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3.8 Novus

Novus’ condition took me surprise. I hadn’t realised that Leon had been a werewolf so in turn hadn’t suspected that our son might be as well. I felt a little stupid, all the signs had been there and my Grandpa was a werewolf so it wasn’t as if I hadn’t been exposed to one before.

Novus seemed to uncontrollable urge to shred things do distract Novus from destroying more of my furniture I got a start on his toddler training. Tulip kept me company in the nursery while she did her homework.

At least one of my kids was doing what they were supposed to. Novus was distracted and didn’t really want to sit and learn when he could be playing. I couldn’t blame him.

I knew that Novus wouldn’t be learning anything more that day so when Tulip asked to play with her new brother I couldn’t say no and the pair went into the main room to play.

Despite having wished for a little sister, Tulip adored Novus and the two were inseparable. Tulip would spend hours playing Peek-a-b00 without becoming the least bit bored. It was adorable.

When it was obvious that Novus had finally had enough Tulip was happy to leave him alone and find other activities to keep herself occupied.

Finch had been quiet the last couple of days and when I asked him why he told me he was fine that he was just enjoying his new book.

Tulip was the first to go to sleep that night and had requested a story when she was ready for bed.

Novus was rested after his afternoon nap and I decided to see if I could complete  more of his training while the older children were sleeping and the house was quiet.

When he had finally had enough and I had put him to bed for the night I finally had time to get some cleaning done. The Novus’ high-chair was a mess. How did one little boy make so much mess when he ate?

The following night when all of Novus’ training was complete I decided it was time for Novus to become a child. It seemed somehow appropriate that his birthday had fallen on the Full Moon considering how much it would affect his life from now on.

Novus received the Star Quality trait as he aged up. I also think he looks more like me than his father but that could always change as he grew.

Novus was now a child and soon Tulip and Finch would be teens. I wasn’t really prepared for how quickly they were all growing up.

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3.7 Little Sister

After my lunch with Leon I arrived home late to find Finch and Tulip already half-way through their homework.

I was so proud of them and I was happy to let them run outside to play when they had finished their homework even though it had started to rain. They stayed outside until night had fallen throwing the football to one another.

It was the following day with Tulip and Finch both happily playing in the backyard that I finally found time to tinker at my workstation. I was tired but I needed to get some work done.

Tulip and Finch were busy enjoying the pool. I checked on them occasionally and they came inside when they were hungry.

It was while I was working that I realised that I was going to have to call Leon and tell him I was pregnant.

I really needed to get some work done. Tomorrow was the last day of the weekend and I wanted to be able to take Tulip and Finch out of the house and to the park before the new baby arrived.

It was late when I finally satisfied with my work and the kids were more than ready for bed. They hadn’t paid much attention while they were playing but now that they were finished Tulip immediately noticed that my belly was getting bigger.

“Your going to be a big sister soon” I explained, giving her a hug.

“Really?”, she whispered. “Can it be a girl?”

“Sweetheart, you don’t get to choose” I said laughing.

The following day when we were at the park the twins had started arguing.

“The baby is going to be a boy” Finch told Tulip.

“Is not!” Tulip  said, glaring at her brother.

“Is too!” Finch yelled.

“Kids, there’s no way of knowing if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. It could be one of each like the two of you were.” I tried to explain, before attempting to distract them from their disagreement, “I thought you were both going to show me how you can skate?”

It worked and soon they were too busy trying to stay upright to argue. As I watched them I realised something, if I hadn’t been pregnant I could have joined them.  I could join them and for the first time really skate.

It was the one thing that I had been unable to do that my sister Erin could. One of those experiences that she had been able to have with our father that had been hers alone. I had envied that, even though I realised how unfair it had been for me to think that way.

After a big day and with rain starting to fall we made our way home. 

At least, the kids did. I had no sooner got home before I realised that the baby was on it’s way. After calling a sitter and waiting for her to arrive I made my way down-town to the hospital. 

Trying to ignore the labour pains until I made it there.

It was a baby boy who I named Novus. He was born with the traits Heavy Sleeper and Neurotic . I couldn’t really tell who he looked liked yet but he did have my pointy ears and his father’s hair. 

