Generation 1 Downloads, Lindsay

Children of Generation One (Lindsay)

Beware of Pudding Sims and Default Hair!!!

 This challenge was started in early 2012 and I  was just getting back into playing The Sims 3 after walking away when it newly released and not liking the differences between it and Sims 2. Unfortunately,   I couldn’t go back to Sims 2 because it didn’t feel  right anymore either!!! When I played this challenge I started to write it up, I took photos and even had some updates written but I played too far ahead and I lost interest. Lindsay is such a huge part of The Young Babies and the Young Family in general that I did finish the challenge but for fun. 🙂  Here are all of her children! There are a fair amount of both Pudding Sims and Fugly default hair here but Lindsay also had some great kids! This generation includes Lucia’s father Rhuarc Snr and Marin who is the Founder of the Young Legacy.

Note: Lindsay’s children will most likely need makeovers when when you get them in game as I removed all of their CC before I uploaded them.  Berry Sweet Sims will require a cc skin which can be downloaded here.

Pictures below are just to show you what they looked like in my game.

Thanks, Lil. 😀

TOU: For this generation there isn’t one. Really, do what you like! BUT if  you download one of the kids with default hair PLEASE, Please, Please change it. (I changed all of Gen 2’s default hair before I uploaded them and I’m not planning on letting Gen 3 kids even have it in the updates. :P) .

Baby No 1: Talen Young, (Geoffrey Landgrabb)

Baby No 2: Egwene , Baby No 3: Nynaeve  (Simis Bachelor)

Baby No 4: Arwen (Connor Frio)

Baby No 5: Mikael, (Marty Keaton)

Baby No 6: Rand & Baby No 7: Matrim   (Hank Goddard)

Baby No 8: Eowyn Young (Lane Clementson)

Baby No 9: Elayne, Baby No 10. Gawyn (Leighton Sekemoto)

Baby No 11. Perrin Young, Baby No 12. Faile Young. (Joey Vaughn)

 Baby No 13: Moiraine, Baby No 14. Thom. (Seth Gregg)
 Baby No 15. Galad, Baby No 16. Logain (Brent Potter)
Baby No 17. Siuan Young, Baby No 18. Leane Young

Baby No 19. Elmindreda (ghost), Baby No 20. Lan Young (Simon Crumplebottom, Ghost)

Baby No 21. Rhuarc Young , Father of current 100 BC Mama Lucia, Baby No 22. Gaul Young (twin of Rhuarc) son of Alf Neila.

Baby No 23. Aviendha Young, Baby No 24. Amys Young (Victor Goth, ghost)

Baby No 25. Adora Young , Baby No 26. Paetram, Baby No 27. Deselle (Johan Zetterberg)

Baby No 28. Tigraine, Baby No 29. Morgase. (Justin Davis)

Baby No 30. Birgitte, Baby No 31. Gaidal  (Ty Cohen)

Baby No 32. Be’lal, Baby No 33. Grady (Alex Winchester. Ghost)

Baby No 34. Davram Young, Baby No 35. Tamlin Young (William Michaels)

Baby No 36. Bodewhin Young, Vampire, (Giovanni Young, Vampire)

Baby No 37. Eldrin Young, Baby No 38. Marin Young, Baby No 39. Kari Young (Liam O’Dourke)

Baby No 40. Amathera, Baby No 41. Elyas Young (Bruce Chesterfield)

Baby No 42. Luthair,  Baby No 43. Mierin. (Andrew Song)

Baby No 44. Tuon (Starvation Ghost), Baby no 45. Chimal (Starvation Ghost) , Baby no 46. Ravashi (Starvation Ghost) (Martin Cavendish, Starvation Ghost)

Baby No 47. Olver, Baby No 48. Aemon Young (Joss Westbrook)

Baby No 49. Alliandre , Baby No 50. Bayle Young (Sebastien Vanderburg)

Baby No 51. Masuri,  Baby No 52. Kiruna Young, Baby No 53. Aisling Young (Zackary Lamar)

Baby No 54. Caar, Baby No 55. Rhea. (Fraser Dennis)

Baby No 56. Noal Young (single birth)

Baby No 57. Tomas Young (single birth)

Baby No 58. Abell Young, Baby No 59. Ailron Young.

Baby No 60. Miyora, Baby No 61. Valan, Baby No 62. Luca

Baby No 63. Clarine Young, Baby No 64. Taeric Young.

Baby No 65: Verin Young, Baby No 666: Alanna Young, Baby No 67: Balinor Young (triplet iof Verin and Alanna)

Baby No 68: Nuhel, Baby No 69 Myrelle, Baby No 70: Avar Young

Baby No 71: Seandre,  Baby No 72: Mandein.

Baby No 73: Janali, Baby No 74: Maira, Baby No 75: Desora.

