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Wishing Well Crazy

Shortly after the birth of my newest babies it was time for my older girls to have their Young Adult birthday. Both Lidya and Lamelle aged up into beautiful Young adults. For her final traits Lidya received the Perceptive Trait; her LTW is to turn the town. I’m expecting the town to be overcome with vampires shortly. Her twin Lamelle became a Social Butterfly. She goal is to become a Home Design Hot Shot.

Our newest fairy Caraline soon discovered that she could hover. The sight of her flying just above the floor is adorable.

Lidya once again took an immediate interest in her newest fairy sister, even taking the time before she was to move out to teach her baby sister her first words.

I took the opportunity to teach Darlin. He was a quick learner.

Lidya on the other hand found teaching Caraline frustrating.

Lamelle spent her time before her graduation and moving out relaxing in front of the television.

Rosana and Arrela also had their birthdays. Rosana went first becoming Unflirty.

Followed by Arrela who rolled the Light Sleeper trait.

With the toddlers having already learnt to talk I only had their other two skills to go. It didn’t take long to complete their skilling with the help of my older girls.

Soon it was time for Darlin and Caraline to become children. Lidya was once again on hand to help out with Caraline.

Caraline rolled the Night Owl trait.

Followed by Darlin who rolled No Sense of Humour.

Afterwards we gathered to take our newest family photo before it was time for Lamelle and Lidya to leave. As you can see my father’s hair colour is still extremely prominent, at least eye colour is a little bit more varied at the moment.

Afterwards it was time for Lamelle and Lidya to move out. I had thought that they were going to wait for the following morning but now that she was a fully grown Vampire Lidya was more comfortable with a night-time goodbye. The last thing any of us wanted was for her to burst into flames.

All to soon it was time and with a few final hugs they said their goodbyes.

With everyone’s birthdays finished for the moment I took the opportunity to try out some of my newest purchases. The Claw is one of the most frustrating activities ever.

Arrela eventually came to investigate and informed me that she had an easier way. She quickly spun into her small form and flew inside the machine.  That’s CHEATING, right?

It worked either way, and in end she fished me out several of the items I had been trying to retrieve for the last couple of hours.

With the uncut gem she had found for me, I ended up out the back at the new gem cutting station I had recently purchased.

WOW! Shiny. 🙂

Inside Darlin was enjoying the rocking horse as much as Arrela once had.

While Arrela was busy wishing for happiness or something like that from the wishing well.

She must have been successful this time.

It also wore her out and she soon retired to her fairy house.

Inside, Darlin had finally become bored with the rocking horse and had tracked down Rosana to request his bedtime story.

Rosana, of course obliged.

The following morning after watching first Lidya’s and just last night Arrela’s success with the wishing well, I finally decided that I needed to try is out.

I watch in anticipation to see if my wish would come true.

Unfortunately my first attempt was unsuccessful.

Of course I had to try again.

This time something DID happen.

My girl’s wishes had resulted in pretty swirling sparkles, mine didn’t.  It was terrifying.

A black mist rose out of the well and took shape next to me. As the mist took its final form it spoke.

Mummy? Is that you?

Oh my, what had I done?

Meet my Evil Well baby Jolene. Jolene arrived with the traits clumsy and of course Evil. 😀

A/N: Jolene was actually named by the game. Because it actually fit with my naming theme and was one of the names I may have used at some point anyway, I let her keep it. 😀

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Fairy Pranks and New Additions

A/N: Hey guys, sorry for the delays in writing up the newest update. I’ve had the pics for quite a while now, I’ve just been a bit slack about writing them up and my other challenges have been stealing my attention. If you have seen Lucia’s 75 kid pic you will notice that I am quite a few kids ahead so I am going to try to catch up this week with both my BC and my Wishacy (which has pics ready to go for two updates). Thanks for your patience Lil 😀


Over the following few days I spent a lot of my time with my kids. Arrela’s sense of humour is a little bit strange, I’m wondering if it has something to do with her being a fairy?

In the end to calm her I told her to get a start on her homework. She wasn’t very impressed but at least it was getting done.

I have been keeping an eye on her to limit the amount of fairy tricks that she pulls. Her father Orin had told me that all fairies enjoy playing tricks, I remember that Orin certainly did.Sometimes it is so much easier to relate to my human offspring, but I do love them all. Lamelle even made me pancakes, which I adored.

Rosana spends a lot of time gaming on the computer in the boy’s room. I only have the four girls living at home at the moment so there are no boys complaining about her invading their space. The girls room on the other hand is full and with all the tricks that Arrela pulls she sometimes needs a break from her twin.

My two supernatural daughters Lidya and Arrela enjoy each others company. Lidya somehow seems to be exempt from Arrela’s pranks.

Lamelle and Rosana are not….

