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3.11 Thief in the Night

It was late when the thief entered our home and the house was unusually quiet. The triplets were all finally asleep after I had spent hours trying to calm them, Leon had decided to spend the night and had taken the couch in the living room and Novus was curled up beside me rather than in his own bed.

It took me by surprise when the house alarm that my grandmother had insisted installing had started to sound. I was awake instantly, exhausted and confused before running to investigate the sound.

On my way to the front of the house I quickly checked on the triplets and pulled their closed as I passed the nursery. I doubted that they would sleep through the alarm.When I reached the front of the house to I found Leon already taking care of our unwelcome visitor.

“Need any help?” I yelled to get his attention.

“Nah, I got it” Leon grinned.

As I watched I realised that he hadn’t even bothered to change forms and seemed to be enjoying the contest.

“It’s been awhile since I had a chance to get into a fight,” he remarked when he finally had the intruder subdued. He smiled widely before placing the phone to his ear and calling the police. “Shouldn’t you be taking care of that?” he asked

“What?” I stared, frozen in place. I felt a little stupid when he pointed at the alarm and I realised it was still sounding and rushed to turn it off. The resulting quiet revealed that the triplet were once again screaming. I glanced at Leon, he nodded indicating that he had the situation under control and that I should make sure the children were all right. It took another hour before I had them all back in their respective beds and once again settled for the night.


“Thankyou for taking care of everything out here, you didn’t have to” I said, when I realised that Leon was still awake and waiting for me.

I walked over to stand in front of Leon using his jacket to draw him closer me so I could embrace him.

“Are the kids okay?” he asked.

“They’re fine a little scared and unsettled but they’re asleep, finally.”

Leon kissed me softly.

“I put Novus in with Tulip” I admitted, pulling away to look up at him.

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah, just tonight though, okay?


The following morning when the children woke up and Leon had said his goodbyes, promising to visit his son soon Novus happily helped me around the house including emptying the potties.

Tulip also helped out by cleaning the highchair which was once again filthy.

Being the weekend the children had plenty of opportunities for fun at home. Tulip and Finch enjoyed throwing the ball around in the backyard.

and Novus watched some television.

before stalking around the house in his werewolf form.

Tulip finished off her homework. Unlike Finch who’s finds all his school work a breeze Tulip has to work harder and today’s homework topic was giving her some trouble.

Finch spent the evening reading.

He also treated Novus to a ghost story. Novus seemed to become a little scared but so was I when I decided to join them.


In the morning I realised I was once again pregnant. The other night with Leon had been stupid and careless. One of the things my grandmother had told me was that it would be easier if it was only one pregnancy per father. Less chance for either party to become attached. I knew that there could be exceptions but this early could only lead to disaster. I consoled myself that I had already given birth to triplets and they had obviously all counted. Novus had been a single birth so at least I knew that a couple of the babies would count towards my total.

I knew I was going to have to call Leon and tell him the news and considering how he was with Novus I was going to be seeing him again. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that.

With new children on the way it was time for the triplets to celebrate their birthdays. Little Ruby who looked so much like my sisters was the first of triplets to be brought to the cake.

Ruby received the Over-Emotional trait and after her age-up her resemblance to my sister’s only grew stronger.

Next was Maple,

She received the Computer Whiz trait.

and finally Calla who received the Couch Potato trait.


A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve updated. You know it’s been awhile when you can’t remember which kids were in the last update – I’m a little bit ahead in game. Oops…. This update just needed a few sentences and it’s been sitting in my drafts for months so here it is. I’m not really sure about it but at this point I just wanted to get past it. 😀

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3.10 Explosions, Babies and a Old Flame

I seem to have spent my entire pregnancy tinkering – with varying results.

When I have haven’t been at my table trying to make some more items to sell. I’ve been in the vacant lot behind the house – blowing things up. 

I believe that I may have enjoyed that a little more than I should have.

I was out there with Novus and Tulip when I finally went into labour. Unfortunately the two of them panicked and rather than upset them further I called the babysitter and drove myself to the hospital.

I was at the hospital for longer than I expected. I am now the mother of triplets, all girls.

Ruby was first-born and has the Couch Potato and Good traits. I was pleased to see that she had inherited my father’s hair colour. I couldn’t wait to tell him. Surprisingly her wings were also the same colour mine had been.

Calla was next, she was born with the traits Eccentric and Friendly. Of the three girls Calla had inherited most of her colouring from her father, only her eye colour came from me. 

and finally Maple who was born with the traits Friendly and Good. I wasn’t certain but I thought that Maple might have inherited my father’s pink skin-tone.

With three new toddlers in the house I realised that the Tulip and Finch were overdue for their birthdays. I had been delaying the birthdays for far too long, not wanting my older children to grow up but it was time. Both of the twins stepped up to the cake to blow out their candles.

Tulip received the Cat Person trait.

while her twin Finch received the Coward trait.

With Tulip and Finch now teenagers I decided to get started on Ruby’s toddler training. With her pink hair and yellow wings Ruby reminded me a lot of my younger sisters especially Nadine and Haley.

