One Hundred and One

The baby had decided it was time to enter the world.

Dale wasn’t far away when I went into labour and came to help out. He still needed to panic a little before he was in any condition to really help me. The birth went smoothly and it wasn’t long before the babies arrived.

And here she is Baby Number One Hundred Sefela, born with the traits Brave and Athletic.

and her twin Esole, who was born with the traits Brave and Loves the Outdoors.

When the twins were born all urgency involving my destiny disappeared. I was done, mostly. Esole and Sefela would age at the same rate, together but the spell/curse or whatever it was wouldn’t break until the girls became young adults.

The girls caught me by surprise the first time they showed that they were both werewolves.

Even after my experiences with both their father and their three older brothers I didn’t react well (Hopefully this will be the last time I faint). I’ll admit it is adorable when the both start stalking around the nursery.

The older kids keep themselves occupied. For some reason Kiruna and Mahira love the see-saw and sometimes spend hours out there talking.

Dale and I got a start on the twins toddler training.

They did well. I don’t know if because we were more relaxed that maybe they were too but this time toddler training seemed to fly by.

Leaving us plenty of time to sleep and do other things.

Paitar gave us a hand potty training the girls,

and Kiruna decided she was going to try to teach Sefela to talk.

Sefela proved to be the most stubborn of the twins but even her training was finished easily enough.

because the girls had been such quick learners we made sure to put out the toddler learning books something that I had always forgotten to do previously.

Paitar, Kiruna and Mahira always made sure to visit Esole and Sefela in the nursery both before and after school.

They also started taking their homework into the nursery.

Dale was definitely in awe of his two little angels and took every opportunity to spend time with them both.

It was unplanned but before I knew it I was pregnant once more. 

I was going to have to learn a slower way of parenting as this new baby would age normally.

Because it was finally Summer the teens had plenty activities to keep the occupied when the were not busy with school or their younger siblings. Mahira seemed to enjoy the slip’n’slide.


The sandpit was also popular.


Mahira even tried out the trampoline.

In contrast to his sister Paitar preferred the indoor activities which included gaming,

and Foosball with Kiruna.

Before we knew it was time for the twins birthday. Little Esole was the first of the twins brought to the cake.

She received the Perceptive trait for her birthday.

Sefela was up next.


She received the Over-emotional trait.


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7 thoughts on “One Hundred and One

  1. Yay, twin girls! They are such a cute mix, I love how they each got Dale or Lucia’s hair. 🙂 The perfect ending-kids if you ask me. Well, except for that next little bundle but they weren’t needed to break the spell so… 😛 But still I’m sure the next one will be cute too and it’ll be a new experience for Lucia. 🙂 I had to admit I laughed when I read that. I think Lucia and Dale may…ahem, want to invest in some condoms. 😉

    • To be honest I was expecting boys because that is what the Lucia and Dale usually give me but yep, happy with how they turned out. I just glad that one of their kids finally got Dale’s eye colour.

      Haha, they do!!! Lucia and Dale always have one accidental pregnancy after one planned. 😉 I need to turn autonomous try for baby off. At least now I can remove Lucia’s Fertility treatment because she’s hit 100. 😛

  2. Congratulations!!! Finishing a 100 baby challenge is quite a feat. I know you’re not quite done yet because the kids have to age up, but still … wow. Lucia still looks like a young adult. Did you do something that kept her from aging?

    The toddlers are adorable … especially the pics of them hunting in the nursery. It’s always fun to see the kids’ activities, too. 😀

    • Thanks! Yeah Lucia is a still a young adult. I’ve got ageing on epic but I occasionally set her back to 0 days as young adult with NRAAS because she’s not supposed to be ageing at all. She won’t start ageing until the twins become YA too. It’s all part of how Lucia’s destiny works. 😉 Dale is YA at the moment as well but I really need to think about ageing him up because he is supposed to be getting older…

      They are! I finally remembered to take pics of the toddlers special abilities. 😀 I always seem to age them too quickly to catch that.

  3. Hnh? Thought Dale’s aging was slower because he’s a werewolf. Then again, I dunno how long he and Lucia have been together.

  4. It is, but werewolf ageing isn’t as slow as it is for vampires and fairies. I think it’s 1 1/2 times the human life span.

    Dale and Lucia have been together since Beslan and Tylin were teens. So for 30 kids? 15-20yrs? Maybe? I don’t think I ever mentioned how old Dale was in the beginning but I like to think he was at late 20’s. idk?. (I did guess their ages here but I’m really not sure how old they both are now) lol. When I finish Lucia’s challenge I’ll take everyone off epic and let them all age normally. Which means Dale needs to be an adult before Lucia starts ageing or Lucia will catch him up too quickly and I want them to grow old together.

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