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3.14 Taking a Break

After I said goodbye to Tulip and Finch my mother pulled me aside.

“Jo, why don’t you go out somewhere and relax we can look after the kids tonight,” Eliya said.

“Really mum?” I glanced at my father. Did they know what usually happened whenever I managed a moment away from my kids? The idea made me a little uncomfortable.

“Of course, it will give us a chance to spend some more time with them” she insisted “we’ll be leaving in the morning, we need to make sure Emmett hasn’t burnt down the house yet”


When I finally reached it I was glad that I had remembered to bring along my swimming costume as one of the bars was in the pool. I looked around the area to see if anyone was about. Lets face it, Tulip and Finch had moved out and Novus would not be far behind them and in the morning Prim, Moon and Bracken would be celebrating their birthdays – I needed a man.

The most likely looking candidate was at the pool bar so I went over to introduce myself and order a drink. He introduced himself as Leo and when we had both finished our drinks he took my hand and led me over to the side of the pool.

“I thought the spa may be more fun.” he said, “care to join me?”

“Sure” I answered.

He leaned back and closed his eyes while he waited for me to get in. I glanced around, decided I was brave enough and after a brief struggle with my clothing joined Leo in the spa.

 Leo didn’t seem at all put off by my sudden nakedness and put his arm around my shoulders.

We stayed in the spa for a while getting to know each other.

After a while I got impatient with the delays dragged Leo out of the spa and kissed him, it was always dangerous getting to know my children’s potential fathers and this time I didn’t want to allow myself time to get attached.



It was time for the triplets birthday. My parents stayed and help me out with the birthdays.

My mother Eliya brought Primrose to her cake, while I took care of Bracken and Moonbeam.

      Bracken received the Proper trait.

Primrose received the Mooch trait.

Moonbeam received the Excitable trait.

After birthdays were complete I decided to get the kids out of the out of the house and go down near the water to eat lunch.

I made hotdogs for everyone and all of the kids seemed to enjoy them.


After a couple of hours we all headed home, mostly tired but happy. Moonbeam seems to have an almost boundless energy and spent the afternoon pretending to be our Queen.


Because everyone was exhausted and didn’t really feel like cooking something for elaborate for dinner I once again made hotdogs.

I accidentally dropped one, hopefully no-one noticed .

I served the hot dogs to the kids out by the pool. Moonbeam seemed to have been the only one who had noticed my little accident but she didn’t tell her siblings.

Novus decided to spend some time in the pool afterwards. He stayed in far longer than was wise. It was still spring and sometimes the evenings would get cold, far to cold for Novus to stay outside in the pool.

A little while later I realised that Novus had not come back inside and went out to find him. After a quick search I found him half-frozen just outside the pool and after locating my hairdryer tried to thaw him out.

Hopefully he has learnt his lesson and won’t stay out for quite so long again.


A/N: Please ignore the fact that Leo only has tattoos while he is in the spa. I didn’t notice the error until I was well past this part of the story. 😛


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3.13 The First to Go

I hadn’t seen my parents since I had moved into town to start my unusually large family and I think that they were just as excited as I was to be present for the children’s birthdays.


While I was busy getting everything ready for Novus’ and the twins birthdays, my parents were busy introducing themselves to their grandchildren. They had spoken to the older kids on the phone occasionally but this was the first time they had been able to visit. Ruby introduced herself in an unusual manner but my father rather enjoyed her method.

“We have the same colour hair!” Ruby said excitedly to her grandfather.

“I can see that” he told her, “you also have your grandmother’s eyes”

“Really?” Ruby asked, “I thought they were the same as mummy’s”

“They are. Where do you think you mother got them from?”

Mum had a special present for Tulip. Fairy Dust that she had collected herself and thought that Tulip might like.

Novus was the first to age up with his grandparents enthusiastically cheering him on.

He received the Coward trait. I was suddenly glad that other than Novus himself, I only one werewolf  in the household.

And then it was time for the birthdays I had been dreading. Since the moment they had been born.

Finch and Tulip’s…..


Tulip aged up into a beautiful young woman receiving the Party Animal trait as her final trait. When she graduates she plans on becoming a Cat Herder.

While Finch suddenly reminded me  a lot of his father. Finch aged up with a new appreciation of cold weather trait and a wish for winter to arrive soon. He wants to be a Scientific Specialist.

As we waited until it was time for Tulip and Finch to graduate, my parents soon found the toddler’s in the nursery. Marshall decided to terrify Moonbeam with his version of the claw.

The older children found other things for themselves do, although Maple didn’t appear to be happy finishing her homework.

After Eliya had finally managed to pry Moonbeam out of my father’s arms she decided to help out and started to teach her to talk, having trained both her own six children as well as several of her younger siblings she was  practised at teaching children the skills they would need.

I finally had a chance to spend time with Bracken and she was soon on his way to talking.

Last to finish all of her toddler training was Moonbeam which I completed just before both I and my daughter went to bed for the night.

