Snow Day

With Crux still not returning my calls and no idea where he actually was, Dale and I decided to take the kids up to the peak in the middle of town. Due to heavy snowfall in the days previously, school had been cancelled for the day so we had plenty of time to enjoy the day.

Hilde got things started with a snowball fight.

“Hilde, don’t you dare!”

Luckily for Tuck, he was not the target.

Some people were more in the spirit than others. Tuck had came with us but spent most of the day reading.  As soon as we arrived Kiruna ran off to play on the playground set,  Kiruna spent most of the day there climbing and playing. While Josef got a quick start on his Snowman. In the end he was very proud of his very own snowman. I was glad that Josef was enjoying what was to be his last day as a teenager. The snowball fight between Hilde and Jerid continued for most of the morning.

Dale decided to try out the Gnubb Set.

While I decided to go ice skating. It wasn’t long before I was joined by some of the other members of the family.

Paitar enjoyed his first attempt at ice-skating. He was doing a great job for a beginner and rarely fell.

The two of us began taking spins in the centre of the ice and Dale had finished his other game, deciding to join us.

Paitar and I managed to make each other fall over. I don’t want to take all the blame even though I am extremely clumsy. 

After spending most of the day skating, I decided to find a more relaxing activity.

Sari had other plans and she once again managed to scare both me and her brother.

They soon disappeared to find something else to do and I continued on, heading towards the spa that I knew from past experience was hidden in the middle of the frozen pond.

I discovered that Dale had got there before me.

“There you are”

“Took you long enough. Get in here. “

“Paitar and I were spinning. Spinning and Spinning and”


“Shut-up. WE were the best out there”

“Are all the kids still here?”

“Some, a couple have gone back to the house.  Hilde, Kiri and Sari just left and Josef went home after he finished his snowman.”

Even though it was starting to get dark, most of the children were still enjoying the park. Paitar and Mahira were skating on the ice and Joslyn was floating.

Jerid was busy boasting about all his achievements to poor Tuck.

Tuck seem impressed, he’d always been interesting in the twins magical abilities.

Unsurprisingly, Jerid did eventually take it too far and Tuck reacted badly.

Mahira and Paitar had improved their skating so much that they could now preform spins.  

Dale and I managed to get a little distracted. Being back in the park where we had spent our first date brought back old memories.


Jerid, Joslyn and Tuck rounded up the younger children and took them home. It had been a long day and everyone was exhausted. Tuck even read Paitar a bedtime story to put him to sleep.

Sari, Kiruna and  Josef had been busy entertaining themselves back at the house.

Even though she had left the park earlier than some, Sari loved the cold and had still been outside making herself an igloo to sleep in when Dale and I finally made it home.

We were all in bed and asleep when Jerid made the mistake of going outside to investigate something. 

We hadn’t had an abduction for so long that we had stopped telling the kids to be careful when the went outside at night.

This alien looked entirely too happy with himself…..

Jerid came home very unhappy about his abduction experience.

Very early the follwing morning Jerid and Josef celebrated their birthday.

Jerid received the Neurotic Trait and wants to become a Zombie Master

Josef became over emotional and wants to join his twin as a Zombie Master.

The boys didn’t waste anytime packing up their stuff and preparing to leave. Before I knew it I was hugging them goodbye.

“If you have any problems, you make sure you come home and tell me. Okay?” I said to Jerid. The last time one of my sons had been abducted and then had a birthday the next day, they’d been pregnant.

“Problems? What kind of problems?” Jerid asked, before dismissing what I said. “Mum, you worry too much I’ll be fine.”

“We’ll see you all in a month or so anyway” Josef added. “So you can check on us then”

“A month?” Dale asked, “What’s happening in a month”

“We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you find Crux he might tell you”

“Crux?” I asked, I guess I should have been surprised but I really wasn’t.

Josef stepped over towards me and gave me a hug. “Love you, mum”

AN: Just letting you know that there may be a bit of delay before the next chapter. This is where I need to start making sure future stuff fits in with what is happening currently.  I do need to finish playing them all through winter, so their may be another chapter soon but I have no idea how I’m putting it all together yet. So we will see. 🙂

I also couldn’t resist taking Dale and Lucia back to where their relationship began. The park was the spot where I became attached to Dale and liked him and Lucia together so much that I had to keep him around. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. hah, lucky for you Jerid’s a witch so unless you do some nraas magic on him he should be fine. x) It would be just Lucia’s luck if another of her not-so-sweet sons happened to have an alien baby…though in Jerid’s case he’s actually not that horrible – wasn’t he one of the ones who read bedtime stories? :3

    Dundundun, apparently the kids know more than their parents in this case. ehehe. I have another guess, this thing in a month wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the thing you’ve been getting all those pics for and getting all excited for, would it? 😛

    I love winter, shame I had to cut it short in my game so I could get the plot rolling again in my story. well, at least I get to see yours. 😀 The kids look like they had so much fun.

    • lol, yep he is. 🙂 Trait wise I would have thought that Jerid should have been the nastier of the two, seeing that he is evil and meanspirited, but no. Yeah, he read most of the bedtime stories. If he could have gotten pregnant, I think this time I would have let him raise the baby somewhere else. ;P

      Haha, they do. I was going to do something different with Crux, he was originally going to tell Luc and Dale what Lucia hasn’t figured out yet but Without fail whenever I have something planned for Crux it get changed. Luc is a bit slow on this one lol. maybe…. 🙂

      I love it too, I actually made this winter a little longer as I wanted to take them to the festival and they all had to go to school for all of it. Then I had four snowdays in a row…so I didn’t need to and they went to the park instead. :p

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