3.12 Surprising Wings

After the birthdays I sat down to watch some television with the Tulip and Calla. The children’s channel of course. Not because whenever I’m pregnant that I seem to be obsessed with the children’s channel but because Calla wanted to watch it….really!

Both girls were still busily consuming cake from the recent birthdays.

“Is that what Novus is?”, Calla asked glancing at the screen.

“Uh huh.” Tulip answered grinning, “he turns into a hairy monster all the time”

“Tulip!” I said glaring.

“Well, he does!”

“No, it’s not exactly the same” I said, looking at the screen. “besides isn’t that supposed to be bigfoot?”

“Same thing” Tulip answered.

“Is not!” Calla yelled.

“Is too” Tulip continued to tease her sister.

For the first time I suspected that the children, specifically Calla and Maple might have imaginary friend. They were suddenly talking to thin air with nobody else in sight. Calla’s was named Wiggles and Maple was called Cuddles.

Maple spent part of the afternoon talking about her Imaginary Friend Cuddles to her mostly uninterested big sister.

Later that night when everyone else besides my eldest son were asleep I finally went into labour. Rather than watch him freak out further I told him to keep an eye on the younger children and drove myself to the hospital.

I was amazed when I came home with three more beautiful baby girls. The boys were now seriously outnumbered with only two of them and seven girls.

First born was Bracken, born with the traits Brave and Easily Impressed.

Primrose was second born and received the Evil and Loves the Outdoor traits.

and finally Moonbeam who received the Brave and Loner traits.

While Moonbeam was obviously a werewolf like her father, Primrose and Bracken were Fairies and I didn’t really understand how? When Calla and Ruby had inherited their wings I had assumed that they had inherited their wings from their father, he had been a fairy after all but now I wondered….had they partly inherited their wings from me? I wasn’t a fairy any more and My grandmother had said that my Fairy abilities had been suppressed by my destiny. I wondered if it was possible that my children could still inherit what was now unavailable to me.  I went to bed that night still pondering the entire situation.

When I had slept in the following morning I had been surprised. Even more so that Finch and Tulip had been taking care of the younger children so I could get some sleep.

Tulip had even taught Primrose how to walk and had gotten a start on teaching her to talk.

Prim had become to tired to co-operate by the time Tulip moved her training to talking and Tulip soon had to put her to bed.

Calla, Maple and Ruby had been entertaining themselves with video games.

Out of the three Calla seemed to be having the most success. A lot of this was due to  Calla spending much more of her free time on video games compared to her sisters

With things calm in other areas of the house I started Moonbeam’s training. She was eager to learn, and tried to run before she could walk.

I had just finished teaching Moonbeam to walk when there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it.

“Mum! Dad!” I exclaimed, thrilled to see them. “Your just in-time for a birthday!”


A/N: I love that this time the imaginary friends seem to match their child especially Calla and her friend. 😀

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4 thoughts on “3.12 Surprising Wings

  1. I’m not sure how you keep up with everyone!! Love the new babies, but how do you keep them all straight??

    • lol, having two sets of all girl triplets in a row did make it a lot harder. Having a heap of different hair colours really helped. Although I do get Primrose and Ruby mixed up all the time.They are very alike and I keep mixing up which set of trips they belong with. It got harder in future updates because sometimes they were the same age.

      I usually don’t find it too hard to remember who’s who, especially with the girls. The boys are harder to remember but there are only two of them at the moment and they don’t look anything alike so I’m not have the problems I had with Gen 2 early on. 😀

  2. More gorgeous babies! The fairy wings were quite a surprise — two fairies and a werewolf. Interesting how previous generations are affecting Jo’s babies.

  3. Yep! I thought it might happen but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. I’ve only had occult jumping a generation once before so to get two was huge. I love having grandparent genetics showing up in game. We still haven’t had Eliya’s hair colour yet but it will happen. 😀

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