The next morning following a rush on the bathrooms as everyone tried to get ready – we all attended Finch and Tulip’s graduation.

It was amazing, I couldn’t believe that the two of the them were all grown up and I was dreading what I knew came next.

When we made home the twins prepared to move out and when they were ready came to find me.

“I can’t believe your leaving. I’m not ready!” I told them.

“You’re not going to cry are you?” Finch asked.

“No, of course not!” I lied.

Tulip leaned over and hugged me, “Liar”, she said softly. “We’ll see you soon. Promise.”

“I’ll miss you” I told them as they left.


Finch and Tulip’s Leaving Home Portrait.

A/N: Like the last generation, all of the children are available for download. Tulip and Finch have been uploaded and are available here.


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3.1 Destiny Awaits

I was seventeen when it started, although, to hear my mother tell it the signs had been there before I had even been born. My first indication of the change of direction my life was about to take had been my wings. I wasn’t the first to notice the change, my mother had become increasingly jumpy around me the older I had become and more recently I had caught her staring a number of times, mostly at my wings, but at other times just at me.

It had taken them over a year to fade. First the colour had started to leach out until they became pure white. It wasn’t the greatest of changes, my wings like those of my siblings had only ever been a pale yellow but the change had worried me. Especially since my mother’s were still the same yellow they had always been.

The next stage had been what had really worried me, ever so slowly my wings shrunk until they were no more than a tiny set upon my back, a far cry from what they had once been. And finally there was the morning I woke up to discover that they were gone. With no sign that they had ever been there. I was human. One hundred per cent human and that terrified me.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like humans. My father is human. So is my sister Erin but I was supposed to be a fae, like my mother and my other four siblings. The loss of both my wings and my fae abilities was not something that was supposed to happen. But it had. 

The day after my nineteenth birthday my grandmother arrived and while I was usually thrilled to see her this time I wanted nothing more than to curl up into my room and cry.

“Jo, honey, your grandma would like to talk to you.”

“Go away!” I screamed at them both, before turning to face the wall.

They didn’t listen,  I could still here them talking softly just inside the doorway.

“This would have been easier if she had been given some warning” Lucia commented to my mother.

When most people think of grandmother’s most people would think elderly. This was not the case with my mother’s mother. Grandma Lucia didn’t look any older than my own mother which when I consider that my mother was fae and my grandmother was not, it made me wonder just how she did it.

“What exactly was I supposed to say, mum?” my mother snapped, “I was going to tell her but she just always seemed too young”


“and just how much warning did you get mum?”

“None, but I didn’t have to deal with the other side effects that Joanne seems to be experiencing, either”

“So, you think that the loss of her wings is a side effect?”

I felt the bed dip slightly when my grandmother sat down on the bed without saying a word hesitantly reaching over to lay a hand on my shoulder.

“I think that our shared destiny requires us to be human. Which, was fine for me – I was already human.” Lucia finally answered, “In Joanne, I think it’s suppressing her fae heritage in favour of her human one.”

The words ‘shared destiny’ caught my attention. I had some idea of the what the word destiny meant to my grandmother. I didn’t know all the details just that she believed it was the result of some long-lost curse. Whenever I had visited my grandparents they had never shied away from the topic and if I had asked questions they had always answered them for me. I had never realised that it would someday also affect me, if I had I would have paid more attention. My Aunt Belinde had always thought it a little strange because when she had asked her parents the same questions they had answered but never in as much detail as when I asked.  Now I knew why.

“Will they ever come back?” I whispered, at that moment willing to do anything to make myself feel whole again.

“I’m sorry, Joanne”, she told me honestly. “I don’t know”

“but they might?” I asked as I sat up on the bed and turned to face her. I was desperate for some kind of reassurance. “My wings could come back?”

“Maybe” she said simply, her hand reaching up to touch my cheek. “It could happen”


A/N: If you are new to this challenge it might be helpful to take  look at the Young Babies Heirs Page for the backstory on previous heirs. 😀

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A New Heir

It was only one year after I was married that my heir was born. Not my one hundredth child but my heir. My true heir. I had been waiting to see if this child was the one since the moment that my daughter had announced that she was pregnant but it had been impossible to tell until the baby had arrived. I had known that Eliya had been was going to be the parent for most of her life if I was being honest about it. She had always given me the same feeling that my father had when I was in his presence. I had managed to ignore it for most of Eliya’s life. What good would it have been to tell her, I had been afraid of the damage the knowledge would cause my growing daughter and with the childhood’s of my children fleeting at best, it had seemed best not to say anything. In the end she had known without me ever having to tell her.


“I’m different, aren’t I”, Eliya had asked. She and Mika were due to leave in a couple of hour and Eliya and I had finally found a quiet moment to talk.

“How did…”

“Mum, please. Just tell me. I think I’m old enough to know” she insisted.

I hesitated, really didn’t want to tell her but she did deserve to know. “Yes”, I finally answered.

