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The Boys Leave Home

The following day my oldest boys became young Adults.

Artur as usual aged up first. He received the Natural Cook Trait for his final trait and is going to pursue becoming a Five-Star Chef.

Luthair aged up straight after and became Handy, he wants to be a Firefighter Superhero.

Later that night they organised their leaving home picture.

In the morning it was time for them to find new accomodations.

We all congregated on the lawn to say our goodbyes.

I recieved hugs from both of my boys,

and all to soon it was time for Artur to make the phonecall to leave for their new home.

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New Arrivals

Artur has been enjoying the slip’n’slide.

Luthair meanwhile has been enjoying the pool table,  I think that this may have been the first time since buying it that someone has actually used it.

Thankfully the pair of them seem to get along.

Which is nice when you consider their opposing traits. Good vs Evil and all of that. 😉

I’ve been busy trying to stock up on some food so it is something that I don’t have to worry about when the new babies arrive.

Desora and Janali both spent some time catching up with their homework.

Janali seems to be struggling more than Desora.

Finally it was time to make that now familiar trip to the hospital.

A couple of hours later I emerged with a basket.

Introducing my newest babies Alesinde born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Heavy Sleeper.

Ishara who was born with the traits Virtuoso and Brave.

Joal who received the traits Genius and Party Animal.

and finally Souran who received the Virtuoso and Easily Impressed traits.

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Baby Number 50 Grows Up

It seems that Janali has takien over the title of ruler of the kitchen table.

It’s pretty impressive in ghost form.

Today it was time for the older kids birthday, so everyone had to be rounded up to the festivities

Artur and Luthair were up first.

Artur received the vegetarian trait.

Luthair received the Brave trait.

Next up it was time for my Genie Triplets to age up.

Chimal beat the other girls to the cakes.

Chimal received the Unflirty Trait. She wants to become a Superstar Athlete.

Tuon received the Natural Cook Trait. She wants to start a Perfect Private Aquarium.

And finally Baby No 50 became a Young Adult. Ravashi received the Family Orientated Trait and wants to be surrounded by family.

After they became Young Adults they posed for their leaving home pictures.

I can’t believe that my 48th, 49th and 50th babies are all grown up. WOW!

Afterwards the girls and I went outside to say our goodbyes.

They were all eager to start the next stage of their life.

I gave all my girls goodbye hugs.

Until finally Tuon made the phone call to get the three of them moved to their new house.

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Toddler Training

Once again Artur is busy ruling in the kitchen.

He never seems to stop, it is by far his favorite activity.

He is getting very good at it too. Check out that face.

Once again my teenagers helped out with their younger siblings. ❤ Chimal feed Janali, while Ravashi was on cleaning duty. Of course. 😉

When Janali had finished eating I got started on her toddler training.

Occasionally taking a break when she got tired or just because I wanted a cuddle.

Ravashi spent some time with Desora.

After which she retired to the girls room to catch up on her reading.

Potty training was going slow,

Even Chimal was helping out with the toilet training.

Desora had taken a liking to her new doll.

Finally walking training with Janali.

How adorable is that pic? Love it. 😀

Ravashi was the poor unsuspecting victim of the computer booby trap. Tuon’s fault again, I think?

And finally I had my youngest twins trained up and ready for birthdays.

Desora went first becoming another of my children to inherit my clumsy trait.

Followed by Janali pictured here in sim form, she received  the bookworm trait.

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