Finch was going to be a happy big brother and I am sure that Tulip will be happy too. 


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3.6 Lunch and a Movie

With both Tulip and Finch now attending school I once again had some time to myself and over the following days built up a small cache of mechandise to sell. None of inventions were very advanced yet but I still needed to try to sell it and hopefully make the entire exercise worth my time. I ended up taking it all to the local consignment store. The owner Sarah promised to let me know if anything sold and I left to the store pleased that finally I was on my way to earning my own money.

Once I was outside I noticed the store next to the consignment store. It was an arcade with a number of fun looking machines placed around the store. I, of course, couldn’t resist giving some of them a try.

Truthfully, I was terrible at it but that didn’t stop trying to win each and every time.

I wasn’t the only person in the store and I would be lying if I said that he didn’t notice him.

He noticed me as well and soon came over to introduce himself.

He introduced himself as Leon Whitt. I noticed almost immediately that he wasn’t completely human, I was almost certain he was a werewolf.

I accepted Leon’s offer of lunch at the local restaurant realising that I still had a couple of hours before the twins would be home from school.

This time I made sure I was upfront with Leon about my situation. I didn’t need a repeat of what had happened with Tulip and Finch’s father.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Leon, almost choking on his food.

I was going to have to get better at breaking this kind of news.

Amazingly he didn’t run away, he stayed and we talked and ate but unfortunately our time together was drawing to a close. It was getting closer and closer to the time where I would have to be at home waiting for the kids to get off the bus.

I gathered my courage and asked if he would help me out and was amazed when he said yes. Looking around he told me to follow him and we stuck through the back door of the local theatre.

Afterwards, Leon gave me a hug and promised that he would see me soon.

“but…?” I started to protest, “that isn’t how…”

“Jo, if you are pregnant it will be my child too and I don’t want them to grow up not knowing who I am”

It was sweet and not at all what I had expected but when he gave me his phone number I promised to let him know when the child was born. 

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3.5 Babies First Birthday

I soon settled into my role as a mother, the twins were happy babies and I loved the activity and the noise they had brought into my previously quiet house.

I knew that I needed to help them learn how to both walk and talk and being the eldest daughter with five younger siblings had given some idea into how it was done.

Tulip seemed eager to learn and looking into her sweet face I realised that she looked almost identical to baby photos I had seen of myself. Except that Tulip was as human as I now was.

I remembered that my mother had struggled with teaching my younger siblings as they had always wanted to fly to her instead of walking.

I didn’t have this problem with Tulip, she learnt quickly and was soon trusting her tiny feet to take her all over the house.

With most of Tulip’s training complete I finally had time to concentrate on Finch.

After finding Tulip’s training a breeze, Finch seemed determined to frustrate me.

We did get there eventually. Thankfully he had a much easier time with learning to walk and it was over with quickly.

It was now time for the twins to celebrate his birthday and I wasn’t ready for my babies to grow up.

I brought Tulip to her birthday cake first.

For her birthday Tulip received the Disciplined trait.

Finch received the Genius trait.

When they left for their very first day at school I realised just how quickly my children were growing.

A/N: Only a short update, I know, but I really didn’t want to combine Finch and Tulip’s birthday with the following chapter. I’m  used to having way more children in the BC house than this.

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3.4 Facing the Music

Today, I was surprised by a knock on the door. Anthony had spent the last couple of days trying to track me down. Apparently, I had made quite an impression. I was sure that I had came off as crazy but here he was looking for me. I couldn’t help but feel touched by the gesture and when he went to hug me I welcomed the embrace.

Anthony was concerned about me and I did my best to reassure him that everything was okay.

“Why did you run off”, he asked.

“I was having a bad day”, I admitted. “I didn’t mean to run off like I did but I panicked. I’m sorry that I dragged you into it”

“I really don’t mind”, he laughed.

“Oh…that’s good”, I smiled. “I can’t believe you spent all of that time trying to find me”

“Joanne” he started, pausing as he tried to formulate his thoughts. “You left before I had the chance to ask you out on a proper date”

My heart sank. I couldn’t date. I knew that, even thinking out it at this point would end in tears. His and mine. “I…”

“Please say you’ll have dinner with me on Saturday?”

