Alene knew that she loved music, it helped that it was something she was good at.   It came as no surprise that she was determined to become a one-man-band and her commitment to learning the required instruments was starting to bring results. Even though she was still a teen was already halfway to completing her Life Time Wish.

I had recently bought my older girls a present. Alene was the first to claim ownership, which I didn’t find at all surprising.

Aisling likes to paint, it will be nice to have some company at the easel when I finally get some time.

Unfortunately, my families alien abductions have continued.

When Loise was taken, I had to admit that my previous assumptions were wrong and I really had no idea what they were after.

Loise was really upset about the abduction. Loise had thought that she was safe because she was a genie, she was not happy to be proven wrong,

I was surprised when afterwards she apologised to Dale for all of her pranks. I am hoping that the two of them will finally start to get along , they had been close at one point but  I know better than to expect it.

I have been trying to get some more paintings complete, it has been my main source of income for quite some time. I realised that I was going to have to move the easels inside, painting out here in the winter would be almost impossible but I had no idea where to put them?

The volume of completed paintings that I produced had shrunk. Having Dale living here permanently was proving to be very distracting.

Not that I minded, there were  some definite benefits.

I have also dragged Dale into my most recent obsession – gardening. I planted too many seeds at the same time and I now need Dale’s to help maintain the garden. He didn’t seem to mind.

I do have a reason for this little project, a overheard unsubstantiated rumour that I wanted to investigate. I had not shared why I was suddenly so keen on gardening with Dale in case I was unsuccessful. A new household purchase was helping me with my little investigation.

A/N I seem to have a little glitch in my game currently that is allowing my sims to super-skill, Alene is at level five on every instrument that she needs for her already locked in LTW. She is spending a lot of time playing music, whats even better it’s all on autonomous. I also have a fun but also a little creepy interaction glitch that I will post separately.  Lil.

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Summer Days

With Aisling and Malevin’s training complete it was time for birthdays.

Alene and Loise were there to cheer them on.

Malevin received the Ambitious trait.

while his twin Aisling received the Hydrophobe trait.

We had ended up with so much cake in the house, that we were soon eating it for breakfast.

Afterwards Loise was kind enough to clean up the entire house for us.

It was certainly easier for her than it was for anyone else. Not having to scrub all six of our bathrooms was a relief.

After breakfast and the expected wait for everyone to finish getting ready, we all headed off to the Summer Festival. It had been a while since we had all been out of the house together.

Alene and Crux immediately challenged me to a hotdog eating contest, something that I regretted almost immediately. How do I get myself talked into these things?

It didn’t take long for most of the family to be drawn to the skating rink. Aisling was doing a great job, considering it was her first time.

Dale ability surprised me, until I remembered we had skated together before.

Of course with my kids skating means different things to each of them. Mavevin just floated around the rink,

and Loise ran, apparently she’s not old enough to do the genie glide yet?

Dale met my daughter Rosana for the first time, Rosana seemed a little giddy in his presence not that I blamed her. The two of them spent some time helping each other not fall.

Crux decided that I was his best bet for making skating easier. I really should have warned him that he would have been better off asking his grandfather for help as I still hadn’t improved.

It didn’t take long for Crux to regret his decision to skate with his Grandma. We both fell heavily and while I was busy trying to pick myself up of the ground, Crux suddenly dissolved into a fit of giggles. 😕

Dale spent some time helping Aisling learn to skate, I am so glad that these two are still getting along so well.

After he and Aisling stopped twirling, Dale decided to try out his other form of skating.

Dale’s transformation was a little close for Aisling’s comfort and she fainted. Poor baby! I felt sorry for her, but knew that she would eventually get used to that side of Dale.

Watching Dale on the rink with Malevin and Loise made me wonder what the point of them all skating this way was?

Although it did look safer than Alene’s method.

As it was getting dark Crux begged me to enter one more hotdog eating contest with him before we went home, after the last one I wasn’t keen but I find it hard to say no when he wants something this badly.

