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End of an Era

It wasn’t long after the quads were born that they all received dolls in mail. Having had one of these toys myself when I was a child I was happy enough to let the babies play with theirs.

The toddlers immediately fell in love with their own special toy.

The girl’s doll were identical something that I found a little creepy.

The weather outside had made it a perfect time for training the toddlers. Only Eliya and Mika and their need to be outside, braved the weather for any significant amount of time.

Mika had been busy trying out every type of wish she could think off, so far she hasn’t tried wishing for love.

Hopefully she won’t try that particular wish out. The last thing we need is another potential Zombie boyfriend stalking the house.

Inside the house the Quads had been busy learning their way around the nursery.

Little Joslyn has taken a liking to the toy car from the toy box.

Both of the older girls have been wonderful with their little brother and sisters.

Especially Eliya who has taken every opportunity to help out with their training.

She is always in the nursery taking care of her little brothers and sisters.

I had thought Grandma would be leaving after our trip to Riverview, at least that was what she had told me she was going to do. Not that I mind that she is still here, far from it but the sudden change in plans had me a little concerned.

It was nice to have everyone together. Sometimes it seemed like the entire family was in the nursery.

That’s where when the unexpected happened. At least, it was something that I haden’t been expecting. My Grandma showed little reaction like she had been waiting for it to happen.

It was then that I finally realised why she had stayed and I felt a little stupid for not putting  it together earlier.

“It’s time”, she said softly.

“ can’t be.”, I sobbed.

“Yes, I know you understand. Anything you were unsure of before will soon become clear”, Lindsay continued to speak to me.


“Lucia, you are my true heir and it is your job to look after our family and to support your heir when the time comes.”

“It’s time for me to go, but remember I love you.  I always have, even before you were born”, she told me. “Lucia, I’ll never truly be gone.”

“I love you too” I finally managed to answer.

“Girls, take care of your mum for me, okay?” she told Mika and Eliya, before looking towards the figure who had entered the room. “I’m ready”


Lucia took her grandmother’s death hard. At first I thought she was going to be okay.

I soon realised she was just going through the motions and even then I could tell it wasn’t working.

I tried everything I could think of to help her but nothing I tried was working. Even the girls tried, and tried some of their fairy magic to help her but it only ever worked temporarily.

When she took to spending most of the day beside her grandmother’s grave I knew she needed help.

I needed help.

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Past and Present

I had come home from my last trip with very mixed feelings. The entire experience had also left me feeling manipulated. Even the activities that usually helped me stay focussed, calm and relaxed seemed somehow tainted and for the moment even the usually soothing activity of adding paint to canvas wasn’t helping.

Both Mika and Eliya had been happy to see me when I had arrived home. Mika had been the one that had filled me in on what both she and her twin had been up to and  their ongoing discovery of their many in-born abilities. I didn’t have much to add to their discoveries. While I was somewhat familiar with what they could do, I only had previous knowledge of Arella and Caraline to draw on and both Mika and Eliya seemed to have gotten that far on their own.

My daughters had also discovered that Mika had a few added talents that Eliya had so far been unable to replicate. This made me question whether Mika had inherited more than just her wings from her father.

While I was gone Dale had organised a broomstick arena for Josef and Jarid.

He confided with me later that it had been a way to try to keep the boys busy and not plotting with and against  each other.

While I had been away Dale had discovered that both of the boys were witches and he was worried that this combined with their shared evil trait could cause trouble in the future.

I feared that he might just be right. Lindsay had already had a couple of run-ins with her youngest great-grandchildren. Josef in particular seemed to be developing a difficult attitude.

While in Riverview it had been lovely to see my father again, even if he did look more transparent and orange than I had remembered. He had been more aware of what had been happening in my life than I had ever realised and he had obviously been checking up on me from time to time. I found that thought comforting.

My encounter with Christopher however had left me with a feeling of guilt,  something that I had never experienced before. In one way I didn’t regret what had happened, if I was going to have children it was always nice if I at least liked the father and knew him a little. I often didn’t and Chris and I had a history and not a bad one. It had been good to see him, really good but emotions from our previous relationship had still been there, even after all this time. What I felt for Chris was nothing compared to what I felt for Dale but I still had felt something and that was where the guilt came in.

I’m sure that Dale could tell I was still working through some issues with the latest trip. I had already told him some of what had happened, not all, but some. I had mentioned seeing my father and meeting an old friend but I had left out the details.

