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Catching Up

A week later found us in Sunset Valley.  As it was the town that my grandmother had been born and raised in, I was naturally curious. Although, it had been more than one hundred years since she had finally moved away, I imagined that the town must have changed considerably.

The house that had been organised for our stay for the next couple of days was beautiful and large enough that we wouldn’t be tripping over each other trying to get ready on the morning of the wedding. The girls would be staying on the third floor while the boys took the remaining rooms on the other floors.

Crux, true to his word had organised everything. Venue, flowers, my dress. Nothing had escaped his attention. He had even organised Eliya and Mika to help look after the younger children allowing me to see to those tiny final details that he had been unable to, not there were many. The only thing I really had to worry about had been the fit of my wedding dress and even that had required very little adjustment. He had even taken it upon himself to organise attendants. Dale’s oldest boys Maeric and Jheran would be standing with him, while Niella along with my eldest daughter Nicola would be my bridesmaids.

“Anything we need to change”, Crux asked. “because the wedding is in two days and we will need to be quick?”

“No, I think it’s all perfect. I can’t believe you’ve organised all of this!” I said,  leaning over to give him a hug.

He shrugged as if it was nothing, admittedly having access to the thoughts of both the bride and groom had to have made organisation a lot easier.

Glancing at the clock, I realised the entire morning had slipped away without my notice.”When was Nicola meant to arrive?” I asked. It had been a while since I’d had the opportunity to spend any time with Nicola and I was looking forward to reconnecting with her.

“She’s late”, Crux muttered, clearly unimpressed. “She was due to arrive early this morning”

It was another hour before Nicola arrived. “Okay, I’m here!” My eldest daughter exclaimed as she made her entrance through the side door. She gave her bag to Crux whispering as she did so, “A little more warning would have been preferable. I had to finish up certain things earlier than I originally planned. It all became a little bit messy”

“If you hadn’t been lying in the first place it wouldn’t have been a problem”, Crux stated. Something told me the pair had been in contact for a while and that Nicola had been causing Crux  a few problems.


“Mum, there you are!”, Nicola came over and gave me a hug.

“You’ve changed” I said, “You look good. What happened to all the black and the short skirts”

“I grew up” Nicola replied, “and then I worked out there were other ways to get what I want. You know, I really hate that Eben was right. He’s really annoying when he’s right about something but I’ll admit that it was so much more relaxing than what I was originally trying.”

I was silent for a while trying to work out what she meant by that. That Crux was standing behind her slowly shaking his head and looking uncomfortable was not helping. Until suddenly it hit me, Nicola had been married at least three times that I was aware of and I remembered what she and her twin had always joked about when they had been teens.

“You don’t?”, I exclaimed. “Nicola!”

“Technically, they’re usually younger than me ” Nicola continued, ” so I don’t see how I can be accused of…”


“Oh Mum, don’t be such a prude. They get what they want, I get what I want. It’s win-win and it’s not like I kill them, I’m not in that big a rush, ” Nicola responded, her eyes dropped blatantly to my stomach. “at least not yet? I just wait for them to go away on their own.”

“Uh, what do you mean by ‘Not that big a rush’?” Dale asked.

“You must be Dale, right?”


“Well, Step-Daddy. What I mean is that once Mummy here gives us all a new baby brother or sister, the clock starts ticking. For all of us.” Nicola explained, she looked around the room. “I really might have to think about marrying for love for a change. That would be an adventure don’t you think?”

“Mum, are you ready to go yet” Niella asked as she stuck her head into the room, oblivious to the discussion that had been taking place.

“Yes, I’m ready.” I responded, before turning to Nicola, “Nicola, are you coming?”

“Sure” Nicola said, and chased after Niella who had left as soon as I said I was ready. “Hey, little sister wait up!”

“Was she serious?” Dale asked, after the girls had left the room.

“Probably” I shrugged, “She always had a unique way of looking at things”

“Exactly how old is she?”, Dale asked, curious.

“She’s twenty-two years younger than I am,” I said sweetly, before continuing. “Do you really want me to be more specific?”

“Ah, no?”

“Right answer” I said, smiling before I leaned in to give him a kiss.


“The beach, we’re going to the beach?” Nicola complained when we reached our destination.

“Yes. Why, is that a problem?” Niella asked. The pair of them had been eyeing each other for the entire drive and I realised that the two of them couldn’t be more opposite personalities, hopefully they would get along – at least for a little bit.

“No, no problem” NIcola replied, “but I better not get a sunburnt”

The pair began to discuss the schedule for the morning of the wedding, I t was clear that in some ways they had more of an idea of what needed to happen than I did.

“So, 10am arrive at venue. Then we have the morning to make Mum beautiful”

“Mum’s always beautiful” Niella stated.


“What?”, Niella looked towards her older sister confused and slightly hurt.

“I’m joking!  You’re right, of course, but its her wedding day – Yes?…. She has to be the most beautiful creature in the room and you know that’s going to be hard with the two of us there” Nicola joked. Niella burst into laughter and I stopped worrying about the two of them getting along.

