3.9 Fairy Frolic

All three of my children were now old enough to be at school and during the day when I wasn’t tinkering I was often at a loss for something to do.  I knew I was going to have to track down another father soon.

I decided to go for a walk  and as I was walking I came across a couple of fairy houses. I was curious. I had heard of fairy houses before but despite being a fairy for the first nineteen years of my life I had never seen one before. 

It was something Mum had never been interested in owning. She had liked having a home that all of her family could enjoy not just those that had taken after her.

It wasn’t long before the owner of the house came to investigate. I realised I had been staring. He flew around me, so quickly I could barely keep track as he circled around my head. 

Tiny wings brushing gently against my face.

“Hello” the fairy said,  as he finally stopped flying and stood in front of me. “I’m Kobi, do you like my fairy house?”

“It’s great, I’ve always wanted to see one.” I answered, “My mother would never get one for us, she didn’t want my sister to feel left out”

“For us? But you are not a fairy?” Kobi asked, obviously confused.

“I used to be…” I sighed, once again looking at Kobi’s house. “I’m human now.”

Kobi didn’t respond, waiting for me to continue.

“It’s complicated” I finally answered.

“How so?” he asked, taking my hand.

“It’s a ‘I’m destined to have One hundred Babies  and if I’m lucky at the end I might get my get my wings back’….thing.’ I said quickly, “As I said, it’s complicated.”

“It sounds like it is” he remarked.

Unable to meet his eyes my eyes once again fell on the tiny house. “I’ve never even been inside a fairy house”

“Would you like to see inside?”, he asked.

“I can’t” I said wistfully, “I’m not a fairy anymore”

“You don’t need to be.”

“Uhh, yes I do!” I argued, “I know that much about them”

“And who told you that?” he laughed.

“My mother, why?”

“I might have guessed.” he laughed, giving me a knowing look.

I glared at him.

“There is one exception to that rule ” he explained, pulling me into his arms. “and I  am sure your mother would have known about it”

“Oh!” I finally realised what he was asking.

Being who I was, there was really one way I could answer when a blue eyed and blue winged fairy asked me into his home.

“I would love to!”

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2 thoughts on “3.9 Fairy Frolic

  1. Fairy frolic, indeed! I think I learned something new today. I’ll have to put it on Jill’s to-do list. She’s never “visited” a fairy house before; didn’t realize that she could. You keep putting ideas in my head. I hope you don’t mind. I certainly appreciate the inspiration! 🙂

    • I never had Lucia try it either I didn’t realise that she could either. I discovered it when I was playing Joanne’s parents, Eliya and Marshall and of course I don’t mind. 😛

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