3.11 Thief in the Night

It was late when the thief entered our home and the house was unusually quiet. The triplets were all finally asleep after I had spent hours trying to calm them, Leon had decided to spend the night and had taken the couch in the living room and Novus was curled up beside me rather than in his own bed.

It took me by surprise when the house alarm that my grandmother had insisted installing had started to sound. I was awake instantly, exhausted and confused before running to investigate the sound.

On my way to the front of the house I quickly checked on the triplets and pulled their closed as I passed the nursery. I doubted that they would sleep through the alarm.When I reached the front of the house to I found Leon already taking care of our unwelcome visitor.

“Need any help?” I yelled to get his attention.

“Nah, I got it” Leon grinned.

As I watched I realised that he hadn’t even bothered to change forms and seemed to be enjoying the contest.

“It’s been awhile since I had a chance to get into a fight,” he remarked when he finally had the intruder subdued. He smiled widely before placing the phone to his ear and calling the police. “Shouldn’t you be taking care of that?” he asked

“What?” I stared, frozen in place. I felt a little stupid when he pointed at the alarm and I realised it was still sounding and rushed to turn it off. The resulting quiet revealed that the triplet were once again screaming. I glanced at Leon, he nodded indicating that he had the situation under control and that I should make sure the children were all right. It took another hour before I had them all back in their respective beds and once again settled for the night.


“Thankyou for taking care of everything out here, you didn’t have to” I said, when I realised that Leon was still awake and waiting for me.

I walked over to stand in front of Leon using his jacket to draw him closer me so I could embrace him.

“Are the kids okay?” he asked.

“They’re fine a little scared and unsettled but they’re asleep, finally.”

Leon kissed me softly.

“I put Novus in with Tulip” I admitted, pulling away to look up at him.

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah, just tonight though, okay?


The following morning when the children woke up and Leon had said his goodbyes, promising to visit his son soon Novus happily helped me around the house including emptying the potties.

Tulip also helped out by cleaning the highchair which was once again filthy.

Being the weekend the children had plenty of opportunities for fun at home. Tulip and Finch enjoyed throwing the ball around in the backyard.

and Novus watched some television.

before stalking around the house in his werewolf form.

Tulip finished off her homework. Unlike Finch who’s finds all his school work a breeze Tulip has to work harder and today’s homework topic was giving her some trouble.

Finch spent the evening reading.

He also treated Novus to a ghost story. Novus seemed to become a little scared but so was I when I decided to join them.


In the morning I realised I was once again pregnant. The other night with Leon had been stupid and careless. One of the things my grandmother had told me was that it would be easier if it was only one pregnancy per father. Less chance for either party to become attached. I knew that there could be exceptions but this early could only lead to disaster. I consoled myself that I had already given birth to triplets and they had obviously all counted. Novus had been a single birth so at least I knew that a couple of the babies would count towards my total.

I knew I was going to have to call Leon and tell him the news and considering how he was with Novus I was going to be seeing him again. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that.

With new children on the way it was time for the triplets to celebrate their birthdays. Little Ruby who looked so much like my sisters was the first of triplets to be brought to the cake.

Ruby received the Over-Emotional trait and after her age-up her resemblance to my sister’s only grew stronger.

Next was Maple,

She received the Computer Whiz trait.

and finally Calla who received the Couch Potato trait.


A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve updated. You know it’s been awhile when you can’t remember which kids were in the last update – I’m a little bit ahead in game. Oops…. This update just needed a few sentences and it’s been sitting in my drafts for months so here it is. I’m not really sure about it but at this point I just wanted to get past it. 😀

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4 thoughts on “3.11 Thief in the Night

  1. Ahaa! I knew Leon was too cute to pass up!! All the children are so cute. Love all the hairstyles you have, where did you get Tulips? If you remember. Love the update!

    • Yeah, he is! I was a little disappointed when Novus was a single birth. So when the robber turned up when he was visiting I decided to go with it. 😉

      I’ve been really happy with how all the kids have turned out so far. They have all been so different from each other which is great.

      Thanks, I think I download every hair I can find. It’s crazy how much I have. Tulip’s is the Morgan hair by newsea. I found a retexture here. http://everlasting-garden.tumblr.com/post/60942575256/newsea-yu164-morgan-edit-and-retexture-both

      I don’t think this is the retexture I have in game but it would be similar. Recently all the hairs I have downloaded have come from http://plumb-bombs.tumblr.com/ but I couldn’t locate the morgan hair there even though I know that it’s on there somewhere. 🙂

  2. I guess it was hard for Jo to resist Leon after he was all protective over her and the kids. Because she got pregnant from Leon twice, does that mean that the baby(ies) she’s pregnant with now won’t count towards her total? I’ve been really tempted but haven’t let Jill get pregnant twice from the same guy. I do let her have her fun with them, though. 😉

    • Yeah they count. Similar to how all eight of Lucia’s kids with Dale count. The number they can have with a father changes each generation. Lucia’s was eight and I haven’t decided with Jo yet but it will probably fall in the 4-6 range. Lucia’s second pregnancy with Dale was an accident (autonomous woohoo) and I decided to count it. 😉

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