I felt horrible about not telling him everything but it had been part of our deal, he really didn’t want to know about the other men and I really didn’t want to tell him. I had never been particularly comfortable coming home pregnant with other guys children.

“You seem tense”, Dale said, turning me around slightly so he could massage my shoulders. “Are you okay?”

“Yes……um no? I don’t know?”, I wailed. Great, apparently now answering even a simple question was now beyond me.

“Okay? I’m going to take that as a no” he replied, taking my hand and pulling me towards the rug in the corner of the room. “Do you want to talk to me about it?”

“I don’t think you want to know”

“Maybe not, but I think that maybe you need to tell me.”

“It isn’t part of our deal, its one of those things we were not going to discuss. Remember?”

“Luc, the deal is rubbish and you know it. It’s just an excuse I put together to convince you to give me a chance.”

“It’s still not fair to you. What I put you through, it’s not right”

“Maybe not but it was my decision. Mine. I wouldn’t change it” he told me, “Do you want to tell me?”

“Yes” I said softly. We were both quiet for a while, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, I was relieved he was giving me a little time to think it through.

“Okay, umm?” I started, taking a deep breath before I continued. “You know how I said how I saw an old friend in Riverview?”


“What I should have said that  I saw an old boyfriend in Riverview” I confessed.

“Okay?” he asked, my hand dropped to my stomach briefly,  as I watched his eyes followed my hand before he looked at me again. “It’s his baby? he asked.

I nodded, “Chris and I were only teenagers when we dated. I don’t even know why we broke up really. I broke up with him and then I moved. I couldn’t give you a logical reason as to why? It just feels like I pushed into it by something that I didn’t understand at the time. By this!” I waved my arm around gesturing to the entire house. “I just feel a bit weird about it is all. I mean he’s dead now, right? A ghost. I didn’t even know he’d died. ”

“Do you still love him” Dale finally asked.

“No, there are still some feelings there but no I wouldn’t say I still loved him” I answered simply, “I do love you, though”

“Is that it?”

“Yes. Am I overacting, do you think?” I asked, after he helped me to my feet. “I feel like I’m overreacting”

“Maybe?”, he laughed.

“Hey!” I shoved him away, both of us walking towards the stairs leading down to the rest of the house.

“With what happened when you were a teen. Honestly? I’d be wondering too. It seems that there is so much about this destiny of yours that you know nothing about.” Dale finally answered,  taking hold of my hand and giving it a squeeze. “As far as any of that concerns me. Yes. You’re worrying too much, you’re very much stuck with me. Feeling any better now?”

“Maybe,  just a little” I replied. “Thankyou”

It wasn’t long after my discussion with Dale that the babies were due to arrive. Mika was the only one who freaked out this time. Dale seemed strangely calm. He might be finally getting used to seeing me in labour. This time I did take pity on him and allowed him drive me to the hospital.

It wasn’t to long before we were home with the new babies. First born was Hilde  who was born with the traits Clumsy and Friendly

Followed by her brother Tuck  who Loves the Outdoors and is a Light Sleeper

Little Joslyn is Absent Minded and Artistic

And finally Sari who was born with the traits Excitable and Athletic.

A/N: I think Dale might need to lay off the weight bench. I swear he’s so much bigger than when I made him in CAS and I just got a notification that he received another working out related achievement. If he’s not with Lucia or one of the kids he’s usually in the gym or on the basketball court. 😕 Also, this has been the first pregnancy since the start of the Dale/Lucia storyline that Dale received the betrayed moodlet. I don’t really know how Lucia got caught out this time, she was on the other side of town. I thought I might as well write it in, even if Lucia is more worried about it that Dale is. 😛

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That Old Feeling – Part 2


“Rhuarc!” Lindsay threw her arms around her son, holding him close. “I was hoping we would see  you”

“What are you doing here?”

“Can’t a mother visit one of her boys?”

“That’s an excuse, not a reason?”

“I wanted to spend some time with Lucia before I leave. Just the two of us.”

“So you brought her here?”

“You are the thread that ties us together Rhuarc. She hadn’t been here since the funeral and I thought that it might be a way for her to deal with some of the events that she hasn’t been dealing with.

“I somehow don’t think that her hooking up with her old boyfriend is going to help.”

“Old boyfriend? Don’t be silly Rhuarc he’s older than you are!”, Lindsay glanced over her shoulder at the pair kissing behind her.