My newest baby bump is beginning to show. As I was reading my fairy daughter her nightly bedtime story I realised that I potentially going to have more Fairy children. I’m not sure I can handle the pranks.

During the full moon Lidya took over the duty of reading Arrela her bedtime story, she really is very good with her.

During the full moon Lidya had her first encounter with a Zombie.

She didn’t seem to find him scary at all. Then again she is a Vampire, not sure who should be classed as the most dangerous here. 🙂

About halfway through my pregnancy I somehow lost my memory. Or at least some of it.

I ended up ranting at Lidya about her becoming a vampire and not telling me.

Lidya: Mum? I was born a Vampire…don’t you remember? You have seven children with Dad….Lamelle is the only one who isn’t remember?

Lidya: Arrela’s been messing with fairy spells, maybe one backfired.

Once we got that all sorted out and I apologised to my daughter for overreacting things quickly got back to normal.

We managed to get my memory issues sorted out just in time for me to go into labour. Of course the kids freaked out. It’s expected. 😀

Of course having babies is never completely pain-free.

When it was all over I was blessed with two beautiful babies. First up, another daughter Caraline who was born with the traits Friendly and Artistic. Caraline also became my second fairy child, she also inherited both her eye and skin colour from her father.

Second born was a son who I named Darlin. Darlin was born with the Brave and Light Sleeper traits and he also inherited his skin tone from his father.


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Rocking Horses and Fairy Houses

While Lidya had been busy making wishes at the wishing well , I had been inside training Rosana and Arrela.

I had already managed to complete Arrela’s training so I only had the last of Rosana’s to go.

That evening it was time for the older girls to attend their prom.

For some reason Lidya had not invited Zac to go with her so the twins had gone together.

While Lidya and Lamelle attended the dance, I took the opportunity -in a almost empty house – to age up the toddlers.

Rosana went first and became eco-friendly

Her sister Arrela followed up soon after, she became a vehicle enthusiast.

Since she has become a child Arrela has spent every possible moment on the rocking horse. She loves it. 😀

When she got home from the dance Lamelle made sure to help herself to a piece of cake, we once again have plenty of leftovers.

I also made sure to purchase this cute little fairy house for Arrela, she sleeps there about half the time.

That evening I decided to try out the new club that I had found on the internet.

While I was there I met Avery Drake.

Avery was obviously a fairy and he even transformed into his tiny form to surprise me.

After getting to know Avery a little better I asked him back to the house.

While there I convinced him to become the father of my next babies. 🙂

A/N: Avery Drake was created/donated by Nyrakick, Avery was the first daddy in her new baby challenge Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums.

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Lidya and the Wishing Well

We have recently had a well appear out of nowhere in our side yard, it appears to be a wishing well. So far none of us has been game enough to go close; until today, when Lidya decided to investigate.

After much personal debate she decided to wish for something.

For some reason she chose not to wish for luck, happiness or even money. No, Lidya decided to wish for a boy. I can only imagine her surprise when she received a frog instead.

Lidya wondered what she was supposed to do with a frog? She did know her fairy tales, her mother had always read her bedtime stories when she had been smaller. Lidya now wondered if she was supposed to kiss the frog, that was what you were supposed to do, right?

Lidya didn’t really like the idea of kissing frogs. But if it did find her a prince she thought it might just be worth it.

It took Lidya a little while to get the courage to kiss her frog and when she did he escaped on her jumping away and into the wishing well.

She couldn’t believe that she had gone to all that effort and had actually kissed a frog to get…nothing.

Lidya resolved to try again.

Once again Lidya made her wish.

And once again she received her frog.

She again had to find the courage to kiss him.

When she did the frog began to sparkle and something strange happened.

When the sparkling stopped she was face to face with a teenage boy.

Lidya had received her wish.

Lidya wasted not time in flirting with the newcomer.

And it wasn’t long before Lidya and Zac became boyfriend and girlfriend.

AN: This is probably going to be the only BC update besides Grandbaby updates that doesn’t involve Lucia. Lucia was busy training toddlers and Lidya was just too adorable not to include all of the pics. I have to admit she has been one of my favorite kids so far. 😛

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Marli, Mikhel and Kennar Leave Home

The triplets are planning to move out tommorrow. While waiting Mikhel is trying out sculpting; not sure if he will have time to finish this piece but he is going to try. 🙂

Marli is busy watching TV.

I discussed the move with Kennar.

Finally my pregnancy resulting from my encounter with Orin began to show.

I also took the opportunity to fire-proof the fireplace.

Twins Lamelle and Lidya spend some quality time together.

And shortly before the move Lamelle and Mikhel discover they have a shared interest and spend most of the night painting side by side.

Kennar decides that he is funny and engages me in a face pulling contest.

Lidya decides to rub my belly and get to know the soon to be born babies.

We all gathered in the rec area so that younger children could say their goodbyes.

While they were there we took the opportunity to take their final photo.

