I was happy that Dale was now used to the home births and was no longer rushing me to the hospital every time I went into labour.

This time it was triplets. We welcomed two little girls and one baby boy to our family.

While Dale was thrilled with the triplets, I will admit that I slightly disappointed. I was one short, Ninety-nine children, just one short of my target.

First born was Kiruna, born with the traits Slob and Artistic.

Second was my other baby girl, Mahira. She was born Loving both the Outdoors and the Cold.

and finally Paitar born with the traits Neurotic and Easily Impressed.

Both Dale and I had taken the time to talk to both sets of twins and we hoped that things would now be calmer.

The arrival of the triplets had helped slow down the number of booby traps that were being set up and the boys had stopped conjuring the poisoned apples when we pointed out that the quads were the most likely to eat the fruit and not their intended targets, Eliya and Mika. 

It also helped that the boy’s  war conferences could no longer take place in the the nursery and they struggled to find another place that was as private.

There was still the occasional blow-up but nothing like what had occurred previously.

The boys behaviour did sometimes lapse and on more than one occasion they scared the life out of me.

Sometimes the teens had moments were  – just for one moment – they forgot they were supposed to be in the middle of a feud.

The girls sprite forms were adorable and they often used it to their advantage.

The quads were still good about completing their homework on time, unlike Eliya who just refused to even attempt hers.

When the quads were not taking care of their homework and other chores they could be found hanging out with their imaginary friends. Joslyn refused to share her Ice-cream with Peanut, just hearing that her Imaginary friend had the same name as mine once had,  brought a smile to my face.

She even took the opportunity while everyone was busy to make her self a little snack in the children’s oven.

Tuck enjoyed any activity that took place outside, the sandpit was a favourite.

As was the Spring Racer.

The new triplets were adorable but I admitted that a tiny part of me was still upset that I had missed by 100 Baby Target by just one and as I watched them I wondered if maybe my count was wrong. Somehow I doubted that was the case.

The older kids were once again wonderful with the new babies. Eliya looked after and played with them nearly every day after school.

As did Mika.

Jerid continued to surprise me with his behaviour around his younger siblings, I hoped that it was something that would continue.

Of course we had to get started on toddler training.

“Kiri this is easy, you just need to pay attention” Dale, pleaded with Kiruna.

I glanced over  at the pair, noting the look on my daughter’s face. They had been at it for a while but Kiruna was stubborn and thus far uncooperative.

“I’m sure the other kids were easier to train than this”, Dale grumbled.

“She’s fine”, I replied, lifting Mahira into my arms to celebrate another successful walking attempt.  “She is learning even if she isn’t using her voice yet”

“I think I’ll stick to teaching them to walk from now on” he grumbled. “I’m terrible with the talking”

Dale persisted with teaching Kiruna how to talk and it wasn’t really all that long before the pair were ready to start on walking.

“I think she likes learning to walk more than talking” Dale remarked, before talking to directly to Kiruna. “Didn’t like all that sitting, did you Kiri?


“Let’s show them how easy it is to learn to talk, Mahira, okay?”



Between us, Dale and I finished up the toddler’s training. Paitar, was the last of the triplets to complete his training and unlike the girls seemed to enjoy learning to talk.

It was time for birthdays….again. When I walked downstairs to organise cakes for the triplets I walked into the middle of another of the twins many arguments.

At that point I decided that it was time for the girls to celebrate their Young Adult birthday.

Eliya aged up receiving the Perfectionist trait.

She was followed by her twin Mika who rolled the loser trait. Both Eliya and Mika plan on giving the community Magic Makeovers.

Kiruna was the first of the triplets to have their birthday. She received the Vegetarian trait.

Mahira received the Neat trait.

And Paitar received the Bookworm trait.

A/N : I think this is going to be the one time I choose another trait for one of my sims, rather than the random rolls that I usually use. I don’t think the loser trait really suits Mika, she just didn’t like school. 😕 So…any suggestions on which trait I should give Mika for her fifth trait? She currently has Star Quality, Clumsy, Eccentric, Heavy Sleeper and Loser. I have every expansion except WA, so let me know what you think?

With Mika I was also trying to work out who would suit her romantically – I only came up with one answer – so yeah that’s not going to happen. Even though I think they would be perfect for each other if they were not related….

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6 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Oh wow! One Baby off. lol. Well they are all adorable.

  2. Aw one baby off that’s unlucky, but the triplets are so cute I love the red-pink hair on them, Bye Mika and Eliya I will miss them they were my favorites still! Great chapter! 😀

    • The are cute, and they all took after their father feature wise which was even better. Yeah, Mika and Eliya were amoungst my favourites too. I’ve kept them in the house far longer than I should of. Thanks

  3. AHAHAHA! Sorry, that was me laughing at your note about who Mika should wind up with. My guess as to who you thought of was one of the witch-twins, hence my laughter. x)

    Anyways, since she and Eliya were always fighting with the evil twins, how about ‘good’ as a trait? XD Not really that interesting of a trait, but it would explain why she and her sister argued so much with them. Or, because it’s apparently my favorite trait of all time, Flirty. Heh. I seem to create a lot of flirty sims or sims who act like flirts.

    The triplets are cuties! Dale reminds me sooo much of Cameron with the talking. XD Cam always seemed to wind up with the slower-learning of the toddlers (but it was really because I usually had Elena start training before I had Cam pick up a toddler.)

    Dang, just when you actually WANT quads, they don’t appear. ahaha. Maybe this is about when Dale should be abducted? Then when the alien comes back, if it’s a male alien you could try to get him to join the household and Lucia could have an alien baby. 😀 I plan on getting at least one EA alien out of Elena at some point. x)

  4. lol, I didn’t think of the witch twins but I could see that working and not working for the same reasons. 😛

    Hmm, maybe good would work. It would certainly fit with the image that I have of her in my head. 🙂

    They are cute, every photo I got of Dale and Kiruna one of them had that ‘this isn’t working face’ Lucia does train faster than Dale but that’s only because of the Family Orientated trait. lol.

    Lucia wanted quads, I didn’t. Triplets is perfect for what I have in mind, twins would’ve worked but triplets was better. lol. The Alien Baby for Luc isn’t going to happen, she will have to make do with her alien grandbaby. I’ve been thinking I’ve lost some pics in the shuffle of trying to fix my game problems and I’ve just worked out whats missing. Jerid got abducted by aliens….and I don’t know where the pictures went. It was the first time I’d had I’d even seen an alien since I patched for Uninversity. Hmm…

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