“So I know why I got asked to be a bridesmaid, eldest daughter and all and mum trying not to play favourites but why you little sister, where do you fit in. ” Nicola asked, “I’m curious, it’s been a while and I’ve kind of lost track of all my family connections.”

“Why me? That’s easy. Bride’s eldest daughter” Niella answered pointing at Nicola explaining, before pointing back to herself. “Groom’s only daughter”

“So your Mum’s getting married to your Dad”, Nicola responded wistfully. “Nice – unusual for this family, but nice.



The three of us spent a good portion of the afternoon at the beach. Niella was a little hard to get out of the water but that gave me plenty of opportunity to catch up with Nicola, when I thought about it I couldn’t really remember when the last time I had seen her was. She tended to move a lot, never staying long in the one place. At least now I knew why.

When Niella finally joined us, Nicola thought to ask. “So is there going to be any cute guys at this wedding?” she asked. “I mean weddings are kind of boring if there are no cute guys”

“That you aren’t related to?” I asked, dryly.

“Of course”

“Then no”

“What? Are you kidding?”

“Nope, the only one there who isn’t your brother will be your Stepfather” I told her.

“Well, you have no hope then” Nicola told Niella.

“Please, don’t hit on my Dad because that would be weird”

“Well, this is lame. The only person who’s going to get any action at this wedding is our Mother. Now, that’s just embarrassing” Nicola complained.

We all lay there quietly enjoying the sun until finally Niella broke the silence, “Maybe one of the waiters will be cute?”


A/N: For a little bit of background and to hopefully avoid some confusion. Nicola and her twin Eben where baby no 2 & 3 way back at the very beginning of Lucia’s journey. They were an interesting duo, both rolled the snob trait at birth and Nic was also born with Neurotic trait. Their child traits were rather boring but as teens Eben rolled Mean-Spirited (my very favourite trait) and Nic rolled Evil. To further round out her character Nicola received the Rebellious trait as a Young Adult. So yeah, Neurotic, Snob, Artistic, Evil and Rebellious equals a hard to handle but very interesting sim. I’ve always seen them as one of the more destructive sets of multiples that Lucia ever had in the house. For their LTW’s Nic received Emperor of Evil while her twin wished to become a Gold Digger, since leaving the house Nicola has decided that her brother’s LTW suits her more than her own. 😛

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Winter’s End

The combination of snow days and weekends off had left the kids with entirely too much time on their hands and I was really starting to look forward to the coming spring.

Sari and Hilde had taken up residence in the hot tub.

While he had been update to go to school Tuck had started to experiment with cooking and prepared breakfast for the family a number of times.

In addition to the hot tub Sari decided to make use of the gym.  And Paitar had taken to brushing his teeth over and over and over again.

Of course it was still winter and that meant the kids had plenty of outdoor snow activities to engage them.

Hilde liked to make Snow Angels. 

And all of the kids convinced Dale to join them outdoors for a Snow Ball fight.  They all had a lot of fun.  

Although some of the kids had better luck with the snowballs than others.

Yet another Igloo was built and Mahira decided to try her hand at building Snowmen. Kiruna soon came outside to give her sister a hand.  After they finished they decided to continue to keep building snowmen. Kiruna was the first to discover the Grim Reaper Snowman. Mahira quickly copied her sister, Mahira and Kiruna also convinced Joslyn to helping them in the quest to build a snowman army, By the end of the day the snowman building team had been busy and we had plenty of snowmen guarding the front of the house.


As the first Day of Spring arrived I had still been unable to contact my grandson. One moment I was reassured that he had obviously been in contact with some of his aunts and uncles, at other times I was concerned that he still hadn’t taken the time to contact me even though I had started to leave messages on his phone almost daily. It didn’t help that I still hadn’t worked out the problem I had wanted to discuss with Crux in the first place. 

So I was still one short of my one hundred baby target with no idea what my next step should be.

Later in the week after I had spent the morning drawing and Dale had come downstairs after his workout, the two of us curled up together on the lounge to watch a movie that the children had left in the DVD player. I had fallen asleep against Dale’s shoulder twenty minutes in so I missed Crux entering the room.


“Crux? Where on earth have you been, your grandmother has been trying to contact you for weeks?”

“I’ve been busy”, Crux told Dale.

“Doing what?”

“Organising something,” Crux continued.

“Luc, wake-up” Dale shook me gently awake, “Crux is here”

“What? Crux!” I came awake with a start.

“Hey Ma!”

I started to ask where he had been, why he hadn’t called and a number of other questions that occurred to me suddenly but I was interrupted by my grandson before I had even opened my mouth to speak.

I think you’ll like what I have planned since I got most of it from you”

“Sorry?” I asked even more confused that I had been to start with.

He looked at me sadly, “You still haven’t worked it out have you? It’s all there in your head you just need to recall it.” Crux said, “I even gave Grandpa here the answer but he didn’t understand it so he didn’t mention it” He turned and looked at Dale “You weren’t meant to understand what I told you, but Ma would have – if you had told her”

“What did he tell you?” I asked Dale, the feeling that I had been missing something important had stayed with me for weeks. “Do you remember?”

