Yup, I’ve been avoiding the next update but its now almost done….

I just need to take a few pics in-game and finish editing, it should be out some time today (my time). Okay, make that tomorrow….oops. 😀

While I have been procrastinating and avoiding writing this next chapter I have been working on another little Young Babies Project. I would post them all on here but I think that Tumblr shows them off better. Some of you have already seen them, some of you haven’t. Anyway, all of Lucia’s kids have been getting a small makeover and photo shoot. Some are turning out better  than others and some are surprising the hell out of me because they were never among my favourites in the house. They grew up nicer than I realised.

If you are interested in checking out these little photo shoots the link is below.


at present I am getting a new photo shoot out everyday and so far 37 have been completed. If you can’t tell/remember which child is which just click on the little numbers that appear when you hover over the pics. All the pics have been tagged with their name and number and their father’s last name.

Thanks for reading, Lil. 😀

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A Trip Down Memory Lane. :D

Just me Rambling again. 😀

I had Lucia in Riverview with Lindsay last night. You will all find out why later. While I was there I decided to find the other half of Lucia heritage. I had kinda forgotten who they were, I just knew that Lucia’s mother Sommer was descended from townies. Anyway, after checking most of the premade families in town I finally found them. The McDermott’s. Luke and Ginny. 😀

So here they are. Lucia’s other set of grandparents. It was  nice to find out where Lucia gets her colouring from (she gets her facial features from the Young’s). Lucia’s brown eyes originally came from her grandfather Luke and hair from her other grandmother Ginny. I don’t remember a lot about Rhuarc being in Riverview, but I think Sommer was the McDermott’s fourth child and second daughter. Both daughters were born in-game. 😀

In other news: I should have an update out sometime today, its only been sitting there mostly finished for the last four/five days. 😕  I’ve been in a bit of a slump since the Dale/Nick storyline finished…sure I had a couple of ideas but I was entirely happy with them. It was annoying; being up to date (pitures vs. storyline) doesn’t really agree with me. The original ideas are still being added because they were all family member storylines but basically I found some Baby Daddy creativity and storyline to add to the mix.  Wooo! 😀 😀 😀

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That moment you think you have all the pics you need because you have played past that part of the story and then you realise “Wouldn’t it be awesome if ………………..”

Umm, yeah..need to load up my game before I can post the next update, if its going in the next one? Could be the one after? Shouldn’t be too long though….. If I don’t continue adding events that don’t really need to be there but sound like fun. 😕

Dale having some fun. 😛

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Generation 3 Heir

So, umm. I think I’ve picked the parent of the Generation 3 heir. I’ve been on a Young Lore Bender for the last 24 hours (there’s never really been one and I thought of something that fit and it just became obvious when I realised what this particular child has in common with their grandfather. I always remember that I picked Rhuarc because of all his pretty colours lol, I completely forgot who/what his father was supposed to be…. and I’m there thinking as I’m writing this whole lore chapter because the one before it is still giving me trouble….. “Technically, Lucia is descended from ****** because her father’s dad was supposed to be an ******” and it kept on repeating, because I like giving myself a headache until suddenly.  😯 😯 :shock:. It may change, but yeah….rambling again.

I’m also feeling a little nostalgic, so here is a little Rhuarc, Lindsay and Gaul from my first ever BC. 😀

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University Test with Lucia and Dale. :)

I had trouble picking someone to help me test out University and I’m feeling a little stuck with who is going to be the next Baby Daddy for Lucia so I decided to take Lucia and Dale out of their BC environment to see how they would go at University. None of what happens here will be effecting what will happen in the BC.

At least they’re consistent? They hadn’t even made it into their dorm before they were making out.

and they didn’t even introduce themselves to their fellow dorm mates before they were in their room enjoying their first Uni woohoo.

They did eventually make their way to the Meet and Greet, where both of them ran true to their traits. Lucia immediately started sketching and Dale found something active to do. I think in this case it was a game of Ping Pong.

