Catching Up

A week later found us in Sunset Valley.  As it was the town that my grandmother had been born and raised in, I was naturally curious. Although, it had been more than one hundred years since she had finally moved away, I imagined that the town must have changed considerably.

The house that had been organised for our stay for the next couple of days was beautiful and large enough that we wouldn’t be tripping over each other trying to get ready on the morning of the wedding. The girls would be staying on the third floor while the boys took the remaining rooms on the other floors.

Crux, true to his word had organised everything. Venue, flowers, my dress. Nothing had escaped his attention. He had even organised Eliya and Mika to help look after the younger children allowing me to see to those tiny final details that he had been unable to, not there were many. The only thing I really had to worry about had been the fit of my wedding dress and even that had required very little adjustment. He had even taken it upon himself to organise attendants. Dale’s oldest boys Maeric and Jheran would be standing with him, while Niella along with my eldest daughter Nicola would be my bridesmaids.

“Anything we need to change”, Crux asked. “because the wedding is in two days and we will need to be quick?”

“No, I think it’s all perfect. I can’t believe you’ve organised all of this!” I said,  leaning over to give him a hug.

He shrugged as if it was nothing, admittedly having access to the thoughts of both the bride and groom had to have made organisation a lot easier.

Glancing at the clock, I realised the entire morning had slipped away without my notice.”When was Nicola meant to arrive?” I asked. It had been a while since I’d had the opportunity to spend any time with Nicola and I was looking forward to reconnecting with her.

“She’s late”, Crux muttered, clearly unimpressed. “She was due to arrive early this morning”

It was another hour before Nicola arrived. “Okay, I’m here!” My eldest daughter exclaimed as she made her entrance through the side door. She gave her bag to Crux whispering as she did so, “A little more warning would have been preferable. I had to finish up certain things earlier than I originally planned. It all became a little bit messy”

“If you hadn’t been lying in the first place it wouldn’t have been a problem”, Crux stated. Something told me the pair had been in contact for a while and that Nicola had been causing Crux  a few problems.


“Mum, there you are!”, Nicola came over and gave me a hug.

“You’ve changed” I said, “You look good. What happened to all the black and the short skirts”

“I grew up” Nicola replied, “and then I worked out there were other ways to get what I want. You know, I really hate that Eben was right. He’s really annoying when he’s right about something but I’ll admit that it was so much more relaxing than what I was originally trying.”

I was silent for a while trying to work out what she meant by that. That Crux was standing behind her slowly shaking his head and looking uncomfortable was not helping. Until suddenly it hit me, Nicola had been married at least three times that I was aware of and I remembered what she and her twin had always joked about when they had been teens.

“You don’t?”, I exclaimed. “Nicola!”

“Technically, they’re usually younger than me ” Nicola continued, ” so I don’t see how I can be accused of…”


“Oh Mum, don’t be such a prude. They get what they want, I get what I want. It’s win-win and it’s not like I kill them, I’m not in that big a rush, ” Nicola responded, her eyes dropped blatantly to my stomach. “at least not yet? I just wait for them to go away on their own.”

“Uh, what do you mean by ‘Not that big a rush’?” Dale asked.

“You must be Dale, right?”


“Well, Step-Daddy. What I mean is that once Mummy here gives us all a new baby brother or sister, the clock starts ticking. For all of us.” Nicola explained, she looked around the room. “I really might have to think about marrying for love for a change. That would be an adventure don’t you think?”

“Mum, are you ready to go yet” Niella asked as she stuck her head into the room, oblivious to the discussion that had been taking place.

“Yes, I’m ready.” I responded, before turning to Nicola, “Nicola, are you coming?”

“Sure” Nicola said, and chased after Niella who had left as soon as I said I was ready. “Hey, little sister wait up!”

“Was she serious?” Dale asked, after the girls had left the room.

“Probably” I shrugged, “She always had a unique way of looking at things”

“Exactly how old is she?”, Dale asked, curious.

