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New Town, 72 Children, First Love?

I’d met Dale not long after our move to Queenstown. I wasn’t looking for a new man to father my next children. I had just been busy making sure that my family was happy and settled. I’m sure the town didn’t know what had hit them. Having seventy-one new residents (soon to be seventy-three) in town must have been a bit of a shock. We had all moved in shortly before Adan and Siendre had been born.

Dale had been one of the first residents to welcome me to town. To be honest he didn’t believe the rumour at first, you know, the whole one hundred baby destiny deal. He hadn’t believed it even when I had told him that the rumours were true.

“No one woman can have one hundred babies”, he had told me.

I had just shrugged,  “My Grandmother did, and I have seventy-two. It can be done.” I informed him with what I am sure was a smug expression.

“You don’t look old enough to have over seventy children”, he told me, still not believing what I had told him.

“I’m older than I look”, I shrugged “It’s the truth, it doesn’t really matter if you believe me or not”

Dale became an almost constant visitor. He found it easy to believe that I had five children, but if they didn’t live with me, to him they didn’t exist. He didn’t believe it was possible. He also soon realised that there was no way that all of those five children had the same father.

It was only when he was giving me a tour of one of them most beautiful spots in Queenstown that he started to believe. I have one of my sons to thank for that.

“Mum, I didn’t expect to see you up here?”

“Dale was kind enough to give me a tour” I had replied, “How did you know this was up here? Its pretty remote.”

“Ishara found it weeks ago. She couldn’t wait to show us” Souran had told us.

“Joal, this is Dale” I said gesturing, “Dale, this is my son Joal”. As I introduced the two I watched Dale to gauge his reaction.

“Your son?”, he stated.


Dale looked at Joal, “And where do you fit in the family exactly?” he finally asked.

“I’m Mum’s 57th child”, he informed Dale happily.

Dale just stood still not responding, a stunned expression on his face. Without warning he suddenly turned and started walking away.

After a quick goodbye to Joal, I started to follow him.

“You did tell me” he said when I finally caught up.

“Yes” I paused waiting for him to give me some more clues to what he was thinking.

Suddenly he smiled, “‘Want to try some Ice-skating?”

“Ice-skating? Now?”

“Sure, lets go.”

I had never skated before and it showed.

Finally he pulled me to a stop in the middle of the ice. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”

“That’s okay, it’s not exactly normal”, I replied.

He pulled me into his arms. “Just so you know I really like you.”

“I really like you too. But this is a bad idea”

“Why”, he asked.

“Because it’s too early, I can’t get too attached. Not yet.”

“I can wait, I just have a couple of ideas.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear, his ideas on both us getting what we wanted the most.

When he told me his idea I froze for a second. “I really think that might work”, I whispered back.

I slipped off my coat and stepped into one of the spas that were scattered around the hilltop. I looked at Dale “So are you going to join me in here or not?”


Bonus Pics: Because I took way too many and I love both of them. ❤

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Today was the day that the Quadruplets were leaving home.

Late that afternoon we all gathered on the front lawn to say goodbye.

I gave them all goodbye hugs and quickly said goodbye knowing that I would see them often as they are moving in just down the road.

It wasn’t long before the goodbyes were over and then they were on their way.

After the quads had left and just as I was about to go back into the house I heard a sound behind me and turned around.

Del Marine. I had helped him out with his own quest to have 100 children recently and he had come to help me with mine.

I of course asked him how the children were doing.  Apparently LeRoy, Lex, Liz, Lyra and LoliDragon are all growing up fast.

It was good to see him.

Finally I kissed him it wasn’t like I need to convince Del to father my children we already have five together.

It was different to be kissing the same guy on more than one occasion. Due to my Destiny I’m a once only kind of girl.

We soon headed inside.

And got down to the business of Baby Making.

AN: Lucia’s appearance in Del Marine and the Baby Mommies: A 100 Baby Challenge by NyraKick can be seen here.  Del was my first ever Daddy Donation and I would like to thank Nyra for letting me use Del in my challenge and for having both Lucia and Lindsay appear in hers. 🙂

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Another Day for Birthdays

Even with Desora and Janali moving out there were still seven children in the house. Spending time with them individually was hard but I tried my best.

Each of them spent plenty of time participating in tasks that they enjoyed. Alesinde was enjoying the trampoline. Well, until she fell off… 🙂

Marli had discovered the joy of Plasma Juice.

Joal liked to dance.

Souran and Kennar got to know each other better while Ishara had fun on the gaming system in the garage.

Marli even tried out the doll house, maybe her loner trait was manifesting. No toddlers = extremely quiet nursery.

