Wedding Bonus Pics

Lucia’s children – Some were there and I didn’t get a good pic, the vampires are inside so they don’t burn and I missed a few.

Please ignore the occasional brown eyebrows when they should be purple. Everytime I tried to fix something my game would give me issues and finally I gave up with most of it fixed but not all. 🙂

Tuck, Sari, Hilde and Joslyn.

Egwene, Kirstian, Alesinde and Chiad.

Tylin and Beslan.

Galad and Bodewhin.

 Akir and Ravashi.

Elmindreda, Aviendha and Elayne.

 Danelle and Laila.

Amathera, Eldrin and Desora.

Leane and Tigraine.

Darlin and Faile.

Alesinde, Faile, Mierin and Leane.

Niella, and standing behind her Owein, Jaem, Jahar, Matrim and Gawyn.


Josef, Rosana and Caraline.

Aisha, Careane, Joal and Aisling.


Bonus Pics from the Wedding (I took too many photos…again)




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4 thoughts on “Wedding Bonus Pics

  1. 😀 Lucia seriously has amazing genetics. Her kids look great! I love how they all look like they’re actually interacting. 🙂

  2. So many beautiful kids! I love seeing all the extra photos. I tend to take a ton myself. It’s so hard to choose sometimes. 😀

    • Thanks, I always take too many and this is only about a quarter of all that I took. There were a heap more of Lucia and Dale up the front.

      I was careful about who I put in the front row – Crux, Dale’s kids, Lucia’s kids still in the house and Eliya because it wouldn’t matter if I missed any of the others but those guys needed to be there. 😛

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