“No Mum, he died older than I did! That’s all”, he sighed. “They dated nearly the entire way through High School. He was a mess when they broke up and Lucia moved away”


“Too late now I guess.” Rhuarc stated, he remained silent for a moment before continuing, “It is really good to see you Mum. Good to see you and Lucia”

“It’s good to see you too, honey”, Lindsay told her son.


I hesitantly kissed him back. I was obviously forgiven for leaving all those years ago.

“Of course I remember” I told Christopher, when I finally pulled away. It was nice to see him again.”How could I forget?”

Chris took hold of my hand as I brushed my hair our of my eyes. “You’re engaged?”, he asked looking down at my hand with Dale’s ring circling my finger.

“Ah, yeah. I’m engaged”, I looked at him waiting to see his reaction.

“When’s the wedding?”, he asked.

“Soon” I answered, removing my hand from his. “I’ve got to have one hundred kids first”

“That’s why you left, isn’t it? Without me I mean?”he asked, “The One Hundred Baby thing? I always did wonder.”

“I didn’t really know about it at the time but I think so? Yes.” I responded honestly. One day the two of us had been happy together and the next I had just wanted out, I had never really understood why it had all changed so suddenly and for no reason. Sure the fire had changed things but it had been an excuse to move not the reason. I glanced at Chris to see how he was taking my response. “You don’t seem to be all that surprised?”

“I’ve been dead quite a while now”, Chris said, “You hear things, you know. The ghosts here….we get a chance to talk to each other occasionally.”

“This is going to sound a little crazy “I said really quickly, “but do you think you would like to help me reach one hundred?” I hadn’t really wanted to meet anyone here but I couldn’t get past the fact that Christopher, the guy I had been crazy about in high school was here.

He kissed me in response, “I thought for a moment there you weren’t going to ask”

The two of us talked for quite a while and caught each other up on each others lives. I talked about the kids, my destiny and of course Dale. He told me about his family, his wife and his kids, what he had done for a living and how he had died. I was pleased he had been happy, mostly, right up until the moment he had become involved in an altercation that had ended badly.


Of course there was someone else that I wanted to see and time had been passing quickly. The sun was due to arrive soon and I knew he was waiting.

“He’s been waiting for you”, my Grandmother said as I arrived beside her.

“I know, I could feel it” I told her, “I’d forgotten what it was like, when he was around.”

“And now you remember”, she told me.

“Yes, now I know” I said, knowing who the next link in the chain was, was something I didn’t want to think about. At all. I had always had a thought that when I was finished with my destiny that there would be a chance that it was all over but I knew it wasn’t. I knew and it was no longer something I could ignore.

My grandmother put her arm around me and gave me a small squeeze,”I wish I didn’t”, I whispered. Only one of my children had ever given me the feeling that I had always had around my father. Only one……

My father came over and hugged me , “Lucia, it’s so good to see you again”

“Daddy?” Tears formed as I  hugged my father for the first time since I was eighteen years old.

“It’s going to be okay”, he reassured me.

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That Old Feeling – Part 1

“Wow! Riverview, its been forever since I’ve been here” I said to my grandmother as we passed the town boundaries. “What exactly are we doing here again?”

“I just wanted to visit” she told me, “I got lucky really, up until recently I had only lost one child . So as time is now marching on I think its time to visit, don’t you?”

With that statement I realised what we were doing here, in the town that I had grown up in.”I don’t want to see the house!”, I said starting to panic.

“Relax Lucia, we aren’t going to see the house.” Lindsay said, “Turn right here”

We had just come up on the road that would take us over the bridge and into the middle of town. After a couple of more turns she finally told me to pull over.

“Just here”, she indicated. “We will need to walk from here”. And we did through the park area that I only vaguely remembered from my childhood.

“Oh” I sighed when I finally caught sight of the cemetery up ahead.

“Come-on let’s go say hi”, Lindsay said taking my had and leading me towards the graves.

“There they are”, I told her when we finally made out way inside.

“He and Gaul were so close growing up. Always together. So much alike and at the same time so very different.” She said softly, lost in her memories. “Even after your father moved away they stayed in contact”

“I remember” I answered, “Uncle Gaul used to visit us all the time.”

“I only met your mother once but I liked her immediately. Your father chose well”, she smiled at me. “It was just after you were born, he’d left it late to find Sommer. If we had been a normal family he would have already been an elder but of course we’re not normal.”

I glanced up the row of graves. My parents and beside them Kyle, Grace and Emma, all in a tidy little row. It was a little hard to imagine that even if the fire hadn’t happened they would still be gone, just like Amelia. All except Dad, I realised suddenly. Dad would be a similar age to my grandmother, even though I had been coming to terms with this quirk in my own children it was still hard to understand.

