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Winter Festival

As usual the time was coming that I would have to say goodbye to one of my children


I had been distracting myself as much as possible but it was soon time for Jolene to leave the house.

Even though she had joined the family a little unconventionally, it didn’t mean that I loved her any less than my other children and I was sad to see her go.

We did take the time to take a family portrait before she left. I hadn’t realised just how long it had been since I had one done. I think that Caraline and Darlin were children for the last one.

It was still winter and so we seemed to spend a lot of time inside. Usually watching televsion or some other activity. For Beslan it was usually something music related.

Tylin managed to get herself abducted by aliens. We did warn her not to go out to look at lights in the sky but for some reason she ignored all of our warnings.

When Beslan did make it outside he made us all an igloo. When his hot-headedness overcame him he often escaped out there to cool off and even spent a couple of nights in there. Apparently it’s not as cold in there as it looks.

Siedre became interested in baking.

She cooks snacks for herself all the time which is probably a good idea when you consider that I have a tendency to serve up birthday cake three times a day. I can cook okay but who has the time?

The hiring of Bonehilda to help around the house has had some unforseen problems.

I forgot to take Adan’s neurotic trait into consideration…thankfully this is a fairly large house. I am hoping they will learn to avoid each other.

The activity I chose to spend my time on was inventing; an activity that I had only tried in passing before.

Having an activity that required my full attention was for the most part keeping me from analysing the Dale situation. Even though I had thought it could work at the time I was no longer sure. He would have to one exceptional guy to put up with what I had to do.

Mostly I thought it wasn’t fair to him but he wasn’t taking that as an excuse and had convinced me to let him move in when I started to show.

Dale was due back in town today and we were all playing to meet up at the winter festival. The children took an immediate liking to the snow-fighting station and spent hours pelting each other with snow balls.

I  loved how each child had chosen to compete against their twin.

I had chosen to start making a snowman. I had thought that at least one of the kids would have become bored with the snowballs and come over to help me but I had ended up having to finish Mr Snow all by myself.

My youngest children were not the only one enjoying the Winter Festival. Careane, Tuon and Adora were also enjoying the day out.

Dale had finally arrived as I was talking to Adora.

“Hey, so sorry I’m late. I got caught in traffic”, he said leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek before turning to Adora to introduce himself. “Hi, I’m Dale and I’m thinking by the look of you that you must be one of Lucia’s daughters.”

“Adora, and yes I am” Adora  looked at him, “How did you know that?. She finally asked.

Dale reached out taking a strand of my hair between his fingers. “You have the same beautiful hair as your mother” he stated, his hand reaching out to take mine.

“Is it okay if I steal her away for a bit?”, He asked Adora.


As Dale pulled me away from the centre of the festival, I glanced over my shoulder at Adora as should stood staring after me in shock. I knew I would be receiving a phone call later asking me to explain just what was going on.

“I missed you” he breathed, pulling me into his arms.

“I missed you too”

And I did, whenever he was here I was sure that we were doing the right thing. When he was gone, I worried that this relationship was not going to work. That it was a mistake.

“So umm, you have probably already worked this out but…..I’m pregnant!” I blurted out. Even though I had agreed to let him move in before the baby was born the last time we had been together I hadn’t looked pregnant.

Dale’s excitement at the news was adorable. “So that means you are going to let me move in?” he asked.

“Yes, you can move in” I told him.

He pulled me into arms and kissed me and I was once again sure that it was all going to work out.

Dale also became very interested in my expanding waistline. “I can’t wait to meet them….”he told me.


Time always passes so quickly. Dale was often absent for unexplained reasons. When I asked him about it he only seemed confused and insisted he had been at home the entire time. In the end I let it go, even though his loss of time concerned me. In the future he was going to have to be extremely forgiving, the least I could do was reciprocate.

Just before I was due to give birth I decided to age up Siedre and Adan.

Siedre aged up into a beautiful teen receiving the Green Thumb Trait.

While her twin Adan became equally handsome receiving the Excitable trait.

