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3.3 Problems of Yesterday

The following day my grandmother went home and suddenly it was just me. It felt odd. Being alone was something was something I had never really experienced before.  I had come from a family of eight and as we had grown we had been visited often by my father’s older children. His children that he had with my grandmother…. strange I know, but in my rather large family tree there was precedent.

I quickly discovered I didn’t like it when it was this quiet.  I was used to sharing my room with my younger sister’s, with Nadine’s refusal to stop playing with our old doll house even though she should have given it up years ago. I missed Emmett’s constant pranks and how even though he was now in highschool he would often come over and hug me for no apparent reason. I mostly missed Erin, my sister and my best friend. Erin was who I was mainly upset about. We had all grown up knowing that Erin as the only non-fae sibling would also have the shortest lifespan. Knowing that I was no longer going to age even a day until well after I had raised one hundred children made me realise I was guaranteed to lose Erin at some point in the future.

I spent the morning wandering around the house. I watched television, turned on the stereo and played music that would have a one time would have made me want to dance but it didn’t anymore. I would open the fridge, closing it almost immediately when I realised that there was nothing inside that I wanted. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t tired. I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

It was later that day that I received the first indication that the previous days romantic encounter had been successful.

I felt horrible. I wasn’t really surprised when I lost my lunch.

When I had stormed out of the house the last thing on my mind had been trying to start my family, as far as I was concerned it was never going to happen. Obviously I had been very, very wrong.

Today I realised that I am going to discover what one of Anthony’s children will look like. Just like that. I’m pregnant.


The day before…

Painting was something that my grandmother had suggested as a way of making a living, a way of paying the bills for the house that I now found myself responsible for – I wasn’t very good – even with practise I don’t think this would be something that I could make any money of. 

It seemed that my artistic ability was one thing that I hadn’t inherited from my grandmother. I had been trying to paint when I first saw him.

I was surprised when he asked if I was hungry and if I wanted to share the meal that he had just prepared with him. He was really nice and I enjoyed the company. It was nice to finally be around someone who didn’t remember me from before. When I had my wings – when I could fly…

When Anthony and I were chatting I came to realisation that I was different. I was already wondering what a child of his would look like.

Before I had really thought about it, I had kissed him. No warning, no flirting.

I just kissed him and even I was surprised that after on a small hesitation he was kissing me back.

It didn’t take long for this to escalate and for Anthony and I to take advantage of the camping areas amenities.

Immediately after I realised that I had just done what I had been trying to avoid. The reason I had stormed out of the house. Even then I had known, that given my family history, that there was a very high chance that I was pregnant.

For the second time that day I ran away, it was obviously the wrong thing to do. Anthony had been nothing but nice to me, but I just left him there,  calling my name and trying to get me to stop running.



A/N: I promised myself I would schedule my posts but I just want to get to the babies! Oh well, maybe I ‘ll do better with that when the babies get here? :/

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