“He just gave me a number, the number Eight” Dale said, ” Do you know what that means?”

I thought about it for a moment, and only one answer came to mind “It can’t be that easy. Please, tell me I haven’t been stressing over a number for the past 3 weeks? ” I asked Crux, “Is that right?”

“For you it’s an important number”, he shrugged.

“No, it’s too simple” I exclaimed,  pointing at Dale, I struggled to contain my excitement even as I questioned what I now knew to be true.”it’s way too simple…NO…that can’t be right?…really?”, I asked Crux to confirm my answer, barely waiting for his answer before turning to kiss Dale.

“Luc?” Dale asked concerned, after I finally let him go.

“It’s…” I started to explain before turning to accuse Crux, “You could have told me this weeks ago”

“I was going to but….” his voice trailed off.

“But what?”

“Uh, the two of you were kind of busy at the time so I didn’t interrupt” Crux replied, I hadn’t believed it was possible but Crux went slightly pink.

“Busy with what? I would of been okay being interrupted anytime to find out that bit of information”

“Uhh, Lucia” Dale interreupted, as Crux turned a brighter shade of pink, “Umm, he means..” 

“huh?” I said confused, before I realised what they both meant”


“Anyway, because you were both busy I organised it all by myself” Crux started to explain.

“You both need to meet us all here next friday”


“It’s a surprise!” Crux told us both, “I think you’ll both like it”

“I don’t like surprises” I told my grandson “Every time someone organises a surprise for me I usually end up pregnant” Crux just stared at me and suddenly I felt like an idiot as I worked out what Crux had planned. “Oh wow, Crux you didn’t need to do that, are you sure you don’t need me to…” I was suddenly teary.

“Ma, you’ve already given me everything I need.”, he said, kissing my forehead before he made his escape outside.

With Dale standing beside me obviously still confused I had only one thought running through my head. “Dale?”


“You haven’t changed your mind about wanting to marry me, have you?”, I asked, suddenly nervous that now the time had come that he would suddenly change his mind.

“Never, why?”

“How about next weekend? Would you be interested in maybe getting married then?”

“But you said you wouldn’t marry me until you had reached One hundred children? Dale asked.

“My number is eight, Dale”, I explained.

“You know, I still have no idea what that means?”

“It means the two of us together have only reached seven, we still have one more to count” I smiled at him, before continuing. ” and I’m only one short”

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Missing Something

The girls stayed until the next morning .

They had organised an apartment in the middle of town and while they had not decided where they wanted to be long-term, they were thinking that a move out of Queenstown might be just what they needed.  

I hugged my girls goodbye, and wished them well. I would miss them, they had been a unique and welcome addition to my little family.

I was pleased that they had organised a photo for me before they left.

It was mid-morning before I finally got the chance to think about a problem that had been worrying me ever since the triplets were born. The house was quiet. The children were all at school and Dale was in-town, although he was due back at any moment.  While I was staring at a sheet of paper containing 99 names. The longer I stared the more sure I became that I was missing something. Not someone, something. I was used to suddenly knowing things, when some type of event made a scrap of information relevent somehow I always knew. This time it all felt just out of reach, like I should know but I somehow didn’t.

Grandma had described it to Dale once as being like old memories floating to the surface. That was mostly accurate, but sometimes it was no more of feeling that would point me in the direction that I needed to go. It had started when I eighteen and had caused my sudden breakup with Christopher, not that I had been aware of it at the time.   This time the memory refused to surface.

I definitely had my numbers right. I already knew that if any of my children were not raised in my house that they didn’t count towards my destiny or whatever what I was doing was. The Quin’s had proven that, when I had held the first-born in my arms with no intention of raising them, I had known immediately. I added their names to the side of the sheet but I already knew that they were not what I was missing. It had been the same with Dale’s quads but with the opposite result. As soon as they had been born I had known that were now part of my destiny. I had to admit I hadn’t been sure about that until they had arrived. My grandmother had been the one to tell me that I would need different fathers for the children and I had never thought to question it and I wondered if it was something that she had never questioned either.

I was aware of Dale entering the room but didn’t take my eyes off the page in front of me.

“What’s this?” he asked, laying down beside me.

“Honestly, I’m not sure” I told him. “I’m missing something. Something obvious and it’s driving me crazy.”

“These are all your children?”, he asked,  his hand traced the list of names before finally stopping near the names of his own children.

“Yeah, this is them. All 99” I confirmed, I glanced at the other five names on the page. “Well, 104.” I corrected myself.

“104?”, he queried I realised that was one of the things I hadn’t told him.

“Don’t ask, I might tell you all about it…someday.”

“So what’s bothering you?”

“I don’t know? I mean, I know I’m one short but at the same time it all feels kind of finished” I answered, “Does that make any kind of sense?”

“Not to me?” he replied. “Although, Crux did say something similar when I was talking to him just after you got back”

“He did?” I asked.