When I finally did go into labour I was once again painting.

Dale and I welcomed three little angels into the simverse.

First born was Maeric who received the Loves the Heat and Over-Emotional traits.

and his brother Jheran who was born with the traits Loves the Cold and Couch Potato.

and finally Baby Number 75, a baby girl whom we named Niella. She was born with the Virtuoso and Brave traits.

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Baby Bump

My newest babies soon revealed that they were on their way.

I found the new lounge room very relaxing and am now spending more time in there than I ever have before.

Beslan often joins me. We watch some television and the two of us discuss which instruments he might like to try.

Yep, Caraline and the smustle…no more needs to be said.

It had taken me a while but I finally got the chance to fireproof the fire-place. Arrela will be pleased when I tell her.

It wasn’t long before it was time for Caraline and Darlin to leave the house.

After I had received my goodbye hugs, they left. I am hopeful that story progression will treat them well. 😀

That night after Caraline and Darline left home Jolene experienced her first alien encounter.

My baby bump became bigger and bigger.During my pregnancy I once again found the chance to work on my alchemy skill.

I was out and about with the children when I finally went into labour. Ray happened to be on hand  to witness the birth of his children. Arrela was also there (without her wings???) to also welcome her new siblings.

Adan was born with the traits Loner and Neurotic and I am thrilled that he received his father’s hair colour.

Siendre was born with the traits Genius and Athletic. Siendre also received both her father’s hair and eye colour.

Jolene treated the household to a ghost story. Given her evil tendencies she was very good at it.

Tylin and Beslan grew up far quicker that I had planned.  Their birthday’s took me by surprise.

When Tylin aged up she received the Equestrian trait.

Beslan received the hotheaded trait. The older he gets the more he looks like his father.

With the surprise birthdays out of the way it was time to get on with training the toddlers.

Siendre wasn’t an attentive student

With her genius trait however she was still learning fast.

It didn’t take long for Beslan to find music once he was old enough to hold an instrument.

Afterwards he took the opportunity to work out for a while.

Tylin volunteered to train Adan, she didn’t find him the easiest toddler to train.

After a while I took pity on her and finished her brother’s training and then I started to teach my son how to walk.

Once I had completed the babies training it was time for birthdays. Before I aged up the Siendre and Adan it was time for Jolene to become a young adult.

Jolene received the Star Quality trait. Her chosen LTW is to become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder.

Since their training was complete I decided it was time to age up the youngest twins.

Siedre aged up rolling the Unlucky trait.

Adan aged up  rolling the Can’t Stand Art.

A/N: For the first time in a very long time I am nearly caught up to my gameplay. I am now only one pregnancy behind. 😀 Also it wasn’t obvious in this update but my save file finally got too laggy to be playable. I think it was about four times the size of my other challenge saves when I finally had to give up on it. Not bad I thought, we got to 70 kids in one save so I’m happy with that. 😀

So that means Lucia and her kids have moved on from Hidden Springs. Yes, I kept the house. I find the house almost perfect for Lucia’s challenge and I didn’t want to let it go. So with upcoming updates you will notice a change of scenery when they finally get a chance to get outside and fully explore Queenstown. I also could not stand the thought of leaving her kids behind. So I brought ALL of them along so you will see some of them from time to time.

Thanks for Reading. Lil 😀

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Renovations and a New Daddy

Autumn had arrived quickly and with it there were leaves that required raking. It was here that I met Ray Muller, near the small patch of trees just outside the boundary of the house.

The first thing that I noticed about him was his unusual hair colour.

I wanted some children with that hair! All I had to do was convince Ray that it was a good idea.

Thankfully I can be very convincing.

It wasn’t long before I lured him into the conveniently placed leaf pile. At least all of the raking I had done earlier had been useful.

I was a lot of fun but all too soon it was over and time for Ray to leave.  Hopefully we can become friends.  🙂

Inside the house the kids had not missed me. Tylin was practising to be Queen. While Caraline was helping out by collecting the neglected dinner dishes before they started to smell.