“I’m sorry Anthony, I can’t. I can’t be involved with anyone at the moment. it’s really not a good idea” I tried to explain.

“and the reason for that is?” Anthony asked, disappointed.

For the first time ever I explained. As I did the expression of his face became less and less friendly.

“So, you used me?” he said angrily

“Not deliberately” I started to apologize, “I’m sorry”

“I don’t think sorry covers it do you?” he yelled.


“Look Joanne, don’t bother trying to apologise any more, I don’t want to hear it.” he yelled, before finally turning to leave. “I really liked you, you know. I don’t think I do anymore”

It was sometime later that day that my first pregnancy became visible. As much as I hadn’t wanted this, I was looking forward to the baby’s arrival and decided that I really needed to get organised.

In the days that followed I realised that I needed to find a way to earn some money. Grandma Lucia was right, even though the house was paid for it was still expensive to maintain. I couldn’t paint and I had no natural talent in that area anyway. Something that I had always enjoyed doing was inventing, I had always tinkered as a child and at one time had even made a little money selling the result.

With this in mind I paid a visit to the local scrapyard. I couldn’t afford to buy the scrap, but if I could salvage it I might be able to make a profit.

By the end of a very exhausting day, I returned home with my salvaged scraped and packed it away in the garage. It would be there waiting for me when I finally got the time to try to invent something.


I ate a little dinner and also watched some television. For some reason that I didn’t understand I now seemed to be strangely drawn to the children’s channel.

I also managed to fill a little of my time reading.

I was enjoying a soak in the bathtub when the first pain hit me.

I stupidly hadn’t realised that it would hurt this much.

The baby had decided that it was ready to arrive and everything happened quicker than I had ever thought possible. Before I knew it I was holding my first child in my arms, and soon after a second.

My grandmother had told me what to do next, and I didn’t hesitate in ageing my children up. First born was Finch, he was born with the Genius and Excitable traits.

I named his twin Tulip, she was born with the Easily Impressed and Excitable traits.

Both babies were soon asleep.

After a small nap, I decided it was time to start inventing. I now had two children depending on me to provide for them and I knew I still had so much to learn.


A/N: I’m a little out of practise with the pics of babies being born and I seem to have completely missed taking one for the twins. Oops. Also as you may have noticed the naming theme has changed from the last two generations. I have exhausted all the names I like from that source, lol. For Joanne’s generation, I decided to go with something that I think suits Jo. Joanne still thinks of herself as a fairy, and so, I have decided to give all of the children fairy names found in a Fairy name generator online. 😀 Lil.

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3.3 Problems of Yesterday

The following day my grandmother went home and suddenly it was just me. It felt odd. Being alone was something was something I had never really experienced before.  I had come from a family of eight and as we had grown we had been visited often by my father’s older children. His children that he had with my grandmother…. strange I know, but in my rather large family tree there was precedent.

I quickly discovered I didn’t like it when it was this quiet.  I was used to sharing my room with my younger sister’s, with Nadine’s refusal to stop playing with our old doll house even though she should have given it up years ago. I missed Emmett’s constant pranks and how even though he was now in highschool he would often come over and hug me for no apparent reason. I mostly missed Erin, my sister and my best friend. Erin was who I was mainly upset about. We had all grown up knowing that Erin as the only non-fae sibling would also have the shortest lifespan. Knowing that I was no longer going to age even a day until well after I had raised one hundred children made me realise I was guaranteed to lose Erin at some point in the future.

I spent the morning wandering around the house. I watched television, turned on the stereo and played music that would have a one time would have made me want to dance but it didn’t anymore. I would open the fridge, closing it almost immediately when I realised that there was nothing inside that I wanted. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t tired. I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

It was later that day that I received the first indication that the previous days romantic encounter had been successful.

I felt horrible. I wasn’t really surprised when I lost my lunch.

When I had stormed out of the house the last thing on my mind had been trying to start my family, as far as I was concerned it was never going to happen. Obviously I had been very, very wrong.

Today I realised that I am going to discover what one of Anthony’s children will look like. Just like that. I’m pregnant.