“Why me?”

“Why you? Why me? Why your grandfather? I don’t know? It’s really all the same question and I’ve never had an answer but I’ve always suspected it has something to do with your father both he and my grandfather had similar origins. Not that I know much about your father.” I explained, remembering a time when my own father had explained my grandfather’s background to myself and my siblings. “Grandma was never above manipulating a situation.”

“So it’s going to one of my daughter’s”, she had asked, concerned.

“I believe so, but I can’t be sure for all I know it could pass to a son.”  I explained. “I’m sorry Eliya, there is so much I just don’t know”

“What do  I have to do?”



“Eliya, you just need to be yourself. Live your life. Date. Get married or don’t. It’s up to you, Eliya. Your life. Your rules!”

“But Grandpa…”

“…had an accident” I said, instantly seeing her worry. “A tragic accident, yes, but still only an accident. Nothing more. My Grandmother’s parents lived a long, happy and healthy life. You are not destined to live my father’s life or to die like he did.”

I think she had felt better after that, at least she never let me see her worry. I couldn’t blame her, it wasn’t like I would want to wish my fate on any of my family. Not that it had been all bad, I loved my children. Every single one of them, admittedly I was closer to some of my children more than others but I had never regretted the birth of any of them. I also had an enormous amount to be grateful for and there were people now in my life that where there because of my destiny.


Eliya and Mika had decided to attend university together and it was there that Eliya had met her future husband. I had been happy for her and at the same time I was worried. Eliya had grown up around my craziness, her new husband  hadn’t and his reaction when he found out that my daughter had dragged him into the family drama worried me.

I hesitated on the steps suddenly nervous.

“Are you okay?’ Dale asked.

“Mhmm”, I murmured. “How does one say ‘You’re child could be the one that has to bear One Hundred Children”?

“You’re asking me?”

“No, not really” I admitted, “I’m just…nervous. My mother threw a vase at Grandma’s head and banned her from the house when she found out”.

“Really?” he laughed, “I would have loved to have seen that!”

I looked up as the front door to the home opened and the next moment my daughter was in my arms.

“Mum!”, Eliya said, hugging me. The swell of her belly telling me why the invitation to visit had come now and immediately stole my attention away from my daughter.

“It’s a girl”, I said, my hand dropping to her stomach. I had no idea how I knew that but I was sure. I was also sure that the baby she carried was my heir. I dragged my attention back to my daughter. “I’ve missed you!” I told her, “the house has been so quiet since you and Mika moved out”

“That doesn’t surprise me” she laughed, hugging me back before pulling away and turning to hug her step-father.

“Hey, Eliya” Dale said hugging my daughter, “We’ve both missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too, Dad!” I watched them as Dale’s face lit up when she called him Dad, something that she didn’t always do.

“You have to promise me that you’re not going to freak-out” Eliya said, all of her attention was still focussed on her step-father.

“Why would we ‘freak-out’ “, I asked.

“Not you mum.” Eliya said, not taking her eyes of Dale.

“Why would-”

“It’s not like Marshall and I planned it and I don’t look like Mum, at all” Eliya interrupted, looking towards me. “It’s only when I was certain that I loved him that I even explained about mum. he knew I had a large family. I just never said how large” she said, glancing at Dale.

“Marshall?” I asked, suddenly knowing what had her worried. “You mean..?”

“Yeah..”, Eliya nodded.

“It might be easier if you just told me rather than making me guess” Dale finally said.

“Right” I said nervously. “Marshall is…” I stopped explaining when Marshall himself stepped out onto the porch drawing the attention of all three of us.

After a slight pause Dale was the first to speak. “Okay, I’m almost certain I don’t need that explanation any more.”  Dale said bluntly.

“You don’t?” Marshall asked.

“Really? I said, at almost the same time.

“Luc, we saw Paitar and the girls just last week and not one of them look anything like their mother but they do look an awful lot like Marshall. Especially Paitar.”


“… has your eye and hair colour but not much else” he interrupted laughing, taking hold of my hand and squeezing it.

“Everytime” I said , leaning up to kiss my husband.

Dale smiled at me before turning his attention to Eliya. “I hear you are making dinner for us!”

“Yeah, why?” Eliya answered, warily.

“When did you learn how to cook?” he teased, putting his arm around her and turning her towards the  house.

“I could always cook!”, she protested.

“That’s not how I remember it.”

The two of them continued to bicker as they made their way into the house.

“Everytime” I repeated as the door closed behind them, finally turning my attention to my daughter’s husband. “Hey Marshall”

“Hey Lucia” Marshall greeted me before asking. “Everytime?”

“Dale always manages to surprise me. Every single time”, I replied. Our attention was suddenly drawn to the house when we were interrupted by a shout from Eliya.


It was time…


And here she is the heir for Generation 3: Joanne Gamble Young.