Souran finally tried out the musical instruments

but he often seemed unsure as to which he enjoyed the most.

It didn’t take long for his like-minded virtuoso sibling Ishara to join him.

Ishara and Souran were out in the garage for hours practising their music.

As night fell Kennar engaged Joal in an energetic game of tag.

While Alesinde continued to spend time outdoors.

This time on the slip’n’slide

and lastly my artistic son Mikhal could be found in front of an easel painting masterpieces.

Needing more room in the house it was again time for some birthdays. The Quads were up first.

Ishara became a Vegetarian and decided she was going to become a Firefighter Super-Hero.

Her sister Alesinde became a Schmoozer and wants to be a Descendant of DaVinci.

Joal became a Hopeless Romantic and wants to be Super Popular.

For his final trait Souran became a Cat-Person and wants to be a Hit-Movie Composer.

Mikhel became a teen and a Technophobe.

Marli became Grumpy.

and finally Kennar received a Good Sense of Humour.

Afterwards the quads organised their moving out picture.

AN: The reason that Kennar looks like a Vampire and Mikhel and Marli do  not in the CAS pics is due to when they were taken, Marli and Mikhel were taken when I was actually up to that in-game and I somehow missed a pic for Kennar. So basically Marli and Mikhel were taken before the SN Patch and Kennar in the last 5 mins. I also realise that there is hardly any pics of them as children. I’m not 100% sure why but they may have been among the missing pics. 😦

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Birthdays, Lots of Birthdays

With my current toddlers all trained up it was time for some birthdays.

My oldest girls went first with lots of encouragement from the Quads.

It was the twins turn to become young adults. Janali aged up first.

Janali received the Savvy Sculptor trait as her Young Adult trait. She is going to try to become an Illustrious Author.

Desora aged up straight after. Desora received the Dramatic Trait and is determined to become a Home Design Hotshot.

Once the twins aged up it was the Quads turn.

It soon became a race to see who would become a teen first.

Ishara aged up into a beautiful teen receiving the Nurturing Trait.

Alesinde also became a beautiful teen rolling the Savvy Sculptor Trait.

Joal received the Frugal trait when he became a teen.

Souran became a loner.

The triplets were next, Marli joined her older brother by becoming a loner.

When Mikhel aged up he became Rebellious.

and finally our last birthday of the day. Kennar received the Perceptive trait.

After everyone had their birthday Desora and Janali organised their leaving home picture. It turned out lovely.

Afterwards, the girls and I congregated on the front lawn to say our goodbyes. Our household was a little full at the moment and they were keen to get out on their own.

I will miss my girls. 🙂

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Quad Training

With four new babies in the house things where a little chaotic.

Training still needed to be completed so I got started. Four babies to train at once could take a while.

Souran was first with the walking training.

He did well and I made sure to get all his talking training done while his siblings were sleeping.

Alesinde thought it would be fun to play peek-a-boo in the toy box. Isn’t she adorable?

Ishara soon learned to talk. Her first word was her sisters name which was impressive.

Alesinde learnt to talk next.

Afterwards I got her started on walking training as well.

Finally I got a chance to teach Joal how to talk as well and after training the quads for a couple of days I had finally completed their training.

With the quads trained it was time to have some birthdays.

First up were Desora and Janali.

Janali received the bookworm trait.

When Desora aged up and received the Artistic trait.

Soon it was the quads turn.

Ishara received the No Sense of Humour.

Souran received  the Neat Trait.

Alesinde received the Friendly Trait.

and finally Joal received over-emotional trait.

After everyone had their turn at the cake I decided to get everyone together for a family picture.

BR. Souran, Lucia, Ishara, Desora and Alesinde. FR. Artur, Luthair, Joal, Janali and Stray Cat.

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New Arrivals

Artur has been enjoying the slip’n’slide.

Luthair meanwhile has been enjoying the pool table,  I think that this may have been the first time since buying it that someone has actually used it.

Thankfully the pair of them seem to get along.

Which is nice when you consider their opposing traits. Good vs Evil and all of that. 😉

I’ve been busy trying to stock up on some food so it is something that I don’t have to worry about when the new babies arrive.

Desora and Janali both spent some time catching up with their homework.

Janali seems to be struggling more than Desora.

Finally it was time to make that now familiar trip to the hospital.

A couple of hours later I emerged with a basket.

Introducing my newest babies Alesinde born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Heavy Sleeper.

Ishara who was born with the traits Virtuoso and Brave.

Joal who received the traits Genius and Party Animal.

and finally Souran who received the Virtuoso and Easily Impressed traits.

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