“Did he know?” I asked suddenly, clarifying the answer when I saw my grandmother didn’t immediately understand the question, “About me, I mean?”

“Yes, he didn’t like it but he also understood there was no stopping it” she turned to look at me, “It’s the reason I only visited once, I knew you as soon as I saw you. I would have been able to find you no matter where you were. Still can. We’re connected. It would have same with my grandmother – if she had still been alive.”

“Why only visit the once?”, I asked.

“Because your dad asked me to stay away” Lindsay replied, she looked down at my father’s grave. “To keep my crazy lifestyle away from you for a long as possible.”He wanted you to have as close to a normal childhood as you could have.”


“The time is coming when I’ll be gone and then its going to start again.”

“Grandma?” I didn’t like when she talked like this, like she was trying to say goodbye.

“You’ll know” she told me. “As soon as it starts again, you’ll know.”

“Leaving that rather depressing topic behind” she was no longer looking at me, eyes trained on something happening behind me.”You have an admirer”

“I what?”

“You have an admirer”, she smiled at me suddenly. “Interesting…and cute, he’d be-”

I glanced over my shoulder. “No!” I was horrified. “I am not going to pick up in the cemetery where my parents are buried.” I hissed at her.

“Of course you’re not” she agreed, patting me on the cheek, I hated when she did that! “He’s coming over. Have fun”

“Don’t you dare leave me here by myself!” I whispered furiously at her.

“Lucia?”, I turned towards the voice. How did a ghost in Riverview know my name?

“Uh, hi?”

“You don’t remember me?”, he said, he seemed disappointed. While he seemed familiar I struggled to place him. “We went to school together.” he said, trying to jog my obviously poor memory.


“Lucia, I’m just going to be over here” Grandma interrupted me.

I briefly looked at Lindsay before turning my attention back to the familiar stranger.

“I’m sorry? We went to school together? That was such a long time ago.”

“I know, I just thought -“, he stopped, seemingly embarrassed. “I thought you would remember me. I must have changed more than I thought, being dead and all and older…..while you-” he stopped mid-sentance looking me up and down before continuing. “don’t look much older than the last time I saw you.”

While I was watching him try to recover from his embarrassment, I realised that I did know him. “Oh my, Christopher? What happened to you?” I hadn’t seen him since we were both teens.

Suddenly he kissed me, something I wasn’t prepared for. “You do remember me”, he whispered.

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Birthdays to Celebrate

The older children were all busy with school when we finally decided to get started with Josef and Jerid’s toddler training.

Lindsay was especially eager to get started, which only made me wonder what she had planned for the trip we would be taking together.

She did however still take time to play and snuggle with the babies.

I had the fun task of teaching little Jerid to talk,

but then again, so did everyone else.

He seemed to take forever to train. The arrival of the full moon didn’t help.

I did have Jerid all to myself when it became time for him to learn how to walk.

Lindsay taught Josef to talk. It didn’t seem like he was paying a lot of attention.

Training was not the only thing happening in the nursery.

Eliya and Mika both spend some time in the nursery playing with either the doll house or the oven. One of the boys often ended up in the toy box peeking out at everyone.

The only task left before it was time for birthdays was teaching Josef how to walk.

“Come to Mama, Josef!”

I’ve had a lot of practice training toddlers and this time it seemed like Josef wanted to learn.

We left it until the morning to celebrate birthdays the entire household were there to cheer on the birthday boys and girls.

Most of us still had not changed out of our Pyjamas but that didn’t matter.

Josef aged up receiving the Star Quality trait.

His twin Jarid received the Bookworm trait.

It was also time for Mika and Eliya to celebrate their birthdays.

Iselle and Lindsay did not seem to be in the mood to celebrate these particular birthdays and were both sporting their grumpy faces.

Mika received the Star Quality trait just like her little brother.

Followed by her twin Eliya who became the first family member ever to receive the Brooding trait.

After those birthdays were complete I made everyone pose for a picture before it was time for the Quads to celebrate their birthday. I think it turned out rather nicely. 😀

That evening it was of course time for the Quads to celebrate their birthday.

Akir aged up receiving the Family Orientated Trait. Akir wishes to be surrounded by family.

Breyan received the Hopeless Romantic Trait. She is hoping to become a Fashion Phenomenon.

Ryne received the Rebellious Trait, he wishes to Max all of the New Social groups.

