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Lucia’s Babies No 93-102 available for download

Just letting everyone know that over the last couple of days I have been updating both Lindsay and Lucia’s Downloads pages.

1) I have finally uploaded Lindsay’s last twenty or so children and finally fixed the missing pictures of her other kids. Very late, I know!!

2) Tuck, Hilde, Joslyn, Sari, Kiruna, Paitar and Mahira are now up for download here. Also because I would probably  forget about it later, Sefela and Esole have also been uploaded early. I have also finally fixed all the links on this page. Except one…which I just found missing. 🙂

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Lucia’s Babies 55-79 available for download. :D

Just letting everyone know that I finally got around to updating my uploads today. I hadn’t really uploaded any of Lucia’s kids to the exchange since Janali and Desora way back at babies 53 & 54. 😳

Ishara, Souran, Joal, Alesinde, Kennar, Marli, Mikhel, Lidya, Lamelle, Rosana, Arrela, Caraline, Darlin, Jolene, Tylin, Beslan, Adan, Siedre, Maeric, Jheran, Niella, Rolan, Bael, Seirin & Taric have all been uploaded to my studio. I will also add the links to my download page. 🙂

Also Babies 24 Olver & 25 Matrim who I had thought lost to a ghost glitch have also been recovered and uploaded. 😀

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