“Yeah, before the triplets were even born,” Dale replied. “Not that I understood it. Still don’t. I don’t understand half of the things that kid decides to tell me”

“Guess I’ll just have to go and ask him about that then” I said, starting to stand up.

“Luc, can we forget this for the moment.” Dale stopped me, pushing the paper away from the two of us. “It’s the first time the two of us have had any time alone together for weeks and the kids are going to be coming back through the door in a couple of hours.”

“Toddler’s will do that, especially when there is more than one.” I laughed, laying back down. “It’s nice having them all at school again. You’re right, I’ll track Crux down in the morning and ask him then. I’m having no luck trying to work out what I’m missing by myself”

“Just don’t take anything any further until you are sure okay. Who knows maybe in some weird way you are done?”

“You just want me to yourself for a while”, I teased.

“Yes, he said simply. “I do. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, I’m more than okay with that”



“That’s okay, it will all be quicker to organise by myself….”

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Fix Me

Crux’s idea of fixing me involved dragging me home with him and badgering me with his thoughts. It’s not like I had much defence against this method because I didn’t need to say anything and while I wanted to simply NOT think, it just wasn’t possible.

Of course, while he had previously always given me time to vocalise whatever was going through my head he now didn’t bother and I answered him unwillingly in my head As such he knew exactly what I was thinking without me having to  even utter a sound. He knew when it was time to distract me and when it was time to back-off and just leave me to wallow. I found the entire experience calming and not as intrusive as I had originally thought it would be. I also found myself accepting and coming to terms with Crux’s differences. Something I had never fully grasped when he was in the house.

I ended up staying at Crux’s dorm and as such ended up meeting most of his friends. He even dragged my along when he went to class. He was studying for an art degree, the one that I would have taken if I had ever had the time to go to university. While I still really didn’t want to be there the subject matter was something I was interested in. Slowly, I began to take an interest in what was being discussed.

Crux didn’t hide the fact that he had a gigantic crush on one of the girls in his Dorm and spent the time that he wasn’t talking my ear off trying to get her to go out with him.  Allie seemed immune to his charm. While I felt sorry for him, I was also amused that everything he tried wasn’t working and I had to smile as I watched his every attempt fail. I was pleased to notice that he wasn’t using any of his alien powers on her.

I thought that the ability to read her thoughts would make it easy for him, but that was apparently not the case. She rebuffed his effort to form any sort of bond with her. He even asked me what he was doing wrong. I really couldn’t help much. I would have given up long since, I was never looking for a long-term commitment and as such had never pursued anyone with the intent of actually keeping them.

It took him quite a while to get a date with Allie  and unfortunately for me it came with strings. I’d been reading when the two of them had come inside from their latest argument.

“I need a favour” Crux asked, after Allie had made her way upstairs.

“No”, I answered, once again not bothering to verbalise my answer.

“Ma! She agreed to go bowling with me if it was as part of a group” he told me.

“I’m not sure what you think I can do to help” I continued, I knew he could tell I was wavering.

“Please! I want you to be part of the group and I was also going to invite one of my other friends?”

“You mean like a Double Date?” I asked, “Crux, I can’t do that!”

“Why not? You’re going to have to find another guy soon, yes?”

“Oh, great! Now I have my grandson setting me up!” I replied.

“Please, I need help?”

“Just who am I supposed to be going with”

“Just a friend of mine”


“He’s a professor here at the University”


“It’s just bowling Ma, it’ll be fine.”

“Crux”, I warned.

“I’ll introduce him to you tomorrow”, he told me, giving me a kiss on the cheek before making his escape upstairs.

“Thanks Ma!”

“Crux, I don’t remember saying yes” I yelled up the stairs as he disappeared.


The following morning I took the opportunity to escape the dorm room, I knew Crux would know where I was going. I had promised I would attend class with him later in the afternoon but I needed a moment to myself.

I spent the morning enjoying the sunshine and sketching pictures of the Campus below.

Later when I had met back up with Crux, we ended up drawing again. I had no complaints as it was an activity that I had always enjoyed, although recently I’d had less opportunity to indulge in it.

“How did you get Grandpa to fall in love with you?”, Crux asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the rest of the class.

“I have no idea, you would have to ask him that.”,  I told him honestly, “I’m amazed he puts up with my drama, but you might like to try just being friends with Allie first”

“Really, do you think that would work?”, he asked.

“I’m fairly sure it’s what worked on me”, I confessed.


It was the following evening when I was finally persuaded to go bowling with Allie, Crux and Crux’s Professor. We had met earlier that day and even I would admit that he was cute. His name was Marshall Gamble and told me that he was amazed with Crux’s persuasive abilities. I wasn’t and Crux spent the rest of the afternoon convincing me that this outing was a good idea. He talked, countering every objection I had before I had even thought one through. In the end I gave in. At least it was an excuse to get out of the dorm, it was all starting to feel a little cramped. I was sure it was nearly time for me to go home.

Allie and Crux seemed to be getting along well. He had decided to take my advice to try just being friends with Allie before pursuing anything more.

