Home, Sweet Home

When we finally made it home a couple of weeks after the wedding there was a surprise waiting for us. The Quads imaginary friends had reappeared with no explanation.

Sari and Joslyn were quick to reestablish their friendships with their IF’s

Both girls were soon too busy hitting their new-found friends with pillows to worry about where they had disappeared to for all that time.

Paitar also didn’t take long to discover that his Imaginary Friend Doll Rollo was also alive. It was just what the household needed. Seven children, five of whom now had IF’s to distract them.

Hilde decided to help out by cooking. The Hotdogs that she cooked turned out perfectly but Kiruna still tried to choke on hers.

Now that we were all home again I made sure to read the triplets bedtime stories whenever I could.

I admit I spent a fair bit of time those first couple of weeks sighing and smiling over my new husband.

In the quiet moments (mostly when the kids where either asleep or at school) I decided to work on my alchemy.

It was while I was working on this skill that I finally got my newest baby bump. I doubt it’s big surprise that I came home from the honeymoon pregnant.

With the wedding and everything else that had happened in the previous couple of weeks all the kids were now due to have their birthdays. Paitar made it to the cake way ahead of his sisters.

As a teen Paitar took a sudden liking to cold weather.

Mahira received the Natural Born Performer trait.

and finally Kiruna received the Flirty trait.

Tuck, Sari, Joslyn and Hilde celebrated their birthdays right after the triplets. They were looking forward to starting their young-adult lives.

For his final trait Tuck received the Clumsy trait. He plans on becoming an World Renowned Surgeon. I find that a little scary given his new found Clumsy trait but okay…

Joslyn became a Dog Person with plans to become a Canine Companion.

Sari received the Frugal trait. Her Lifetime wish is to become a Superstar Athlete.

And the last of the triplets Hilde received the schmoozer trait and is aiming to be a Persuasive Private Eye.

I made sure I was there to cheer them all on.

After the birthdays were complete we all sat down to some cake.

Β Unfortunately we will have leftovers for a very long time.

A/N: Sari and Joslyn’s human pictures. πŸ˜›



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8 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. All the kids are beautiful! Did you have all 7 birthdays in one day? o.O
    It drives me crazy that they take sooooo long. We baby challenge mamas are ALWAYS celebrating birthdays it seems. πŸ˜›

    • Thanks, I’m really happy with how they all turned out, especially the triplets. The quads are great too but they all look like Lucia. πŸ™‚

      I’m really not sure if I aged them all up on the same day, I think so? It’s been a while since I played this save and all the pics got a bit jumbled when I uploaded them.

      Yep, there is always a birthday. I think it’s the worst part sometimes especially since you always need to make them over and they never age up in coordinated clothing or good hair, lol.

  2. It takes great hair and a great man to pull off pigtails – EA’s pigtails are not the way for guys to go. XD

    Birthdays aren’t so bad, for me. I do hate that with the toddlers Elena seems to be the only one who can take them to the cake so I can’t get pics of the multiples at the cake at the same time.

    • Pigtails are really not a good look on him, lol. I feel a bit mean I let him run around with them for months in my ‘simblr’ save and didn’t fix them because he wasn’t in any of the main households. πŸ˜›

      I try to space birthdays out and that’s usually not too bad but sometimes they need to be done all at once.

      I have the same problem with the toddler’s although sometimes the game will let Dale or one of the older kids take them. Usually its when that kid has had little contact with Lucia, and Dale did all of that child’s toddler training. I think it’s got something to do with who’s got the highest relationship with the toddler. πŸ˜€

      • haha, well, if it provided amusement no harm done. πŸ˜› He’s just a sim!

        Ohhh, that makes me feel better about the birthdays, knowing it’s all to do with relationship. πŸ˜€ I guess it proves our baby mamas are good moms. πŸ˜‰

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