3.6 Lunch and a Movie

With both Tulip and Finch now attending school I once again had some time to myself and over the following days built up a small cache of mechandise to sell. None of inventions were very advanced yet but I still needed to try to sell it and hopefully make the entire exercise worth my time. I ended up taking it all to the local consignment store. The owner Sarah promised to let me know if anything sold and I left to the store pleased that finally I was on my way to earning my own money.

Once I was outside I noticed the store next to the consignment store. It was an arcade with a number of fun looking machines placed around the store. I, of course, couldn’t resist giving some of them a try.

Truthfully, I was terrible at it but that didn’t stop trying to win each and every time.

I wasn’t the only person in the store and I would be lying if I said that he didn’t notice him.

He noticed me as well and soon came over to introduce himself.

He introduced himself as Leon Whitt. I noticed almost immediately that he wasn’t completely human, I was almost certain he was a werewolf.

I accepted Leon’s offer of lunch at the local restaurant realising that I still had a couple of hours before the twins would be home from school.

This time I made sure I was upfront with Leon about my situation. I didn’t need a repeat of what had happened with Tulip and Finch’s father.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Leon, almost choking on his food.

I was going to have to get better at breaking this kind of news.

Amazingly he didn’t run away, he stayed and we talked and ate but unfortunately our time together was drawing to a close. It was getting closer and closer to the time where I would have to be at home waiting for the kids to get off the bus.

I gathered my courage and asked if he would help me out and was amazed when he said yes. Looking around he told me to follow him and we stuck through the back door of the local theatre.

Afterwards, Leon gave me a hug and promised that he would see me soon.

“but…?” I started to protest, “that isn’t how…”

“Jo, if you are pregnant it will be my child too and I don’t want them to grow up not knowing who I am”

It was sweet and not at all what I had expected but when he gave me his phone number I promised to let him know when the child was born. 

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4 thoughts on “3.6 Lunch and a Movie

  1. It’s funny how Jo’s two first baby daddies are on opposite ends of the acceptance spectrum.

    • They were very different but I made sure Joanne broke up with the first dad and I didn’t bother with Leon.

      I seem to have a soft spot for my BC girls and werewolves. It’s a problem… especially when they are usually far from my favourite Sims Occult. :/

  2. LOL … I loved Leon’s reaction of choking on his food when he heard what Jo wanted from him. That was genius. I use a mod that prevents sims from choking on their food because it annoys the hell out of me. But in this case, it was perfection. 😀 Thanks for the reminder about the movie theater. Jill hasn’t made use of some of those public spaces in a while. Time to mix it up. 😉

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