A/N: Joanne and all of her younger siblings were born in Story Progression. I didn’t deliberately match her parents together but after they had three children without any assistance from me I decided to let the relationship stay together rather than ignore that it ever happened. The babies were just too adorable.

I kind of like it. Lucia was born after I chose her father for my wishacy heir and he chose his own partner, so to me Eliya choosing her own partner felt like the right thing to do.  I will most likely show some pics of Eliya and Marshall and their little family as I get ready to start Joanne’s generation. 😀

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Missing Something

The girls stayed until the next morning .

They had organised an apartment in the middle of town and while they had not decided where they wanted to be long-term, they were thinking that a move out of Queenstown might be just what they needed.  

I hugged my girls goodbye, and wished them well. I would miss them, they had been a unique and welcome addition to my little family.

I was pleased that they had organised a photo for me before they left.

It was mid-morning before I finally got the chance to think about a problem that had been worrying me ever since the triplets were born. The house was quiet. The children were all at school and Dale was in-town, although he was due back at any moment.  While I was staring at a sheet of paper containing 99 names. The longer I stared the more sure I became that I was missing something. Not someone, something. I was used to suddenly knowing things, when some type of event made a scrap of information relevent somehow I always knew. This time it all felt just out of reach, like I should know but I somehow didn’t.

Grandma had described it to Dale once as being like old memories floating to the surface. That was mostly accurate, but sometimes it was no more of feeling that would point me in the direction that I needed to go. It had started when I eighteen and had caused my sudden breakup with Christopher, not that I had been aware of it at the time.   This time the memory refused to surface.

I definitely had my numbers right. I already knew that if any of my children were not raised in my house that they didn’t count towards my destiny or whatever what I was doing was. The Quin’s had proven that, when I had held the first-born in my arms with no intention of raising them, I had known immediately. I added their names to the side of the sheet but I already knew that they were not what I was missing. It had been the same with Dale’s quads but with the opposite result. As soon as they had been born I had known that were now part of my destiny. I had to admit I hadn’t been sure about that until they had arrived. My grandmother had been the one to tell me that I would need different fathers for the children and I had never thought to question it and I wondered if it was something that she had never questioned either.

I was aware of Dale entering the room but didn’t take my eyes off the page in front of me.

“What’s this?” he asked, laying down beside me.

“Honestly, I’m not sure” I told him. “I’m missing something. Something obvious and it’s driving me crazy.”

“These are all your children?”, he asked,  his hand traced the list of names before finally stopping near the names of his own children.

“Yeah, this is them. All 99” I confirmed, I glanced at the other five names on the page. “Well, 104.” I corrected myself.

“104?”, he queried I realised that was one of the things I hadn’t told him.

“Don’t ask, I might tell you all about it…someday.”

“So what’s bothering you?”

“I don’t know? I mean, I know I’m one short but at the same time it all feels kind of finished” I answered, “Does that make any kind of sense?”

“Not to me?” he replied. “Although, Crux did say something similar when I was talking to him just after you got back”

“He did?” I asked.

“Yeah, before the triplets were even born,” Dale replied. “Not that I understood it. Still don’t. I don’t understand half of the things that kid decides to tell me”

“Guess I’ll just have to go and ask him about that then” I said, starting to stand up.

“Luc, can we forget this for the moment.” Dale stopped me, pushing the paper away from the two of us. “It’s the first time the two of us have had any time alone together for weeks and the kids are going to be coming back through the door in a couple of hours.”

“Toddler’s will do that, especially when there is more than one.” I laughed, laying back down. “It’s nice having them all at school again. You’re right, I’ll track Crux down in the morning and ask him then. I’m having no luck trying to work out what I’m missing by myself”

“Just don’t take anything any further until you are sure okay. Who knows maybe in some weird way you are done?”

“You just want me to yourself for a while”, I teased.

“Yes, he said simply. “I do. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, I’m more than okay with that”



“That’s okay, it will all be quicker to organise by myself….”

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I was happy that Dale was now used to the home births and was no longer rushing me to the hospital every time I went into labour.

This time it was triplets. We welcomed two little girls and one baby boy to our family.

While Dale was thrilled with the triplets, I will admit that I slightly disappointed. I was one short, Ninety-nine children, just one short of my target.

First born was Kiruna, born with the traits Slob and Artistic.

Second was my other baby girl, Mahira. She was born Loving both the Outdoors and the Cold.

and finally Paitar born with the traits Neurotic and Easily Impressed.

Both Dale and I had taken the time to talk to both sets of twins and we hoped that things would now be calmer.

The arrival of the triplets had helped slow down the number of booby traps that were being set up and the boys had stopped conjuring the poisoned apples when we pointed out that the quads were the most likely to eat the fruit and not their intended targets, Eliya and Mika. 

It also helped that the boy’s  war conferences could no longer take place in the the nursery and they struggled to find another place that was as private.

There was still the occasional blow-up but nothing like what had occurred previously.

The boys behaviour did sometimes lapse and on more than one occasion they scared the life out of me.