Finally the last of the quads aged up. Iselle received the Charismatic Trait. She hopes to become Super Popular.

The Quads quickly organised a photo of themselves for me.

Afterwards they gathered together to say their goodbyes.

Even though their arrival had been overshadowed by events beyond their control they had been a welcome addition to the family.

With all four of them leaving home at once the house was going to feel very empty.

I was going to miss them.


BONUS PICS: Decided to put a few of my unused photos here because they are the type of pics that don’t really see much use.

Nice Face Akir! 😛

Iselle is really very pretty when I can overlook that some of the faces that she pulls remind me of her father. Out of the quads, Iselle was the one who ended up looking the most like Nick. I random roll all of the kids and dads traits so when Nick rolled mean spirited his fate was sealed.  😛

Dale and Josef being cute together. ❤

Pics of Eliya and Mika taken straight after their birthdays.

I am super thrilled with how these guys turned out.

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Home Once More

Although I had enjoyed my trip back to Hidden Springs I was happy to be back in my own house. I had missed everyone so much and I really wasn’t used to being away from them for any length of time. It was such a relief to be home.

Nothing much had changed in my absence.  My girls continued to entertain themselves. Mika taking advantage of the empty nursery to play at the table in there. The red blocks are still her favourites.

She had also continued to dance almost anywhere in the house. This time she was keeping Akir company in the rec area.

After spending so much time with the online version of the game Breyan decided to practice what she had learnt on the chess table we had tucked away in the gym.

She took the whole thing very seriously it was adorable.

It didn’t take her long to get back to her favourite activity and the chess table could just not compete with Breyan’s love of all things computer related.

Iselle was enjoying the slip’n’slide, something that I don’t think I have ever had the urge to try.

Breyan even tried it out. It was nice to see her outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

Iselle had become a regular fixture in the kitchen as she tried to make every dish imaginable.

Eliya was busy discovering just what she was capable of.

Dale and Ryne spent some time together watching television together despite their opposing traits. Though I do think that Dale was interrupting Ryne’s enjoyment of his favourite activity as he was continually trying to encourage Ryne to be more active.

When Dale wasn’t with me, work or spending time with one of the children he could usually be found doing an activity like this. I don’t know where he found the energy.

I prefered a much more sedentary activity along with the other bookworm in the house Akir.

The younger girls were making use of their very own fairy house . It was nice to see the little house recieving some use after being vacant for so long.

Dale and I were making sure to spend plenty of time together. Dale’s new work schedule meant that he was now home more often with fewer trips away, which I appreciated.

I was also trying to spend  time with Grandma and it seemed that she was trying to do the same.

Lindsay was planning to leave after a trip that she seemed determined to drag me along for but I had no desire to go anywhere until after the babies were delivered and trained so her plans had been delayed a little.

We spent a fair amount of time in the lounge room watching television but truthfully we barely paid any attention to what program was on and spent the entire time just talking.

I was starting to get rather large and had developed a distinct waddle.

But Dale didn’t seem to mind.

A sudden increase in back pain announced that babies were ready to be born.

Dale immediately freaked out on me and tried to take me to the hospital.

A quick look outside, the sound of heavy rain hitting our roof and the half hour it would take to drive into town convinced me that this birth was going to happen at home.

It was pouring outside and I had no desire to get soaked just to deliver in a hospital when I knew I was perfectly capable of having a home birth.

Dale eventually let me have my own way.

After a fair amount of pain it wasn’t long before I welcomed two beautiful baby boys into our home.

First born was Josef, who showed the potential to look very much like his father. He was born with the traits evil and clumsy.

Followed by his twin Jerid, who also received both the evil and clumsy trait. My evil/clumsy twins. ❤  Jerid seemed to take after my side of the family and also seemed to have an eye colour somewhere in-between Marcus’s almost white eyes and my brown.

A/N: I forgot to put Rhuarc back on the family tree when I moved Lucia into a new save. So this pregnancy and the next one (I kept forgetting) show what happens when Lucia has no parents in her family tree. Also, the boys traits were both random/locked in. I was surprised when rolling for the second trait that both boys ended up with the same two traits. 😀

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Growing Up

After delaying the twins training to attend the Festival the day before it was time to get started. Grandma was keen to help me out, so I was sure that it was going to happen fairly quickly.

While Grandma and I got started on the toddler’s training, the quads were busy enjoying their last day of childhood. They would be aging up at the same time as the twins. Breyan was indudging her love of computers, it is often difficult to pry her away from the machine.