Neither of them were happy with being apart for very long and not more than 4 sim hours after starting university. They had their first public woohoo, Lucia was Pregnant (yep they queued try for baby) and Lucia had a bad reputation for woohooing with an occult. 😕

Back at their Dorm nothing changed….

Lucia didn’t appreciate that I gave Dale a different Major than her own. I think Lucia was trying out Art (no surprise there) and Dale was having a go at communications.Somehow I didn’t think sleeping through class is going to help her pass…..

Much better. 🙂

Dale ended up asleep in class too….

Lucia still finds Dales sudden transformation a little scary. 😦

Dale was dared to woohoo at a party… yeah THAT dare was really going to hard to fulfill. 😕

Even being kicked out of the Fraternity party for inappropriate behavior and being surrounded by zombies doesn’t stop them. lol.

Other items they could interact with but I’m still not sure what they are for..

I had them there for the entire first week, Lucia passed her exams with flying colours. Which is not really surprising with all the skills she is already maxed in. And that’s where I stopped, slightly disappointed that I had yet to find a plant sim. Will have to have to research where to find them. 🙂 Also I did notice that I definitely heard chimes on the first day but Lucia’s pregnancy wasn’t showing so I’m thinking time must move slower.

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Lucia’s Babies 55-79 available for download. :D

Just letting everyone know that I finally got around to updating my uploads today. I hadn’t really uploaded any of Lucia’s kids to the exchange since Janali and Desora way back at babies 53 & 54. 😳

Ishara, Souran, Joal, Alesinde, Kennar, Marli, Mikhel, Lidya, Lamelle, Rosana, Arrela, Caraline, Darlin, Jolene, Tylin, Beslan, Adan, Siedre, Maeric, Jheran, Niella, Rolan, Bael, Seirin & Taric have all been uploaded to my studio. I will also add the links to my download page. 🙂

Also Babies 24 Olver & 25 Matrim who I had thought lost to a ghost glitch have also been recovered and uploaded. 😀

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The Youngs – A Multi Generation Photoshoot.

A couple of weeks ago I rounded up all my heirs, past and present, and had a little photoshoot. I just realised that I didn’t share it on any of my story blogs. It now feels like this would be the best place to post them. I will probably post them with their specific challenge too, but for the moment here they are.

Lucia, my Current BC heir didn’t get her own BC generation pic, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind sharing with Eldrin and Ravashi. They are her babies after all.


The first one is the What they wished for… family line. It is a two heir wishacy but at present only one of the heirs from each generation has had children who have become heirs in the following generation. So that’s why both Bodewhin and Owen were not included. With the two current heirs only Zoe had reached YA status, which is why Ryder is missing as well.

Lindsay, Matriarch and Generation One BC Mama; Rhuarc, Generation One BC baby (responsible for introducing that hair and those eyes to The Young Babies); Lucia, current BC heir and mother of two of my challenge founders; Eldrin, Wishacy Founder & Generation Two BC Baby ; Dillon, Second Generation Wishacy Heir and finally current Wishacy heir Zoe.


Current A Young ISBI Family Line. Lindsay; Rhuarc; Lucia; Ravashi, Second Generation BC Baby No. 50 and ISBI Founder and Beatrice, current ISBI second generation heir.


And just because it doesn’t feel right to leave them out, even though they don’t have much to do with Lucia. Toby is Lucia’s cousin but that is about all. 😉

Lindsay, Marin, First Generation BC Baby and Founder of The Young Legacy; Toby, Second Generation Legacy Heir and current heir Jonah.

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After my recent outing to find the newest Baby Daddy things around the house quieted down.

I spent the time expanding my mixology skills as I waited on my expanding stomach.

I still don’t think that I am getting any better at this.

Artur still thought he was the one true king.

He was busy ruling the table along with Luthair and Tuon.

Finally my baby bump began to show.

The girls helped out around the house.

While in the nursery Chimal was once again being attacked by the nursery spirit.

She decided soon after that she was safer working out in the rec room in her swimwear..