Sometimes the teens had moments were  – just for one moment – they forgot they were supposed to be in the middle of a feud.

The girls sprite forms were adorable and they often used it to their advantage.

The quads were still good about completing their homework on time, unlike Eliya who just refused to even attempt hers.

When the quads were not taking care of their homework and other chores they could be found hanging out with their imaginary friends. Joslyn refused to share her Ice-cream with Peanut, just hearing that her Imaginary friend had the same name as mine once had,  brought a smile to my face.

She even took the opportunity while everyone was busy to make her self a little snack in the children’s oven.

Tuck enjoyed any activity that took place outside, the sandpit was a favourite.

As was the Spring Racer.

The new triplets were adorable but I admitted that a tiny part of me was still upset that I had missed by 100 Baby Target by just one and as I watched them I wondered if maybe my count was wrong. Somehow I doubted that was the case.

The older kids were once again wonderful with the new babies. Eliya looked after and played with them nearly every day after school.

As did Mika.

Jerid continued to surprise me with his behaviour around his younger siblings, I hoped that it was something that would continue.

Of course we had to get started on toddler training.

“Kiri this is easy, you just need to pay attention” Dale, pleaded with Kiruna.

I glanced over  at the pair, noting the look on my daughter’s face. They had been at it for a while but Kiruna was stubborn and thus far uncooperative.

“I’m sure the other kids were easier to train than this”, Dale grumbled.

“She’s fine”, I replied, lifting Mahira into my arms to celebrate another successful walking attempt.  “She is learning even if she isn’t using her voice yet”

“I think I’ll stick to teaching them to walk from now on” he grumbled. “I’m terrible with the talking”

Dale persisted with teaching Kiruna how to talk and it wasn’t really all that long before the pair were ready to start on walking.

“I think she likes learning to walk more than talking” Dale remarked, before talking to directly to Kiruna. “Didn’t like all that sitting, did you Kiri?


“Let’s show them how easy it is to learn to talk, Mahira, okay?”



Between us, Dale and I finished up the toddler’s training. Paitar, was the last of the triplets to complete his training and unlike the girls seemed to enjoy learning to talk.

It was time for birthdays….again. When I walked downstairs to organise cakes for the triplets I walked into the middle of another of the twins many arguments.

At that point I decided that it was time for the girls to celebrate their Young Adult birthday.

Eliya aged up receiving the Perfectionist trait.

She was followed by her twin Mika who rolled the loser trait. Both Eliya and Mika plan on giving the community Magic Makeovers.

Kiruna was the first of the triplets to have their birthday. She received the Vegetarian trait.

Mahira received the Neat trait.

And Paitar received the Bookworm trait.

A/N : I think this is going to be the one time I choose another trait for one of my sims, rather than the random rolls that I usually use. I don’t think the loser trait really suits Mika, she just didn’t like school. 😕 So…any suggestions on which trait I should give Mika for her fifth trait? She currently has Star Quality, Clumsy, Eccentric, Heavy Sleeper and Loser. I have every expansion except WA, so let me know what you think?

With Mika I was also trying to work out who would suit her romantically – I only came up with one answer – so yeah that’s not going to happen. Even though I think they would be perfect for each other if they were not related….

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Fairy Tricks and Poisoned Apples

My pregnancy started to show two days after I arrived home.

I wasted no time telling Dale, this time he reacted as if it was the most natural thing in the world for ones fiancée to come home from a trip pregnant with another man’s child. I seriously didn’t know what I had done to deserve him but I am grateful.

Maybe the idea that what I needed to do was nearing his end was making it all a little easier.

His genuine excitement also made me look forward to meeting the new babies that were due to arrive shortly.

We now had ten family members living in the house and while it was probably time for Eliya and Mika to become Young Adults and prepare to move out, I delayed their birthdays. I had been away longer this time than I ever had previously and I wanted to make sure I spent some time with them while they were still here. It is never intentional but keeping up to date with my children who had already moved out is always problematic. There is always too much going on right here at home.

While Dale and I could not see them, the other new family members were starting to make their presence felt. Homework and sleep was being interrupted and bathroom accidents were also starting to occur.

After witnessing a couple of the children talking to themselves, Dale became concerned enough to mention the problem to me. He had become especially attached to the quads, while he was a good father to all of my children they were the only besides his own to call him Dad.

This was because while most of the others did think of him as their father, I had never hidden that they all had another father. With the Quads, Christopher was gone and his ghost was attached to Riverview. Even if they did go to Riverview it was doubtful that they would ever be able to meet him.

After he had spent a little bit of time worrying that all four of the quads were going crazy, I finally got around to assuring him that there was nothing to worry about.

“But their talking to something that isn’t there” he argued.

“Oh honey, just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean their not real”,  I consoled him.

“It doesn’t?”, he asked.

“Werewolves are real” I teased, leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek. “And Vampires, Fairies, Witches, Aliens, Plantsims, Wishing Well Babies and possibly even Mermaids.”