The next morning Bonehilda took a liking to a tiny (glitched) stray ghost puppy.  It was daylight so he should have been in his bed.

I’d also spent the last couple of days redecorating lounge room.  The lounge room had been original with the house so it needed a makeover. I also plan to makeover the nursery when I get a chance. I haven’t changed anything in there since Rhuarc Jnr was a baby.

The new piano in the lounge was far more convenient  than the piano in the garage had been.

Outside the weather had become far colder than I could ever remember it being before and a layer of frost soon covered the ground.

To paint outside I know needed to make sure I wore clothes to protect me from the elements.

Towards the end of autumn it was time for more birthdays.

It was time for Caraline and Darlin to become young adults.

Caraline’s final trait became Star Quality. It seems appropriate she always seemed to be dancing or otherwise entertaining others. She wants to become a Fashion Phenomenon. Darlin’s final trait became Computer Whiz. He wants to become a Firefighter Super-Hero.

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Fairy Dancing

Ever since the season changed we have been experiencing some unexplainable ghostly visits. When I had first spotted this guy inside my home my first thought was ”Russ…is that you?” followed quickly by “Daddy?’.  I quickly realised my mistake it was neither. Who was this stranger in my house?

Thankfully he didn’t stay long and I was able to get back to watching my children grow up. It turned out that Beslan loves playing in the toy box. He certainly looks adorable peeking out of it.

Tylin too, has been extremely sweet so far.

Before I got started on their training I decided to take a dip in the pool, something I have rarely done since moving in.

It was a lot of fun. I have yet to master diving but I think it something I would like to try at some point.

Arrela just relaxed near the pool, I asked her to join me but she declined saying it was bad for her wings.

When I finally did decide to get the training started, Bonehilda was unwilling to let go of Beslan and Tylin was still fast asleep. 😦

While I was waiting for Bonehilda to put down the baby, I decided that I would get started on some birthdays. It was easier to get a couple out of the way before the training. Everyone else was due to age up afterwards.

I decided to start with Caraline and Darlin.

Caraline aged up first rolling the Couch Potato trait.

Beslan soon followed with the Family Orientated Trait.

One of the first things that Caraline tried after her teen birthday was to take money from the Wishing Well. It did not go well and she was punished for her dishonestly by falling into the pool.

It did take some convincing but Bonehilda did eventually let go and I was able to start teaching Beslan how to talk.

Tylin was one smart little cookie, and without much help from me she was soon talking.

It took me two attempts to complete Beslan’s talking skill.

With the walking skill Darlin was by far the quicker of the two.

Rosana was still on her fitness kick. I don’t understand why hardly anyone ever uses the gym….it’s at the top of those stairs.

With the newest twins all trained up it was time for us to have those other birthdays. As I was organising cake for the entire family, Arrela and  Caraline decide to entertain us with some impromptu fairy dancing. I loved how their dancing showed of their very different personalities. Caraline is apparently still very fond of the smustle. 😀

With the entire family trying to contain their laughter it was time for Arrela and Rosana to step up to their cakes.

This time Rosana was the first to age up, her final trait is perceptive. Rosana wants to become a superstar athlete.

Arrela became Neurotic and her LTW is Magic Makeover.

It was Evil Well baby Jolene’s turn to age up next. Jolene rolled the Green Thumb Trait and I just realised I never mentioned her third trait, it is neat.

Finally it was time for the babies of the family to take their turn. Tylin received the Never Nude trait.

and brother Beslan received the virtuoso trait.

Rosana and Arrela organised their going away photo for me just before they went to the town hall to graduate

After graduation it was time for Rosana and Arrela to leave the house and make their life out in the community.


A/N: Just for comparison purposes I have included a picture of one of Lucia’s 3 sisters. This is Grace. Grace had a different face shape than both Caraline and Lucia. Grace’s inherited hers from her mother while Lucia inherited her fathers. This is why every time I look at Caraline I see Lucia’s little sisters….. 😛




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Flying Without Wings

Now that they have become teens Arrela and Rosana have suddenly become the best of friends.