Marshall was nice and we got along well.

He was nice enough not to laugh when I showed just how little bowling I had done in the past and was the one who suggested we all play pool instead.

I’ll admit it was an activity that I had far more experience with even if the pool table at home saw little use.

We played for hours and I realised that I really did like Allie and hoped that she and Crux remained at least friends for the foreseeable future. I also liked Marshall but this was not the time to ask him to help me out.

“Don’t say anything” I warned Crux, as he smirked knowingly at me. “I don’t want to hear it”

“Told you so”, he whispered quietly as he walked behind me preparing to take his shot. I glared at him in response.


The following day I decided that it was time for me to go home. While I had enjoyed my much-needed break with Crux, I missed my family at home and I missed Dale. There was just one thing I needed to take care of first and as much as I didn’t want to admit it I needed to find another man to father my next children.

I finally found Marshall in his classroom.


“Hi” I answered, standing awkwardly in the doorway.

“I had a great time last night” he told me, finally breaking the silence.

“Me too, it was fun” I answered, “So I was wondering if Crux has told you anything about me at all”

“Crux, your grandson you mean?” he smiled, ” I believe he told me quite a bit”

“He did?

“He did”

“So if I asked if you would mind helping me out, you would know what I meant?”

“I believe so, yes”

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End of an Era

It wasn’t long after the quads were born that they all received dolls in mail. Having had one of these toys myself when I was a child I was happy enough to let the babies play with theirs.

The toddlers immediately fell in love with their own special toy.

The girl’s doll were identical something that I found a little creepy.

The weather outside had made it a perfect time for training the toddlers. Only Eliya and Mika and their need to be outside, braved the weather for any significant amount of time.

Mika had been busy trying out every type of wish she could think off, so far she hasn’t tried wishing for love.

Hopefully she won’t try that particular wish out. The last thing we need is another potential Zombie boyfriend stalking the house.

Inside the house the Quads had been busy learning their way around the nursery.

Little Joslyn has taken a liking to the toy car from the toy box.

Both of the older girls have been wonderful with their little brother and sisters.

Especially Eliya who has taken every opportunity to help out with their training.

She is always in the nursery taking care of her little brothers and sisters.

I had thought Grandma would be leaving after our trip to Riverview, at least that was what she had told me she was going to do. Not that I mind that she is still here, far from it but the sudden change in plans had me a little concerned.

It was nice to have everyone together. Sometimes it seemed like the entire family was in the nursery.

That’s where when the unexpected happened. At least, it was something that I haden’t been expecting. My Grandma showed little reaction like she had been waiting for it to happen.

It was then that I finally realised why she had stayed and I felt a little stupid for not putting  it together earlier.

“It’s time”, she said softly.

“ can’t be.”, I sobbed.

“Yes, I know you understand. Anything you were unsure of before will soon become clear”, Lindsay continued to speak to me.


“Lucia, you are my true heir and it is your job to look after our family and to support your heir when the time comes.”

“It’s time for me to go, but remember I love you.  I always have, even before you were born”, she told me. “Lucia, I’ll never truly be gone.”

“I love you too” I finally managed to answer.

“Girls, take care of your mum for me, okay?” she told Mika and Eliya, before looking towards the figure who had entered the room. “I’m ready”


Lucia took her grandmother’s death hard. At first I thought she was going to be okay.

I soon realised she was just going through the motions and even then I could tell it wasn’t working.

I tried everything I could think of to help her but nothing I tried was working. Even the girls tried, and tried some of their fairy magic to help her but it only ever worked temporarily.

When she took to spending most of the day beside her grandmother’s grave I knew she needed help.

I needed help.

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The boys had finally allowed me to go outside, after refusing to let me out the door for almost twenty minutes.

“Are you crazy?!” I yelled at Dale.

I was taken by surprise when he just smiled at me glaring at him and pulled me in for a kiss.

When I tried to hit him he just laughed at me, catching my wrists . “Luc, its okay. It’s over”‘

“‘I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!”‘ I glared at him, his smile just made me more annoyed. ”I don’t know why you’re smiling. What if you had killed him?”

If anything his smile grew wider.  “Not likely…” he told me, “he fainted”‘

Jheran and Bael had followed me outside and I could hear their reaction to that piece of news.

“He what?”‘

“I barely touched him…” Dale explained, ”he fainted”

“He fainted?”I queried, looking at Nicholas lying in the snow. I continued to ignore the laughter behind me.

Suddenly they were  all laughing including the three boys who had just come upon the scene.

“‘Aww, mum. don’t be angry”, Taric said.

“‘Just don’t” I said, rounding on them, ”I don’t want to hear another word about this.” With one final glare at the werewolf responsible the entire event, I turned and headed back towards the house.


It wasn’t long before the blanket of snow that had covered the landscape for most of the winter finally gave way to spring. With his love of the outdoors and his in-born affinity with plants it was appropriate that Jaem’s birthday was occurring in the spring.

Jaem aged up into a handsome teen receiving the Grumpy trait.