“I know that!”, he replied, unamused.

“Jheran had an Imaginary Friend, don’t you remember?” I told him, “he stopped believing when he was a teen, so his never made the final transition to becoming real but he did have one.”

“I never noticed”, he told me. “How did I miss that?”

“Well it’s easier to miss if it only happens to one of the children at a time” I said. “This time it’s all four. It becomes  much more noticeable when all of them are talking to themselves”

“That makes sense I guess”, Dale said, picking up the gaming controller.

“I had one”, I told him.

“One of what?” he asked, already lost in the game on the screen.

“An imaginary friend. His name was Peanut”, I told him. “Grandma gave me a potion to make him real, right after she told me about what I had to do.”

“Do I really want to hear about this?”, Dale asked.

“He was Rhuarc Jnr’s father.”

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the younger children.

One by one they came in taking the controller off their step-father and making first me and then Dale retreat to other areas of the house.

When I got into the house I soon discovered the reason behind their sudden interest in avoiding the main house.

The teens were continuing their disagreement from previous days and even though the boys had started it, the girls were winning….easily.

Being just slightly older their magic was more developed and because the boys had been the ones to pick the fight the girls had no problem using their more advanced magic on their younger brothers.

Both girls had picked a target for their tricks and both of them had practised enough that all of their spells worked as they were supposed to.

In fact, until they had a chance to practise more the only thing the boys were able to do was try to entice their sisters to eat their conjured poisoned apples.

Unsurprisingly, both Eliya and Mika found the gifts suspicious and refused to accept anything given to them by the boys.

The boys ended up changing tactic and started to leave the apples where they hoped the girls would find them. I’d already removed them from around the fairy house several times even though I realised the girls were unlikely to be dumb enough to eat the apples.

There were other more unsuspecting victims about however. I hoped that the Quads didn’t get mixed up in the fighting and pranks currently overtaking the house.

The teens had (so far) been good about keeping the quads separate from their little war and all of them had formed bonds with their youngest siblings.

Josef and Hilde enjoyed watching television together.

Josef also always hung around a little after breakfast to chat with Joslyn.

And told stories to Sari in the gym.

Joslyn and Mika both enjoyed playing on the computer.

And of course both sets of twins were always asked to read the quads bedtime stories.

Jarid surprised me. He was always the first one to agree when someone wanted to hear a bedtime story.

Of course, I was also becoming a lot bigger.

It wasn’t long before the newest babies announced that they were now ready to be born….

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Witches vs Fairies

While I had been visiting with Crux; Dale, Eliya and Mika had continued the quads training. It had been abandoned for a while after my Grandmother’s death but continued when I was no longer in the house.

All of the toddlers had learnt at least one skill before I had left and all had nearly finished with their potty training.

By the time I was due to come home all their training had been completed.

Dale admitted later that he had lost control of his condition a couple of times.

I could understand why that had happened. Even under the best of circumstances looking after quads can be stressful and when you added that he had been worrying about me as well, I thought he had done well.

When no one had been in the nursery to stop him, Josef had started to steal candy from the toddlers.

I’m not sure where the candy came from but Josef still managed to steal some.

Little Tuck was horrified that his older brother was evil enough to steal his candy.


When I had finally arrived home from the campus it had been late and everyone was already in bed asleep. It was a relief to not only be sleeping in my own bed but to have Dale next to me once again. I had no sooner laid down and closed my eyes when Dale had pulled me into his arms.

“Welcome home” he murmured into my hair. “Missed you”

I could tell he had already gone back to sleep. “Missed you too” I whispered back, before giving in to my exhaustion.

In the morning I finally woke up and made my way downstairs.  I was immediately confronted with the chaos that was my family and I loved every minute of it.

“Ready for birthdays”, Dale asked when I entered the kitchen.

“Birthdays?” I asked , shocked. ” I missed so much.”

“Not that much” he assured me.

Mika and Eliya came downstairs holding Sari and Tuck, when they reached me Eliya transferred Tuck to my arms before getting ready to celebrate the babies birthdays.

“Happy Birthday little man” I said to my youngest son.”Are we ready to become a big boy?”

“Yes, Mama” Tuck cooed.

Tuck aged up revealing that while he had received his father Christopher’s colouring, he mostly took after me. He received the Workaholic trait.

Sari soon followed receiving The Good Sense of Humour trait.

After Dale and Eliya retrieved the remaining two quads from the nursery and they too celebrated their birthdays.  Little Hilde received the Perceptive trait and you could already showed that she was going to be a blonde version of me.

The last of the Quads to age was Joslyn.  It was hard to tell under her ghostliness but I think she may be one to look the most like her father. She received the Never Nude trait.

We still had more birthdays to get through with my twins boys ready to become teens.

Jarid aged up receiving the Mean-Spirited Trait. Noooooo! Sorry ignore this…

Josed aged up and received the Workaholic trait.