Arrela even performed some sort of charm recently that gave Rosana the ability to fly, at least temporarily.

Rosana has once again decided to start working out. Also do you notice the painting in the background? Remind you of anyone? My beautiful, slightly crazy, first born daughter perhaps? ❤

Arrela inspected the fireplace and informed me that I really needed to upgrade it to fireproof. Winter is on its way and we need to be prepared. (Yes, this is about the time I got Seasons)

Tonight it is also a full moon. Hopefully they will not bother us here.

If Arrela and Rosana are getting along; Caraline and Jolene are not. 😦 I had thought that Caraline might have the advantage here.

But that has not proven to be the case so far. As every spell Caraline has tried to cast on her sister has backfired.

Unfortunately my wish for an uneventful full moon didn’t eventuate. I am not sure why Rosana felt the need to go outside. It was far safer inside!!

She seemed drawn to something.

It certainly wasn’t safe out there.

Rosana was interested in something she saw in the sky.

Suddenly she had two zombies to contend with. One of them was Lidya’s old well boyfriend, when did he become a zombie?

Something out there had certainly gained my daughter’s attention.

However her attention was soon captured by a more immediate problem…..


Rosana: My brains…what?? I don’t thinks so,  half naked zombie guy!!

After her initial shock she seemed prepared to defend herself. I would have prefered that she run inside….but okay.

Inside I was busily engaged in a pillow fight with Caraline.

She hits hard!!

Bonehilda enjoys the drink at little too much sometimes…..

A game of tag when one is heavily pregnant is not a good idea. Jolene certainly had the advantage here. Oh, and look. Rain. 😀

Arrela still likes to fairy trap the house…. I was the unfortunate victim this time. 😦

And Caraline has discovered the Smustle. I think it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Jolene and Caraline’s relationship is…progressing?


Caraline: I’m doomed! She’s totally evil!! *blank stare*

The event that Rosana had narrowly avoided the other day when it was interrupted by a Zombie attack finally took place.

Rosana: What is that? I don’t…… AHHHHHHH!

I really not sure how she felt about her first alien encounter as she never talked about it..

Though sometimes she produces drawings that suggest she does remember it.

Eventually that time came again. I was ready to welcome my new babies to the household.

First born, yet another daughter Tylin. Tylin is a excitable genius. I think my father’s eye colour is perfect with the rest of her father’s colouring.

Her twin I named Beslan, he is both Artistic and Athletic and recieved his father’s eye colour.

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Life soon got back to normal. Lidya and Lamelle had moved out and our newest family member had settled in. We were still a family that was a little girl heavy. I’m not sure I can remember a time when the boys outnumbered the girls. Not that I minded all that much, I loved my girls.

Darlin, the only male in the house still loved the rocking horse.

Rosana and homework were still not getting along.

Being a fairy wasn’t enough for Caraline she also wanted to be a dragon and spent a lot of time pretending to chase Darlin and his rocking horse around the room.

When she wasn’t busy chasing Darlin she was dancing, complete with her favourite outfit.

Arrela still uses her abilities to take what she wants from the Claw Machine.

Jolene enjoyed gaming on the computer. So far her unique beginning has not seemed to have adversely affected her.

I’ve been busy brushing up on my non-existent alchemy skills.

There has also been a few more developments. I had recently hired a new maid. I will say that she can be very impatient if you are standing between her and whatever it is that she wants to clean. This particular time she wanted to make the bed while I was waiting to do my pregnancy swirl. We all know that sometimes that can take a while….and the other new development. I’m pregnant! Not really surprising but I realise that I have neglected to mention it up until now.


Sometime Earlier…

The evening after I had made my wish in the wishing well and was introduced to my new daughter Jolene, I had left the younger children in the capable hands of their older sisters Arrela and Rosana. I went up to the Red-Wood Peak Viewing Area. I had needed a moment to myself to think. I wasn’t planning on another baby just yet…

While I there I met Corey Queen.