It was also time to say goodbye to Crux. I admit that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye but it was time.

He and Dale were in the middle of one of their very one-sided conversations. They seemed to have them all the time now.

I however still wasn’t completely comfortable with Crux knowing my every thought, and Crux knew it.

As a result he always allowed me to verbalise what I wanted to say, rather than answering my unasked questions before I asked them.

“I’m going to miss you” I told him, wrapping him into a tight hug.

“I’ll miss you too, Ma” he told me, “He loves you, you know. Are you ever going to let him off the hook?”

“Of course” I replied, I honestly wasn’t sure why I hadn’t already. I had forgiven him for our little drama, I just hadn’t found a way to tell him. I knew he loved me and I certainly loved him, it should have been easy, right?

“Soon?”, Crux interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes”, I said throwing Dale a guilty look.

As he walked out the door, he turned, and looked at me, “Ma, you have a visitor in the kitchen. Say hi for me.”


“You’ll see”

After Crux at left, I went to see who my surprise visitor was. I was shocked, usually she gave me some warning when she decided to pay me a visit. Still it was wonderful to see her again.


“Oh, hi honey. Miss me?”


A/N: So you may have noticed or may not have noticed that I jumped around a little in the last couple of chapters. In the process I managed to completely miss an important birthday (Sorry Jaem…. 😦 ), Dale & Lucia are taking longer to get back on track than anticipated (totally worth it, lol) and a couple of events happened in a slightly different order than what they did in game.   Anyway, this is why this chapter is a little all over the place as it needs to bring all the storylines together so that they match up again.

Bonus Pic: This interaction became available when I was trying to get the pics for this chapter. It isn’t going to fit anywhere, ever but I thought it was funny. Dale really didn’t like it when Lucia hit him with the newspaper. 😆

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Nothing but Trouble – Part 2

“Not that I’m not thrilled to see the two of you but why are you here?” I asked Jheran and Bael, who had unexpectedly paid me a visit and were now in my kitchen.

“No real reason” Jheran said, “we just wanted to see you”

“Not that that’s not a lovely thing for a mother to hear”, I said “but I doubt that’s the whole reason. Anything else you wish to share?” I asked, eyes locking onto Bael as he started to look uncomfortable.

“Boys? Come on, I’m not an idiot. Why now?” I pressed them.

“Grandpa asked them too” Crux answered for them from his seat at the other end of the table.

“How di…” Bael started to say before being interrupted.

“He asked father too, but he wouldn’t come” Crux continued, ‘because I’m here”

“Okay, so your dad asked the three of you to visit me, and only the two of you could make it?” I asked, glancing at Crux. I was once again angry with Rolan’s treatment of his son.

“Yes” Bael said shortly, looking sympathetically at Crux.

How had Crux known, it was obviously the truth. It was also obvious that my boys hadn’t planned to fill me in with that much information. Even with Crux helping out with the explanation I could tell that I wasn’t being told something.

“Anything else I need to know, why the three of you? Why not the other boys? Where’s Niella? This obviously isn’t a little family get together or all seven of you would have been invited….” I started to ask as the many unanswered questions occurred to me.”

They glanced uneasily at each other and remained silent.


“My other Uncles are out hunting with Grandpa.” Crux was the one to explain again.

“They’re hunting with your grandfather?” I asked Crux, he seemed to be the only one willing to fill me in.


“Did you not catch the part were Dad didn’t want her to know?” Jheran asked Crux, “You seem to be able to pick every other little thought out of our head, did you miss that one?”

“But she should know? Crux looked confused, “Grandpa should have told her what the problem was from the beginning”

“We had it under control”

“That man is dangerous and crazy, there is no controlling that.” Crux continued reasonably.

Oh, I suddenly realised what this was all about…Nick Crawford. The roundabout conversation was all suddenly starting to make sense.

“Crux, how long have you known about this?” I asked him, surely I should have noticed that my grandson could read minds if it had been happening for any length of time.

“I found out after my birthday” Crux answered “suddenly I just knew.”

“Does anyone else know?”

“Just Grandpa”, Crux replied.”He’s been ‘thinking’ at me all afternoon”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, Bael and Jheran had obviously been sent to ‘visit’ to protect me in some way.

“Uncle Jheran? It’s time to make that call” Crux informed us.

What on earth was Dale up too…


Turns out Dale was on the hunt, it seemed that Nick’s threat that he would see him soon was genuine. There were however a few things about Dale that had changed since the last time the two of them had met face to face and Dale planned on fully exploiting them.

Maeric, Sierin and Taric had been helping their father out by keeping a guard out around town. They knew that Nicholas was still in town and that the police had so far been unsuccessful in locating him. Nicholas Crawford been on the run for a number of years ever since Dale had discovered his secret and had informed the police of his former best friends criminal activities.

It had taken months and they still hadn’t found him. Until that morning when he had been spotted in town.

“It’s about time you showed up” Dale said, “I was starting to think you’d run again.”

“If I knew that you were waiting for me I would have arrived sooner” Nick said. “How’s our girl?”