After everyone had celebrated, Jarid like Rolan before him took the opportunity to exercise his newly received mean-spirit by yelling at his older sister.

I somehow don’t think that he thought it all the way through and even he seemed to be regretting his outburst when he was on the bus surrounded by two very upset and vengeful fairies.

Josef escaped the drama his twin had created by taking his own mode of transportation to school.

With all of our children safely on their way to school, Dale and I took the opportunity to spend some time together without interruption. 

Unfortunately when the kids all came home the older children’s relationships with each other continued to deteriorate rapidly.

It wasn’t long before powers were used and a bad situation became even worse.

Eventually, in an attempt to calm the situation all the kids were asked if they had finished their homework and when only one of the quads was able to say yes, the rest were told to sit down and make sure theirs was done.

Once homework was completed both sets of twins retreated into separate rooms to discuss the days happenings. Jarid and Josef took over the now vacant nursery to plan.

While the girls remained in the kitchen voicing their concerns as to just what their brothers were up to.

And just to add to the chaos that seemed to be overtaking the household,  all four of the quads imaginary friend dolls took their first step to becoming real.

The children had all gone to bed when Dale finally got around to telling me something that he had known for days.

“I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you that we are grandparents again”, he told me.

“Well, of course”, I told him. “I get new grandchildren all the time”

Dale just looked at me as if I was missing something, and I slowly repeated what he had said in my head.

“….you said we?”, I finally said.

“I did”


“Bael’s girlfriend just had quads” Dale informed me, “he promised me he would send us a picture when he gets a chance”


A/N:  Lucia and Dale’s youngest child Bael is currently appearing in Mewmewmentor’s story Queens’ Hive. I think at this point Hive is slightly ahead in its timeline with the babies being born while Lucia was at university with Crux. So if anyone wants to see what Bael is up to, the chapters in which Bael appears begin here. 😀

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End of an Era

It wasn’t long after the quads were born that they all received dolls in mail. Having had one of these toys myself when I was a child I was happy enough to let the babies play with theirs.

The toddlers immediately fell in love with their own special toy.

The girl’s doll were identical something that I found a little creepy.

The weather outside had made it a perfect time for training the toddlers. Only Eliya and Mika and their need to be outside, braved the weather for any significant amount of time.

Mika had been busy trying out every type of wish she could think off, so far she hasn’t tried wishing for love.

Hopefully she won’t try that particular wish out. The last thing we need is another potential Zombie boyfriend stalking the house.

Inside the house the Quads had been busy learning their way around the nursery.

Little Joslyn has taken a liking to the toy car from the toy box.

Both of the older girls have been wonderful with their little brother and sisters.

Especially Eliya who has taken every opportunity to help out with their training.

She is always in the nursery taking care of her little brothers and sisters.

I had thought Grandma would be leaving after our trip to Riverview, at least that was what she had told me she was going to do. Not that I mind that she is still here, far from it but the sudden change in plans had me a little concerned.

It was nice to have everyone together. Sometimes it seemed like the entire family was in the nursery.

That’s where when the unexpected happened. At least, it was something that I haden’t been expecting. My Grandma showed little reaction like she had been waiting for it to happen.

It was then that I finally realised why she had stayed and I felt a little stupid for not putting  it together earlier.

“It’s time”, she said softly.

“ can’t be.”, I sobbed.

“Yes, I know you understand. Anything you were unsure of before will soon become clear”, Lindsay continued to speak to me.


“Lucia, you are my true heir and it is your job to look after our family and to support your heir when the time comes.”

“It’s time for me to go, but remember I love you.  I always have, even before you were born”, she told me. “Lucia, I’ll never truly be gone.”

“I love you too” I finally managed to answer.

“Girls, take care of your mum for me, okay?” she told Mika and Eliya, before looking towards the figure who had entered the room. “I’m ready”


Lucia took her grandmother’s death hard. At first I thought she was going to be okay.

I soon realised she was just going through the motions and even then I could tell it wasn’t working.

I tried everything I could think of to help her but nothing I tried was working. Even the girls tried, and tried some of their fairy magic to help her but it only ever worked temporarily.

When she took to spending most of the day beside her grandmother’s grave I knew she needed help.

I needed help.

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Past and Present

I had come home from my last trip with very mixed feelings. The entire experience had also left me feeling manipulated. Even the activities that usually helped me stay focussed, calm and relaxed seemed somehow tainted and for the moment even the usually soothing activity of adding paint to canvas wasn’t helping.

Both Mika and Eliya had been happy to see me when I had arrived home. Mika had been the one that had filled me in on what both she and her twin had been up to and  their ongoing discovery of their many in-born abilities. I didn’t have much to add to their discoveries. While I was somewhat familiar with what they could do, I only had previous knowledge of Arella and Caraline to draw on and both Mika and Eliya seemed to have gotten that far on their own.

My daughters had also discovered that Mika had a few added talents that Eliya had so far been unable to replicate. This made me question whether Mika had inherited more than just her wings from her father.