Iselle was busy pretending to be a queen ruling her many subjects. The boys seemed to have dissapeared somewhere I hoped that they were not getting into too much trouble.

Lindsay took on the task of teaching Eliya how to talk.

After spending most of the previous day in each others company they seemed to have developed an understanding and Eliya’s training moved quickly.

I decided that walking would be where I started with Mika.

Like Eliya, Mika seemed to be learning quickly.

Grandma insisted  on training Mika to talk as well, she said it helped her get to know the little ones so much better.  Mika seemed to find learning to talk  a struggle.

Having spent less time with Mika, Lindsay also found Mika more challenging to train.

The pair of them eventually found a way to communicate and I now have two walking and talking toddlers.

With their training complete it was time for some birthdays……a lot of birthdays. Mika and Eliya were up first. I wasn’t surprised when Dale brought Mika up to the cake, out of the twins she seemed to be the one he had bonded with the most.

Mika aged up receiving the Eccentric trait.

Eliya aged up just after her sister receiving the Mooch trait.

Then it was time for the quads to take their turn. Getting them all lined up proved to be a struggle so they all aged up at different times.

Ryne aged up first receiving the Perfectionist trait.

Breyan received the Ambitious trait for her teen birthday.

Akir became Shy.

and finally Iselle became a natural cook.

Mika and Eliya loved being a little bit older and like their previous fairy siblings immediately started dancing.

So far neither of them is exhibiting Caraline’s love of the smustle but they are having a lot of fun.

I made the mistake of mentioning to Dale that I really needed to start working out again…. It’s been ages since I have done anything athletic and a couple of shots at the basketball hoop does not really count.

He had me in the gym so fast my head still hasn’t stopped spinning,

I’m not sure why he felt the need to yell? I’m not sure if I felt any fitter afterwards but I was definitely a little sore the following day,

After their birthdays the quads had separated and they were now engaged in a number of activities around the house. How they were choosing to spend their time highlighted their different  personalities. Ryne was happy watching a little television.

While his brother Akir was busy being far more active.

He still has a long way to go before he has mastered this skill.

Iselle spent some quiet alone time in the sandpit.

I think she enjoys being outside as well as the solitude, there is very little peace once you venture inside the house.

Breyan seemed to change very little when she aged up.

She can, nearly always still be found in front of her very loved computer.

Mika and Eliya after they finished their dancing were so tired from their busy day of toddler training, birthdays and fairy dancing that they asked their great-grandmother Lindsay for bedtime stories.

Unfortunately it was not possible for Lindsay to read to the two of them at the same time and Eliya eventually left to find someone else willing to read her first ever story at bedtime.

Dale was happy enough to read her a story.

I was pleased to see them spending some more time together.

Previously Dale had seemed to spent more time with Mika than  with Eliya. So it was nice to see a bond forming between the two of them.

A/N: I’ve been staring at this chapter for days now. Too many birthdays…Good enough…I guess. 😕

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Wake-Up Call

Dale and I brought home two little baby girls from the hospital. First born of the two was Mika who was born with the  Clumsy and Heavy Sleeper traits.

Followed by her twin Eliya who received the Loves the Outdoors and Athletic traits.

The twins settled in quickly, they both really enjoyed playing with the activities table.

The red blocks seemed to be their absolute favourite and I never saw either of them playing with any other colour.

With the twins happily playing upstairs, Grandma told me she had some birthday cakes organised downstairs.

I had known Jaem was ready to become a young adult but the second cake confused me.

“It’s mine”, Lindsay informed me, when she noticed my confusion.


“Mhmm. mine. It’s been a long time coming don’t you think?”

“I ….?”,  I was stunned. I hadn’t really paid much attention to my grandmothers aging before. I knew that she now was… but she hadn’t for so long that I had always taken her youth for granted.

“Time for some cake”, she told me patting my cheek before she moved away.

She walked over to Jaem and gave him a hug.

“I think it’s time for the both of us to get a little older, don’t you think?, Lindsay asked her great-grandson.

With Dale beside me, we all celebrated. Cheering and clapping and generally making too much noise. I wasn’t really in a cheering mood but I plastered a smile on my face and cheered. I’m sure I wasn’t fooling anyone.

It was something that I wasn’t prepared for, since when did my grandmother actually look like one? Until that moment I had never really thought of the possibility of losing her.

Still, I thought she looked wonderful.

Jaem aged up into a handsome young adult complete with a leaf beard. He received the dramatic trait for his final trait.

