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3.4 Facing the Music

Today, I was surprised by a knock on the door. Anthony had spent the last couple of days trying to track me down. Apparently, I had made quite an impression. I was sure that I had came off as crazy but here he was looking for me. I couldn’t help but feel touched by the gesture and when he went to hug me I welcomed the embrace.

Anthony was concerned about me and I did my best to reassure him that everything was okay.

“Why did you run off”, he asked.

“I was having a bad day”, I admitted. “I didn’t mean to run off like I did but I panicked. I’m sorry that I dragged you into it”

“I really don’t mind”, he laughed.

“Oh…that’s good”, I smiled. “I can’t believe you spent all of that time trying to find me”

“Joanne” he started, pausing as he tried to formulate his thoughts. “You left before I had the chance to ask you out on a proper date”

My heart sank. I couldn’t date. I knew that, even thinking out it at this point would end in tears. His and mine. “I…”

“Please say you’ll have dinner with me on Saturday?”

“I’m sorry Anthony, I can’t. I can’t be involved with anyone at the moment. it’s really not a good idea” I tried to explain.

“and the reason for that is?” Anthony asked, disappointed.

For the first time ever I explained. As I did the expression of his face became less and less friendly.

“So, you used me?” he said angrily

“Not deliberately” I started to apologize, “I’m sorry”

“I don’t think sorry covers it do you?” he yelled.


“Look Joanne, don’t bother trying to apologise any more, I don’t want to hear it.” he yelled, before finally turning to leave. “I really liked you, you know. I don’t think I do anymore”

It was sometime later that day that my first pregnancy became visible. As much as I hadn’t wanted this, I was looking forward to the baby’s arrival and decided that I really needed to get organised.

In the days that followed I realised that I needed to find a way to earn some money. Grandma Lucia was right, even though the house was paid for it was still expensive to maintain. I couldn’t paint and I had no natural talent in that area anyway. Something that I had always enjoyed doing was inventing, I had always tinkered as a child and at one time had even made a little money selling the result.

With this in mind I paid a visit to the local scrapyard. I couldn’t afford to buy the scrap, but if I could salvage it I might be able to make a profit.

By the end of a very exhausting day, I returned home with my salvaged scraped and packed it away in the garage. It would be there waiting for me when I finally got the time to try to invent something.


I ate a little dinner and also watched some television. For some reason that I didn’t understand I now seemed to be strangely drawn to the children’s channel.

I also managed to fill a little of my time reading.

I was enjoying a soak in the bathtub when the first pain hit me.

I stupidly hadn’t realised that it would hurt this much.

The baby had decided that it was ready to arrive and everything happened quicker than I had ever thought possible. Before I knew it I was holding my first child in my arms, and soon after a second.

My grandmother had told me what to do next, and I didn’t hesitate in ageing my children up. First born was Finch, he was born with the Genius and Excitable traits.

I named his twin Tulip, she was born with the Easily Impressed and Excitable traits.

Both babies were soon asleep.

After a small nap, I decided it was time to start inventing. I now had two children depending on me to provide for them and I knew I still had so much to learn.


A/N: I’m a little out of practise with the pics of babies being born and I seem to have completely missed taking one for the twins. Oops. Also as you may have noticed the naming theme has changed from the last two generations. I have exhausted all the names I like from that source, lol. For Joanne’s generation, I decided to go with something that I think suits Jo. Joanne still thinks of herself as a fairy, and so, I have decided to give all of the children fairy names found in a Fairy name generator online. 😀 Lil.

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