While I was gone Dale had organised a broomstick arena for Josef and Jarid.

He confided with me later that it had been a way to try to keep the boys busy and not plotting with and against  each other.

While I had been away Dale had discovered that both of the boys were witches and he was worried that this combined with their shared evil trait could cause trouble in the future.

I feared that he might just be right. Lindsay had already had a couple of run-ins with her youngest great-grandchildren. Josef in particular seemed to be developing a difficult attitude.

While in Riverview it had been lovely to see my father again, even if he did look more transparent and orange than I had remembered. He had been more aware of what had been happening in my life than I had ever realised and he had obviously been checking up on me from time to time. I found that thought comforting.

My encounter with Christopher however had left me with a feeling of guilt,  something that I had never experienced before. In one way I didn’t regret what had happened, if I was going to have children it was always nice if I at least liked the father and knew him a little. I often didn’t and Chris and I had a history and not a bad one. It had been good to see him, really good but emotions from our previous relationship had still been there, even after all this time. What I felt for Chris was nothing compared to what I felt for Dale but I still had felt something and that was where the guilt came in.

I’m sure that Dale could tell I was still working through some issues with the latest trip. I had already told him some of what had happened, not all, but some. I had mentioned seeing my father and meeting an old friend but I had left out the details.

I felt horrible about not telling him everything but it had been part of our deal, he really didn’t want to know about the other men and I really didn’t want to tell him. I had never been particularly comfortable coming home pregnant with other guys children.

“You seem tense”, Dale said, turning me around slightly so he could massage my shoulders. “Are you okay?”

“Yes……um no? I don’t know?”, I wailed. Great, apparently now answering even a simple question was now beyond me.

“Okay? I’m going to take that as a no” he replied, taking my hand and pulling me towards the rug in the corner of the room. “Do you want to talk to me about it?”

“I don’t think you want to know”

“Maybe not, but I think that maybe you need to tell me.”

“It isn’t part of our deal, its one of those things we were not going to discuss. Remember?”

“Luc, the deal is rubbish and you know it. It’s just an excuse I put together to convince you to give me a chance.”

“It’s still not fair to you. What I put you through, it’s not right”

“Maybe not but it was my decision. Mine. I wouldn’t change it” he told me, “Do you want to tell me?”

“Yes” I said softly. We were both quiet for a while, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, I was relieved he was giving me a little time to think it through.

“Okay, umm?” I started, taking a deep breath before I continued. “You know how I said how I saw an old friend in Riverview?”


“What I should have said that  I saw an old boyfriend in Riverview” I confessed.

“Okay?” he asked, my hand dropped to my stomach briefly,  as I watched his eyes followed my hand before he looked at me again. “It’s his baby? he asked.

I nodded, “Chris and I were only teenagers when we dated. I don’t even know why we broke up really. I broke up with him and then I moved. I couldn’t give you a logical reason as to why? It just feels like I pushed into it by something that I didn’t understand at the time. By this!” I waved my arm around gesturing to the entire house. “I just feel a bit weird about it is all. I mean he’s dead now, right? A ghost. I didn’t even know he’d died. ”

“Do you still love him” Dale finally asked.

“No, there are still some feelings there but no I wouldn’t say I still loved him” I answered simply, “I do love you, though”

“Is that it?”

“Yes. Am I overacting, do you think?” I asked, after he helped me to my feet. “I feel like I’m overreacting”

“Maybe?”, he laughed.

“Hey!” I shoved him away, both of us walking towards the stairs leading down to the rest of the house.

“With what happened when you were a teen. Honestly? I’d be wondering too. It seems that there is so much about this destiny of yours that you know nothing about.” Dale finally answered,  taking hold of my hand and giving it a squeeze. “As far as any of that concerns me. Yes. You’re worrying too much, you’re very much stuck with me. Feeling any better now?”

“Maybe,  just a little” I replied. “Thankyou”

It wasn’t long after my discussion with Dale that the babies were due to arrive. Mika was the only one who freaked out this time. Dale seemed strangely calm. He might be finally getting used to seeing me in labour. This time I did take pity on him and allowed him drive me to the hospital.

It wasn’t to long before we were home with the new babies. First born was Hilde  who was born with the traits Clumsy and Friendly

Followed by her brother Tuck  who Loves the Outdoors and is a Light Sleeper

Little Joslyn is Absent Minded and Artistic

And finally Sari who was born with the traits Excitable and Athletic.

A/N: I think Dale might need to lay off the weight bench. I swear he’s so much bigger than when I made him in CAS and I just got a notification that he received another working out related achievement. If he’s not with Lucia or one of the kids he’s usually in the gym or on the basketball court. 😕 Also, this has been the first pregnancy since the start of the Dale/Lucia storyline that Dale received the betrayed moodlet. I don’t really know how Lucia got caught out this time, she was on the other side of town. I thought I might as well write it in, even if Lucia is more worried about it that Dale is. 😛

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