The day before…

Painting was something that my grandmother had suggested as a way of making a living, a way of paying the bills for the house that I now found myself responsible for – I wasn’t very good – even with practise I don’t think this would be something that I could make any money of. 

It seemed that my artistic ability was one thing that I hadn’t inherited from my grandmother. I had been trying to paint when I first saw him.

I was surprised when he asked if I was hungry and if I wanted to share the meal that he had just prepared with him. He was really nice and I enjoyed the company. It was nice to finally be around someone who didn’t remember me from before. When I had my wings – when I could fly…

When Anthony and I were chatting I came to realisation that I was different. I was already wondering what a child of his would look like.

Before I had really thought about it, I had kissed him. No warning, no flirting.

I just kissed him and even I was surprised that after on a small hesitation he was kissing me back.

It didn’t take long for this to escalate and for Anthony and I to take advantage of the camping areas amenities.

Immediately after I realised that I had just done what I had been trying to avoid. The reason I had stormed out of the house. Even then I had known, that given my family history, that there was a very high chance that I was pregnant.

For the second time that day I ran away, it was obviously the wrong thing to do. Anthony had been nothing but nice to me, but I just left him there,  calling my name and trying to get me to stop running.



A/N: I promised myself I would schedule my posts but I just want to get to the babies! Oh well, maybe I ‘ll do better with that when the babies get here? :/

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3.2 The First Day

“Well, we’re here!” I muttered, after exiting the taxi. I was still unhappy about the situation. Was everyone crazy? I had half convinced myself that this had to be some kind of practical joke.

“I don’t remember being this difficult when I found out” my grandmother mumbled, so I only caught half of what she said.


“Oh nothing, I was just reminiscing”

“You know this is crazy, right?”

“Of course, I also know that it also happens to be true.”

I glanced at my grandmother, we had always gotten along well. My mother had never complained when I had begged to spend school holidays with my grandparents and so I had spent a fair amount of childhood playing around at their house playing with my youngest aunt, Belinde. Bel and I had been close, similar ages, and Belinde being the only child of my grandmother’s born after she had completed her destiny Bel had seen siblings born just before her fast outpace her own normal childhood growth.

“There has to be some mistake, I mean, why me? I’m not even sure I like kids? Someday, maybe, but now? I was going to got to University…..”

“I’m sorry, honey, but there’s no mistake. It really doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, I didn’t believe my grandmother when she told me and it still happened – just like she said it would.”

Lucia walked up to the front door letting the door fall open to reveal the interior.

“It’s too big” I murmured, “there is no way I could possibly need a house this big”

“It’s almost perfect” Lucia disagreed.

“Almost?” I turned to look at her.

“The bedroom’s upstairs might be a little small” she confessed, “but other areas of the house are bigger than they really need to be so it should be okay.”

“I decided to find this place for you” Lucia said, walking further into the house. “I bought mine not really understanding why I could possibly need that much room, and yet, we used every room. You’ll still find I missed stuff, some of your children will have interests that others won’t. You’ll adjust”

I was surprised when she handed me the key she had used to unlock the door. “This place is yours now” she informed me, folding my fingers over the key in my hand.

“How can you afford to do this?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“Your grandfather and I sold the big house, ages ago, not long after you were born”, she explained. “It’s was way to big for us when it was just Belinde at home and the rest of the kids had left”,

They’d sold their house to buy this for me? “I can’t accept this! I can’t…” I started to protest.

“Yes, you can. ” Lucia said, firmly “We wanted to do this for you, it’s one less thing you will have to worry about. Also, it’s one less thing I will worry about. You will still need to find a way to make some money, of course. Can you paint?”

“There is no way I am doing this”, my grandmother just shrugged. “I’m not!” I protested.

“If you say so” Lucia replied, refusing to make further comment on my denial.

I stared at the key in my hand. The entire situation suddenly seemed like it was too much and as much as my grandmother wanted to reassure me that everything would work out, I didn’t believe it. With a glance around the house – the amazingly perfect house – I let my grip on the key in my hand loosen, barely hearing when it hit the wooden floorboards  and bolted for the door running as fast as I could in the vain hope that it was all a big mistake.