Baby No 76: Enaila, Baby No 77: Dhearic.

Baby No 78: Kairen, Baby No 79: Mahiro

Baby No 80: Anaiya, Baby No 81: Llyw

Baby No 82: Aram, Baby No 83: Arella, Baby No 84: Arymilla

Baby No 85: Owein (single birth)

Baby No 86: Alivia (Single Birth)

Baby No 87. Ines, Baby No 88. Georg

Baby No 89: Vivian, Baby No 90: Connel

Baby No 91: Rafela, Baby 92: Kera, Baby No 93: Simaan.

Baby Bo 94: Neysa, Baby No 95: Dael

Baby No 96: Marisa, Baby No 97: Calle

Baby No: 98: Athan, Baby No 99 : Martyn, Baby No 100: Else.

Lindsay’s 50 kids Photo.


13 thoughts on “Generation 1 Downloads, Lindsay

  1. Arradya

    Some of your sims have some Bad CC on them. I downloaded Marisa and now I can’t get rid of this invisible body without having to uninstall everything

    • Sorry that you are having problems, First off, I hope you haven’t gone to the trouble of reinstalling you entire game and have tried renaming your Sims 3 folder first and allowed a new folder to generate? It has saved me so many times in the past.

      Was Marisa the only sim you downloaded because I have just downloaded her file and tested it in a cc free version on my game and on S3PE and had no problems? S3PE isn’t showing any attached cc and in the cc free game she was also fine and I had none of the problems you have mentioned. From what I can tell she is cc free.

      Most of my sims (including Marisa) have been uploaded in their .sim file forms because cc doesn’t attach to those files unlike sim3packs that you get from the exchange. I think the only sim I have in sim3pack form would be second generation Egwene because I no longer have her skin in game.

      Sorry that it took me so long to reply, I only noticed the message about 20 mins ago. Let me know if I can be of any more help and I hope that you find a solution to your problem.

      • Arradya

        Sorry I havent said anything after I did take the trouble and unstalled everything and put it all back. Found out it was some store thing i download, but lucky it hasnt been placed on anyone which is good. So it wasn’t anything from your section. I’m trying to start up a youtube channel for my challenges (found I like to do live action place and create stories that way) but i’ve gotten side track with this castaway like challenge that seems pretty fun

      • Okay, thanks for letting me know. 🙂

        I’m glad that you found the problem. Urgh, reinstalling your game is never fun. 😦

        If you have any major cc problems in the future try renaming you sims 3 folder and letting a new one regenerate. It’s like having a newly installed game with out the pain of uninstalling and reinstalling the whole thing. 🙂

      • Arradya

        thank you for the tip

  2. Arradya

    Also I have restarted the 100 baby challenge with Marisa, I’m doing it on youtube this time.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I will check it out. 😀

      • Arradya

        I have a question (sorry for bugging you so much) what all do you do to take really good pictures?

      • I use the tab button and take most of my pics in camera mode. using the A, S, D, W etc to line up my pics and get closer.

        If you mean the portraits I have a special backdrop and lighting up the room but painting a room white (floor and wall) would work the same. 🙂

        I also use the hidden lights a lot. Especially in area that I know that my sims are going to be in a lot.
        You can find the lights using testingcheatsenabled true and then buydebug in the build menu. There are a heap of different types of hidden lights in there. 🙂

        Also most of my pics (recently anyway) get sharpened in PS. Some people use a HQ mod but I’ve never bothered because it needs to be taken in and out of your game and I would never remember plus I’m happy with my graphics anyway.

        Other camera mods that I find very helpful.

        which allow you to get pics closer to the ground.Which is really helpful for toddler pics. You probably only need one of these, I think they do close to the same thing. 😛

        Hopefully some of that helps, I’m not really sure how much of this you would already do but really the main thing is tab mode. I really don’t mind answering questions, I just might not get straight back as I think we are in completely different time zones. 😀

      • Arradya

        🙂 yeah I think we are on different time zone (or just my sleeping pattern is off) but yeah when I get my thumbnail pictures for the start of my video I just build a white wall outside and white floor and take it when the sun is out, but they still look a bit funky. I will check out the mods for the toddler thing as I really would like to get close shots of them 🙂 thank you for your advice

  3. Elizabeth Sov

    None of these are available for download anymore. That makes me so sad.

    • Huh, that’s weird. The first 54 or so have lost their links I’ll need to reattach them because I checked mediafire and they are all still there, they are just no longer attached. Wonder when that happened! 😦

      The last 40 (most of them, I haven’t checked them all) still seem to be working.

      Thankyou for letting me know I will try to get that fixed. 🙂

  4. The only ones with a download link still are Tamlin, Chimal and Aemon. I guess I’ll just Google their names or search in MediaFire for them, though, because I want to download these beautiful sims.
    They are CC-free right?

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