Afterwards I went out side with the triplets to say my final goodbyes and receive my much needed hugs.

Mikhel made a phonecall to take them to their new home.

I had only just gone back inside when I went into labour. I managed to completely freak out Lidya.

As the sun was coming up I was making my way to the hospital.

Introducing my newest twins. First up Rosana who was born with the traits Athletic and Easily Impressed.

And her twin Arrela  who is both Brave and Neorotic. Arrela was also my first born in game fairy. I had really hoped that she would get her father’s wing colour. I thought it would be genetic, guess not?

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Three Grown-Up Vampires

In the months that followed Lamelle enjoyed playing with her doll.

Lamelle also painted in the backyard.

Lidya enjoys being outside. This time she was getting ready to enjoy the slip’n’slide.

Mikhel and Kennar bonded which I always enjoy. It is always nice when the children actually interact with each other..

Mikhel found the plasma juice at the bar. I wonder if he will remember where the bin is? 😉

Marli was a good big sister and read a book to Lamelle to get her to go to sleep.

Marli wasn’t the only on to get conned/asked into reading bedtime stories. Lidya was also busy lining Kennar up to read to her.

Later that afternoon I rounded up the kids to take another family photo.

I also made sure to take one of Lidya and Lamelle to send to their dad.

That night it was time for a full moon. I think it looks very pretty over Hidden Springs.

Lidya once again convinced Kennar to read her a bedtime story.

Mikhel decided that the moon didn’t scare him and decided it was a good night to work on his art.

When he came in for the night we decided to have some birthdays. Something that I regretted because the lighting is horrible on a full moon. 😦

Kennar went first. He loved his red sparkly vampire twirl.

Kennar aged up receiving the perceptive trait as his final trait. He wants to Turn the Town

Mikhel was next up.

He received the Perfectionist trait and wants to become a Home Design Hotshot.

The last of the triplets to age up was Marli.

Marli received the Hopeless Romantic trait, she wants to become a professional author.

Finally it was time for Lamelle and Lidya to become teens. Lamelle was first, she became Neurotic.

Lidya received the Night Owl trait becoming the first in the household to have that trait.

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Toddler Training Never Ends

Once again the seemingly never-ending saga that is toddler training is starting.

Marli was on hand to help Lidya with her toilet training.

While I start teaching Lamelle how to talk.

When the two of us finally headed up to the nursery I noticed that Mikhel was also pitching in and having a go at teaching Lidya.

This time it was talking training.

Lamelle was ready to learn how to walk.

Kennar became the third teen to spend time in the nursery.

Finally I got a chance finish off Lidya’s toddler training.

For the first time ever the full moon was very large and seemed to cast a weird glow over the entire house.

We decided that it was time for birthdays for Lamelle and Lidya.

First up was Lidya who received the Eccentric trait,

followed by Lamelle receiving the Mooch trait.

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Lazy Teenage Vampires

It wasn’t long before my pregnancy began to show. I often wondered how much like their other siblings that lived with Del they would be.

To keep myself distracted I worked on finding some more potions. My Logic is maxed but I have yet to learn all of the types available.

My children found ways of keeping themselves entertained. Kennar and Marli both spent time working out.

While Mikhel spent his time at the drafting table creating a beautiful drawing that I hung in the nursery so it would always be on display.

Finally it was time to make my way to the hospital to have my babies.

Del even showed up to help which was nice of him.

At home the kitchen seemed to experiencing an attack of Lazy Teenage Vampires. I really think they should be able to clean this up without any help.

At the hospital I gave birth to two very beautiful little girls. First born was Vampire Lidya who was born with the traits Clumsy and Couch Potato.

Followed by Human sister Lamelle who was born with the traits Artistic and Friendly.

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Today was the day that the Quadruplets were leaving home.

Late that afternoon we all gathered on the front lawn to say goodbye.

I gave them all goodbye hugs and quickly said goodbye knowing that I would see them often as they are moving in just down the road.

It wasn’t long before the goodbyes were over and then they were on their way.

After the quads had left and just as I was about to go back into the house I heard a sound behind me and turned around.

Del Marine. I had helped him out with his own quest to have 100 children recently and he had come to help me with mine.

I of course asked him how the children were doing.  Apparently LeRoy, Lex, Liz, Lyra and LoliDragon are all growing up fast.

It was good to see him.

Finally I kissed him it wasn’t like I need to convince Del to father my children we already have five together.

It was different to be kissing the same guy on more than one occasion. Due to my Destiny I’m a once only kind of girl.

We soon headed inside.

And got down to the business of Baby Making.

AN: Lucia’s appearance in Del Marine and the Baby Mommies: A 100 Baby Challenge by NyraKick can be seen here.  Del was my first ever Daddy Donation and I would like to thank Nyra for letting me use Del in my challenge and for having both Lucia and Lindsay appear in hers. 🙂

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