Unfortunately no amount of running away was going to change anything. No matter how much I wanted to protest to the contrary, deep down I knew that my grandmother was right. This was the path I was supposed to take. It was several hours later when I finally made it home. 

When I walked through the front door she was waiting for me.

“It can’t always be that easy” I remarked, knowing she would understand what I meant.

“Not always” Lucia admitted, “but most of the time? Yes, it’s that easy”

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3.1 Destiny Awaits

I was seventeen when it started, although, to hear my mother tell it the signs had been there before I had even been born. My first indication of the change of direction my life was about to take had been my wings. I wasn’t the first to notice the change, my mother had become increasingly jumpy around me the older I had become and more recently I had caught her staring a number of times, mostly at my wings, but at other times just at me.

It had taken them over a year to fade. First the colour had started to leach out until they became pure white. It wasn’t the greatest of changes, my wings like those of my siblings had only ever been a pale yellow but the change had worried me. Especially since my mother’s were still the same yellow they had always been.

The next stage had been what had really worried me, ever so slowly my wings shrunk until they were no more than a tiny set upon my back, a far cry from what they had once been. And finally there was the morning I woke up to discover that they were gone. With no sign that they had ever been there. I was human. One hundred per cent human and that terrified me.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like humans. My father is human. So is my sister Erin but I was supposed to be a fae, like my mother and my other four siblings. The loss of both my wings and my fae abilities was not something that was supposed to happen. But it had. 

The day after my nineteenth birthday my grandmother arrived and while I was usually thrilled to see her this time I wanted nothing more than to curl up into my room and cry.

“Jo, honey, your grandma would like to talk to you.”

“Go away!” I screamed at them both, before turning to face the wall.

They didn’t listen,  I could still here them talking softly just inside the doorway.

“This would have been easier if she had been given some warning” Lucia commented to my mother.

When most people think of grandmother’s most people would think elderly. This was not the case with my mother’s mother. Grandma Lucia didn’t look any older than my own mother which when I consider that my mother was fae and my grandmother was not, it made me wonder just how she did it.

“What exactly was I supposed to say, mum?” my mother snapped, “I was going to tell her but she just always seemed too young”


“and just how much warning did you get mum?”

“None, but I didn’t have to deal with the other side effects that Joanne seems to be experiencing, either”

“So, you think that the loss of her wings is a side effect?”

I felt the bed dip slightly when my grandmother sat down on the bed without saying a word hesitantly reaching over to lay a hand on my shoulder.

“I think that our shared destiny requires us to be human. Which, was fine for me – I was already human.” Lucia finally answered, “In Joanne, I think it’s suppressing her fae heritage in favour of her human one.”

The words ‘shared destiny’ caught my attention. I had some idea of the what the word destiny meant to my grandmother. I didn’t know all the details just that she believed it was the result of some long-lost curse. Whenever I had visited my grandparents they had never shied away from the topic and if I had asked questions they had always answered them for me. I had never realised that it would someday also affect me, if I had I would have paid more attention. My Aunt Belinde had always thought it a little strange because when she had asked her parents the same questions they had answered but never in as much detail as when I asked.  Now I knew why.

“Will they ever come back?” I whispered, at that moment willing to do anything to make myself feel whole again.

“I’m sorry, Joanne”, she told me honestly. “I don’t know”

“but they might?” I asked as I sat up on the bed and turned to face her. I was desperate for some kind of reassurance. “My wings could come back?”

“Maybe” she said simply, her hand reaching up to touch my cheek. “It could happen”


A/N: If you are new to this challenge it might be helpful to take  look at the Young Babies Heirs Page for the backstory on previous heirs. 😀

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Final Days

The following year went by quickly and before we knew it was almost time for Esole and Sefela to become Young Adults. As much as I had thought I would be ready for it when the time came…I wasn’t. I wanted nothing more than for it all to slow down. 

With Esole and Sefela busy studying for their final exams I didn’t get to spend as much time with my older daughters as I would have liked. In fact Dale got to spend far more time with them than I did. Unlike our boys, the girls hadn’t really embraced the werewolf side of their heritage and it took a lot of effort on Dale’s part to convince them otherwise.