Corey and I spent the evening roasting marshmallows and enjoying the sunset.

Until later in the evening when things took a much more serious turn.

I eventually decided to invite Corey back to my place. When we got there the children were all asleep so we where free to pursue other fun activities.


I haven’t heard from Corey since that night, but that isn’t unusual for me. I usually manage to break-off any relationships that I have gently. Since then I have been keeping myself busy.

The reason for my lack of planning with this pregnancy is unaware of just how much she scared me with her arrival and I intend to keep it that way.

A/N: Corey Queen is Baby No. 6 from MewmewMentor’s Queen’s Hive.

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Wishing Well Crazy

Shortly after the birth of my newest babies it was time for my older girls to have their Young Adult birthday. Both Lidya and Lamelle aged up into beautiful Young adults. For her final traits Lidya received the Perceptive Trait; her LTW is to turn the town. I’m expecting the town to be overcome with vampires shortly. Her twin Lamelle became a Social Butterfly. She goal is to become a Home Design Hot Shot.

Our newest fairy Caraline soon discovered that she could hover. The sight of her flying just above the floor is adorable.

Lidya once again took an immediate interest in her newest fairy sister, even taking the time before she was to move out to teach her baby sister her first words.

I took the opportunity to teach Darlin. He was a quick learner.

Lidya on the other hand found teaching Caraline frustrating.

Lamelle spent her time before her graduation and moving out relaxing in front of the television.

Rosana and Arrela also had their birthdays. Rosana went first becoming Unflirty.

Followed by Arrela who rolled the Light Sleeper trait.

With the toddlers having already learnt to talk I only had their other two skills to go. It didn’t take long to complete their skilling with the help of my older girls.

Soon it was time for Darlin and Caraline to become children. Lidya was once again on hand to help out with Caraline.

Caraline rolled the Night Owl trait.

Followed by Darlin who rolled No Sense of Humour.

Afterwards we gathered to take our newest family photo before it was time for Lamelle and Lidya to leave. As you can see my father’s hair colour is still extremely prominent, at least eye colour is a little bit more varied at the moment.

Afterwards it was time for Lamelle and Lidya to move out. I had thought that they were going to wait for the following morning but now that she was a fully grown Vampire Lidya was more comfortable with a night-time goodbye. The last thing any of us wanted was for her to burst into flames.

All to soon it was time and with a few final hugs they said their goodbyes.

With everyone’s birthdays finished for the moment I took the opportunity to try out some of my newest purchases. The Claw is one of the most frustrating activities ever.

Arrela eventually came to investigate and informed me that she had an easier way. She quickly spun into her small form and flew inside the machine.  That’s CHEATING, right?

It worked either way, and in end she fished me out several of the items I had been trying to retrieve for the last couple of hours.

With the uncut gem she had found for me, I ended up out the back at the new gem cutting station I had recently purchased.

WOW! Shiny. 🙂

Inside Darlin was enjoying the rocking horse as much as Arrela once had.

While Arrela was busy wishing for happiness or something like that from the wishing well.

She must have been successful this time.

It also wore her out and she soon retired to her fairy house.

Inside, Darlin had finally become bored with the rocking horse and had tracked down Rosana to request his bedtime story.

Rosana, of course obliged.

The following morning after watching first Lidya’s and just last night Arrela’s success with the wishing well, I finally decided that I needed to try is out.

I watch in anticipation to see if my wish would come true.

Unfortunately my first attempt was unsuccessful.

Of course I had to try again.

This time something DID happen.

My girl’s wishes had resulted in pretty swirling sparkles, mine didn’t.  It was terrifying.

A black mist rose out of the well and took shape next to me. As the mist took its final form it spoke.

Mummy? Is that you?

Oh my, what had I done?

Meet my Evil Well baby Jolene. Jolene arrived with the traits clumsy and of course Evil. 😀

A/N: Jolene was actually named by the game. Because it actually fit with my naming theme and was one of the names I may have used at some point anyway, I let her keep it. 😀

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