The quads arrived home from school shortly after the birthdays were completed.

After enjoying  some birthday cake they all immediately sat down and started on their homework. Neither Iselle or Ryne seemed to be finding it an easy activity.

I’ll admit that my grandmother’s birthday had upset me. I ended up spending the afternoon in the rec area drawing trying to take my mind of the days events.

It was bad enough when the children aged up into young adults ready to leave the house. I was going to miss having Jaem in the house, but I knew I would still be able to see him. To visit him if I needed or wanted to.

It was somehow worse when my grandmother aged up to an elder, she had been my the one constant in my life since childhood and suddenly she was aging.

Dale helped out by keeping the kids busy for most of the afternoon while still managing to be close by just in case I needed him.

I found the kids play and chatter soothing but I didn’t feel up to participating in their fun.

Dale finally stopped me in the kitchen to talk to me.

“Are you okay?”, he asked, his eyes full of concern.

I nodded, not trusting myself to say more. Dale pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

“Are you ready?”Dale asked when he pulled away, “Jaem is waiting for you in the lounge room”

“Yes” I said, taking Dale’s hand and walking towards the front room.

Jaem was waiting for me. I was going to miss him, he was certainly one of the most unusual of all my children. I remembered waiting for him to grow and how often he had surprised me even in a household as crazy as ours had been recently.

I gave him a final hug, and then it was time for him to go. As expected he was moving in with Malevin, I wasn’t sure how Aisling was going to react to that but the two boys had sure sounded excited about it.

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For some reason I had been exhausted after my Grandma’s little surprise outing. I’m not sure why, it’s not like I really had to do anything. When I had finally made it home I had gone upstairs and had a nice long nap. When I finally had enough energy to leave my room, I found Dale waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.

“How was the surprise?”

“Well, if it all worked the way it was supposed to I should be pregnant.” I said, looking through the kitchen and lounge room doors trying to locate the woman responsible.


“Oh yeah, just a warning. Never trust my grandmother when she says ‘trust me’ there’s always a catch. In this case a bunch of needles and a pollination”

“They can do that?”

“Apparently so”, I told him, even as I shuddered at the thought of going through that again. “I can’t do that again”

“Why not?”‘Dale asked.  I could tell he had been thinking it might be our best solution for the situation that we were in, and I hated that I was going to disappoint him.

“I hate needles” I whined, “I fainted…..FIVE times…I don’t think the doctors there ever what to see me again”

“You fainted?”, Dale asked.

I nodded, I could already see that he found that little piece of news amusing, I glared at him and immediately he tried to hide his smile.

“I’m sorry, I wish that I could but I just can’t” I apologised, “I’m really sorry.”


It wasn’t until the morning after my little trip into town that I got a chance to confront Lindsay about her little surprise outing.

“So how did it go?”

I just looked at her for a moment, unamused.

“I got poked with needles, how did you think it went?”

“I was hoping you had grown out of that….”

“Uh, no. I haven’t”

We both sat there in silence, finally Lindsay continued the conversation.”So, what did he look like? she asked, “Did they show you a picture?”

Of course that would be a question that Lindsay would ask. Dale hadn’t even been interested, not that I could blame him. I would not have been comfortable showing the picture to him anyway. I slid the photo across the table for her to look at.

“Well, he’s certainly different” Lindsay finally responded after looking at the photo, “but very cute, I think I like him”

“I guess you should since they told me that you picked him…”

“Oh, right. Of course” she answered, looking a little guilty. “Theres nothing wrong with a bit of variety, Lucia….”

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More Like a Curse?

“Hello Handsome” Lindsay said to Dale giving him a smile as she walked into the kitchen.

“Grandma!” I admonished, even as I fought to hold back a smile. Every time Dale got that uncomfortable look on his face only made it worse. Lindsay found it amusing when he squirmed.

“I have a present for you!” she told me handing me a small slip of paper, “you need to be at this address at ten, don’t be late!”

“What is it?” I asked dubiously, looking at an address that indicated I needed to go somewhere in the middle of town. I looked at Dale, at least the two of us were talking now. Although, everything was still a little strained. I glanced at the time and realised it was already nine. “Do I want this surprise?” I asked my grandmother.

“That depends”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I was now even more confused about what Lindsay was trying.

“Lucia….trust me…”

“I seem to remember that the last time you said that I ended up with the loser genie in my kitchen” I grumbled.

“Luc….”, Lindsay started.

“It’s fine, I’ll go!”