“That’s really none of your business”

“After all that the two of us shared, I think it just might be”

“I know this isn’t about Lucia, what exactly is it that you’re after? Why would you even risk coming back here?”

“I wanted to get some revenge, Dale. I think I deserve it after what you did?

“What exactly did I do, Nick?”

“We were friends Dale, and you betrayed me.”

“It was wrong what you were doing, I did what I had to”

”My best friend conspiring to get me locked away”, Nick sneered.

“It was illegal and dangerous and it was only a matter of time before somebody got hurt. That girl was lucky to survive” Dale said. ”I don’t regret telling the police what you were doing. I would do it again if I had to”

“Nick, the police are already on the way.” Dale continued, ”You are finally going to pay for what you did all those years ago.”

“What! You actually think you can keep me here all by yourself?’ Nick replied “I was always stronger than you, I can leave anytime I want.”

“Things have changed” Dale said quietly

“What the hell are you!!” Nick yelled as Dale transformed.

“As I said, things have changed…”

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Snowman Scaring

We had delayed Aisling and Malevin’s birthdays for far too long and with the quads due to start toddler training I decided to age the twins up first.

Malevin aged up with the Charismatic trait .

Aisling received the Rebellious Trait.

Almost immediately it became apparent that aging Aisling up to a teen had been a good idea, as she loved looking after the toddlers.

She even helped me out with the toilet training which I really appreciated.

Everyone seemed to spend at least some time in the nursery.

Even Dale helped with teaching a couple of the quads to talk. He wasn’t around as much as he had been previously, suddenly he seemed to be very concerned about his small werewolf pack.  They often went out on small hunts and while I was happy that he and our sons were spending time together…..I missed him.

Thankfully all of the babies seemed to be quick learners because teaching four children at once can be hectic. Breyan was often happy enough playing on the activities table.

With four babies it is sometimes hard to care for each child in a timely manner. Iselle does have the cutest pouty face and I did occasionally leave her in the cot just a little bit longer than necessary just to see it.

Dale also found Iselle’s sad face irresistible.

It was nice to sometimes get a small amount of one-on-one time with the children. Ryne has one of the sweetest laughs.

He was so determined to learn to walk that he had mastered the skill in no time at all.

Finally, we were done. Four toddlers ready to become children.

Dale came home to help out with the birthdays.

Little Ryne was the first to take the step into childhood, he received the Shy trait.

Akir followed rolling the Bookworm trait.

Breyan received the Computer Whiz trait.

Iselle aged up received the Perfectionist trait.

After the quads had all become children it was time for a very special birthday.

Crux was finally coming into his full powers as a young adult. He received the Irresistable trait. I wondered what he was truly capable of.

With winter still in full force, the children started to spend a lot of time on snow related activities. Making snowmen became extremely popular.

Malevin seemed to take great pleasure in scaring the life out of anyone who made one, though.

No one was safe. 

I even went out to help Aisling finish one of her masterpieces.

I?also took the opportunity to get a little painting done. No toddlers = having some time to paint. 🙂

Now that Malevin was a little older, he and Dale discovered a shared interest in sports and the pair could often be found discussing and participating in various athletic  activities.

Malevin also loves to read. Something that he gets from me.

To make full use of his many fine traits, Malevin was also spending  a great deal of time working on his chess skill.

The following day, Crux graduated. When he finally made it back home he was so drained that he needed to regain his brainpower.

He looks handsome in his tux.

AN:  A interesting note that I read somewhere today. If your alien tries to grow a plant sim there is a chance that they will grow an alien plant baby instead.  Something else for me to try at a later date. 😀

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Brain Power

It didn’t take long for Crux’s alien powers to manifest now he was a teen, it did take us a little by surprise. It seems that Crux no longer needs to sleep, all he needs to do rejuvenate his brain power (whatever that means?).

I may need to tell him not to rejuvenate at the kitchen table, Alene was a little annoyed with him interrupting her breakfast. Loise was unconcerned but Loise has abilities of her own.

Abilities that she does not hesitate to use. I sure am going to miss her and they way she can clean the entire house with just the wave of her hands. It saves me from having to clean everything myself. Our maid is useless. I wonder why I even continue to pay her….

We had all recently recieved new phones. Dale and I tried out one of the fancy new features.

Dale claimed the photo for himself, I only saw it for a brief moment but all seemed to work fine. Lets all forget the Lucia becomes Dale Fiasco shall we?….it all went well, really it did!!! P

It was the weekend so everyone had a little bit of time on their hands. Aisling, my star student made sure that she got her homework done early on and then spent most of the weekend reading in her room. With Loise and Alene leaving in the morning she was already starting to lay claim to their entire bedroom.

Jaem became one of the only kids to ever use the playground in the backyard.

He loved being on the lookout for anyone and everyone who walked past, if he was outdoors he was happy.

Jaem also like spending time in the pool, he was getting really creative in his use of the diving board.

That evening after everyone was tired and ready for bed, Alene and Crux where asked for bedtime stories by Jaem and Malevin.