Soon it was time for me to go to the hospital to welcome my newest babies into the house.

I was pleased that Russ came to meet his children.

While I was busy at the hospital the triplets got ready to go to the Prom. Chimal decided that after wearing her formal outfit everywhere else that she needed to wear something else…..

When I finally made it home I immediately aged up my newest babies.

First up Non-Ghost Desora who is Easily Impressed and Athletic.

And her twin Ghost Janali, who was born with the traits Loner and Excitable.

Here she is in non-ghost form with what must be her Dad’s hair colour, also both of them got my Dad’s eyes and Desora also got his hair.

AN: Any one who happens to have know where I get the names for my sims in my baby challenge will know why I found the pic of Artur, Luthair and Tuon highly amusing. Just had to add that 😛

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Meeting Russ

It was time for me to find a new father for my next children as it was getting close to when the triplets would leave the house.

I decided that since I hadn’t heard of any new single men moving to town recently that I would try my luck at the graveyard. It had been quite a while since my last set of ghost children had left the house.

It wasn’t long before I met Russ Fortier, I thought he was a very pretty colour for a ghost.

He told me he had died in a house fire. Which of course brought up all the bad memories about the deaths of my parents and my three youngest siblings.

All too soon he was the onecomforting me.

Unfortunately I needed it.

He also told me that he had heard all about my challenges and that if I was interested he was more than happy to help me reach my target.

Of course I accepted his kind offer.

We went into the mausaleam to seal the deal. 😉

Afterwards I hung around for a while and asked a few questions.

Like if my family were now ghosts if they were the same colour as he now was? He assured me that they would be. All except my sister Amelia who had died from natural causes.

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Rebellious Teens, Booby Traps and Scary Kings

The book that I have been writing has not been going well.

but it was nice to have the children around while I tried to write it and od course I don’t have to clean the house at the moment because Ravashi can do it with a wave of her  hands. So helpful. ❤

Artur tried out his ruling skills.  He seems to be doing okay, maybe not as good as his namesake but still…okay. 🙂

It seems that I may have been right to blame Tuon for the computer booby trapping.

because here she is setting up another one at the same computer.

Her triplet sisters on the other hand have been pursuing more relaxing activities. Ravashi has been busy reading.

While Chimal has been out in the Rec area playing video games in her formal wear.

Tuon and I decided to stare at something interesting on the floor. I’m not sure what but it must have been interesting. 😉

We then decided to talk about it.

Tuon suggested it was good enough to write about. I’m sure she’s right.

I decided to see if I could draw it on the new drafting table I had but into the newly extended rec area. I had an eccentric child in the house after all so we added some new activities that we had never had before.

Chimal decided to show the Paparazzi just how crazy she is by dancing to the music coming from the floating music system that has been there forever. 🙂

He soon walked away.

After ruling the boy’s room for a while,

Artur decided that he needed to scare the sister that had dared to enter his domain.

He’s looking a little bit scary here, just look at that face.

The scare was carried out flawlessly, of course.

Tuon was very scared and I can’t bring myself to be sorry for her considering what we all witnessed her doing at the park a couple of updates ago. 🙂

We still have three rebellious teens in the house. ARGH!

Booby traps have been popping up all over the house.. This time Chimal it was getting in on the act. 😦

Since none of the children had tried out the new scrap table yet, I decided to give it a go.

Ravashi went home with a friend.

Obviously not a very good friend look at that face. O_o

Looks like she’s at one of the Vanderburg’s homes not sure which one but I don’t think it’s going to matter as the two of them do not look like they are doing a good job at becoming friends.

That evening we had a repeat of how we got our favorite haunting pet, aka Stray Cat. ❤

Unfortunately afterward the gravestone went missing so we won’t have two haunting kittys. 😦

I decided to have a bit of a chat to death afterwards, who knows that may come in handy someday.

Afterwards I had to go and watch a particularly riveting program on our television.

Luthair decided he was a princess in a castle out in the treehouse, which was..interesting. 🙂

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