3.2 The First Day

“Well, we’re here!” I muttered, after exiting the taxi. I was still unhappy about the situation. Was everyone crazy? I had half convinced myself that this had to be some kind of practical joke.

“I don’t remember being this difficult when I found out” my grandmother mumbled, so I only caught half of what she said.


“Oh nothing, I was just reminiscing”

“You know this is crazy, right?”

“Of course, I also know that it also happens to be true.”

I glanced at my grandmother, we had always gotten along well. My mother had never complained when I had begged to spend school holidays with my grandparents and so I had spent a fair amount of childhood playing around at their house playing with my youngest aunt, Belinde. Bel and I had been close, similar ages, and Belinde being the only child of my grandmother’s born after she had completed her destiny Bel had seen siblings born just before her fast outpace her own normal childhood growth.

“There has to be some mistake, I mean, why me? I’m not even sure I like kids? Someday, maybe, but now? I was going to got to University…..”

“I’m sorry, honey, but there’s no mistake. It really doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, I didn’t believe my grandmother when she told me and it still happened – just like she said it would.”

Lucia walked up to the front door letting the door fall open to reveal the interior.

“It’s too big” I murmured, “there is no way I could possibly need a house this big”

“It’s almost perfect” Lucia disagreed.

“Almost?” I turned to look at her.

“The bedroom’s upstairs might be a little small” she confessed, “but other areas of the house are bigger than they really need to be so it should be okay.”

“I decided to find this place for you” Lucia said, walking further into the house. “I bought mine not really understanding why I could possibly need that much room, and yet, we used every room. You’ll still find I missed stuff, some of your children will have interests that others won’t. You’ll adjust”

I was surprised when she handed me the key she had used to unlock the door. “This place is yours now” she informed me, folding my fingers over the key in my hand.

“How can you afford to do this?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“Your grandfather and I sold the big house, ages ago, not long after you were born”, she explained. “It’s was way to big for us when it was just Belinde at home and the rest of the kids had left”,

They’d sold their house to buy this for me? “I can’t accept this! I can’t…” I started to protest.

“Yes, you can. ” Lucia said, firmly “We wanted to do this for you, it’s one less thing you will have to worry about. Also, it’s one less thing I will worry about. You will still need to find a way to make some money, of course. Can you paint?”

“There is no way I am doing this”, my grandmother just shrugged. “I’m not!” I protested.

“If you say so” Lucia replied, refusing to make further comment on my denial.

I stared at the key in my hand. The entire situation suddenly seemed like it was too much and as much as my grandmother wanted to reassure me that everything would work out, I didn’t believe it. With a glance around the house – the amazingly perfect house – I let my grip on the key in my hand loosen, barely hearing when it hit the wooden floorboards  and bolted for the door running as fast as I could in the vain hope that it was all a big mistake.

Unfortunately no amount of running away was going to change anything. No matter how much I wanted to protest to the contrary, deep down I knew that my grandmother was right. This was the path I was supposed to take. It was several hours later when I finally made it home. 

When I walked through the front door she was waiting for me.

“It can’t always be that easy” I remarked, knowing she would understand what I meant.

“Not always” Lucia admitted, “but most of the time? Yes, it’s that easy”

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