“She’s twenty-two years younger than I am,” I said sweetly, before continuing. “Do you really want me to be more specific?”

“Ah, no?”

“Right answer” I said, smiling before I leaned in to give him a kiss.


“The beach, we’re going to the beach?” Nicola complained when we reached our destination.

“Yes. Why, is that a problem?” Niella asked. The pair of them had been eyeing each other for the entire drive and I realised that the two of them couldn’t be more opposite personalities, hopefully they would get along – at least for a little bit.

“No, no problem” NIcola replied, “but I better not get a sunburnt”

The pair began to discuss the schedule for the morning of the wedding, I t was clear that in some ways they had more of an idea of what needed to happen than I did.

“So, 10am arrive at venue. Then we have the morning to make Mum beautiful”

“Mum’s always beautiful” Niella stated.


“What?”, Niella looked towards her older sister confused and slightly hurt.

“I’m joking!  You’re right, of course, but its her wedding day – Yes?…. She has to be the most beautiful creature in the room and you know that’s going to be hard with the two of us there” Nicola joked. Niella burst into laughter and I stopped worrying about the two of them getting along.

“So I know why I got asked to be a bridesmaid, eldest daughter and all and mum trying not to play favourites but why you little sister, where do you fit in. ” Nicola asked, “I’m curious, it’s been a while and I’ve kind of lost track of all my family connections.”

“Why me? That’s easy. Bride’s eldest daughter” Niella answered pointing at Nicola explaining, before pointing back to herself. “Groom’s only daughter”

“So your Mum’s getting married to your Dad”, Nicola responded wistfully. “Nice – unusual for this family, but nice.



The three of us spent a good portion of the afternoon at the beach. Niella was a little hard to get out of the water but that gave me plenty of opportunity to catch up with Nicola, when I thought about it I couldn’t really remember when the last time I had seen her was. She tended to move a lot, never staying long in the one place. At least now I knew why.

When Niella finally joined us, Nicola thought to ask. “So is there going to be any cute guys at this wedding?” she asked. “I mean weddings are kind of boring if there are no cute guys”

“That you aren’t related to?” I asked, dryly.

“Of course”

“Then no”

“What? Are you kidding?”

“Nope, the only one there who isn’t your brother will be your Stepfather” I told her.

“Well, you have no hope then” Nicola told Niella.

“Please, don’t hit on my Dad because that would be weird”

“Well, this is lame. The only person who’s going to get any action at this wedding is our Mother. Now, that’s just embarrassing” Nicola complained.

We all lay there quietly enjoying the sun until finally Niella broke the silence, “Maybe one of the waiters will be cute?”


A/N: For a little bit of background and to hopefully avoid some confusion. Nicola and her twin Eben where baby no 2 & 3 way back at the very beginning of Lucia’s journey. They were an interesting duo, both rolled the snob trait at birth and Nic was also born with Neurotic trait. Their child traits were rather boring but as teens Eben rolled Mean-Spirited (my very favourite trait) and Nic rolled Evil. To further round out her character Nicola received the Rebellious trait as a Young Adult. So yeah, Neurotic, Snob, Artistic, Evil and Rebellious equals a hard to handle but very interesting sim. I’ve always seen them as one of the more destructive sets of multiples that Lucia ever had in the house. For their LTW’s Nic received Emperor of Evil while her twin wished to become a Gold Digger, since leaving the house Nicola has decided that her brother’s LTW suits her more than her own. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. The town looks so nice, It will be prefect for her wedding, there are going to be so many kids there, I’m not sure I can remember them all! Great chapter, I am so excited for the wedding! 😀

    • Thanks, the town is New Sunset Valley. I really want to play it a little bit more but I haven’t had the chance to besides taking wedding pics. 🙂

      Don’t worry about remembering them all, I even have trouble with that! Especially some of the boys… there’s a couple I mix up all the time.

      Me too, they have been married for a while in my save but it will be nice to make it ‘official’

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