Ruby’s training went well and when it became clear that she had enough I switched to Maple and stared teaching her to walk.

and finally it was time for Calla to learn how to walk

and how to talk.

Both Finch and Tulip both helped out around the house it didn’t matter if cleaning up the dishes or helping with the triplets, I was grateful for the help.

Unfortunately for me, they had to attend school. I’m sure they enjoyed being out of the house and with their friends.

Novus kept himself busy. When I had the time I would stop what I was doing just to watch him pretend to drive his car.

Tulip read a bedtime story to her brother Novus, even though she now had the little sister’s that she had originally wished for.

The following morning Novus could not contain his excitement. I had received a phone call from Leon the night before and he was going to visit us to meet his son. I’m not sure if he realised how big Novus would be as I had failed to mention the children’s accelerated growth rate the last time we had seen each other.

Finch and Tulip were a little curious as to why Novus’s dad would be visiting when their’s hadn’t even attempted to keep in contact.

“Well, the last time I saw your dad it didn’t go well” I explained, not really wanting to talk about what had happened between Anthony and I. “I’m not exactly his favourite person in the world.”

“Why?” asked Tulip, curious.

“Yeah, why?” Finch asked, taking Calla out of her high chair and coming closer to hear what I had to say.

“Umm, it’s complicated”


“Okay! I told Novus father what I was doing when I met him, I didn’t with your father.” I explained. “When he found out he was really angry and stormed out. I haven’t seen him since but I do have his phone number and address so if you do want to meet him after your next birthday, you can. I just can’t guarantee what kind of welcome you will get but you could try. It’s me he upset with, not you.”

When Leon arrived a couple of hours later, I had answered most of Tulip and Finch’s questions and they had decided to help me out today by looking after the younger children while Leon was visiting.

They did a wonderful job keeping the triplets occupied and feed while I was busy.

“So your my dad?” Novus asked when I took Leon up to meet him.

“Yes, Novus I am. It great to finally meet you” Leon spoke to his son.

“Mum says your the reason I can do that pointy teeth thing and destroy furniture when I don’t really mean to” Novus told him.

Leon glanced back towards me, laughing.

“That’s not how I put it” I said, “he has his own way of expressing things.”

“Right” Leon said, turning back to his son. “Do you have any questions? Do you want me to explain it to you?” he asked Novus.

“You don’t need to explain.” Novus said, “Mum’s grandpa is a one too, he explained it to me.”

“He is?” Leon said, I didn’t know that”

“How did it happen to you? Novus asked curious, “were you born with it like me? Or did you get bitten like Grandpa Dale?”

I backed quietly away, they seemed to be getting along well and they deserved to have some time to themselves. When I finally went to find them later, they were both in wolf form and Leon was reading Novus a bedtime story.

After our son was finally asleep, Leon came to find me. “He’s great Joanne, you’ve done a great job”, he said, drawing me into an embrace,

“Thankyou” I said, the hug felt nice. It would have been so easy to stay there. I sighed as I pulled away.

“So there’s no chance that…”

“No” I said quietly, “there’s not besides you put Novus to sleep in my bed”

“We could always…”

“I can’t Leon, I’m sorry” I told him, “but stay the night. The couch is free and Novus would love it if you were here in the morning. You don’t go back to work until Monday, right?” I leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. “Goodnight”

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3.6 Lunch and a Movie

With both Tulip and Finch now attending school I once again had some time to myself and over the following days built up a small cache of mechandise to sell. None of inventions were very advanced yet but I still needed to try to sell it and hopefully make the entire exercise worth my time. I ended up taking it all to the local consignment store. The owner Sarah promised to let me know if anything sold and I left to the store pleased that finally I was on my way to earning my own money.

Once I was outside I noticed the store next to the consignment store. It was an arcade with a number of fun looking machines placed around the store. I, of course, couldn’t resist giving some of them a try.

Truthfully, I was terrible at it but that didn’t stop trying to win each and every time.

I wasn’t the only person in the store and I would be lying if I said that he didn’t notice him.

He noticed me as well and soon came over to introduce himself.

He introduced himself as Leon Whitt. I noticed almost immediately that he wasn’t completely human, I was almost certain he was a werewolf.

I accepted Leon’s offer of lunch at the local restaurant realising that I still had a couple of hours before the twins would be home from school.

This time I made sure I was upfront with Leon about my situation. I didn’t need a repeat of what had happened with Tulip and Finch’s father.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Leon, almost choking on his food.

I was going to have to get better at breaking this kind of news.

Amazingly he didn’t run away, he stayed and we talked and ate but unfortunately our time together was drawing to a close. It was getting closer and closer to the time where I would have to be at home waiting for the kids to get off the bus.

I gathered my courage and asked if he would help me out and was amazed when he said yes. Looking around he told me to follow him and we stuck through the back door of the local theatre.

Afterwards, Leon gave me a hug and promised that he would see me soon.

“but…?” I started to protest, “that isn’t how…”

“Jo, if you are pregnant it will be my child too and I don’t want them to grow up not knowing who I am”

It was sweet and not at all what I had expected but when he gave me his phone number I promised to let him know when the child was born. 

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