Fairy Tricks and Poisoned Apples

My pregnancy started to show two days after I arrived home.

I wasted no time telling Dale, this time he reacted as if it was the most natural thing in the world for ones fiancée to come home from a trip pregnant with another man’s child. I seriously didn’t know what I had done to deserve him but I am grateful.

Maybe the idea that what I needed to do was nearing his end was making it all a little easier.

His genuine excitement also made me look forward to meeting the new babies that were due to arrive shortly.

We now had ten family members living in the house and while it was probably time for Eliya and Mika to become Young Adults and prepare to move out, I delayed their birthdays. I had been away longer this time than I ever had previously and I wanted to make sure I spent some time with them while they were still here. It is never intentional but keeping up to date with my children who had already moved out is always problematic. There is always too much going on right here at home.

While Dale and I could not see them, the other new family members were starting to make their presence felt. Homework and sleep was being interrupted and bathroom accidents were also starting to occur.

After witnessing a couple of the children talking to themselves, Dale became concerned enough to mention the problem to me. He had become especially attached to the quads, while he was a good father to all of my children they were the only besides his own to call him Dad.

This was because while most of the others did think of him as their father, I had never hidden that they all had another father. With the Quads, Christopher was gone and his ghost was attached to Riverview. Even if they did go to Riverview it was doubtful that they would ever be able to meet him.

After he had spent a little bit of time worrying that all four of the quads were going crazy, I finally got around to assuring him that there was nothing to worry about.

“But their talking to something that isn’t there” he argued.

“Oh honey, just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean their not real”,  I consoled him.

“It doesn’t?”, he asked.

“Werewolves are real” I teased, leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek. “And Vampires, Fairies, Witches, Aliens, Plantsims, Wishing Well Babies and possibly even Mermaids.”

“I know that!”, he replied, unamused.

“Jheran had an Imaginary Friend, don’t you remember?” I told him, “he stopped believing when he was a teen, so his never made the final transition to becoming real but he did have one.”

“I never noticed”, he told me. “How did I miss that?”

“Well it’s easier to miss if it only happens to one of the children at a time” I said. “This time it’s all four. It becomes  much more noticeable when all of them are talking to themselves”

“That makes sense I guess”, Dale said, picking up the gaming controller.

“I had one”, I told him.

“One of what?” he asked, already lost in the game on the screen.

“An imaginary friend. His name was Peanut”, I told him. “Grandma gave me a potion to make him real, right after she told me about what I had to do.”

“Do I really want to hear about this?”, Dale asked.

“He was Rhuarc Jnr’s father.”

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the younger children.

One by one they came in taking the controller off their step-father and making first me and then Dale retreat to other areas of the house.

When I got into the house I soon discovered the reason behind their sudden interest in avoiding the main house.

The teens were continuing their disagreement from previous days and even though the boys had started it, the girls were winning….easily.

Being just slightly older their magic was more developed and because the boys had been the ones to pick the fight the girls had no problem using their more advanced magic on their younger brothers.

Both girls had picked a target for their tricks and both of them had practised enough that all of their spells worked as they were supposed to.

In fact, until they had a chance to practise more the only thing the boys were able to do was try to entice their sisters to eat their conjured poisoned apples.

Unsurprisingly, both Eliya and Mika found the gifts suspicious and refused to accept anything given to them by the boys.

The boys ended up changing tactic and started to leave the apples where they hoped the girls would find them. I’d already removed them from around the fairy house several times even though I realised the girls were unlikely to be dumb enough to eat the apples.

There were other more unsuspecting victims about however. I hoped that the Quads didn’t get mixed up in the fighting and pranks currently overtaking the house.

The teens had (so far) been good about keeping the quads separate from their little war and all of them had formed bonds with their youngest siblings.

Josef and Hilde enjoyed watching television together.

Josef also always hung around a little after breakfast to chat with Joslyn.

And told stories to Sari in the gym.

Joslyn and Mika both enjoyed playing on the computer.

And of course both sets of twins were always asked to read the quads bedtime stories.

Jarid surprised me. He was always the first one to agree when someone wanted to hear a bedtime story.

Of course, I was also becoming a lot bigger.

It wasn’t long before the newest babies announced that they were now ready to be born….

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4 thoughts on “Fairy Tricks and Poisoned Apples

  1. Ahhh, I see why you like these guys so much. Good vs. evil and sibling bonding…what more could you want? Mika and Eliya are awesomesauce, I’ll be sad to see them go.

    • I know, right? I love this group and the new babies of course. 😉 They have been running around in game for a while now. I would have put them at the end of this chapter but 1. I haven’t named them yet. and 2. I forgot to take those pics. 😳

      Mika and Eliya are great. 😀 I’m moving them out sometime today, so yeah, sad. 😦

  2. Boys vs girls! Of corse the girls would win they are pure awesome! great chapter! 😀

    • lol, witches don’t get any of their curse spells until they reach lvl 4 so the poor boys didn’t have a chance. 😀 Thanks.

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