As a result the time Dale spent in that form rose markedly as he spent time showcasing the positive parts of their wolfish heritage. 

Whenever the full moon came around he and the girls always spent the night hunting for gems around the town. It was something they could all do together and as I listened to the howling echoing across the night it soon became obvious they were not the only werewolves out there. Our boys had joined them. I not sure what Queenstown thought of having their very own pack but hearing the sounds of six wolves roaming the night always made me smile.

Belinde was still growing slower than I was used to. If she had one of my other children I would have been saying goodbye to her everyday as she boarded the school bus, as it was, she was still learning how to talk and she had only just started to walk on her own just a week ago.

It was a nice change not to have to rush through everything.

She loved reading with her father and when we let her ride the spring rider’s outside in the backyard she wanted to stay outside all day.

I was still working on my other skills, it was a habit I was probably never going to break and my current obsession was still alchemy. You never knew, one day all these elixirs might come in handy.

We couldn’t put off the girls birthdays forever as much as we would have liked to. It was both a happy and sad moment for me. I was thrilled that this part of my destiny was over but I also didn’t want my girls to grow up.

Sefela received the Loves the Outdoors trait for her adult birthday. She wants to become a Firefighter Super Hero.

and finally Esole received the Family Orientated trait, she plans on becoming a Pervasive Private Eye.

Esole and Sefela stayed at the house for another week before they finally moved out. Even with the delay I still wasn’t ready. 

I knew that I would continue to see them both regularly but I would, of course, miss them.


A few months later Dale suggested that we get out of the house for the day and take a drive a bit further down the coast. After organising everything we would need for Belinde the three of us set out.

“Luc, have you ever thought about moving?”, Dale asked when we were on our way.

“Of course” I replied. “We are going to have to move soon anyway”

“We are?”

“The house in Queenstown doesn’t really belong to me any more” I explained. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that, the house was obviously too big for the three of us but I was still going to miss it.

“It doesn’t?”

“Technically, yes, it does,” I started to explain, “but I’ve got to provide for Joanne now and to do that I’m going to have to sell the house. It’s way too big for us now anyway, everything seems so far away.”

“Like you could walk around and not find another person for hours?”

“Yes, exactly”

We arrived in a tiny little coastal town a couple of hours later and rather than stopping in the main part of town Dale had driven us down a side street finally stopping on the outskirts of town.

“What do you think? he asked.

“The town’s beautiful”

“This is where I grew up” he informed me.

“Really?” I asked confused, “I thought you were from Queenstown?”

“We moved there when I was in High School, before that we lived here or to be more exact, there.” he explained, gesturing towards a house that jutted out over the water.

“It’s adorable”

“You think?”

“Yeah, who lives here now?”

“No one, it’s empty at the moment.” Dale informed me, “It’s just been renovated, it was a little run down when I found it again. I hadn’t been here for years”

“Wait, who owns it now?” I asked suddenly suspicious.

“We do” he leaned over to whisper in my ear.”Come on, I want to show you the inside.”

“This is what I was up to when you were busy with other things” Dale informed me.

“Building a house” I couldn’t take my eyes of it, it was beautiful!

“No, repairing a house” Dale said,


“Because it was mine and it helped to keep my mind off other things.”

Ooh, this was his “business”. I felt a little stupid for not realising that sooner.

“Do you like it?” I could hear the worry creeping into his voice.

“I…I love it!” I breathed, still staring a the house. “Umm, who’s it for?” I asked.

“It’s a house Luc,” he laughed at the expression on my face. “Who do you think it’s for?”


A/N: EEEE!! Lucia’s generation is all done. I can’t believe I finished it! 😀

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Lucia’s Babies No 93-102 available for download

Just letting everyone know that over the last couple of days I have been updating both Lindsay and Lucia’s Downloads pages.

1) I have finally uploaded Lindsay’s last twenty or so children and finally fixed the missing pictures of her other kids. Very late, I know!!

2) Tuck, Hilde, Joslyn, Sari, Kiruna, Paitar and Mahira are now up for download here. Also because I would probably  forget about it later, Sefela and Esole have also been uploaded early. I have also finally fixed all the links on this page. Except one…which I just found missing. 🙂

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