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Six Teenagers

Evening came and with it the full moon that I had somehow overlooked.  This time Dale decided to go out hunting and after a while I was aware that he wasn’t the only one out there. I could hear answering howls echoing back across the valley. My boys were all out tonight it seemed.

I was busy inside trying to get in contact with my grandson. I still wanted answers and it seemed that Crux might just have some. So far I was having no luck contacting him. I had tried to reach him on his mobile and after receiving no response looked up Allie’s number and tried to contact him that way as well.  Unfortunately, Allie hadn’t seen him for a couple of days and told me that the last time they had talked he had been coming back to Queenstown.

When it was morning Dale was famished from his night out and treated Hilde to a lesson on how to eat werewolf style.


After breakfast we had time to celebrate some overdue birthdays. It was time for the quads to become teens. Seven children in the house seemed to be too many but I doubted that six teenagers was going to be any better.

First to become a teen was Tuck, who received the genius trait.

Sari now Loves the Cold, which was convenient with winter on its way.

Joslyn received the Avant Garde trait, which will go nicely with her Artistic abilities but may make her very critical of her own art and of course that of others.

and finally Hilde developed Commitment Issues Trait.

Tuck seemed to take an immediate liking to Jerid, it was nice for him to have brothers that were now a similar age to himself.

Joslyn and Sari didn’t take long to demonstrate a sign of things to come….with two ghosts and two evil traited sims in the household, scaring each other is going to be an almost daily occurrence,


“Ooh, you scared me!”



At least when they were scaring each other they were leaving other members of the household alone.

Kiruna had been talking advantage of the last day of Autumn and she came inside to tell me all about her adventures.

She is a very loving little girl and is always giving me hugs even when I don’t expect them.

Unfortunately our conversation was interrupted by Joslyn trying to scare the life out of me.

The two corporeal quads were not interested in scaring. They soon found a common interest involving the family computers. Our new genius Tuck immediately started learning to play chess on the internet while Hilde was more interested in other types of games.

I took the opportunity to spend some time with my newly teenage children. We were all busy doing our own thing but it was nice to have a couple of them sitting still for a change and still gave us a chance to talk a little. I also noted that the house still showed evidence of Eliya and Mika’s stay, I wondered how long their traps would last and who they would catch out.

Over the weekend the trend continued. It didn’t matter which room of the house that Hilde happened to be in, if there was a gaming system in there she was playing games and at present was trying to beat a high score that Tuck had achieved the day before.

“Jerid, move! Unlike other members of this family your butt isn’t transparent!”

“I’m tired Jerid, could you read me a bedtime story?” Mahira asked.


“Ugh! Move Jerid!”

“Ha, high score! You still haven’t beaten me” Tuck boasted


“Jerid totally blocked my view earlier” Hilde explained to Tuck, “I would have beaten your score otherwise.”

“Sure, you would have….”

I loved that they seemed to be so close.  Even when the other teens were nearby those two always seemed to be in their own little world.

They did spend time interacting with their brothers and sisters but it was usually initiated by the other sibling. Sari and Joslyn seemed to like scaring people into talking with them.

Both Jerid and Josef continued to show that they were good big brothers and were called on once more to read stories to the triplets.

Everything at home was going great but by the end of the weekend I was starting to worry. Crux hadn’t called me back.


1) Just thought I would show you the non-ghost versions of Sari and Joslyn.

Joslyn: I think out of the four she is the most like Christopher.

Sari: Seems to be almost identical to Hilde, in fact the only real difference I can see is that Sari is a ghost. 🙂

2) Somewhere in the shuffle the Quads Imaginary Friends disappeared. I am not sure what happened as they still show up on their relationship panel. I even pulled out every imaginary friend that Lucia has somehow managed to obtain out of her inventory (as you can see she has a few) lol. None of these belong to the quads. So, oh well, no more Imaginary friends. 😦

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