They both helped out by putting their siblings to bed for the night. Which I appreciated.

Afterwards Crux challenged Alene to some baskteball.

Even after Crux demonstrated what she needed to do, Alene seem very unsure. I didn’t blame her.

Alene: Crux? This isn’t really my thing, maybe I should go back inside? You know, where its warm and more importantly inside!

Crux: Alene it’s easy, I’ll show you again.

Alene: Umm, yeah, that really isn’t going to help me a whole lot…..I still don’t think this is a good idea!

Crux: Just try it!

Alene: Okay, just one try. I better not fall on my butt….

Alene: Owwww! Crux, I’m totally blaming you!!

After Crux had finished embarrasing Alene on the basketball court, Alene returned inside to an activity she did enjoy. I doubt it will be long before she owns a piano of her own.

Crux however was obsessed and early the next morning he was once again to be found on the court.

Crux also had another obsession. He seemed to contantly be talking to the old mirror in the garage, and I swear that once I even heard it talk back….

After basketball and his encounter with the mirror Crux needed to restore his brain power, Alene will be relieved that it wasn’t at the kitchen table this time.

Afterwards he was back outside to spend the rest of his evening in the spa.

In the morning it was time for Alene and Loise to leave home. I was going to miss them and not just for Loise’s cleaning ability.

I gave my girls the hugs that I desparately needed, I’ll admit that their shared evil trait had me worried.

When I went back into the kitchen after they had left, I found this photo sitting on the kitchen bench waiting for me. 🙂

AN: Just realised what the next chapter is supposed to be……why, oh why did I think that was a good idea? Oh yeah I remember….but that doesn’t mean I have to like it….. 😕

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Plantsim Training

Everyone immediately loved little Jaem,

and Dale, I’m sure, loved that  my newest child hadn’t required input from another guy that wasn’t him.

We were still doing well, and so far everything had been perfect but even I was aware that there had to be a limit to his understanding. It was something I really didn’t want to test.

I quickly started little Jaem’s training, Dale was due to leave for work again soon so it was something that I wanted to complete quickly. Trying to find time with both Dale and the other children was also a priority.

There was only one of him so training seemed to progress quickly.

I do think he would have been happier if I had trained him outside, he wasn’t a child that enjoyed being cooped up in the nursery all day.

Dale challenged me to a dunking contest, I still don’t know why I said yes. I am in no way naturally athletic like Dale is and over the years have only made a half-hearted attempt to try anything that has involved running around.

After Dale had finished trouncing me on the basketball court, It was time to teach Jaem how to walk. He was a natural and when he walked he left a trail of flowers behind him whin I  thought was adorable.

While I was busy with Jaem, the other kids were all busy outside. I don’t know how she did it, but once again Aisling had convinced Alene that running around outside  playing tag was a good idea.

Crux had challenged Loise to a water balloon fight.

It seemed to involve a lot of taunts and name calling, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

All to soon it was time for Jaem to become a child.

For his birthday Jaem received the unlucky trait.

Alene was still working hard on her bid to become a One Man  Woman Band, Loise was often there supporting her.

The older they became the closer seemed to be. I didn’t see that changing anytime soon.

Crux was busy in the kitchen once again pretending to be a king ruling his subjects.

After he finally became to tired to continue with his make-believe Crux interrupted the girls to ask Loise to read him a bedtime story.

The following morning Crux nearly missed the bus because he was too busy playing basketball. It was to be his last day as a child as he was due to become a teen in the afternoon, his aunts Loise and Alene were also ready to be come young adults.

In the afternoon, after the kids had all come home from school I finally got  around to organising another family portrait.

Then it was time for those very special birthday. First up was my Grandson Crux, he also became a snob. As a teenager Crux also began to be able to access his alien powers. It will be interesting to see how that all works.

He was followed by his Aunt Alene, who I think aged up beautifully. Alene received the Evil trait for her Young Adult birthday. That means that Alene and Loise now share two traits, Workaholic and Evil. These two will either be partners in crime and remain the best of friends or they will end up getting each others way. 😛 Alene’s Life Time wish has been locked in for quite a while. I’m sure it won’t be long until she achieves what she wants and she is already more than halfway to achieving her goal of being a One Man Band.

Because she aged up before her twin, Alene was enthusiastic in cheering Loise on.

The twins birthdays seemed to set of another werewolf transformation in Dale.

I’m not sure why  but birthdays always seem to set him off.

This time it was Crux that couldn’t handle all of the excitement.

Loise also became a beautiful Young Adult, she received the loner trait. Loise plans to become the CEO of a major corporation.

Afterwards we all settled in to enjoy our abundance of birthday cake as a family.

Alene seemed to be a little  woozy since she became a Young Adult, the shock of now agreeing with her sister on certain things must be a little confusing.

Loise seemed to be suddenly fascinated with Dale’s eating habits.

I would have thought that she would have been used to that by now.

I knew it was nearly time to say goodbye to my girls, they would be moving out soon.  I should be used to that it never gets any easier.

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