Potion Making

I asked the quads not to move out straight away. With the sudden reappearance of their imaginary friends I hadn’t been prepared before their birthdays and now wanted to make sure they had potions for their IF’s before they left. They didn’t have to use them unless they wanted to but I wanted to leave that choice to them.

Dale decided to workout downstairs rather than in the gym upstairs. I knew he was keeping an eye on me. He’s never been a fan of the potions table and he worried that the whole thing was going to blow up in my face. He really didn’t need to worry it’s been ages since that has actually happened…

Tuck and Hilde’s IF’s seemed to realise that potions were being made

Both seemed to be trying to convince Tuck and Hilde to make them real. I’m not sure if their constant pestering was helping their case or making their owner think about putting them on the shelf forever.

Sari used her extra time in the house to scare her younger brother.

It doesn’t seem to have the same effect as it used to.

Kiruna decided to spend all her free time painting. I might join her when I get a spare moment – if I ever get a spare moment…

Tuck was happy spending his remaining time in the house consuming some of the mountain of left-over cake.

Dale took to relaxing in the pool – but only if I wasn’t making potions at the time.

When I had finally finished all four potions, I went to find the quads and one by one gave them their potions.

Joslyn seemed the only one unsure of the gift. I’m not sure if her Imaginary Friend will become real any time soon.

With the potions all given out it was time for the quads to move out. I was going to miss them, with the wedding and all of the other interruptions they had been in the house for quite a while.

I hugged my children one by one and told them I would see them soon.

When they left the house felt remarkably empty. For the first time in a very long time there were only three kids in the house. Mahira also continued spent nearly every waking moment outside.

While Kiruna spent some of her time in the garage trying out the games while she had the area all to herself. It made the main part of the house seem vacant and really quiet.

They also all spent a lot of time together, especially Kiruna and Paitar who could always be found gossiping together.

It meant that Dale and I had a lot of time without the children which we made sure to spend together.

The rapid expansion of my waistline indicated that our moments of baby-free-time would be over shortly.

It was later that evening that I finally went in labour.



1) Baby One Hundred will be here in the next chapter. 😀

2) Family Portrait: I’m not happy with the background on this one but here it is. 😛

3) Ahhh! The new ITF Dip Kiss Interaction is adorable. So far it’s the only thing I’ve really used from that expansion…oops. 😀

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5 thoughts on “Potion Making

  1. Wow … Baby #100 is coming up in the next chapter? 😀 I’m only up to Baby #24. o.O

    • lol yep, the first chapter was in April 2012 so it’s taken me a while but there have been several months (including the last 4) where I didn’t update at all. 😀

  2. lol, My first chapters were in March 2012 and I’m still where I was a few months ago in baby count cause I haven’t really felt like playing much. 🙂 It’ll probably wind up being a summer project for me to finish since I”ll have more unlimited free time.

    Anyways, enough about me. XD The dip and kiss really is cyute! (I spelled it that way on purpose. :P) And I don’t think that family portrait is too bad. You could always try patterns or a more neutral color like black or beige, that might help. I use purple in mine because it complements the background of my site.

    I thought it was sweet Lucia made the potions for her kids anyways. Can they use them autonomously in SP?

    Looking forward to baby 100! Judging by their other kids together it should be gorgeous. 😉

    • I haven’t felt much like playing recently either, though the last week or so I have felt like updating. It helps that the kids are on their summer holidays so they are hogging everything except the tiny laptop. I’m also likely to be going back to work soonish, only for 10 or so hours but still I want to get as close to finished as possible. 🙂

      I really need to take a better look at that EP, I can’t have bought it just for one interaction. I love it but still….might take Dale and Lucia to the future when I finally finished this gen. I am going to start the next gen but I don’t like my chances of finishing it. 😛 Yep, the background was just wrong besides that it was fine. I don’t know why I didn’t fix it at the time but I think it had a bit to do with not feeling like simming, lol.

      I have had her doing that for a while, I know she made one for Jheran even though his IF glitched out on him. They can’t use them autonomously but I might chase them down and make them use them.

      Haha, I can’t wait to show baby 100 off, gah, I nearly told you if it is a boy or girl…. been trying to avoid that! I am actually replaying his/her childhood at the moment because I not happy with the photos mainly because I can’t remember anything about what happened and its a refresher on everyone’s personalities.

      • lol, it’s werid to think across the world it is summer for ya’ll. We’ve been buried in snow for a few weeks now and it’s only just started thawing out now.

        Well, seeing as you already finished two 100 BCs as far as I know, you can cut yourself slack. That’s a LOT OF kids! XD

        Hope you had fun. 🙂

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