Rosana and Owein also decided to enter. Owein eventually won.

Just as we were all about to leave, Malevin decided that Aisling needed one more scare to complete the evening.

At least she managed not to faint this time. 🙂

The next day with only one day left of the weekend we all continued to enjoy the warm weather. We all knew that soon it was going to become a lot cooler, limiting the amount of time that we would be able to spend outdoors.

Malevin and Aisling both tried to convince me that they needed to go to the festival for a second day. They didn’t get their way. While the younger children were ready and willing to spend another exhausting day at the festival, everyone else was happy to just hang around the house.

I’m not sure that I could have dragged Dale away from the pool if I had tried.

He was soon joined in the pool by Malevin. I find it a little disconcerting that Malevin’s lower body seems to disappear when he is in the water.

Alene and Aisling decided to spend part of the day Water Balloon fighting. I was happy that Alene was attempting to spend some time outdoors, something she wasn’t always a fan of. Somehow Aisling always manages to get what she wants and if she asks any of her siblings she can usually convince them to join her.

Loise seemed to determined to spend all day on the slip’n’slide.

She was definitely landing on her face less by the time she was done for the day.

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Full Moon Detour

It was soon time to allow Dale to take me to the hospital. I had told him that he didn’t need to come if he didn’t want to, but he said that he wouldn’t miss it for anything. I loved that he wanted to share this with me.

As we were going to get in the car, something we had overlooked decided to make the whole experience just that much more interesting.

It was time for the full moon. I didn’t know how we had both managed to overlook something as important as that.

Dale had become more able to control his werewolf half and as a result he had been transforming less and less.  Also with the boys out of the house there was no longer the unavoidable chain reactions that had occurred when just one of them had lost control.

Dale did well, I had half expected that he would transform on the way to the hospital. I was amazed that he made it all the way before he actually transformed.

Even though he was unable to escort me inside, he was waiting for me outside when both I and the babies were ready to leave.

I ended up carrying Malevin home, while Dale took responsibility for Aisling.

A couple of hours later, I realised that neither Aisling nor Dale had made it home. When they were finally found them, Dale had been heading away from home back towards the hospital.  Aisling hadn’t noticed a thing and had been sleeping the entire time.

I eventually had to send a taxi out to collect them and bring them home, if Dale had carried her all the way it would have been morning before they returned.

Meet Malevin Young, he is both a Genius and Over Emotional.

and just so you know what he actually looks like, here he is without his ghost form. 🙂

His twin sister Aisling is a Light Sleeper who Loves the Outdoors.

After the newest twin were born, Dale spent a lot of time with Aisling trying to make up for their late night adventure.  I had told him he didn’t need to, that she wouldn’t even  remember their little adventure together but I think it still bothered him that the first time she had seen him he had been in werewolf form.

Aisling seemed to like all of them attention and the two of them were soon inseparable.

I was quite happy to take care of all of Malevin’s Training, I often had to look twice to find him whenever I entered the nursery as his small frame blended in with the colour in the room.

Both of twins enjoyed playing with the toys from the toy box. Aisling liked the robot,

while Malevin liked the train.

The next time Dale went into Werewolf form he soon found his new favourite girl and spent the afternoon rocking her to sleep.

One of my other daughters wasn’t faring as well when Dale transformed. While they got along beautifully when Dale wasn’t in his wolf form, when he was there was something about Loise that bothered him. I imagine the little incident where she had stolen Aisling’s lollipop hadn’t helped matters.

Loise didn’t seem all that concerned and had threatened to banish him when he growled at her. In the end I had to ask her not to. Loise was just beginning to master her Genie powers and I was a little afraid of what would happen to Dale if she tried it.

Alene had other problems. Alene and I were now the only two humans in the house besides Aisling and as such she was now the obvious target for Alien Abductions.

She was not very happy about the situation, I am still unsure why I have never been a target.

I was going to have to find a solution to our little alien problem soon.

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