I went upstairs and got ready to take the half hour trip into town, who knew what my grandmother had planned for me. It wouldn’t have been the first time that she had completely taken me by surprise.

As I once again came downstairs I could overhear Dale and Lindsay talking in the kitchen. I shamelessly stood just out of sight eavesdropping curious about what they were discussing.

“She did warn you, you know, that your relationship was too early” Lindsay told Dale.

“I know, but I didn’t really think it would be this difficult, especially since it was all seeming to work okay. Then that thing with Nicholas happened and I just lost it and rather that taking it out on her I…”

“Bottled it in? Wouldn’t talk to her? Made plans without telling her about them?” Lindsay sighed, “I really not sure how that all helped”

“I know”, Dale said quietly. “I guess, even though I’m here, I don’t really get this whole destiny thing that you two seem so sure of”

“I have a question for you?”


“I’m not going to ask if you love my granddaughter, I can already see that you do. My question is how many children do you have?”

“That’s easy. Sixteen”

“So, you count any child that Lucia’s has had since you met as yours?”


I must have made some noise as I stumbled in the room as the pair of them turned and looked at me standing in the doorway

“Do you mean that?” I asked Dale.


“You never said…”

“You never asked”, Dale smiled at me, the lopsided grin that I loved so much.

I ran over and kissed him,  our first kiss since the one outside in the snow.

We were interrupted by Lindsay clearing her throat. “Lucia, if you don’t go now you’ll be late”. She pushed me towards the doorway.

“Fine”, I mumbled, annoyed with the interruption. It felt a lot like being sent to my room when I had been a child. I was always astounded that she could still do that to me without even trying.  I left the house and headed into town. I was in no doubt I was still the main topic of conversion back at the house. When I finally arrived in town I pulled up in front of a small building I had never noticed before.


Lindsay motioned to Dale to follow her into the sitting room. “We don’t age.” Lindsay stated, once the two of them were seated.


“Lucia and I, we don’t age.”

Dale looked at Lindsay in disbelief.

“Well, I do now…. but I didn’t before” Lindsay said, “trust me I look amazing considering my real age.”

“More importantly Lucia’s children don’t age either. I mean, their early development is accelerated as I sure you’ve already noticed but once they reach adulthood they stop just like mine did. When you first look at it, that sounds like something wonderful but you have to realise that it only lasts one generation. Everyone else around you ages like they normally would,  including your siblings and your grandchildren. They get older and eventually they’re gone while you and your children still look like they did at twenty.”

“Sounds more like a curse to me?”

“Maybe, but it’s origins have been long-lost and we know longer know how it even began. We only know one way to stop it.”

“Lucia knows this?”

“We haven’t really discussed it but it all comes to you like an old memory returning to the surface. So I’m sure she knows.”

“What about Crux?”

“Crux is aging like he normally would. He has an extended lifespan from the other side of his heritage, it is not something that anyone needs to worry about.”

“So when she reaches the 100th child Lucia will start aging like normal?”

“When that child reaches adulthood, Lucia will start to age and so will all of her other children” Lindsay looked at Dale, “It’s one of the reasons that your condition works in your favour, for both of you. I wasn’t that lucky, my Liam was wasn’t like you. Not that I would have changed him  for anything but..he’s gone now and I still miss him.”

“My condition?’

“You’re a werewolf, right?”

“Ah, yeah.” Dale looked confused, “I don’t understand how that helps?

“You also have an extended lifespan, Dale, you are already physically older than my granddaughter even if you are years younger. I have visions of the two of you being able to grow old together and they make me happy.”


AN: Any Questions? I didn’t think Dale needed to know everything, but he did need to know something. So if I wasn’t clear enough with some of the particulars just ask, I did leave some stuff out. 😀

Also, just to  clear some of the things mentioned in this chapter up.

1. The loser genie referred to in this chapter was way back in Chapter 85 the last time Lindsay payed a visit (Tuon, Ravashi and Chimal), not from the lamps Lindsay sent to Lucia in more recent chapters (Alene and Loise).

2. The Liam referred to by Lindsay is Liam O’Dourke, they got along famously due to their shared Genius Trait, he passed away in the Young Babies Timeline shortly before Lindsay’s last visit.  I also did an after Generation One Pic Special (Hopelessly Addicted) and an Alternate Universe Special (I Close My Eyes) with the two of them.

3. One of Lindsay and Liam’s daughters from Generation One, Marin, was the Founder of The Young Legacy and it is my only story that descends just from Lindsay and not from both Lucia and Lindsay. 🙂

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